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449557449557B003P9WU6KA1T0P1I62ZQLW0Laura P.0051333238400Excellent foodWe bought this food for our 2 year old Siamese cat after he started having problems with vomiting after eating too fast. The food is designed to encourage chewing so they don't eat so fast (common Siamese problem). It helped significantly with the vomiting, but even with feeding him the "overweight" amount per day, he was still not losing any weight (he weighted 17.5 lbs at his weight in and has a bit of a waddle). We have now switched him to the Royal Canin Light 40 and he is doing well. He seems to have a little more energy than normal and loves the food. I was concerned that the smaller pieces would cause the vomiting to reappear, but he hasn't had one problem yet. Overall the Royal Canin brand is great and I would recommend it to anyone.
449558449558B003P9WU6KA14QH5E4GBNG19P. Payne "Loves Perfume"0141303776000YumThe cats seem healthy. They certainly seem to enjoy? this food.
However we still have some spit-ups from them on this product
449559449559B001T4ZOMKA2XW42OUV9HFDHdz0051320019200always a happy transactionNever have a problem!!! Quality product, quality business, doesnt get much better than that!! I have been buying this for a long time now always from the same company and its always a fast, happy transaction.
449560449560B003P9WU6UA3CIVCZ7IHPFMZC. Courbois "diamondgirl"0051349740800My eight cats LOVE this dry food!They have been dining on this, along with wet food, for years, and they seem quite healthy according to the vet.
449561449561B00338BVH2A3MDETK0D5UAINxoxo "woodfairy"0051347926400Best noodles you can getMy family loves these noodles. They come in many different shapes and sizes. I really like that they cook up perfect every time. Never a sticky mess in my pot. Although we generally purchase them locally BoGo all the time. So if you wait you get them half off at your local grocer. There is always coupons for this brand especially on display at WD on the pasta isle.
449562449562B0019R1H7SA2OJXADYRUPX0NHally0051350432000BladderwracckThis product is excellent! It's extremely healthy -- I add it to my salads and soups for incredible minerals. It seems to cure insomnia and the always being hungry. Wonderful product.
449563449563B001EPPJC4A1R7RJ2QYNET8HSusan Glenn0051260144000Not AvailableWhen I received my order the first time I found that I had received regular Maggi beef bouillon instead of the Hispanic.(There is a big flavor difference, I know because I have tried both!)Short of it is, after trying twice more, the warehouse still could not get it right (must be out). But I have 3 FREE cases of regular beef ( got a refund for my trouble). But I still want the hispanic beef- it is so good if you can find it!
449564449564B004SCD5BWA2V6RKGTEY0CMIB. Manning2311322092800caution!this item killed my mothers cat ( she used the cat drops) this stuff is poison! So not use! Don't believe me? Ask ANY VET! she spend over a thousand dollars trying to save her cat after using this garbage. The vet stated this stuff should be illegal and its poison, they get people in all the time with bad reactions to whatever is in this stuff. Don't risk your pets life just to save some money.
449565449565B00521GR9UA2O3AEER8H01GJMike B.2251346284800The BEST Gummies EVER!My obsession with these little drops of heaven is borderline compulsive. Once I get the thought about how delicious they are, I must walk over to my "hiding" spot and pop a few. Don't believe me that they're as amazing as I claim? Just order a single bag, and I guarantee that you'll be coming back to here to buy more once the whole 1.5 lbs has magically vanished.

I had initially discovered these as a topping at Yogurtland after I had asked one of the employees to see the packaging. Unfortunately, my nearby Yogurtland no longer carries these, but thankfully I've found them here. On a side note, the packaging will say "," but they're actually the correct Albanese Confectionery brand.
449566449566B00521GR9UA201FD1CWGZYNLDubStep2251308528000Yea, these bears are the last gummy you'll ever want.The title says it all. Tons of variety in flavor and color, these tiny treats are guaranteed to make you smile.

Try freezing them, they'll last longer without losing any flavor.
449567449567B001D0GVAOA3CKS0738P0OLQScott Spaulding0041299801600Liked by all who try itI'm not a coffee drinker, but I bought this for a friend of mine who is over quite a bit. She really likes it.
449568449568B001D0GVAOA1CBTI7MJP07U9Jim Schulz0051299456000Favorite K Cup at a great price !My wife loves this K cup and after checking prices all over , the regular delivery of Emerils was the best deal going!!
449569449569B001D0GVAOA6YLLLTOBRDR2ReviewDoc0051299283200I love this coffeeGreat tasting decaf coffee. I drink up to five cups a day at work and find this to be perfect. I make a very large cup out of it by running it more than once through the machine, producing about 16oz of strong coffee. Tastes great with splenda.
449570449570B001D0GVAOAVZG13UKUPLP9Lisa0051298937600BOLD AND FLAVORFUL!This is my favorite decaf coffee. It is bold and has an excellent taste. I have been using it for about 2 years. Emeril's can't be beat! Try it.
449571449571B001D0GVAOARXHOHDBXTNO8Sharon Wishard "Wiz426"0051298937600Awesome Decaf CoffeeEmeril's Jazzed Up Decaf is great for those that love a rich full bodied coffee without the caffeine. I've been drinking Emeril's for several years and it is without a doubt the best decaf coffee on the market.
449572449572B001D0GVAOA1Q4UL6X9U69HHKaren Thomas "Karen Thomas"0051297987200LOVE this coffee! Juuusst riiiight!I LOVE this coffee and so does my husband! Bold flavor but not bitter. Juuusst riiiight! Really good decaf coffee.
449573449573B001D0GVAOA7S8I6J8466M2Eve0031296259200Strong but bitterI am a fan of strong coffee and I really enjoyed Emeril's Big Easy k-cups, but this version has a pretty bitter aftertaste. I'm guessing it's because it's decaf, as I'm having trouble finding a good decaf k-cup. So I guess for a decaf it's okay if you like strong Starbucks-like coffee, but I'm going to keep trying to find one that's not so bitter before buying this again.
449574449574B001D0GVAOA2NZAJAMEC9H33Mr. Wizard "Demands Good Value"0031296259200Full bodied but a little bitterI really like full-bodied coffee -- I learned to love european years ago and no long enjoy the weaker/lighter American style roasts. Now I have to cut down on my caffeine, and I have a much more limited choice than before.

After reading the reviews on Emeril's Jazzed Up Decaf, I was excited to find out how good it would be for my new Keurig. I find it marginally more tasty than Timothy's similar style decaf (which is slightly bitter), but it also has a bitterness that I just do not enjoy. Strong and/or full-bodied coffee does not have to be bitter. I bought the Keurig filter so I could brew my own choice of coffee (without K-Cups). No K-Cup I have tried so far compares with Peet's decaf using the filter -- but the filter is just not convenient, and convenience is the reason why I bought the Keurig.

I have finally settled on Green Mountain Donut Shop Decaf for my K-Cup of choice. It may not be quite as full-bodied as the Emeril's (it's actually pretty close), but it definitely does not have the bitterness.
449575449575B001D0GVAOA2JPBQKZX4KZ7Rdeer whisperer0051296259200Nice DecafEmeril's Jazzed Up Decaf for Keurig Brewers provides a nice coffee taste. I have had a problem with acid reflux with some coffees in the past, but this gives me no aftertaste. It is not too strong, not too light. If you want a decaf, this is a good choice.
449576449576B001D0GVAOA2YDKZWL9EWKE3K. Shaw "Kass"0031295049600Emril's Jazzed up decafI was disappointed in this coffee. I've had the regular Emeril's and really liked it. I was looking for something with a stronger taste. I like strong coffee.
449577449577B001D0GVAOAD25QY481JU1XSavvy Shopper0051293494400Fabulous CoffeeI love my Keurig, and I have searched far and wide for a great tasting decaf. Until I tried Emeril's Jazzed Up Decaf, I didn't think one existed. This is without a doubt the most delicious coffee I've ever tasted, decaf or regular!!!!
449578449578B001D0GVAOADR0FK2SXYWIGCallalilydreamer760021292716800Jazzed Up and Decaf ... quite the oxymoron, but says it all.For a decaf coffee, I personally feel that it has too much kick! It is very strong; a lot stronger than I was searching for. I personally drink decaf at night and prefer a subtle cup of joe. WIth this, I was forced to add water to make it tolerable. Secondly, be careful, I was sent a double order upon shipment accidently and now am stuck with coffee I do not like. It is very bitter.
449579449579B001D0GVAOA2NBWUBL7MJ8MJTerry Kennewick "online is easier"0041291161600Jazzed up means bold!Like this coffee occasionally, bit bold a coffee blend for regular drinking. Can't fault the blend for this, it's more a personal taste.
449580449580B001D0GVAOA1IR3FSD4XES01M. B. H. Adams0051290556800Best Coffee EverI served this coffee to guests after dinner and the response was "I believe this is the best coffee I have ever had". I agree, it is the best!
449551449551B003P9WU6KA1X3JBFQ5H2RBHJennR0021348790400Grocery store cat food ingredients!!I ordered this due to waiting for my reg brand ( orijen, Evo ) .having Siamese cats I figured how bad could it be right? Well, the ingredients are no better than cheap store brands! Wheat GLUTEN?!! yuck! Not for my babies! I gave this to a pound , though I feel for the cats that will eat it but its better than nothing.but for good quality nutrition, this is far lacking what you should feed your animals. I wish they LISTED the ingredients! 2stars for quick deliv, but that was AMAZON!! :( yuck~
449552449552B003P9WU6KA2PHLULOMA792HTheMerf0041346198400Still deciding, but so far so good.I haven't had my cat on this food for a week yet so it's difficult to make a determination as to whether or not this food meets his/my needs. My cat chronically regurgitates/vomits his food everyday...2 - 4 times a day. For the longest time I was focused on it being an immunity/allergy issue. However at this point, after too many bags of expensive specialty food, it seems clear that this is a behavioral problem. Jack is not chewing his food and he scarfs it down too quick....and then throws it back up. How very Hollywood of him. Jack has only regurgitated his food twice since starting Royal Canin Siamese 38. This is already an exponential improvement. My intuition tells me that this food will be what handles this issue for Jack - I just think it needs a bit more time to say for sure. At this time, that's the only thing preventing me from giving this 5 stars vs. 4.

Also I will add that, besides the obvious benefits, I especially appreciate the fact that the food is made with L-Lysine incorporated into the product.

449553449553B003P9WU6KA20L1VQI9IGBXHka24680051345420800Simply the BestWe adopted a Lynx Point Siamese who had a very sensitive stomach and did not tolerate most food well. She also refused to eat the several brands of kibble that I brought home, in hopes she, and her stomach, would like them. Royal Canin 38 has been the best find! She seems to love it and she has never had a nicer coat. We have not had any stomach issues with her since she has been on Royal Canin. I highly recommend this product. Ships quickly and in perfect condition!
449554449554B003P9WU6KA15VQUSBGATWTTDawnMD0051339027200Best foodMy cat is four and half years old and weighs nine pounds. I leave her food out at all times she will eat a few pieces at a time. With this food and a half a teaspoon of pumpkin a day she has not had a fur ball in over eight months. This food last longer then other foods I have tried. The size of the pieces make her eat her food slowly. Finnally she loves the food which is the most important part.
449555449555B003P9WU6KA3QOFZ5BCDBKLWconsumer0041336089600Great food for fast eaters!I have two Cornish Rex cats that eat very fast and, subsequently, throw most of it back up. I switched to this Siamese formula from Royal Canin because the kibble is designed a bit larger with a hole in the middle causing the cat to chew slower. My cats don't eat fast any more so there is no more vomiting.

I gave it only four stars because this food is very pricey.
449556449556B003P9WU6KA354QSX50NXOI2Rick Savage0051334620800Almost the cure allI have a tabby point siamese that started vomiting at about 3 years old. I thought it was because of the new kitten we brought home but it never went away and never got better. I tried different kibbles, all natural, home made, cheap, expensive, nothing helped. I finally changed his name to the "Earl of Hurl" and thought the only thing that would change it was his untimely demise from the incurable disease. Then I stumbled upon Royal Canin 38 for Siamese. Stuff smells like what cat prey (mice, lizards, and birds) must smell like, but it "cured" my cat. He can't get enough and I've stopped supporting my local carpet cleaner. We are both happy, but I still call him Earl of Hurl. It just fits.

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