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449311449311B001GVIRYSA2VT8GLBBERE3RSam Maher "Captain Sam"0031349308800cheap and best productI've been using this for awhile in my iced tea. Before this I was buying artificially sweetened iced tea by the gallon. Now I make my own tea by the half gallon. This is SO much cheaper and more convenient and just as good. I wish I'd tried it a long time ago.
449312449312B001GVIRYSA3001KIUCL2D1EWilliam D. Chaney0051344124800sweetsi have tried this product only once so far and it is nice and sweet and it seems like it will do as i want it to.
449313449313B001GVIRYSA99FG0FGT85V9Matt.0041335916800Great value and lasts FOREVER!Splenda is the only sugar substitute that I can stand. In fact, I actually love it. It really gives off the flavor of sugar. As I say in the title of this review, the price/value is very good. I have found Splenda in the supermarket for astronomical prices. This is a great deal, especially if you enroll in "Subscribe and Save."
449314449314B001GVIRYSA1P7VLWJP71FLYsteve goldin0051335312000SPLENDA IS SPLENDIDI am a diabetic, and have been using this product for a couple of years.

I substitute it for sugar in any recipe.

The subcription price is equal to that of Costco's, but with Amazon's free shipping, why use Costco?
449315449315B001GVIRYSAVC1AW2ZRTGC0justme0051333929600gimmmy some sugerI have been using Splenda and only Splenda since it came out. In my opinion it's the best overall suger product other than suger. Thanks for your time.
449316449316B001GVIRYSA1H08N0SONUW2ADavey Williams "davey williams"0041332720000Love my Splenda many-calorie sweetener (but hate the deception)Splenda is a great sugar alternative...but it's not zero calorie. Surprised? Turns out they get to call it zero calorie because they set the serving size at 0.5 grams, which is under one they get to round down by usda rules. Doh! By weight, Splenda has only about 10% less calories than granulated sugar...but then, that's by weight. Splenda is so light that it's improbable one would stuff as much in their baking as they would of sugar. By volume (cup for cup), Splenda is approximately 25% the calories of sugar. I really hate the dishonesty the manufacturers use in their advertising...they've conned most people into thinking they're eating something without calories when they're not. So if you buy this, maybe write an email to the makers to complain, then realize you're making something that has fewer, but by no means zero, calories.
449317449317B001GVIRYSA1TUVN7483QFGNMax Hydro0051332288000Splenda is SplendidReviewing a grocery item may seem a bit odd, but having this item on an auto-buy thru Amazon guarantees that we will not run low on our household sweetener, and will never need to put it on the grocery list or look for it "on-sale" ! Auto refilling our pantry at the best price available is a no-brainer. The product speaks for itself, and a word of caution to those buying Equal, or Aspartame. New research should make you think long and hard about doing so - look it up online and you will see.
Thank you Amazon for offering Splenda at this price and for offering Auto-ship too !!
449318449318B001GVIRYSA3DHS97DOBZDBWAdriana V.0031324252800Great PriceI love Splenda in my iced coffee and occasionally on plain Cheerios. The package I received from Amazon was well within the expiration date, arrived on time, and was the same granulated Splenda I have come to love. It lasts me a very long time. The bag is huge!
449319449319B001GVIRYSA2L6MVETDQCU3DBeatles4ever "A reader"0051279411200Great substitute sweetener!I love using Splenda for sweetening lemon and lime water--it melts pretty good in cold liquids and even better in hot liquids. Haven't used it much in baking yet.
449320449320B001GVIRYSA16O67QDBEXLMYSarang M. Kulkarni "Casual Shopper"0041271980800SplendaGreat product and a great price on Amazon. Got it for my mom who has diabeties.
449321449321B001GVIRYSA1JJLSUXZ88A6VCynthia Keith0051264982400SplendaLove that it comes to the door and I never run out. The big bags are not available in most grocery stores
449322449322B001GVIRYSASCOBA5M9HS3SLori Ouimette0041252713600writtenThe price of this was cheaper even with shipping then what it cost here.I have always gotten good service when ordering from here.I recommend this web side to every one.
449323449323B001GVIRYSA3CCQSIGYARWRAJ. Pflanz "Tinyoriole"0051252713600Splenda SweetemerBeing diabetic, this is a staple in my diet. I love the deals and service I find on Amazon.
449324449324B001GVIRYSA3P0Q6V7LDPGRMDr. "drrhonda"0051251244800Splenda, splenda everywhere . ..With Prime, Ship and Save and the size of the bag, the cost can't be beat in NYC. We also love that it comes right to our door. It would be great if Amazon could find a more environmentally friendly way to ship it, however.
449325449325B001GVIRYSANEXFROORI6F6Pilchard0051251072000This is a double sized Splenda bagWe bought this on sale from Amazon for under $10 to see if it was similar to the type we usually purchase at our local supermarket. This is the same Splenda, but is in a double sized bag. When comparing this to the Splenda at most supermarkets, compare the number of ounces. This bag was twice the size.

It arrived on time, and we may purchase this from Amazon again. Considering the size, it is comparable when shipped by Amazon prime to the cost of our local stores.
449326449326B001GVIRYSADLVFFE4VBT8A. Dent "Aragorn"0051250035200Tastes great, less filling, no side effects or aftertasteI could not use any of the not-to-be-named pre-Splenda sweeteners. I simply could not tolerate their taste AND the aftertaste. I've been a Splenda user ever since it became available - 10 years? - because... well... the taste is VERY close to sugar's own and, as far as I know, there are NO side effects.

My understanding of the Splenda technology is that the process starts with what is supposed to be a 'sugar' molecule and then ONE atom is replaced with another which makes it impossible to digest so it simply passes through your digestive tract. You get zero calories, good taste and no side effects.

So... what's not to like? The price? That's were the wisdom of buying these large but not too heavy Splenda boxes comes from.

I NEVER put anything sweet into my tea or my coffee - a habit I probably developed during those dark, sad, pre-Splenda days - but, when it comes to Cappuccino... it's a different story. I am reaching for the little yellow packets. A box of these lasts me for a long, long time. When it comes to cooking, the Splenda is calibrated to be the equivalent of sugar by volume. In other words, a cup of Splenda is used whenever the recipe calls for a cop of sugar.
449327449327B001GVIRYSAR020ENX349DCJ. B. Shirey II "isaacjs2"5841248048000Good stuff, average priceI can get 9.7ozs of Altern (an off brand version that's exactly the same thing as Splenda) for $5.24 at any store locally. Also, I haven't really found Splenda's sugar-to-Splenda ratio to be accurate. It doesn't really go that far for me. But in many things, Splenda/Altern does taste like sugar or very close. So I still use it. It works well in green tea, for instance, but not so well for sweetening fruit juices.

Until Amazon goes back to something like their old offer (2 bags of 9.7oz Splenda for around $7.00, which was discontinued months ago) I'll stick with Altern from the local store. If you don't have this option where you live, this might still be worth while.
449328449328B001GVIRYSA3OXHLG6DIBRW8C. F. Hill "CFH"3551250035200Best of the Sugar Substitutes! Highly RecommendedSplenda had been a real blessing for me since becoming a type 2 diabetic. I really like the flavor and try to buy diet products that use it as the main sweetener. All of the other sugar substitutes just taste bad to me or have a significant aftertaste. Splenda does not impact my blood sugar levels or cause me any "gastric issues".

This is the granulated version that is great in coffee and for cooking (a little goes a long way).

Highly recommended!
449329449329B001GVIRYSAH1R6TSMBZL4USRS71221289865600Xylitol and erythritol are betterThe taste and aftertaste of sucralose is artificial and unpleasant.

Xylitol can have a bit of an aftertaste sometimes but it generally tastes more like real sugar and has less of an aftertaste. It also helps to combat tooth bacteria. Erythritol is nice for some uses because it's basically non-caloric. I've tried all the sugar replacements, and I prefer xylitol for most things (baking especially), and erythritol for other things (chocolate, lemonade, et cetera).

The best news is there is no debate about toxicity when it comes to xylitol and erythritol, unlike Stevia extracts, aspartame, saccharine, and sucralose. Everyone agrees that these sugar alcohols are non-toxic (except don't feed dogs xylitol because they can't metabolize it correctly).

I see no reason to pay so much for sucralose, which is several hundred times "sweeter" than sugar so should not be so expensive. Maltodextrin, the bulking agent, isn't expensive to produce either.
449330449330B001GVIRYSA1A99RZRDB9DUNH. Landman "HLL"0141257724800Good priceIt's Splenda, and at a good price. Forget about the individual packets, the cost will kill you. If you use the product, this is the way to buy it.
449331449331B001GVIRYSA3MD0ZSPEDX0BCJ. Stevens0151250726400Great Product, Overpriced on AmazonObviously this product is quite amazing, however... you can buy it at Sam's Club for under $12. 'Nuff said.
449332449332B001GVIRYSA1Z67Y8DWIGZXVHealth Junky1351243900800Great Deal!Much better price on Amazon then my local grocery store. This bag goes a long ways, the Splenda website says it is equivalent to 10-pounds of sugar in sweetness, so this gives you an idea. Don't let the ounces fool you. Shipped quickly and arrived in great shape. Thanks Amazon!
449333449333B001GVIRYSA1VGMD0UNFI8EJ. M. Maxwell2541244851200I find it cheaper at my local storeI like Splenda, but I can get it for about half this price at my local store.
449334449334B001GVIRYSA1R4MVRS5LPZV4Gr8tone99 "Teresa"0251254182400Spenda bulk packageThis is a great deal! I prefer splenda to any other substitute.
This was a big sale. I purchased during a Gold box deal!
449335449335B001GVIRYSA1VUN4JU731CBHI. Peters2721300147200Not greatThis is an odd product. I had used the Splenda Individual Packets before and liked them ok (as much as one can like sweeteners in the first place). Then I decided to buy this bulk bag because I got a bit tired of opening up several small packets when needing a bigger amount of Splenda. Much to my surprise it seems as if the Splenda in the bulk bag is significantly less sweet than the product in the individual packets. When using it in a cup of tea, two packets of Splenda used to be plenty but not with the bulk bag. It requires at least three heaped teaspoons to sufficiently sweeten my tea, sometimes even more. What's more, when adding this Splenda to hot drinks it really fizzles, almost as if adding something carbonated. I never noticed this happening with the packeted Splenda and find this quite strange.

Also, ever since I switched to the bulk bag Splenda, I have experienced relatively frequent digestive upset, something I never had with the packets. I am not too fond of this stuff and will not buy it again.
449336449336B001GVIRYSA2YZJDCTZ6B3SKitemsforless105511250035200Pure Poison!!!This product is a artifical sweetner. It is a man made chemical. Its Poison. Having the runs is just one of many symptoms. Google "splenda toxicity symptoms" "splenda toxicity"
449337449337B0044Q8RYWA1IXMFH2Z6FJA6- "-"2211324080000Not For My PomMy little Pomeranian loves treats, but this product makes him physically ill. I even cut them into smaller, bite-sized pieces (no easy chore by the way because they're rock hard) but they just don't agree with him. In addition, they have the most awful fake-bacon smell you'll ever encounter. They make me nauseous, too.

On the other hand, the same company's peanut butter flavored treats are my dogs' favorite!
449338449338B0044Q8RYWA2BQIDC80FQDRUA. Zetterlund1111345075200These treats make my pooch sick!I have a Cocker Spaniel who absolutely adores these treats. I jokingly refer to them as his "crack sticks," because he is seriously addicted. Whenever I pull them out of the cupboard, he starts running around in circles and barking like a crazy person. In short, he's a fan.

I, however, cannot recommend them. Sometimes he can eat them just fine...but other times, he vomits them back up. We're also city dwellers, meaning I have to pick up his waste on the streets. I know this is gross, but the bacon treats are in his, unprocessed. He'll often even pass the bacon treat on its own, just dropping the little hard centers on the pavement while we walk.

I won't be purchasing these again.
449339449339B0044Q8RYWA36769T74RO4XCLarge Upset Dogs and Owners1111343865600These cause vomitingWe gave Pur Luv Grande Bones to our Golden Doodle and Golden Retriever. They loved eating them but both vomited up chunks of hard undigested pieces of these bones the next day. We will not be buying these again.
449340449340B0044Q8RYWA8EMLG20N7YN9NicoleMarie1111336694400DO NOT FEED YOUR SMALL DOG THIS!!!!!After hundreds of dollars on x-rays, urgent care vet visits, etc - we finally found out the source for all my pup's pain were these treats. The centers DO NOT dissolve in their stomach, and if they do not vomit them back up, they get constipated and cannot excrete, which leaves them in tremendous pain. I have a Pomapoo (1/2 Pomeranian, 1/2 Poodle who is 10 months old) and he has been in pain for weeks because of this treat, and it broke my heart to know that I was the one keeping him in pain by feeding him these treats!! Maybe bigger dogs can digest them, but PLEASE PLEASE do not feed this product to your pet if you have a small dog! I thought it'd be a good alternative as he likes to chew and there is no rawhide in them, but the center does not break down, and he had one part lodged in his small intestine and another stuck in his stomach. I cannot express how awful it is to see your pup in pain, and it is not worth the risk to try these products. I hope in some way I can save another pup from having to go thru the pain and experience mine went thru - and the owner lots of spendy vet bills.

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