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449191449191B0001PB9GSA1H6QFFW6H51H5T. A. Urban "Straight Shooter"1151236643200Heat & FlavorMy husband won't use any other hot sauce but Gib's. It is a great amount of heat with an equal amount of flavor. It goes great with anything you can think of. It's impossible to find in any store - even the "World's Largest Hot Sauce Warehouse" didn't have this brand. I recommend buying at least a half dozen bottles at a time, because it makes the shipping more proportionate to the product, and you'll use it - I guarantee it!
449192449192B0001PB9GSA2VS7WGFCZHG58Jeffrey S. Poteat "kbdjeff"1151167868800Gib's Bottled HellThis is absolutely the best relish-style hot sauce available. I first tasted it at the restaurant, which closed several years ago. It's great in cajun dishes, as well as in chili and on sandwiches.
449193449193B006O9WAHWA16MSLN6N2NG6HTeresa171751198627200Omaha cheesecake sampler/ Teresa, nyI purchased this item for a christmas
gift for my husband he loves cheesecake
and he loved it. I have to say this is
one of the best cheesecakes I have ever
had. I would recommend this product to
anyone, it is so fresh and absolutely
delicious, enjoy.
449194449194B006O9WAHWA2FO1R8FB6BLDIV. Demand101051191283200Yum GoodI have ordered this delicious cheesecake twice and each time it is just as good as I remembered. I even recommend it as a gift to others. You and they won't be disappointed.
449195449195B006O9WAHWA3DO26SPN14CG1M. Grinnell9951169164800Great gift!I gave this to my Brother-in-law's family for Thanksgiving and they loved. They were very happy and said that it was very good.
449196449196B006O9WAHWA1CBP5CSBSEBV7B. Dow "Chesapeakeblueeyes"6651197936000Excellent Gift to Yourself and OthersThis cheesecake is the best. I sent several orders to all my family all over the country for Thanksgiving and even ordered one for myself. Everyone raved about it. Good value and excellent product. Would definitely order again.
449197449197B006O9WAHWA2FLFZ91XI48P1CARLOS PENAGOS ROJAS4451232409600delicious cakemy experience with " Omaha" it is very good, the product is excellent, good packing, fresh and delicious, I have sent to relatives in other states and were enchanted. I am very happy!
449199449199B006O9WAHWA1SGWAO6PDKQ53Female_Jedi_Master1151326412800~Well received~I purchased this to send as a gift and the recipient loved it. Taste was up to par with their palate and it was delivered in a timely manner. Will make future purchases with Omaha Steaks.
449200449200B006O9WAHWA8Y0K5BEEW2LPTrueBlueMissy13! "Melissa"1151292544000Sampler CheesecakeIt's absolutely delicious. This is the best cheesecake I have ever eaten. I highly recommend it. So, what are you waiting for? Order it!

You can thaw out the slices the way I did if you like. At 30% power, heat 4 slices in a regular microwave for about 55 seconds. Don't cover them while you are doing this. Plus, there are slips of paper between each slice, so you need not cut anything or worry about adhesions.
449201449201B006O9WAHWAVFP6Y641X6CZBay Buyer0041350432000Creamy & Delicious...but...Cheesecake arrived within a week of ordering. Packing was amazing, ice in the pack was still frozen, and so was the cheesecake. We let it thaw to room temperature. It is delicious, creamy, crust is perfect...but for me personally, it is super-sweet. Typical of my taste, I just don't like super sweet anything. So, if you have a love of cheesecake that really is 'New YorK' style and really love super-sweet, then this is perfect for you. For those of us who love creamy cheesecake with a nice crust but are more reserved on the super-sweet, think twice.
449202449202B006O9WAHWA11RBPFPML8MOUR. Gibson0051349481600Update of previous reviewThis is a resubmittal of a previous review. Originally, when I received my cheesecake I was very disappointed with the careless way it had been packaged and delivered - and I said so in my review. I NOW say that if anybody ever says that Omaha Steakes doesn't care about their product feedback, do NOT believe it. After submitting my original review, I was contacted by Mr. Sendgraff of Omaha Steaks who apologized for their poor packaging and inormed me that Omaha Steaks has a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all their products and, that he was refunding my entire purchase price, including shipping. Even after I told him we had eaten the cheesecake, and it was really quite good, he insisted that my experience had not met their 100% satisfaction guarantee standards and my refund would stand. I say, THANK YOU, Mr. Sendgraff, you are a credit to Omaha Steaks Customer Service and have restored my confidence completely. I'm looking forward to my next purchase of an Omaha Steaks product.
449203449203B006O9WAHWA23VTQHC5P1973Troy Daniels "-=TD=-"0051296777600TastyI was a little nervous about giving this as a gift imaging all the horrible things that could go wrong but I was pleasantly surprised. The package was delivered quickly everything was fresh and tasty I would definitely buy again.
449204449204B006IIKJ18A20E3FAY18Z58LEj "EjEtal"0051336176000favorite of my chewerthey are short rib bones and now that the pooch is getting bigger these don't last long. Perfect for when I don't feel like going to the market and buying bones from the meat department and smoking them myself.
449205449205B000FDBQE6A2OL5WLCNZVD9Knonpareil111151171324800Healthy, hearty and tasty...and how to cook it.This cereal really tastes good. I make it in the microwave, first heating the fresh cold water to boiling, then adding the cereal, stirring and returning it to the microwave to finish cooking. I let it boil and bubble for a bit in the microwave, which is when the cooking really occurs. I often let it sit in the microwave for a few minutes after it stops, to set up. Years ago a ham radio guy asked me (over the air!) whether I knew how to make gourmet microwave hot cereal. I said no - wondering how you could make anything gourmet, especially cooked cereal, in the microwave - but that I didn't express out loud... so he explained to me the above method, with emphasis on heating the cold water before adding the cereal. And definitely not using hot tap water, as that has the O2 chased out of it, or some such. So I guess that must be it!

I used to laboriously mix various cereal grains to achieve this kind of mix, but with this product it is all done for me. It's also good with raisins added.

I'm delighted that Amazon is selling some of these healthy food items that are hard to find in parts of the country. The special offers bring the price within reason.
449206449206B000FDBQE6A3L0HXIRE5L7BGRubén7851201132800Doesn't taste like "health food," but is actually delicious.started on this in the hope of losing some weight and lowering my cholesterol. After about 5 weeks by LDL dropped about 7% (176 to 163) and my HDL increased by about 5% (from 40 to 42). This with absolutely no excercise; just limiting myself re fat and calories. My total stayed high at 257, but the ratio improved from about 4.4 to 3.6 - - - My weight dropped by 3.3% - - The cereal is good by itself, but I add real maple syrup and either raisins/craisins or chopped dates to make it a real treat either for bFast or a late night snack when I'd otherwise go for potato chips or the like...
449207449207B000FDBQE6A1ZC3FAD1EFZJ7Lisa Guerci "Lisa Booklover"4451255392000all time favourite hot breakfast choiceAs a person who tries to make good food choices AND likes things with great taste and texture, THIS product is such a winner! It is smooth, nutty, and amazingly versatile. I add nuts, fruit, and sometimes extra flax seeds and I am full for many hours. LOVE the soy protein in it, too! I may never eat oatmeal again! Very hard to find in stores here so I am happy Amazon carried it! Lisa in NY
449208449208B000FDBQE6A26SZ5CEMZXL1IElizabeth Petrides2251304035200Bread recipe favoriteOur local grocery stores don't carry this product, so I was delighted to find it on Amazon. Put 1/3 cup in your bread machine recipes for added texture and nutrition. Delicious hot cereal as well.
449209449209B000FDBQE6A1CXSY7ETEYFJQEvaJNYC2251255046400Delicious, healthy and fillingThis cereal is great. I love multigrain cereals as they as so much tastier than just oatmeal. As I am too busy in the mornings at home, I ship it to my office to make at work in the microwave. I just add hot water from the hot water on demand spot on the water cooler slowly stirring it in until it is about half cereal/half water and cook in the microwave for about 4 minutes. I add dried blueberries and have with skim milk and a little Splenda. Very easy and much healthier than eating bagels. Thanks for offering a great product at a low price!
449210449210B000FDBQE6A388A4Z2QPZ1JETB "homeschooler"2251175385600Yummy and still good for you.My husband and I both love this. My children (who eat only whole grain type foods normally) don't like it. I am not sure why but they still prefer oatmeal type hot cereals.

It is great with a little splenda or to really bring it up a notch I will lightly thaw 1 C of frozen berries and add that with a little splenda. YUM!!!
449211449211B000FDBQE6A2CVZ753RCORYFlibraryluvr "nickie"2251174435200Great Hot cereal!Full of good health goodies! Lots of fiber, omega-3, flaxseed. Cooks fast. I use the stove top method, add raisins and pecans.
449212449212B000FDBQE6A1TT2XCSNZXED6Mike V. "Mike V."1151317254400Absolutely love this cerealThis cereal is delicious, healthy and filling. I love this in the morning with a little brown sugar and raisins mixed in. If you are at all a fan of hot cereals and/or whole grains, you have to give this a try. Highly recommended!
449213449213B000FDBQE6A3ELNR7JA7QFACDrew T.1151264809600Great Healthy Hot CerealI found this in the grocery store while looking for whole grain oatmeal. It was cheaper for the same amount of cereal, and is even more nutritious than oatmeal alone. The taste is great, I make mine on the stovetop with soy milk instead of water so it's nice and thick and creamy, then I add some brown sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla. It's also good with a banana mashed into it, and as a special treat sometimes I mix chocolate syrup and peanut butter into it. I also like to let it soak for a few minutes before I start cooking which seems to help with the texture (it can be a little gritty). Overall a delicious hot cereal that I would choose over oatmeal any day.
449214449214B000FDBQE6A3HMJBZ2JY7I92James M. Galey "jmgaley"1151251417600Delicious and quickThis cereal is awesome. I love it! I cook in the microwave or on stove top. I only cook until it's warm or mildly hot so as not to cook out any nutrients. I add crumbled pecans, dried cranberries or any other fruit and usually a teaspoon of honey. I am never hungry before lunch when I eat this cereal. TERRIFIC!!!
449215449215B000FDBQE6A3M3FPFVKM3MZOAnne0051350345600Very Satisfying MealHearty and sticks to the ribs longer than oatmeal or overly processed wheat cereals. Fiber never tasted this good. The perfect combination of grains. I prefer mine with salt and plenty of butter. Hubby likes to add a bit of sweetness to his. Fast to make, too. Cooks in about 3 minutes and thickens as it cools. Good for what ails you. Have some and feel like a kid again. Try it. You'll see.
449216449216B000FDBQE6A5M5Q2V00HYEAHeidi V. Kadick0051345334400Hodgson Multi Grain with Milled Flaxseed CerealWe like the taste and especially the nutritional value of this cereal, but above all, my whole family loves the muffin recipe printed on the back of the box containing apples and carrots. It is wonderful!
449217449217B000FDBQE6AR4B9UIDBW7S8Judy M0051337040000Hodgson Mill CerealMy daughter turned me on to this cereal a few years ago. I have it every morning for breakfast. I slice bananas in it and chopped walnuts and top it off with cinnamon. It's great and I like the fiber content as well. I used to buy it in my local grocery store but they don't sell it any more. So I took a chance on Amazon and got lucky. Thank you.
449218449218B000FDBQE6A3RNG2T3X1GIMTruthhelen550051327622400Best Breakfast Ever!I had been having Hodgson Mill's oat bran (which is also a great cereal) when I noticed this also on the shelf at the grocery store. I know that flax is good for you so I thought I'd give it a try. I like it even better than the plain oat bran because of the nuttier flavor and texture. I will say that I don't fully cook it according to package directions -- 2 minutes in the microwave, let sit for a few minutes, and that is it. I add one square of dark chocolate after cooking, and let it melt. Then I stir gently and top with a bit of skim milk. Keeps me satisfied easily until lunch with no spikes or drops in energy levels. Happy to see it available on amazon.
449219449219B000FDBQE6A27PL646ZYI6NAJerome E. Penberg "jp in nh"0051323648000multi grain with flaxeasy to prepare, nutritious and tasty--I add frozen corn and sometimes pumpkin seeds--my wife eats enjoys it without adding anything. and it comes right to our house!
449220449220B000FDBQE6A3PLG4ZW7DGSTXJanet M. Schaefer "readreadread"0051320105600Make it the way you want itThis is a nutritious cereal that keeps me full all morning without blood sugar spikes. The texture is neither too fibrous nor too mushy and it doesn't taste like the usual barnyard animal feed. I make mine with milk instead of water then add anything that sounds good or that I have on hand just to keep it interesting. One morning it may be blueberries, the next chopped apple. Toss in some nuts for extra texture and protein. Changing it up each day is what keeps it from becoming monotonous. One reviewer mentioned adding peanut butter. Never thought of that - it would probably be good with peanut butter, honey and bananas. It's probably even good buttered and salted!

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