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449371449371B008CG3BW8AOVVDTUW10KSNEB0051344729600Excellent flavorThe smell when first opening the canister can be strong, however once brewed it is perfect. It is not too strong of a chai or coconut flavors, but strikes a wonderful balance between the two. I will likely buy the flavor again when this one runs out.
449372449372B008CG3BW8A1O1AZ2L3OEESNLori G0051344470400Excellent TeaVery nice flavor, and large tea leaves that don't escape the strainer. The coconut flavor is subtle and not overpowering.
449385449385B000LKZK36AWM1KZ2MDOVWJA. Winters "Be good humans."3341236556800Great fake jerkeyThis is a great jerkey substitute if you're vegetarian. The problem is, when it is stale, it's very hard to chew* (but still tastes good). When it is fresh, it is absolutely awesome.

Stonewall's is my favorite brand of vegetarian jerkey. If you don't like your jerkey hot, I suggest you try mild or teriyaki. Otherwise, this is the stuff for you!

*Edit: Someone suggested heating in microwave for about 10 seconds to soften it, and that works beautifully!
449386449386B000LKZK36A1UT6T2RFQ940JAvid Amazon Shopper "always too cold"2251281916800Nothing with a faceIt is not easy to find healthy protein-laden foods, particularly snacks, that are vegetarian and tasty. Stonewall's Jerquee fits the bill. It is exceptionally convenient to pack in my carry-on bag when I travel. This is more than a review. This is a heartfelt "thank you" to the maker! Well done.
449374449374B003S1WRZOAW4PWW4MM7NCORetired Guy "Bob"2211289865600Not chocolateI don't know what they used for flavor in this stuff, but it isn't chocolate - and if it is orange, it is weird tasting orange. I would rather drink plain hot water. This stuff doesn't even deserve one star!
449387449387B000LKZK36A1O8O4DZ1SURHDN. Delco2211187827200like eating rocks.I usually love these little treats, but the ones i got must have been sitting around at amazon for a year or so, because they were really hard and unedible. had to give most of them to the dog :( However, the expiration date had not expired (SELLBY NOV07), so i would say Stonewall's needs to move their expiration date up a few months.
449388449388B000LKZK36A1G8BC99793QKBM. Goldstein2241186790400Pretty good if you don't like meat :)I thought this was pretty good if you don't like meat and still want something that is "chewy".
I don't know what the other poster is talking about when he/she said it was "airy" as I have not noticed that at all.
It is not as tough as real meat would be, and the Teriyaki flavour is really good too.
I did find the Jerquee to be a bit greassy as they do use some oil in it.

But I have had people that do eat meat try this and they really did like it. I would buy this product again!
449375449375B003S1WRZOA2N2K3DBYLDGF2vandu1111290988800NOT WHAT I THOUGHTI thought I was getting an Orange flavored chocolate mix (been looking for an orange-mocha blend). This is organge only in the name. It's not even very good tasting. Overly sweet and not enough chocolate flavor. AND OVER PRICED!!! Please be warned, it not a very good product
449389449389B000LKZK36A3LJJ86266DBUULarry L. Patterson6851178928000LarryThe absolute best vegan jerky around and believe me I've tried them all. The heat is perfect.
449376449376B003ZIATP0A15NPCRXOQP7R3watrgodis22000051347321600Yummy Coffee!I got the shippment for this coffee very fast! I used it in gift baskets I made for clients. They loved it and it is very yummy! I would buy it again!!
449390449390B000LKZK36A4BFZ3L1WC21WC. Miller1151264032000I could eat the whole case in a day!My local health food store started selling these 10 years ago and then stopped to focus more on vitamins instead of food!
So now I order these directly from Lumen and usually get the case of "over and unders" which contains packages that they can't sell to stores due to the weight being off. This is your best bet since I read reviews on here of receiving them stale off amazon.
The best flavors are the original mild, bbq beef and the teriyaki beef. I HATE the Cajun varieties, they are so dry and tough to chew.
They are high in fat so I usually have to make my husband hide them from me since these are a rare treat for us in the house, I could eat 4-5 bags in a row!
Caution if you eat too many bags over a period of a few days, you may experience gas!
Try ordering direct and you'll be enjoying the BEST veggie jerquee there is in the US!!!!
PS These are made in Louisiana, could you ask for anything more authentic besides the real thing (meaning meat)
449391449391B000LKZK36ACK502PBJWZRZS. Sullivan "The Walker"1151246233600Vegetarian SnacksI loved the small size of the bags to bring along when I hike, paddle or any time I am going to be needing a snack! Especially ideal if you are a vegetarian but even my non vegetarian friends enjoy them, once they try them.
449392449392B000LKZK36A24IZ2AEWRSD8HScott J. Johnson "MrScott"1151236556800Stonewalls is the bestIf you're looing for a nice inexpensive jerky treat, you'd be hard pressed to find better. Stonewall's original and stonewall's original mild are some of the best tasting jerkey you'll find. What's best, is that this product is meat free. So for all you vegans out there this is especially a great treat idea. The package here is a store display container. I keep them in the closet and when we remember we have them, it makes a perfect snack. I think we'll be working on the box for about 2 month and that's with two jerkey freaks eating them.
449393449393B000LKZK36A1M42S627JLJAQCatherine1121210636800Airy and oily.The texture on these things is all off. For one, they're incredibly airy. I am a huge fan of Primal Spirit and Tofurky Jurky, and had been used to denser vegan jerky when I first tried these. It felt like I was chewing air. Also, because these are higher in fat (8-9 grams per 160 calorie package), they are a bit oilier. Coupled with the airiness, when you bite down on these, you can feel the oil oozing out of the little nuggets into your mouth, which isn't too pleasant.

I don't think the flavor is anything special, either. To be fair, I'm not sure what chicken tastes like or is supposed to taste like, but there are plenty of wonderfully flavorful vegan and vegetarian products out there. This is not one of them.
449377449377B000F1X8IUA1RZ3DCJ14XWPVChristophe Moreau0051343001600Good Stuff"Good stuff". Excellent for thai food and spicy creative cuisine, easy to use, when opened I just keep-it in the fridge and take a little when I need. The taste is very strong, so this small pot give you enough for a long time
449394449394B000LKZK36A1V4IUXUGGHD4RJaneden "animal lover"2351196380800Best ever veggie jerky!I love this stuff! The texture of this reminds me of real meat. So if you are a new vegetarian you might want to try it! I like mild and teriyaki the best! Makes a great snack!
449378449378B007IT3QFWA2QWNI6BRTHBQ0William G. Craik0051346025600MemorableAt our Northern lake a close friend , my son and myself sampled a bottle of this Scotch. Beats Oban, Lagavulin or any other Scotch in this range. My best ever in 30 years of tasting.
449379449379B002BG5MLIAFZ1OJMYMR4RBKitt "Kitt"0051346630400Love the tasteOne of the best organic teas I've ever had. Pleased that I got 2 boxes of it. I've purchased other items from Organic India and have been very pleased with everything.
449395449395B000LKZK36A3RB2ZRN3ZFJV6Unbathed2331192060800It does the job as chew-toy for vegansAn ethical workout for the jaw. It tastes a little sweet, but teriyaki is supposed to. Of course even considering a "vegan jerky" is to knowingly enter a state of sin. This is a long-shelf-life processed snack food, not carrots and celery pulled fresh from the organic garden, but hey, no refrigeration required.
449380449380B002BG5MLIA1KPA7MC0WONW0Kelly0051346284800YumOne of my favorite teas. Smells amazing and tastes similar (as is typical for tea). This one DOES contain caffeine, as it says on the box in the picture, unlike many of Tulsi's other teas. Perfect for a pleasurable, relaxing hot drink with just a little caffeine. :)
449381449381B002BG5MLIA1KBIT7Q8D36PHsmurphy0051308873600Tasty :)This is a great tea, it is a little tart, but add some stevia (calorie-free, natural sweetener) and you have yourself a delicious sweet tea.
449382449382B000LKZK36A1856G8ZQLGVJDMarian E. Phillips "Simply Wonderful"7751248393600think outside the bagI keep some at work. Another reviewer mentioned it being hard to chew when it's stale, never happens in our household, but try adding to soup or a pot of beans. Do think outside of the bag. You can even just moisten it and zap for a moment in the microwave.
449383449383B000LKZK36A39C6PMGF5G39Educhessd5551298505600Crazy JerkyOk, to preface this, I AM A VEGETARIAN. With that being said, I haven't had REAL beef or turkey jerky in quite some time and I have been missing it dearly. Having tried many vegetarian jerkies I can honestly say that this is by far the best! Most soy based jerkies are strangely on the oily side and the flavors are usually off. Being a "dry style" jerky fan I am pleased with the chewiness of Stonewall's and the WILD flavor. I have tried most of the other varieties of Stonewall's but none seemed to please me as much as the WILD. I'm also on Weight Watchers and have found that they are fairly low on points (4pts per bag) and are a great source of protein for vegetarians (14g). Be warned, the WILD is quite WILD, spicy spicy but in a good way!
449384449384B000LKZK36A1M42S627JLJAQCatherine6751210636800Delish!The Hot Pastrami flavor is divine! I like spicy things and just ordered another shipment of these because I went through them faster than I had anticipated. They are moist and chewy, but not so chewy that you're still chewing to make it swallowable after all the flavor's gone. I think they struck a nice balance.

A caveat: If you're used to Tofurky Jurky or Primal Spirit, these will strike you as a little bit airy. Also, these are a bit higher in fat than the other brands: 8 or 9 grams per 160-calorie package. These ones don't really feel too oily in your mouth, though.
449396449396B000LKZK36A11YOTONCPRQ9SSH0021348358400YuckI didn't like these at all. They're too hard and chewy with a weird texture. I wouldn't recommend this product.
449397449397B000LKZK36A39POH0J86N2DYAnn Westland "Veganish Tarotist"0041343433600Not perfect, but pretty goodI've tried two flavors - Pepperoni and Original Wild - and have enjoyed them both. The texture's pretty good - nice and chewy. The moisture level is okay, but it could be improved by being just a tiny bit more moist. There's also a little bit of an aftertaste (which I didn't find to be unpleasant, but some might). The spice level on the Pepperoni and Original Wild flavors were perfect. The Original Wild was medium hot, so it might be a little too much for some. I loved it though. I recommend that people try to buy this locally before spending a lot of money on it. I bought mine from a local vegan store online, then discovered that a large grocery chain carries it in their health food section.
449398449398B000LKZK36ABAQ9SKKJ8Y67Jessica Salmonson ""0051339027200My Fave Veg JerkyThe "Original Wild" is a bit spicy for me, but "Original Mild" is spectacular, and Teriyaki Beef even better. Also like the spicy chicken one. I've tried all the veg jerky products and bewildered that none of the others come even close to this one for quality of flavor and texture. The others are loaded with sugar and taste more like candy than jerky; a couple of them are outright slimy; one was hard as a rock and flavorless. But the only time Stonewall's Jerquee ever displeased me was when the Poulsbo Market used a paper-punch to create holes along the top edge and hung them on a peg to dry out -- which I didn't realize until I got them home and they'd all been turned into hard lumps (which I ate any way). So now I have to buy them on amazon. I'll still get the fresh sushi at Poulsbo Market, that stuff's a dream, but what possessed them to poke holes in packaged foods???
449399449399B000LKZK36A1FF4I6I20FGSHMaria L. Blasko "ms b"0051335830400I love them:)I have always liked these but I haven't had them in years. Today, I was hungry and saw them at the natural market checkout counter. I got the flavor "spicy 'chicken'" and LOVED it. It is clear that this is a love or hate product. I buy Primal Strips when in need of a snack I can eat in the car and they are just ok...oily and get stuck in my teeth. Flavor is just OK. Stonewall's are drier and puffier and chewier but somehow, don't get stuck in my teeth.

I am on a low-carb diet and these are only 7 g of carbs for 13 g of protein. I am getting a case of the original mild since it is Prime. Would like to see more flavors available on Prime.

Definitely suggest buying a small pack first given the love/hate aspect.
449400449400B000LKZK36AA924RLLSILM1M. Watson0021335571200moldy!I've been eating this stuff here and there for many years. I purchased a packet at the grocery store and the product was speckled with mold. Unfortunately I didn't realize this until I popped a piece into my mouth whereupon I instantly realized something was very wrong. It was not expired. I traded it in or another which was also moldy. ick.

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