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449131449131B001GQ3E5AA3F4Z2FUQMTN42kgb1151301875200the best!!!my whole household loves this peanut butter- grit and all! it's got an amazing flavor; as a life-long new englander i'm always skeptical of "maple flavored" products but this is perfect. It's got a real maple taste to it, and it doesn't overwhelm. I am not a fan of chunky peanut butter but smooth can be boring..I think the sugar crystals are the best part! It's like candy peanut butter ^_^. It is delicious when it gets melty on toast and it's my top choice for making peanut butter cookies. Sorry grit naysayers, I hope they never change it! You have plenty of others to pick from.
449132449132B001GQ3E5AACV6MCQ5P6PG6Larry Detlaff "snowman"2341261612800Good tasting Peanut ButterI had been looking for Mighty Maple peanut butter and it was no where to be found. So it was great I could order it. And it is good tasting. The price isn't bad either.
449133449133B001GQ3E5AA9WLOKBX3JENJSwinney Switch0051349740800great price for low sugar peanut butter great taste too! All I buy anymore!
449134449134B001GQ3E5AAAJ361GDDI06DLucky7771911274400000No sugar added? WrongThe ingredients clearly say "evaporated cane juice". That is sugar. Amazon needs to change the description.
449135449135B0014UFXGGATFA4TVG4C8HUD. M. Wilburn17718051230768000Great Sweetener but learn about the productI wanted to share that my own experience with finding xylitol was nothing short of a miracle. I can enjoy food in moderation that I was denying myself. I say moderation, because xylitol can cause soft or even liquid stool if you overdo it. It's not safe for pets because they get severe hypoglycemia quickly which can kill them, especially puppies and kittens. What I do is mix this with stevia drops and I can then use that concentration for coffee and tea all day without ill effects. I feel I need to address some reviews that people have on xylitol, not necessarily from Now foods specifically. I am concerned about people buying a new product without checking what it is and then giving it bad reviews for effects written clearly on the bag. It would be different if the manufacturer was being deceptive but honestly, don't feed your kids something if you don't know what it is and then want it taken off the market. For some people this is a miracle food. Research any food you are going to put into your body or even bring into your home. It is not a manufacturers job or governments job to tell you what to eat. I'm not saying this to be mean, it's just that we've become way too passive about our own responsibility.
449136449136B0014UFXGGA1SO1PGDNVMLXCkalyson626541218326400This is a great product - (Dog owners be careful)Great product, great company. High quality xylitol made from corn, not birch.

However, this stuff is very toxic to dogs. Don't let them have any of it, not even small quantities. If you want a sweetener like this but without such toxicity to dogs, get Erythritol. Same sort of thing -- a sugar alcohol, but not dangerous for animals. Also, it does not have the same digestive effects (gas, bloating, diarrhea) that Xylitol does. It is maybe a little less sweet than Xylitol, however.
This does not mean it is bad for people - for example, chocolate is fine for people but also toxic to dogs.

Note: When I do buy it, I use this company. I've ordered Xylitol and Erythritol from them and they were VERY high quality. When I tried it from EmeraldForest, I found some products had a horrible, strange smell and faint aftertaste. I called to return the items and was treated very badly by their customer service. EmeraldForest is getting some of their products made in China (not all - their xylitol apparently not), and I wondered why it has that horrible odor. Kinda scary. Also, their customer service is very bad. If you check their terms and conditions, you will see something sort of unusual for an online merchant: "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone...". When I tried to return the odd smelling product to them citing their money back guarantee, they went around about it and then finally agreed, but said then they would never sell anything to me ever again (!). Wow.

I'm sticking with NOW Foods at this point.
449137449137B0014UFXGGAWBMGLP57SAGKCobe "Cobe"303051297468800Can't live without itHaving suffered from Chronic Candida Albicans for over 10 years, I finally came to terms with the idea that I CANNOT have any type of sugars or sweeteners, not even natural sugars from fruits. Being a fruit lover who used to eat lots of fruits on a daily basis, I started looking for a safe way to have sweet stuff without feeding the microorganisms that have been for so long attacking my system. After a lengthy research of more than a year, I found out that though most sweeterners FEED bacteria and Candida Albicans, Xylitol DOES NOT. I started using Xylitol regularly and found out, to my surprise, that my worst Candida symptoms were GONE. The symptoms would recur every time I had fruits (darn!)or something made with refined sugar or other sweeteners like Splenda or Stevia, or even the Aspartame that is used on Diet Drinks. Whether I liked it or not, it became clear to me that I could not eat or drink anything sweet, that I could neither have any fruits and that I could not drink any diet sodas. I have intensely and extensively "tested" Xylitol for over a year and I can AFFIRM without a doubt that it is the ONLY sweetener I can use without getting my symptoms back.
I buy chocolates made with Xylitol on a regular basis and I use this brand of Xylitol to make chocolate bread and all kinds of cookies. I also make healthy chocolate ice cream with Xylitol, unsweetened cocoa powder and soy milk. If it were not for Xylitol, I would not be able to put anything sweet in my mouth. One of the most recognizable and annoying Candida Albicans symptoms was that I had to get up every one or two hours every night to urinate (!!). It was a nightmare, but it helped immensely when it came to "testing" what was good or bad for me. Conclusion: If I stay away from all types of sugars, natural fruits, fruit juices and sweeteners, and only use Xylitol-sweetened stuff, I feel much better in every respect and, very importantly, I can sleep 6 or more hours in a row without waking up to go to the bathroom.
449138449138B0014UFXGGA2SUWSNZP5OJ7TT.S.282941223942400xylitolAs described by other reviewers, I just wanted to add in response to an above revie, I have successfully used this with a yeast recipe. All you have to do is proof the yeast in the beginning with a teaspoon of real sugar to make it foam and then you can use xylitol as the sweetener in the recipe. This will add about 4 grams of total sugar to the recipe.
449139449139B0014UFXGGA1SQ7NX5805BXUCharles White161641222819200Most of the sweet, none of the yukI can taste artificial sweeteners from across the street. Hate the stuff. In a restaurant I sent a Coke back three times because they kept bringing me Diet, assuring me it was the real thing. After the third time I suggested they check their hoses. Sure enough, they were switched. Hate the stuff. One sip and my mouth says, "Yuk!" for hours. This doesn't even get into the fact that aspertame isn't fit for human consumption.

Enter Xylitol. I bought a box of packets to use at the office where I drink coffee. I find I need two Xylitol packs to replace one sugar. No matter. It tastes fine. I detect no aftertaste. And it's actually good for my teeth and blood sugar level. This is something I can like!

My only complaint was the shipping packaging. The box of packets was stuffed into an envelope which, of course, arrived flattened. Packets were all over the inside. I reformed the box and reloaded it. No biggie, but putting a rectangular cardboard box in an envelope isn't the best idea.
449140449140B0014UFXGGA2YKWYC3WQJX5JShannie "Shan"9941247702400Good alternative to sugar, you can bake with it!Ok, so it's not sugar, but it's pretty darn close, and all the newest research shows it is much better for you than sugar or artificial sweeteners. I used it to bake bluberry muffins. They came out fluffier than using white sugar, although a bit less sweet. I'll be back for more, and Amazon has a good price.
449141449141B0014UFXGGA281NPSIMI1C2RRebecca of Amazon "The Rebecca Review"111251247961600Natural SweetenerSince I'm always looking for natural alternatives to regular processed sugar, this item caught my attention when I read it was an ingredient in "Xylichew" chewing gums.

Not only does Xylitol not promote tooth decay, it has natural ingredients to decrease plaque formation and adhesion. Xylitol is a naturally occurring 5-carbon sugar alcohol found in many fruits including plums, strawberries and raspberries. Our bodies actual produce about 11g of Xylitol a day.

It is commercially manufactured from "xylan hemicellulose" sources such as Birch trees in Finland. This "NOW" Xylitol is actually made from a corn source.

Xylitol actually has been proven to:
Reduce Tooth Decay
Prevent Cavities by inhibiting the growth of bacteria
Inhibits the growth of a related species, Streptococcus pneumoniae, which is a cause of ear infections
Reduce the secretion of Plaque Acids
Facilitate the Remineralization of Tooth Enamel

Xylitol is believed to be safe, but doses higher than 30 g per day can cause stomach discomfort. To sweeten one cup of tea, you may need as much as 3 teaspoons which is 12 grams. This would equal 30 calories and 12 grams of Carbohydrates.

Each teaspoon contains:

Total Fat 0g
Sugars 0g
Sugar Alcohol 4g
Sodium 0mg
Protein 0g

"Now" Xylitol is 100% Pure Xylitol Powder. This product resembles sugar and has a third fewer calories than table sugar. It is a good alternative for diabetics and can be used as a sugar substitute in recipes. Calculate how much each serving will contain to make sure you can use this ingredient in your recipes.

When compared to the SoooLite! NoCarbs Blend, this product does have Carbohydrates and more Calories. If you are looking for a No Carbs blend sweetner, NuNaturals SoooLite! Is perfect for tea. It only seems to contain .45 grams of Sugar Alcohol per packet. Both are great sweet alternatives to sugar.

If you are tired of the aftertaste of other artificial sweeteners, give these products a try.

~The Rebecca Review
449142449142B0014UFXGGA1FXAD4OP1FMRRSam7741236729600Great, but...So this stuff taste great. It feels a lot better mentally knowing that it's a natural product and has roughly the same consistency/viscosity as real sugar/sugar crystals. There is one caveat with this product, you will likely have diarrhea until you get used to it. If you use this for coffee like myself and you like to have that coffee before work or something, i would advise you to use it when you won't have issues with that. Supposedly this will stop once you develop some kind of tolerance, but i can't vouch for that since i've used it for the last few days. Other than that i think this is a great alternative to real sugar and the chemicals in other artificial sweeteners.
449143449143B0014UFXGGAH1HCXA26ZN3SJ. Nolen7741207094400Great Sweetner, But Use Sparingly!I've ordered several bags of this xylitol now and really enjoy it. I must caution that you use it sparingly to see how your digestive system reacts to it. Also, can be used in baking/cooking, but you can't use it in any recipe that needs yeast to rise!
449144449144B0014UFXGGA204QN2VRUQA9BFred T. Belcher Jr.6651291248000Great tasteWhoa.....a really nice sweetness! It is softer than the raw, organic cane sugar I am presently using and it has no aftertaste. I never could get used to Stevia in my coffee but this is delicious! Just a very good product.
449145449145B0014UFXGGA2TLGDDNWNGQW8M. Kimball8941233532800just a warning alertXYLITOL and products sweetned with xylitol

I read on the internet a warning for pet owners. This product is not safe
for dogs and I would probably include pets in general.
I think people need to be aware that dogs eat most anything they smell,
so even the gum or sweets made with this sweetner would be dangerous.
449146449146B0014UFXGGA1AKW788238PWQTruth Be Told5551346976000Taste Like sugarThis Xylitol is derived from Non-GMO corn from China.If you haven't used xylitol before you won't really notice a big change in taste compared to regular sugar. It looks like sugar, taste like sugar and sweetens like sugar, This xylitol does not leave a funny after taste like most sugar substitutes and the granules are fine like regular sugar. I find that they dissolve fast especially in hot liquids. It comes in a zip lock type bag which is great. If you have never used xylitol before you may experience bloating/gas till your body gets used to it.

There are many health benefits to Xylitol here are a few ,"natural insulin stabilizer, therefore it doesn't cause a spike in blood sugar and actually helps reduce sugar and carbohydrate cravings,counteracts harmful intestine bacteria, such as Helicobacter pylori, aids in better dental health,lower calories and it has no known toxic levels to humans but it will harm dogs.

Serving Size: 1 Teaspoon (4 g)
Servings Per Container: 283

Calories 10
Calories from Fat 0
Total Fat 0 g
Total Carbohydrate 4 g
Sugars 0 g
Xylitol 4 g
Sodium 0 mg
Protein 0 g

Glycemic Index:
* Xylitol 7
* Agave Nectar 15
* Barley Malt Syrup 42
* Maple Syrup 54
* Backstrap Molasses 55
* Honey 62
* White Sugar 68
* High Fructose Corn Syrup 100
* Glucose 100
449147449147B0014UFXGGA18DYQ0EFCQ837barking monkey5541313366400It's okayWhat's to say? It's sweet without the bite of regular sugar. It has dental benefits and is lower in calories. These guys had the best price. It got here in one piece.
449148449148B0014UFXGGA1B1BD7P5BT273Café Mel5551282262400Who needs cane sugar?I have been using xylitol (natural sugar from birch trees) for about a year. Other brands were about 75% as sweet as cane sugar, but this brand is perfectly matched, teaspoon for teaspoon. Without the blood sugar spikes as when using regular sugar, I can't imagine ever going back. There is simply no downside whatsoever. Highly recommend this product.
449149449149B0014UFXGGA2GZ3O8AHD3PI2L. G. M.5551278374400xylitolI really like xylitol, it doesn't have a bad after taste like other sugar substitutes. I've tried just about all of them, even Stevia - can't stand the taste of it. The only drawback with zylitol is it doesn't mix in cold drinks - but I found a way around that. Put the zylitol in water, heat it up till it dissolves, and then put it in your drink - tried it in tea this way and it worked perfectly. It can give you gas and diarreah if you use too much - just use a small amount till you see how you react to it. This brand seems to be really good - never have had problems with it. As an added benefit it is good for your teeth.
449150449150B0014UFXGGA2JA8M06BSJOL0Scott T. Morrison5551267315200Great sugar substitute!This is a great sugar substitute that is almost identical to sugar. I am very particular about having sugar in my coffee with no after taste and Xylitol is the only sweetener that I have tried that is identical to sugar. I like stevia better though for quick dissolving e.g. for salad dressings and cooking enhancements because it disolves better in cold cooking and it's aftertaste is covered up, but for hot foods such as putting it in cocoa and coffee there is an aftertaste but not so with Xylitol. Also I like the crunchiness of sugar which Xylitol has, and really have enjoyed eating strawberries dipped in it, not to mention cinnamon toast. I only wish that they could manufacture the product with a more finer texture like the consisteny of cane sugar. Xylitol makes a great maple syrup when heated with water and mixed with maple flavoring. It dissoves very well with heat, great for syrup for corn fritters,french toast, and pancakes. I do not put a lot of syrup on my fritters since I am a little leary of it being so harmful to dogs(are we all that different?). This is my only worry. I have had no negative reactions though by using this product. I am very happy to discover Xylitol which came from other people's reviews.
449151449151B0014UFXGGA24UIGGJ29AVKCR. Goranson "Health Momma"5551217116800Awesome for children who have cavaties!I love this product, and the price here is awesome! My daughter is not allowed to have sugar so I began researching substitutes. This is still a sugar but it is a sugar that is actually good for teeth! And you can use it to bake with so my daughter can still have cupcakes, cookies and not feel left out.
449152449152B0014UFXGGA1WHD1QK9QWKUAHis name is John "I like toads."101241222992000It's not exactly what I expectedRecently I switched my bad eating habits to good ones. Part of that change was finding a sweentner which would not interfere with blood glucose levels much, and tasted good. I went to a health food store, and this product was recommended. I finally tried it on some plain cereal. I expected something like the flavor of Splenda, or maybe Equal. At first, it was sweet like sugar and it was noticable, but it did have an aftertaste. It was like the old articifial sweeteners. I tried using less another time, but the result was the same. I sweetened some tea with it, and that wasn't bad. So, overall, it takes some getting used to. It's not bad for being healthier than regular sugar but don't expect to be "wowed."
449153449153B0014UFXGGA128AAEK8YN0LESpinDance101251190160000Great in homemade cocoa mixGood stuff. I use it in my homemade cocoa mix mostly, but I've used it in any number of other things as well. Nice, light flavor.
449154449154B0014UFXGGAH1R6TSMBZL4USRS4451276560000Xylitol tastes good. Erythritol doesn't.Yeah, don't feed it to dogs. Ok, since I'm human and I don't own dogs and if I did I wouldn't be feeding them sweetened things anyway because dogs are carnivorous, I am very happy with this product.

The only complaint I have is that the plastic bag my Xylitol came in (I bought the 1 lb size) had a very strong chemical odor. I moved the Xylitol to a metal bowl for storage. NOW should use packaging that doesn't have such a strong plastic off-gassing.

Work your way into eating Xylitol (gradually increase consumption over a period of weeks) to avoid gastrointestinal issues. Also be careful of eating too much inulin and other products that can cause a laxative/bloating/gas effect.

This tastes good unlike NOW Erythritol which tastes rather horrid, except when making bitter chocolate.
449155449155B0014UFXGGA3R5XMPFU8YZ4DHer Royal Motherliness "Nana"4441243987200sugar substituteNow Foods Xylitol, 2.5 pound bag
Good product for sugar substitute. The crystals are huge so it is hard to dissolve. It works for things that are hot or for cooking.
449156449156B0014UFXGGAED00B0ACEY98Kathy3351314489600Xylitol Mega PackI love the precautions the seller took to ship this huge bag so that none of the product would leak out. I love knowing that I can store it safely in the reclosable bag. Fast shipment.
449157449157B0014UFXGGAOF8GTP11W6WOLil Deb33513124160002nd time orderI cannot eat sugar. So, my alternative is Stevia or Xylitol, and my Iridologists reccomends Xylitol. This is my second 15 lb. bag, I always give my daughter-in-law 5 lbs. She even cooks with it. I sparingly use it in green vegetables that tend to be bitter, but have not baked with it. She loves it and so do I. Have to be careful when you are a new user of Xylitol because the side effect of diarhea is real. My son got it bad from putting it in his coffee the first time. He uses more sugar than I do in my coffee. Will order again
449159449159B0014UFXGGA2D9VG5SYOKRJIThe Frugal Diva "Loving My Amazon Deals!"3351263945600Pleasantly SurprisedI purchased this based solely on the reviews (highly unlike me) and I have to say I have not been disappointed with this product. I do not recommend using a lot of it at first. I suggest using a little bit at a time to learn your tolerance and avoid getting an upset stomach. If you are trying to use less sugar (or no sugar) give this a try.
449160449160B0014UFXGGA1WG0A0KQ8LVAAnna D. Ojanen3351249344000Great for what it is. Use with caution.I think xylitol is great. But... I gave my daughter a little in solution in the concentration tested and said to be tolerable for toddlers in a New England Journal of Medicine article. Still, my daughter began vomiting everywhere almost immediately. She never normally vomits. I think the intense sweetness triggered a kind of protective response in her body. Perhaps she thought it was poison. Anyway, don't be dumb like me and try it on your toddler. Reserve this product for older children and adults.

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