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449011449011B000E63LQUA2RENZZSAGIBMXJoan "Joan"3451167955200Red tea is hard to findI had come to appreciate the good qualities of red tea, but my grocery store had stopped stocking it. I am grateful to find the tea at Amazon.
449012449012B000E63LQUAFGHTV0FP4HFSB. Rowland3451155945600I'm addicted!I am always on the prowl for great non-caffeinated teas for my afternoons. I tried this one, and it's great! Quite unique, and without adding sweetener, it's got enough fruity/flowery essense to satisfy me. Apparently it's good for me too!
449013449013B000E63LQUA18QMNPU6WYX06S. Work "-SEACW"2351171065600Brilliant FlavorThis has, by far, become my favorite tea. It is so smooth and VERY aromatic. I prefer cream in my tea. The vanilla and milk is so pleasing together and great for all hours of the day.
449014449014B000E63LQUA3RTQUBL19STREZena Hoegger0051350604800Every 3 months!I LOVE this new idea that they will send you a batch of these every 3 or 6 months - the idea is GENIUS! I wish I could give you more stars!
449015449015B000E63LQUA242AU140EJJTUnoplace0051348617600Herbal TeaThe box arrived damaged and open, but the tea boxes were still sealed. The red bush tea is delicious, as usual.
449016449016B000E63LQUA1U74I9FWDMGEWJoshua0041347148800One of my favorite teas.Celestial Seasonings makes some delicious teas, but out of their offerings this is one of my favorites. Rooibos typically has a rich, almost nutty flavor and a beautiful red color. The Madagascar Vanilla Red pack adds just a hint of sweetness and a light, natural vanilla flavor. Rooibos is also a naturally decaffeinated tea, so this tea can be enjoyed at any time of the day including with dinner or right before bed.

Celestial Seasonings teas come packaged in a waxy paper bag. In my experience the packaging protects the tea, keeping it fresh for weeks. My only real complaint is the lack of a string. I know why they do it--the lack of a string eliminates a lot of waste products every year. I still prefer my tea to have a string so I don't have to carry a spoon or use my fingers to fish around my drink for the teabag.
449017449017B000E63LQUA2Z599DYXU3ZNTsonicfruit0051341964800my favorite afternoon teaThis is one of my favorite teas, very smooth, the red tea and vanilla go together quite well

I also love the fact there is no soy lecithin in it, just Rooibus tea, vanilla bean and french vanilla flavor

I use to find it on sale in stores frequently but it has been disappearing from shelves so I am happy to find it here on Amazon!

simplicity at it's best..highly recommended
449018449018B000E63LQUAU7T1SV3CCNS5Sally0051329436800Rooibos TeaThis tea is simply amazing in taste. The tea has just a hint of vanilla that does not over power the great taste of the rooibos.
449019449019B000E63LQUA1X7FYN6DAA37Xtheguy0031329350400Wonderful tea, clearly not freshI've bought this at my local grocer for some time and love it so I was happy to see it here. However, what I got here was stale and required 2 bags instead of 1 for the same cup of hot water. The teabags seem really stale. I would not recommend buying this tea here, especially since it ends up costing alot more (if you have to use twice as much tea). Plus you can't return it.
449020449020B000E63LQUAPAR29GJ0L8IOHadassah0051328227200DELICIOUS & NO CAFFEINEFor anyone who hasn't tried this tea, you really need to because it's just not like anything that's out there. If you want a taste you won't get tired of, can have at night (it's a tea leaf which is naturally without caffeine) this one is for you. Because the vanilla is a natural vanilla & vanilla bean it doesn't taste artificial. Also, it goes great alone or with just about anything because it's not going to knock your socks off like Lemon Zinger, peppermint or any of the herbal teas. The taste doesn't interfere with what you're eating. Why it's so hard to find in local stores, I have no idea but so far, everyone that has come to my home and tasted it is hooked for life.....even their husbands. I would advise you to really let it steep as it is not a very strong tea. I like it with a LITTLE milk & sugar but alone is great also because it's not bitter. Especially if you don't care for herbal teas, this is the one for you.
449021449021B000E63LQUA8M8D27GOP1DGCurly girl0051327795200One of my favorites!The Ritz Carlton carries a Roobois Chai tea that tastes very similar to Madagascar Vanilla Red. Add a little cardamon and red chili pepper for a perfect cup of Chai, just add milk and brown sugar!
449022449022B000E63LQUAF9B21HPQD2PRmasterOFnothing0051326326400New to teaMy girlfriend and I are on a recent tea craze that happened when we went to FiveBucks before a movie. She ordered a Vanilla Rooibos tea without sugar. We were instantly shocked at how sweet it was by nature. A week later, I decided to buy her the Celestial Seasonings version after reading the rave reviews on here. I must say, she is VERY happy with the taste and so are about 10 of my co-workers who keep coming into my office and begging for a bag. I have noticed you cannot really over-steep it but then again, we are new to tea in general.
449023449023B000E63LQUA1SHHVI4JVXL9ZKristina Lynn0051326067200VANILLA! finally...It is so very difficult to find a tea that actually tastes of vanilla. This one is amazing - totally unexpected from Celestial Seasonings. I tried another Vanilla Rooibos fom Stash and this one is a hundred times better. It's very creamy and the flavor is pretty potent while still being soothing and mellow. I love it. I sweeten it with a half a pack of stevia and it's better than dessert!
449024449024B000E63LQUA3TBCJ71YFLUFLtamtam0051322179200A wonderful teaI originally bought a box on clearance at the local drugstore. So glad I did!

It's a nice mellow tea, lightly fragrant with vanilla. I leave the teabag in as long as I can for the robust flavor. Not citrusy, so I can add milk. It's perfect for the fall/winter season. And I like getting the antioxidants as well.

Don't know why it's not in the stores anymore (at least not here on the west coast), but I'm happy to have found it here on amazon, it actually works out cheaper with a subscription than if I did buy it in the stores anyway.
449025449025B000E63LQUA1UROWW7SSOXTFS. Smet "book reader"0051322179200Awesome!!!I've been drinking this tea for quite some time and I love it. It became difficult to find in the grocery store so now I buy it here. Quicker and no grocery lines!!
449026449026B000E63LQUA3KZEGBTPH6MMFLucy Cat "Mandy"0051321747200Bold, exotic flavor. Excellent and invigorating!I like to keep my pantry stocked with these delicious non-caffeinated Celestial Seasonings teas. This flavor is my all time favorite! The red tea has a bold, exotic flavor and the vanilla has a natural, fragrant taste. I sometimes add a tiny drop of my pure vanilla extract just to accentuate the vanilla flavor a bit more. This particular tea does not need any additional sweetening, however, a bit of sweetness definitely cranks up the intensity of the great flavors. I highly recommend this tea for vanilla lovers!
449027449027B000E63LQUA11ANU6GE9S1PSGrungeGirl3140051320710400Heavenly!The Madagascar Vanilla in this tea is phenomenal! The smell and taste are excellent! Especially so, if you're one trying to stay away from sweets--this hits the spot! I will definitely be ordering more (cannot find at my local grocer).
449028449028B000E63LQUA2BSF99EM2B3A2Grandma Sandy "NaniLamb"0051314835200Exceptional Vanilla TeaI love this flavor tea. I drink vanilla tea all the time and while away on vacation I discovered this blend. Though this is not the brand I originally had, I decided to order this brand from Amazon. This is my second order. The Celestial Seasonings brand is very close to the organic brand I originally tried and is much cheaper.
449029449029B000E63LQUA3J5HXMF7SKA6YLois Ann Marler0051314316800a staple in my cabinetI've been brewing this awesome tea for several years. Rooibos, unlike traditional "tea" that is derived from Camellia sinensis, comes from an African bush. Rooibos is translated "red bush." When processed, the needle-like leaves turn reddish-brown in color and take on a distinct earthy flavor. Unlike green, white and black teas, rooibos is naturally decaffeinated and packed with antioxidants -- and delicious. I brew six bags of Celestial Seasonings Madagascar Vanilla Red in a large tea pot. When cool, I pour into a half-gallon jug, adding water and vanilla stevia for calorie-free (and safe!) sweetness. Guests have often commented on how delicious this recipe is. My family enjoys this beverage daily.
449030449030B000E63LQUARQGUQVH5D7NYno name0051312675200Amazing and Incredible product!this is Amazing and Incredible tea! very versatile and drinkable all the time.
I'm a tea fanatic, but this one I'm drinking all the time.
out of 6 packets of tea that I consumes daily, this tea makes up 5 of them.
449031449031B000E63LQUAGM8JMHHHYUR6Tea Enthusiast0051312243200Simply Maaaaahhvelous!I was looking for a red tea that I would like, since I heard recently about the health benefits. I got hooked on this Red Tea from Celestial Seasonings and it started disappearing from the grocery store shelves. I was very disappointed, especially since I really enjoy the hint of vanilla. I have given it to a lot of friends who like it as well. Thank you Amazon for carrying it, as you are my only connection now.
449032449032B000E63LQUA1IQCS5IA3WBQ6islandstardust0041307836800Most satisfying so farI am on a mission to find the perfect decaf vanilla tea. I fell in love with Bigelow French Vanilla but the caffeine was keeping me up at night. So far, this is the closest I've come to finding a replacement. Steeped with a bag of Celestila Seasonings Peppermint, this stuff is pretty darn good and a nice night time ritual.
449033449033B000E63LQUA106YK8JBW1JBPMichi0051305417600LOVE ITThis is a wonderful tea I got it as a sample in another box of tea and loved it. I can not find it in any local stores were I live. Try it you won't be disappointed.
449034449034B000E63LQUA1XKW6WE6W5PKPAnita0051305244800Love this tea!This tea has a wonderful flavor! I steep it for 8 minutes then put sweetener in it. The sweetener brings out the wonderful flavor. I love to drink this tea all day! : )
449035449035B000E63LQUA4KIK79KNZCE0abbsquake0051304726400One of my all-time favorites!This is the most delicious, smooth, flavorful teas I have ever tried. I order it by the case because I love it so much. I've also found that it really helps freshen your breath/mouth after meals and offers a nice wrap up to almost any dish. Try it, you won't regret it.
449036449036B000E63LQUAGF5TSY2WH1PCRanchlady0051303689600Great Healthful Delicious Red TeaOf all the RedTea products,this is th emost delishous. . .and we make both ice tea and hot tea with it.
449037449037B000E63LQUA12IBR2GTIIBMRD. Fessenden "pyro man"0041302566400vanilla roibosA quite mild tea with an initial vanilla flavor that enhances the roibos body. I need caffeine free and this- as I understand it- never had any caffeine to begin with, so no processing to remove caffeine. Also thru Amazon it is one of the least expensive roibos teas I have found. Six boxes to an order doesn't quite make 6 months for me ,but it is very easy to have Amazon advance my next shipment so that I am never without. Very convenient!
449038449038B000E63LQUAIPEIC3UWDZ78Marilee Compston0041297987200Good StuffMy daughter introduced us to this tea after living in South Africa for a year. They brew it strong(not me though) and use it for enjoyment and for medicinal purposes. It really does seem to work for stomach aches and the like. It has become our most go to tea in the house.
449039449039B000E63LQUA1NC8XRZQV0LG7BUNNY0051292803200soooo goooooddi am very particular about my teas..i dont care for phony flavorings..i purchased this based on reviews here on is delicious..i dont care for it with no sweetener, i add agave nectar which is healthier then sugar..just a drop and it realllly brings out the vanilla reminds me of the thai tea i drink at our local thai restaurant..this also does not get bitter when the bag is left in the cup..just deeper..i love this and will be purchasing it again and again as my go-to tea..(extra delish when combined with trader joes vanilla wafers as a snack..yum)
449040449040B000E63LQUAF69Y0FIV7LSCM. Lyon "shells323"0051290297600Calming and Flavorful for a Cold NightI love this tea and it's difficult to find in stores now. They seem to rotate the flavors regularly and I haven't seen this one in over a year.
One reviewer said it smelled like tobacco, and that's exactly what I think of when I smell the tea bags. It reminds me of the flavored pipe tobaccos my dad used to use. However, it doesn't smell like that once brewed and it isn't super sweet, unless you sweeten it yourself.
I tend to mix and match teas, and often pair this with chamomile tea. I use a little honey and I have a little moment of tea heaven while I drink it.

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