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449581449581B001D0GVAOA1B5ZC90YJICABmargaret H. Dignoti0051289779200Emeril makes good coffeeI have tried many K cup coffees over the past couple of years and by far, my favorite is Emeril's Regular and Jazzed Up Decaf for Keurig Brewers. I hope they continue to be available on Amazon.
M. Dignoti
449582449582B001D0GVAOA35R32TA60XD57M. Torma0041289174400Didn't find it all that jazzy.I have to admit that when I first tried this one I wasn't crazy about it. It seemed lacking in flavor and richness to me compared to Green Mountain French Roast decaff, which is my favorite. I have had several cups of it now and am figuring out how to brew it for my taste. I brew it on the 10 ounce size cup and then add a little cream and sugar and it's perfect. Not terribly complex in structure, but not bad, just a different, lighter variety. I have tried brewing it on the smaller cup serving, and it didn't seem to make a difference in taste or fullness so I think I will just keep this one for what it is....a reliable, lighter variety for days when I feel like it. Worth keeping.
449583449583B001D0GVAOAJ1P59G0KJN9YStephanie0051288137600Fantastic DecafI'm incredibly picky about my coffee and have been making my own lattes and cappuccino's for years. When I had to give up caffeine temporarily, I was thrilled to find this decaf - one that isn't lacking in body or flavor (no winey, raisiny, watery coffee for me, please). Now that I'm consuming caffeine again...this decaf has stayed on auto-deliver. It's THAT good. And for the record, I've tried all of the top rated decaf K-cups here and this one has beat them hands down (even the Dark Magic, which I had high expectations of!).
449584449584B001D0GVAOAWW61BQBYZ401adaloulou0051285286400I like it a lot...I gotta say that this is really good coffee. I am impressed with how smooth it is and it is not bitter at all. I've made it my default coffee and I have signed up for automatic delivery. Try it!
449585449585B001D0GVAOA19LPZA84LGD98Bette Boersma "author, egalitarian"0051284336000Full, Robust flavorEmeril's Jazzed up Decaf lives up to its name. It makes a truly satisfying cup of coffee that even my most particular friends call delicious. I order mine with Amazon's subcription service so I will never run out!
449586449586B001D0GVAOAKJ1URM8SV4C1rainboeyes0051283299200THE best decaf!The stigma of decafs, in general, has vanished! Emeril's Jazzed Up Decaf is, by far, the richest and finest brew around. It is not "almost" coffee. It IS coffee, with more jazz and less BAM! Having to take medication at night I have found the perfect decaf companion. I have served it to many people who say it is the best coffee they have drunk. Sure, they were impressed by the Keuring machine... but the coffee stole the show. And the guests had no idea they were drinking decaf. It just doesn't get any better...
449587449587B001D0GVAOA2X2G8ME9TS9Y0B's Mom0051279929600Fantastic Decaf!This was one of the best k-cups decaf's ever! I look forward to having my morning coffee- it is bold but not bitter. Tons of flavor! I will be reordering this!
449588449588B001D0GVAOA3P6NVB92HFIP2Ben0031277856000Flavor Great but Partial CupBought this because I like strong full bodied coffee. Flavor is great and a bit more body that Timothy's Columbia Decaf. Problem I have is that when I brew this Emeril K-cup I only ever get a partial cup and it brews extremely slow. I can then pop in a Timothy's or Coffee People's Organic bold and I get full cups which brew at regular strength. The partial cup and dribble brewing ONLY happens with the Emeril. Not sure why. I thought maybe they used a different density filter or something to have it brewing slower to get more brew time. However, after many attempts with same result I don't that that's it. Perhaps a defective lot of K-cups. The brewer has been descaled recently so that's not the problem either.
449589449589B001D0GVAOA22USPPT7Q02LUKaren M Young0041277856000Emeril's Jazzed up decaf...good, but...Emeril's Jazzed up Decaf is a great flavored decaf..the only problem is it takes forever for it to brew. For some reason the water just trickles out and takes at least twice as long (maybe more) as other K-Cups to brew.
449590449590B001D0GVAOA15M9M96ZLVCN1Pomme0031277683200BLOCKED K-CUPWe really like our Keurig Brewer but recently we've encountered an intermittent problem of generating enough hot water through the K-Cup to get a decent cup of coffee. We discovered that the brewer worked correctly, but for some reason, about half the Emeril's Jazzed Up Decaf K-Cups did not let the water through. Something in the module was blocking free-flow of hot water. The result was a K-Cup full of water and coffee grounds on the Keurig Brewer. When it works--and lately it's been a crap shoot--the coffee would rate five stars; but, given the frustration of getting a good cup each time, I rate it at three stars.
449591449591B001D0GVAOAJO4XBM7UE06YTina G.0051277337600Best decaf coffee for Keurig...Emeril's Jazzed Up Decaf is awesome. I have found very few decaf K-cups to even try. I've tried Timothy's Colombian Decaf and Green Mountain Decaf & French Roast Decaf. Emeril's beats them all. It has a nice strong flavor
449592449592B001D0GVAOAMPP3Q0UT3ODNElizabeth L. Lindou0051277337600fantastic coffeeloved the coffee and received the coffee very soon after ordering it. I like ordering my coffee through Amazon
449593449593B001D0GVAOABYVECXXSP6R5Lapimienta0051276732800Really jazzed!I got a few of these in a sample pack and liked it so decided to try a whole box. So far, it's my favorite of all the coffee I've tried. It is smooth but rich w/o an aftertaste that decaf can sometimes give. I've got it on auto delivery, now, and have quit experimenting w/other brands.
449594449594B001D0GVAOAHH0WZMP35PPUB Tillman0051276041600Jazzed Up Decaf by EmerilThis coffee is excellent for people who have to drink decaf but want the full bodied taste of regular coffee.
449595449595B001D0GVAOAKK2KV1J718VQKarasmom "karasmom"0041275609600Tasty but not satisfyingI had a mixed reaction to this decaf coffee. It has a pleasant taste if you choose the medium cup size with a strong flavor. If you choose the larger cup size, the flavor doesn't hold. However, for a decaf coffee, it is better than most.
449596449596B001D0GVAOA37TEGQGMD9SY0P. Edwards0041274745600Pretty good for decafI love REAL coffee, so I'm not a big fan of decaf. But I like to have it for guests and if I'm in the mood later in the day and don't want caffeine to keep me up. This coffee is decent. The taste is fine. I'd recommend it, but I'm still not that excited about it. It'll do for decaf.
449597449597B001D0GVAOA2SKZZZBV1XYWPSledman0041274486400Best K-Cup Decaf AvailableMy wife and I have tried many of the K-Cup decafs. Most are watered down tasting... very weak. We previously liked the Newmans organic decaf however after tasting Emeril's we are hooked. It has a nice string coffe flavor and smells great brewing. if you are a Decaf drinker and own a Keurig this is the one for you.
449598449598B001D0GVAOA3KAN2F7A55PRLAudra Dorie0051273536000Wonderful decaf!Emeril's Jazzed Up Decaf - comes in K-Cups for Keurig brewers - this is really great coffee! We love it. Can't have but one or two cups of regular coffee in a day, so drink decaf in the afternoon or evening. This Jazzed-up Decaf is impossible to tell from a great cup of any favorite. Our family is impressed!
449599449599B001D0GVAOA3GWHQZRN9Q3ANLea M. Chbosky0051272499200Full Bodied DecafWe are mainly decaf drinkers and had a hard time finding a decaf we liked. However, this decaf is as close to perfect as we have found.
449600449600B001D0GVAOAXYPOSPSUNMKWCJ0051271894400Best DECAF PeriodTried various Decaf Brands of Ground Coffee, or Instant coffee, or K-Cups, etc. over the years, but this Jazzed Up Decaf by Emeril tastes so good! You can't tell it's Decaf in my opinion. I'm now able to cut some of my caffeine consumption without "suffering". Thanks Emeril and to discovering it on Amazon.
449601449601B001D0GVAOAG18L9WZ7ZCM6Craig A. Moss "mossman"0051270684800Nice and strong !My wife and I both enjoy a stronger flavored coffee. I require decaf and this is the best tasting decaf we have tried. Seems to be unavailable at most of the stores in our area that carry K-cups. Order it from Amazon and you are good to go.
449602449602B001D0GVAOA1WH998KDXZB7AH. Drum0051269993600Smooth and BoldJust exactly what you would expect from Emeril. This Jazzed up decaf is a wonderful brew. I served this to guests over the holidays who could not stop raving about how delicious this decaf coffee is. If you close your eyes you'd never except a decaf brew to be so bold. There's no bitter after taste at the end in this one smooth all the way to the finish. Sign up for subscription you won't be sorry!
449603449603B001D0GVAOA2M1T4OUAFBPRIJ. Wehrmeister0051256860800Great decafThis has to be one of the most delicious (if not the most delicious) cups of decaf I have ever had the pleasure of drinking. I'm supposed to avoid caffeine and love a strong, full-bodied brew. Until discovering this gem I thought that second-best was my fate in life. Wow! Was I ever wrong. Thank you Emeril!!!
449604449604B001D0GVAOA3DZ14V8VR6XZDA. Gale0051256169600Excellent Decaf from EmerilEmeril's Decaf is not like decaf at all. I actually prefer it to Tully's, which is another excellent option!
449605449605B001D0GVAOA3PUHV5EFJGTHQB. Ratnoff0051253664000a real JAZZED UP decafHaving tried many decaf k cups, this is by far the best, this coffee delivers rich bold taste, only thing close is tullys french roast, but given the choice go with Emeril, BAM,BAM,BAM
449606449606B001D0GVAOA2T3A1GCYVJ1XVFrank Yee0051253577600Excellent for decafEmeril's K-cups, Jazzed Up Decaf and Timothy's Decaf Rainforest Espresso Extra-Bold show that great coffee can be made from decaf K-Cups. Both are rich and full bodied with ample taste and aroma. I'm not sure which I like better at this point but you can't go wrong with either if you drink decaf. Actually, it would be difficult to to know you are drinking decaf unless you looked at the K-Cup. Moreover, there is no buzz with this decaf, unlike some other decaf coffees which still have a lot of caffeine.
449607449607B001D0GVAOAYW26OA87D9EHStay-at-Home Mom "Atl Stay-at-Home Mom"0051252886400Emeril's Jazzed Up DecafEmeril's Jazzed Up Decaf K-Cup's are great. Probably the best cup of decaf I have ever had, no kidding. I have had many different kinds of Decaf. The only problem is that it is so good it makes me want to drink more than I usually do so there goes more money but well worth it!!! :-)
449608449608B001D0GVAOA132XVQ309EVM3DJ "Hell Hound"0051251676800excellent de cafI have tried many K-Cups and this is the best decaf out there. Strong without being nasty. I use the middle cup size setting, add cream and sugar and it stands up well. Enjoy.
449609449609B001D0GVAOA3ORO1G9Z7WUDIMid-Michigan Mom0051249430400Great Morning CoffeeJust a really good decaf coffee. Rich, flavorful and if you add cream like me it holds its flavor while mellowing into notes of spice and chocolate.
449610449610B001D0GVAOA2XX86COYGCVQ5Sherry0041246924800YummyI purchased this for a medical practice. Everyone seems to enjoy it very much.

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