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449461449461B005F97I2EA38V9BFFCUEHIHBrown Eyes "withease23"0051319500800Love Those MeatballsI've been buying Milo's Kitchen Chicken Meatballs for over a year now. My 2 Westies love them and the meatballs are good for them as well. My vet wanted to know what is making their coats so healthy? MEATBALLS. Now that I've found an Amazon outlet I can purchase larger quantities. Thanks Milo and thanks Amazon.
449462449462B005F97I2EA20DDB4P47PKCFdbdiva0411331078400this stuff is BAD for your dogs!!People need to do research - this is crap stuff. I was sent a sample, I threw it out after seeing the ingredients. Not human grade product and also look at all the info out there on dogs getting sick on jerky and jerky type treats. So much is crap out there. But people just watch the commercials and believe it's good.
449463449463B000B68E92A1IV194W97KZ8ZRobert C. Boyer0041215043200Very unique sauce!While my favorite F&W scauce is Mango-Ginger-Haberno, this sauce is very unique and is great on chicken in particular. If you like mustard, you will probably love this sauce.
449464449464B002ZOKOE6A2H4CJPI8XVNVXElizabeth Jowers "Kansascajun"1151277337600Luzianne CoffeeOur favorite coffee and we can't buy it in the Mid-West, so Amazon is the best place to go. The Company ships quickly and the value is great. thanks so much
449465449465B002ZOKOE6A2T6ZE7N9P0L3BHeydekrug0041345507200Very good for the priceNice alternative to Eight o Clock coffee. Has a more robust flavor and is easy to store in brick form, very fresh tasting. Minus one star as I feel it is not as good as Jacob's Kronung Jacobs Kronung Coffee, 17.6-Ounce Vacuum Packs (Pack of 3) ; however price is better.
449466449466B002ZOKOE6A33WUPDAK2RNNJSteven C. Willard0051309996800Very Good CoffeeThis Luzianne medium coffee and Melitta Lite are the best 2 coffee's Ive tasted. Such a great price with subscribe and save, under 11.00.
449467449467B002ZOKOE6A3NQ5TWQVCVZAHprime19680051299801600FlavorjunkieThis is good coffee. I was buying this coffee at a grocery store and then they quit selling it. I am glad I found it at Amazon.
449468449468B002ZOKOE6A222DD059BRGTCMomdog0051291507200Great coffeeFound this coffee while visiting Louisiana, so happy to be able to purchase on line.
Makes a great cup of full rich flavored coffee.
449469449469B002ZOKOE6A2EPLATJ3I63HT. Schuler "lucky6119"0041278979200Good coffeeI like this coffee. I can't give it 5 stars because I have had better. Good coffee for the price.
449470449470B002ZOKOE6AAPPWNP9FWVWSKathlyn Storey "Kathlyn A Storey"0131314748800We've had betterMy husband and I are big coffee drinkers, at least between the two of us we have 80 years' experience. We drink many different brands and typically prefer flavored coffees. I tried Luzianne based upon my experience with this brand for other food products, the other reviews, and because Amazon ran it at a pretty good price, $5.28 per pound, including the super saver shipping. The first thing after brewing the coffee this morning, I asked my husband what he thought of it. His response: "It's coffee, nothing special." I'd have to second that assessment. This is a medium, leaning to light, brew and will start your morning off if you need coffee. However, we are used to more full-bodied medium blends that satisfy more.
449471449471B000HDMW3IA3R4YB2PKQAWUBM. J. Goodman "dreyln"2251251590400Quite Tasty!I have always like sardines and recently decided to start eating them on nearly a daily basis. I bought two cases of these Season sardines in water and started taking them to work to eat as a snack. I really like the taste! These came 3 to a can, seemed to be of the larger type. They still had the skin and bones, which was fine by me. I love the taste of fish, so I didn't have much interest in the skinless and boneless, bland tasting ones.
449472449472B0000E6T2MA11EYMH9UV9XG7greenmantis0051176940800Good teaI bought my mom this tea and I think she's addicted to it. She's real picky about teas, seeing as she'll blow cash on high-end jasmine and oolong teas. I wasn't sure if she'd like this at first so I bought a smaller amount. But she said this particular tea is very fragrant and has a great taste. Green tea is probably one of the best teas: chocked full of antioxidants and benefits if you drink it without cream and excessive sugar. Enjoy.
449473449473B004VB1G3OA380I0EEN6H67QR. Wagner0041315526400Great coffee with just a little caffineI have been purchasing the Green Mountain Half Caff for several years now through a local retail store. I love the coffee as it is smooth with a good flavor. I am a heavy coffee drinker so the Half Caff works well for me. Amazon had a good price and the shipment arrived in a very reasonable amount of time.
449474449474B000Q1H204AQR7N9AT83E5OE. Parshall "walloon257"1151324771200yummyvery tasty treat,i am just sorry that i ordered it in july ( i live in arizona) but it was still a very tasty lump..... lol
449475449475B0015DLN20A1RXLZ7YKR2MMWParadise Valley Little League0051337040000Snack ShackOn Time and product looked like it should, the kids love this stuff and we sale it for $1.50 and it goes fast!
449476449476B001U2BB1EA3P5T6X3X1HCPIStacey Lerner1141331337600Good Product..StainsI wish my son could have stayed with this. I started it because I thought he was lactose intolerant. It turns out he has a milk protein allergy and had to be switched to a hypoallergenic formula. That said, when he was eating it he had no issue with the taste and no bowel problems. The formula did smell awful and when he spit up, it stained his clothes, which is to say I had to throw out half his wardrobe. It definitly is worth a try though, and don't believe any of that aresnic nonsense. The reseach was shamelessly misleading and did not portray the actual results correctly. One cannot compare the arsenic level allowed in water with infant formula. Water calculations are based on a lifetime's worth of consumption. Formula is for a year or less. Apples and oranges.
449477449477B001U2BB1EA2QK1ONX0GBM8Qcarolinagirl1151317945600Excellent formula!!!After trying multiple commercial formulas (could only breastfeed for 10 days due to medical issues), baby had major issues with feeding. He was severely constipated and began breaking out in a face/neck rash from forehead to neck (including his eyes). Researched this online and decided we needed an organic formula that is lactose free. This is the ONLY USDA certified organic formula without lactose (without using soy, which caused the baby's face/neck rash & didn't help his constipation). Within two days of using this formula, the baby's face rash disappeared, his bowels went back to normal, and he became a happy, energetic two month old (he went from screaming his head off hours each day to a baby who now can't stop cooing and smiling)! We could NOT be happier with this formula. It says "toddler" formula yet meets the FDA standards for infant formula. Nutritionally, it's soooo much better than commercial, non-organic formulas due to the USDA certified organic ingredients, it does not use corn syrup, and the formula now comes in BPA-free cans with a BPA-free scooper to measure the formula. Excellent excellent product! Shop around for better prices (I've been able to find some companies online offering this for $12 per can, free shipping, and no tax!)
449478449478B001U2BB1EA2BB4X2H0YU746Danielle0051340236800Finally found the right formula!My 5 week old daughter was supplementing with Similac Advanced Organic, but as I slowly stopped pumping and was supplementing with more formula, she became much more gassy (at least half her feedings were affected). I then switched to Similac Sensitive (fussiness/gas) and she was much worse to the point of being inconsolable. When I was pregnant I originally researched this formula and wish I used this from the beginning. I love the fact that it's organic and it doesn't contain any soy. Since she is half Asian she must have inherited my lactose intolerance (when I was a baby, I was on isomil). Now she is much happier and so are we.
449479449479B001U2BB1EA1KM5LF6Q2PKS3Julie0051322179200Fabulous Formula!This formula is wonderful! I was looking for a formula to use as a supplement while breastfeeding that was not made with hexane. I also needed a formula that is lactose free, as I do not do well with dairy myself, and regular formulas tend to cause my then 5 month old, a lot of gas, stomach pains, and bathroom issues. Baby's Only, though pricier than the Target brands, is worth every penny! It meets the nutritional guidelines provided by my daughter's pediatrician while still remaining fully in line with my husband's and my health goals and beliefs. This formula is much more affordable through website. Definitely worth the price in health value alone!
449480449480B001A3GAKUA2G8HWW72XKY4XYoga and Yorkies2251256428800Great DealThis spice is delicious and the size of the container makes it a great deal. Mix 1 tablespoon chili powder, 1 tablespoon brown sugar and 1 teaspoon or more of salt in a bowl. Sift the mixture after mixing onto a plate. Coat pork chops or chicken breasts with the mixture, by just laying the meat on the plate and flipping over. Grill the meat on both sides until cooked. Delicious.
449481449481B001A3GAKUAZNSJP2OIXV6MSkatejorer0051348444800Love Colorado Spice Company Ground AnchoThis review is after my second 32 ounce container of Ground Ancho Chili Pepper. I LOVE this product and the Colorado Spice Company, and props to Amazon for having it too! I use the Ancho Chili Pepper for dry rubs, marinades, sauces - add a teaspoon or so to some Mayo (1/4 cup) and Pesto (1-2 tablespoons) for anything from potatoes to salmon - AMAZING!! When I purchased the first container I thought to myself that I would die with it 1/2 full, but no way. I add it to many soups, stews, and it's a must for chili. I shared some with a couple of friends (refilled old empty spice jars and put on a new label). I no longer purchase standard chili powder, I use CSC Ancho and Smoked Paprika instead. I highly recommend their spices. The quality is amazing, the value is excellent, and it keeps well. I opened my second container before my first was completely empty and compared the aroma of my four year old container and there was no difference. It was kept in a cool, dark pantry in it's original container and it did not lose any of its flavor. I have tried and highly recommend Colorado Spice Company's Ancho Chili Pepper, Smoked Paprika, and the Tomato Powder. I'm sure they are all amazing, but those are the only products I have tried thus far.
449482449482B005ZVC61UA2CIMV7HH6BWN1KWW0051349481600DeliciousThese are so far above the usual orange slices that it is worth the postage for an occasional treat that is not available locally.
449483449483B005ZVC61UA2LHWJE7JX5K7SJan Leeds0051336003200My husband loves these !My husband is crazy about these orange slices.. They're pricy, but I buy them for him for special occasions. Holidays, birthdays... Very "orangy" and fresh.
449484449484B005ZVC61UA2XE8VJZA8R18Fdiana0051332806400Soooooooooo Good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Best orange slices I've had, they're super soft like Fruit Gems and actually have a source of vitamin C, made with actual orange juice
449485449485B0061WP7UOA238P24Z5I9FDTsandy0031321920000NICEIts not as energizing as I thought it would be but it does give you nice little pick me-up during the course of the day.
449486449486B006MHN7CIAYH68IX2W4D3Ralph Castanza0011350172800SPLINTERSI have purchased many of this kind of chew for our dogs before, but these left shards of chewie all over that never happened before. They are the worst for mess, and I would never by these again
449487449487B0041DUNWMA3G101DHWI8EJSWill Stickney0051318032000Great stuff!I love this stuff marinated into chicken and then barbecued. A little goes a long way. I just wish it stayed on the chicken more so that I could taste it even more.
449488449488B007KDF5Q4AG4BOGTQQPDTYmbowman0011340236800AVOID!This is the "cheap" copy of the Boston's product. It has ZERO flavor, and falls far below any standards. Basically, colored surgar.
449489449489B002VC550KA3UJRNI8UR4871Wulfstan "wulfstan"4451278374400Best hardtack ever!These are hardtack, aka Pilot crackers or biscuits. Think of larger, thicker saltines.

Hardtack is often used as "survival food", but these are too tasty to be considered solely survival food. OTOH, the packaging (sealed can) of the Mountain House pilot crackers is quite a bit better for survival purposes. These could get crushed.

Not that these wouldn't work. In fact, I suggest a few boxes of hardtack and some peanut butter as a very good survival combo. Both stay good for a long time.

There are some cool recipes for hardtack or Pilot crackers out there, so get a few extra and give them a try!
449490449490B002VC550KA1ER5AYS3FQ9O3K. Corn "reviewer"5751279238400I have to agree with Wulfstan's review and these are mighty tastyI'd also go with Mountain House for pilot crackers which could be used for survival food. Since we had a situation where a family member was trapped in an unexpected blizzard, I think these might be worth keeping in the trunk of a car. My husband and I thought they were plenty tasty, even without butter, jam or jelly. I wouldn't buy these to have as a snack food in the house if we weren't in an emergency. At $7.19 per box, why pay the price for a snack food?

They also have these advantages for short-term emergencies (very short-term):

1. The outside package contains individually sealed packages with 4 crackers in each. This means that even after you open the main package, you still have 4 sealed packages, each containing 4 crackers, which should remain fresh and ready to use because of the individual packaging. Of course, we had to open and taste one of the inside packages.

2. They don't taste salty at all. We weren't thirsty after eating them. If you were stuck in a car for 2 or 3 days, these would supplement whatever you had on hand, with enough calories per pack to keep you alive, although not thriving unless you had other food or drinks, since two crackers have 140 calories in them. A pack of 4 has nearly 300 and most people need a minimum of 1200 calories per day. With a jar of unsalted peanut butter, you would have significantly more calories.

The average person with only minor heath issues is not going to starve in two days, even on a very low calorie diet, especially if there is snow to melt and drink. That is just my take. Many people regularly fast for a day or two because of religious beliefs and as long as they are basically healthy they get by just fine. However, you'd burn off far more calories if you body was struggling to stay warm.

With the shelter of a car and an emergency heat-retaining blanket as well as extra blankets or sleeping bags which can withstand very low temperatures, you could probably get by even if the car battery died. It would depend on how temps go and we have not tested any supplies in very extreme conditions, including heat-retaining blankets.

3. They would also come in handy at work if you were stuck for a couple of nights in an office building, the power was out and any snack machines were either empty or impossible to easily open. Our city was struck with a blizzard like that and people weren't able to leave work for about 2 days. Food ran out, although water was readily available.

Some that were used to eating regular meals got very grumpy when the blizzard had them facing unplanned fast. These could help alleviate hunger pangs without causing too much thirst. We found these crackers relatively filling and they did help keep hunger at bay for hours (just our experience) even though we jog every morning. You'd probably still get very hungry overnight without extra food.

4. An entire box would only be enough for one person for about 2 days but would probably work best for only an overnight situation. Overnight, you could manage to help 1-4 people get a snack. Again, each pack only has about 300 calories so these would be best for 1-2 people but if you had other emergency food, it could help as many as 4 people get by (and more than that, if you had extra supplemental food).

5. They are very lightweight. You could take them on a camping trip, perhaps in a waterproof sealed container. But they wouldn't last long in a pinch and you'd need to either fish or catch other food or have some more emergency food on hand.

To sum it up, I'd think of these only as a snack food and good for work or keeping in your automobile trunk in case of an emergency lasting a day or two. They could also be part of your camping supplies because they are so light. During a camping trip, they'd provide an alternative to other starches. It would be reassuring to know there was something to eat, however minimal, in a pinch and you could carry them in an emergency backpack as long as you had means to get more food.

For longer periods of time without other food? Go with something that has more calories and more crackers for longer hauls.

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