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449498449498B001HWE6F0A1Q7NGKRJ8VWFMBretzhome0051336176000Excellent!! No OdorI love my automatic litter box! I hated paying for the expensive trays that go with it. So I purchased the forever litter tray and these litter pearls. I use the subscribe and save to get the best deal. If changed around 35- 40 uses I have no litter/urine smell. I have also used them to soak up a spill in the garage and a leak under the faucet. They work great and save me about 300 bucks a year over buying trays!
449499449499B001HWE6F0A1SZ0BNIV1LVIEmme "Emme"2711283299200This stuff is awfulWe have 2 tomcats and this is the first time I've tried the Litter Pearls and I hate them and
the "boys" do too. They don't clump the waste in the litter tray and they don't cover it
either, not like the other brands, so you see most of their poop and it smells unlike
the other brands and it is so hard to clean up because the little
pearls roll everywhere when some spills out of the litter tray after the boys have been. Hate it
and will not ever use this again.
449500449500B00381AB98A2AQW3KEOR60IHBA in NJ5521329955200not same product as beforeThis is the first negative review I've ever written, but I was really disappointed when this arrived and we tried it. We used to buy Agro Labs Naturally Pomegranate and really liked it ... It was nearly 100% pomegranate. Now it is filled with lots of other ingredients, including pear juice, apple juice, and other vegetable and fruit juices. It may have the same or more antioxidant value, but it's not nearly as tasty ... and I don't think it's worth this much money for a product that is diluted with non-pomegranate fruit and vegetable juices. We won't buy it again, and it's too bad they call it pomegranate juice!
449501449501B00381AB98A2MAXHANV8EETTAndy "Computer Enthusiast"7851192060800Excellent Pomegranate SuplementI've been taking this supplement instead of Orange Juice in the morning or when I don't have a chance to make a fresh pot of green tea. It's very thick and I always dilute it with water so it can last a long time. It only recommended to keep it in the refrigerator for 2 months once opened. I generally dilute 2 1/2 ounces of concentrate with 7 ounces of water. The taste is really good. I tried the Noni juice by the same manufacturer, but the Pomegranate is far more palatable.
449502449502B00381AB98AQF2P3TMBECETDonald P. Galamaga6751288828800Outstanding Pomegranate Product !!!This Agro Labs pomegranate concentrate, is, in my opinion, the best anti-oxidant morning juice drink you can buy for the maintenance of your ongoing cardio vascular and cellular health. You can google the anti-oxidant properties of pomegranate for yourself. Then ask yourself, what is the best pomegranate product.
It will be the Agro Labs concentrate.

This company is a quick and reliable shipper and the price is right for a multi-botle purchase.
449503449503B00381AB98A3RIULLNCT3VH5RNDretirednotverydangerous81051309046400Very pleasedI like the flavor of pomegranate w/resveratrol. It's strong, but not too tart or sweet. I look forward to my ounce every morning. It gives me a little flavor punch to get me going. My first 2 bottles came from Costco, but they were $30 each. Because of the health benefits of this drink I was determined to continue using it, but I couldn't justify buying juice for that price. I searched the web for the best price and this is where I found it. What a difference.
449504449504B00381AB98A2UUYUARMM4L3AANGELA MIGNELLA3351340409600pomengranate juiceI ordered it for my husband who has high blood pressure and high cholesterol. He has been taking it for more than a year and says it keeps him in check.
449505449505B00381AB98A2HHJJBWM5TTC8trose3351336953600Great antioxidantI have taken this product for several years and am in excellent health according to my doctors.I am at the exciting age of 82.
449491449491B003WQZXHEA1IBBHHPSKBTSRAndrew Jerry0051344470400Best rub I've ever triedBest chicken I've ever had, the smokey flavor get not just on the chicken, but all the way into the meat. Jut put on a few hours before cooking. I also put it on steak, something I would never do, but it was great!!! You still get all the favors of a great steak, with a nice smoke pepper flavor. You must try, my whole neighborhood is using it.
449506449506B00381AB98AEORMKX28ULQBold fart2231340668800Seems okayNot quite the same as I used to get in Costco, but closs enough. Only con, too many undissolved particles.
As to its effectiveness, if I live to 120 I'll say it really works and up my review to excellent
449507449507B00381AB98AXNTSFNCVWHL8FrankietheC2211333584000Brown? Would give it a zero if I could.Seriously .. I don't know what others are getting but the "juice" in the bottle I received has the appearance of diarrhea .. not the smell, fortunately, but certainly the look. I'm not exaggerating .. we're talking a dense brown color here. It's not out of date, either. In fact, the expiration/sell-by date is 27 June 2013 so this stuff should be fine. There's absolutely no way I'm drinking something that looks like what this stuff looks like. It's no wonder that the bottle is completely enclosed in plastic wrap .. if people could see the color of this stuff, there's no way they'd buy it. Also, if your Pomegranate juice includes Acai Berry, that's something you might want to include somewhere, anywhere, in the product description when people are buying it online. In fact .. here's a list of the ingredients: Proprietary Pomegranate Extract Blend (Punicalagin, Ellagic Acid, Polyphenol), Resveratrol Extract, Omega 3, 6, & 9, Reconstituted Pomegranate Juice, Acai Juice (from Acai pulp & Acai powder) Pear Juice (from concentrate), Apple Juice (from concentrate), Vegetable and Fruit Juice (FOR COLOR!!!!), and Natural flavor. Wow .. I think I'm going back to Brownwood Acres Pomegranate Juice .. the ingredient list on that is pretty simple .. 100% pomegranate juice concentrate. And the kicker .. it's actually a wonderful looking red!
449508449508B00381AB98A2703OVE6MXPAXGail A. Bubien "stormyg"1111336262400Has this product changed?I used this product for years from Costco and it was great. What I just received this bottle from Amazon and it is terrible, brown in color and gritty.Actually it is the second bottle I received as the threw the first one out thinking it was bad.
449493449493B001HWE6F0AB5MTM2ORRSI2Heather Chandler7751288483200Works very wellI've used this litter for at least six months now. My cats (all between 7 and 12 pounds), who were used to a very soft wheat-based litter, accepted this very easily and it actually does last a long time, although maybe not 100% as long as they claim. I do have one cat who gets SQ fluids for kidney problems, so she probably does urinate more often than normal cats; therefore I don't feel confident arguing about the manufacturer's claims for longevity.

The thing that surprised me the most is that even as the litter gets really old, the litter box still does not smell like cat urine. It's not until the litter is completely saturated at the end of its life that you start to smell urine. I have a friend who uses another brand of silica litter, and it gets the stench of urine almost immediately, so I think Litter Pearls are worth the premium for odor control. You can still smell the cat poop a little, of course.

One of my cats has asthma, and the vet recommended using this to lower the dust exposure for him. This is not 100% dust free, but compared to most litters it is much closer to reaching that claim, and we love that because there was a pervasive coat of dust all over the house with the wheat-based litter. This litter still tracks, but the cats don't emerge from the boxes with dust-covered feet so we don't have to look at dusty paw prints all over the house any more. As for the round crystals being difficult to vacuum, there is some truth to that, especially with hardwood floors; however, I really haven't found the vacuuming issue to be terribly inconvenient, and since my cats are accustomed to soft litters, I've stuck with the round crystals.
449509449509B00381AB98A1HRZKUDP9GC8BILL1111336176000THEY SPOILED THIS BY ADDING ACAI BERRYThis juice was very good but they spoiled it by acai berry. It now is brown in color and tastes awful. I would buy it only if they changed it back and removed the acai berry.
449494449494B001HWE6F0A23B1MUBZ8NJBHTN reader5551323561600BETTER CRYSTAL LITTERI have used the crystal cat litter with my two cats for the last five years. The last few years I've used Tidy Cat's crystal litter (it was what was available at my grocery store) and also the "Just the Crystals" litter that Amazon carries. I switched to the Ultra Pet crystals a few months ago and this litter is FANTASTIC.

My large maine coon cat urinates a lot and when I would go to stir the crystals each morning, there was almost a slurry of wet, nasty crystals at the bottom. After stirring up the crystals it just seemed like a damp mess. I understand that the crystal litters are all made with silica, so there shouldn't be much of a difference between brands, but somehow there is a BIG difference. This litter absorbs the urine completely. There is no "wet spot" in the litter box anymore. I suspect this has to do with the shape of the crystals - more on that below.

The odor control with this litter is also much better. Both cats use the same box and the litter is lasting me a full month. By the time I notice any odor, it was already time to change the box. There is also nearly no dust! I'm so used to a cloud of dust rising in the air when I changed the litter box. I assumed that was just the way crystal litter was. There was always dust everywhere, even to the point that it had somehow managed to get inside the electronics to the automatic cat feeder. This litter is a bit more expensive up front and the only reason I tried it was because Amazon had a $5 off coupon. Now that I have tried it, there is no way I would go back. Because the odor control is so much better, this bag lasts me the full month and I'm not replacing it as often as I had to do with the cheaper brands though so it seems I'm about even.

The only negative comment I have is in regards to the tracking - and it's not that bad. The "original" formula of the Ultra Pet litter has crystals that are round. I have tile and noticed a bit more tracking. I saw that Ultra Pet has other formulas, one called "less track", and another one that is "micro crystals". I plan on giving one of those a trial run to see if I can get the same absorbency and odor control with those formulas as I have with this kind. I suspect that the slightly larger round crystals are what makes the difference though. The round crystals allow air to circulate around them better than the other small crystals that pack together so tightly.
449495449495B001HWE6F0A28QH292WLWZYJoanna Luebke "Loving Mom"4451282694400Best litter ever! No Smell !!I've been using this litter for 6 years now. I have one cat and one bag lasts an entire month (I scoop it every other day). There is very little tracked outside the litter box and there is NO SMELL. The pearls do a fantastic job eating any odor left behind.
449510449510B00381AB98A3NIIYETZD9IF0Johanne1111330214400bad colorI have bought his product at the big box store for 2 years. This is my first with this company. The bottle is the same but the color of the juice is not red at all. In fact when you pour it out it looks like a chocolate drink. VERY brown in color. I hope it is safe to drink, and it does not taste the same. I would really like a refund of my money. Thank you Johanne
449496449496B001HWE6F0A14ADMPJ5WG5MPN. Smith7951291075200Great for cigar humidification!!!Bought these to replace the Equisicat crystals and Heartfelt beads in my fridgadors and couldn't be happier. They are crystal clear, round, hold water well, self regulate around 70% RH (68 RH for me), have zero smell and are a priced right. I can't get these around the Bay Area in CA, only Equisicat crystals and like these much better. The are identical to beads that costs much more that are marketed specifically for cigar but is essentially the same product for all intensive purposes.
449497449497B001HWE6F0A3EEUV46W3VUJTTeresa Jensen0051345680000The Bestthis is the best litter, it truly works and takes the smell away. it will last with one cat almost a month, if the cat goes out side like mine most of the time one bag will last about 4 months. just remember to keep cleaning it daily of poop. :)
449511449511B00381AB98A2U8SQBL1BOVGZSandra Blade0051350604800Good stuff in this bottle!!I usually buy this product at Sams Club, but have not found it on the shelf for months. I use it as a supplement to aid in cholesterol control. My check-ups and low fat diet are my main plan of attack, but pomegranate has been added for more control..
449512449512B00381AB98A3A5XRRU55QCZJCarol0051349568000Excellent!Taking Argo Labs Naturally Pomegranate with Resveratrol has been a regular part of my day for over 2 years. It tastes great and contains powerful antioxidants to optomize overall health and cadiovascular strength. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking to improve their health! It's a top notch addition to your regular healthy regimen!
449513449513B00381AB98A2HOGCU9U3L3S2Hedo0011347494400Very disappointed, not the same productNot the same. I used to buy it at Costco, now the taste is terrible and has lots of other ingredients,like apple juice, pear juice, and other fruit and vegetable juices. Why did they change? It's too bad,I won't buy it again.
449514449514B00381AB98A2RERMK3G2CIK9dcon0011347235200Quality of Agro Labs Pomegranate JuiceI'd previously purchased Agro Labs Pomegrate Juice and it was a rich, purplish color that was almost as strong as a dark red wine. Accordingly, I figured the product (albeit more than just pomegranate juice) was probably providing an ample supply of antioxidants to thwart the growth or to stop the growth of cancer cells. However, the most recent shipment of 5 bottles were either soured or spoiled, albeit they had a product quality expiration date in 2013. And, the replacement I requested was also soured or spoiled. Agro Labs needs to check its quality controls to prevent a future occurrence of this type.
449515449515B00381AB98AFMFU4MU0SMDQRentik0051346025600Excellent source of antioxidentsMy husband and I have been drinking this juice for over 2 years. It's an excellent source of vitamins and antioxidents. Neither one of us have had a cold or flu during this period and we, overall, feel healthy. It will remain a staple of our breakfast routine...
449516449516B00381AB98AMF910FPUEI7FLyle Cameron "California Guy"0051344902400GREAT PRODUCT and GREAT SERVICEWhat can I say? This is Pomegranate Juice Concentrate at a good price and good service. I use it in a smoothie I make with blueberries, strawberries, etc. This product is not sexy but it is what it is. If you order it, you won't be disappointed.
449517449517B00381AB98AT2OS2WF7FBXQJane Nichols0051344556800Agro Labs Naturally Pomegranate with Resveratrol,we have been taking this product as well as the daily detox for almost two years. They are automatically sent to us on a regular basis, which makes the cost a little less. We're hesitant to stop taking them because neither of us have been sick since we started using these products. We also take Amazon Thunder{Acacai}. All great products. We look at the cost as insurance against illness. We're both 70+ and go dancing at least twice a week and to the gym once or twice a week.
449518449518B00381AB98A1EVWUW5OCYCM8Diane B. Cook "DD Cook"0031332892800How much Resveratrol is recommended daily?I bought this because I heard a television talk show guest say juice with Resveratrol was more absorbable by the body than Resveratrol taken in capsules. Amazon's product description did not say how much Resvertrol, but my capsules were 1600 mg. The juice that arrived only has 1 mg. per serving. I am now wondering if another brand has more, or exactly what amount if recommended. Oh, but it is delicious.
449519449519B00381AB98AAMNF7C2GCY5XBetty Ellyn0041327104000Good for you but doesn't taste great!My husband and I have been drinking an ounce of Naturally Pomegranate every morning for a number of years and have enjoyed both the health benefits (it's an excellent anti-oxidant) and the taste. The new formula, adding Resveratrol, is even more healthful but it doesn't taste quite as good. Since it tastes a little bitter we add a packet of Splenda to the bottle. We used to buy it at Costco, but they recently stopped carrying it which ultimately worked out better for us. We were paying more and we had to drive to Costco. Now we are paying less and it is delivered to our door every month. Thank you for making this possible.
449520449520B00381AB98ARWRBORADGA3GRyan White "SunsetQuest"0051323561600good tasteI am on my third or fourth bottle. Am not sure how well the health benefits are working out but I really like it because it adds flavor to different drinks. I usually add a little bit to my orange juice or water once a day to give it a nice flavor. It probably taste good because it's mostly concentrated pomegranate juice.

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