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449633449633B001D0GVAOA2EVSUGZG3K4DALuke Rad "lz3broc"2531261440000HMMM I hope its good!I bought the REGULAR unleaded Emerils Big Easy Bold 18pack to try and after 1 cup I was bouncing off the walls.

I think I need the DECAF.

with enough french vanilla coffeemate and splenda its just like a real New Orleans Cafe Dumonde Cafe au-lait

Ok pass the beignets please!
449634449634B001D0GVAOA1W9C4TZA5YCBLbuddaman1260 "buddaman1260"0521261872000not so jazziethis coffee leaves a nasty after taste! i will not buy again.i found another that you can buy right here on amazon!
449635449635B001D0GVAOA2VMT89TCSF105Ashtar Command "Seeker"1751285891200Jazz up the decafThe first time I heard about decaf (on a sitcom), I assumed it was a joke. Yet, those bottled laughs weren't heard in the background. Could it be...? An American teacher later informed me that yes, there really is such a thing.

Decaf must be the most stupid invention in world history. I mean, coffee without caffeine?! That's rather like coke without cocaine. Or tobacco without nicotine. Or the Democratic Party without Bill Clinton.

It lacks the active substance.
449636449636B001D0GVAOA1NVKR2POLRON8H. Weingarten383851230076800Great Decaf K-CupWe have a Keurig coffee brewer and are always on the look out for strong but not bitter coffee. The Emeril Jazzed Up Decaf fits the bill. It is strong but without that bitter aftertaste that sometimes gets confused with "strong." You would not know that you are drinking decaf coffee. We have tried other Emeril K-cups and have been please with them as well.
449637449637B001D0GVAOA1U029L23OT5KYJim Belew303051229904000Terriffic DECAFThis is absolutely the BEST DECAF coffee I have ever had. The flavor is outstanding and does not lose aroma or taste as most decaf's do. If you are like me and cannot drink regular coffee this is the one for you.
449638449638B001D0GVAOA1FP5ZLSKR07SUG. Burnick282851228176000Yummy DecafHave had Keurig machine nearly a year and tried many coffees. This is a rich, flavorful, but not overly strong coffee. It's a good coffee flavor like this that makes me so glad to have a Keurig.

I drink decaf occasionally and want a good decaf to offer friends. Getting a delicious cup of decaf on demand is wonderful. And I will keep ordering this blend.
449639449639B001D0GVAOA9JVGTV7XMM64Mattie's friend "offshore1"191951264032000Tried most - this is bestWell, we got a Keurig machine last year. Almost all of the coffee samples that came with it were too watered down tasting for my wife and me. So we started to experiment. I'd say we have tried about 85-90% of the available decaf offerings. This Jazzed Up version has been, by far, the best yet. It has even allowed me to appreciate the Keurig again. My wife - not a decaf drinker - has even switched to this. She's a bit particular and likes the store bought, caffeinated Sumatra coffee. I was going to try the extra bold Rainforest Espresso next, based on the reviews here. I was about to order the Rainforest product but the rich, bold coffee taste of Emeril's Jazzed Up convinced me to go with it again. Now my wife can drink coffee in the evening and not worry about it affecting her sleep. I'll get the Rainforest Espresso next time and add a comparison here. The Espresso will have to be very good to get us away from this one though. I do hear that the two are comparable - we'll see. You can use the larger setting on the machine and fill a mug without sacrificing taste. It's just a great cup of coffee, even for decaf. I'm off to have another.

I did purchase, and have tried the Rainforest Espresso since the above post. I'm sticking with Emeril's Jazzed Up decaf coffee for my k-cup selection. While still a good cup of coffee, the Espresso lacks the smoothness I feel we get from the Jazzed up coffee. I'm not sorry I had two boxes of the Espresso as this was a very acceptable alternative to Emeril's product, but I don't believe I'll be ordering it again. IMHO, the Rainforest Espresso is just a small notch, or two, below the Jazzed Up coffee for the smooth and robust flavor of Emeril's Jazzed Up k cup coffee.
449640449640B001D0GVAOA2RXU37VNUS4EWJ. Richards8851226793600This is GREAT coffee - even if it is DecafI like bold coffee and usually drink Starbucks when I'm out and various Bold varieties that are available for my Keurig Coffee Maker when I'm home. But - I had quit drinking coffee in the evenings because of restless sleep if I drank it too close to bedtime. I can drink this right up to bed time and sleep without problem - AND - it tastes GREAT!

Good job Emeril.
449611449611B001D0GVAOALQI2JT1D1JGEWilliam R. Coffman0041246320000Good flavor for this decafGood tasting decafs are hard to find, but this one delivers pretty well. Strong enough and better flavor than any other decaf K-cup I've tried.
449612449612B001D0GVAOA1RUXBU97H8NIATennessean ""PAO""0051245801600Decaf with FlavorI've tried other decafs and half decafs but this one has a bolder flavor that I didn't find in the others I tried. I would recommend this coffee to decaf drinkers looking for a bolder taste.
449613449613B001D0GVAOAKU6X9G91A5T1coffee lover "coffee lover"0051244073600Excellent coffeeWhen I was forced to switch to decaf I almost decided to give up drinking coffee, since I believed that I wouldn't find a brand that had enough taste. Well I was wrong. This coffee is rich and excellent. I look forward to having a cup. I strongly recommend it. Yeah Emeril!
449614449614B001D0GVAOANZ775Q4FNULZCaryn Snyder "Makeup Diva"0051240876800The Best of the Decaf K Cups!We have tried many of the decaf k cups. Being a Starbuck fanatic, I love stong coffee. I like to think I know good coffee and this is by far the best in flavor and strength. I disagree with the comments of a bitter taste. This coffee rocks!!
449615449615B001D0GVAOAIH9HQM85CD2RRonald W. Levy "myjuggler"0051240185600Decaf that really is jazzed upDecaf doesn't have to be weak and boring any more. The Emeril's Jazzed Up Decaf has a great strong flavor.
449616449616B001D0GVAOALO320R17C2RZJeannie Marie0051239926400Love itI wasn't really a coffee drinker until I got the Keurig. I don't like the coffee that sits in the pot a while. I am sensitive to caffeine so there is enough of the stuff in decaf to get me going. I tried all the samples that came with the machine and they were good. I have been getting the variety packs of decaf just because I like having a choice. They were out of the variety packs when I went to order more and I thought I would try the Jazzed Up Decaf. Man, am I glad. I am hooked. It is rich and full bodied and I love it. I am leaving the 5 or 6 K-cups of the variety packs I had left for anyone who drops by. Like I said they are good but this stuff is great. Give it a try.
449617449617B001D0GVAOA2SPDJ8KLLFMDPHymie X0041239494400Great Coffee, Good PriceFor both the Decaf and regular, it was exceptionally good. I would recomend to anyone
449619449619B001D0GVAOAX9LLPV5FWVZ5L. Rumford0051236816000Best bold decaf k-cup we've foundWe have tried a number of decaf k-cups and have found a lot of them to be bitter. Not so with this one - it comes highly recommended!
449620449620B001D0GVAOA695GAAGZ9AX1shopalot0051236124800My favorite decaf!I subscribe to the subscribe and save program on amazon,and have this delivered every couple of weeks.This is the best decaf out there for my keurig.
449621449621B001D0GVAOA1SJGAQHNU55LGSuzann King0041234742400Emeril's K-cups, Jazzed Up DecafThese are one of the best tasting Decaf K-cups out there and the price is pretty good.
449622449622B001D0GVAOA27LG5URLTQN4PB. Taylor "bt495"0051234310400Great dealGreat deal! I am a member of a coffee club and decided to try this and saved a couple of bucks. Good deal
449623449623B001D0GVAOA15JBFO5T252WID. Hautanen "Kolten's mom"0051233964800Best Bold decafThis is the best Decaf K-cup I have tried. It is bold with a really nice finish. Not at all bitter like some of the decafs I have tried.
449624449624B001D0GVAOA1UXVA66S5TIW4Christopher Bowers "cbamity"1211297123200Nothing like Big Easy BoldApparently alot of folks like this product, but I have to say... its terrible. I tend to drink dark roasts, and have been on a search for a good decaf Kcup for a while now. I have to admit I have found very few decafs that are drinkable (coffee people's decaf French Roast is pretty good, and Timothy's decaf espresso is drinkable). Since I thought Emeril's Big Easy bold was surprisingly decent, I thought this would be a decaf version- but its not even close. Maybe its me, but I've sampled a half dozen decaf dark roasts, and this one is the worst of the bunch. During brewing it starts off dark, but quickly becomes watery, lacking body. The resulting drink tastes to me like someone ran the water trough the coffee twice, and I'm drinking the second cup.
449625449625B001D0GVAOAEHQB78GFKSVUtexreview0111330646400Not The Item I OrderedWhile I'm sure the coffee I received is a good coffee, it is NOT what I ordered. I ordered Emeril's Jazzed Up Decaf, but received Robust Bold. I did not know this until package was opened, therefore I cannot return it. I am VERY DISAPPOINTED and may hesitate to place another order. Not the fault of the coffee, but of whomever filled the order. Do I have any recourse?
449627449627B001D0GVAOA26ZFGW2J6Z5CDHappy camper0111300579200Colored water would taste more like coffee than this stuff!I don't know what Emeril means by Jazzed Up, but this has no coffee flavor at all. You may as well be drinking water. Save your money.
449628449628B001D0GVAOA2OT15OK68RXGClaura0111297209600bitterI love emeril but he needs to stick to food and stay away from coffee. This was the most bitter coffee I have ever had. Yuk
449629449629B001D0GVAOA14KKEV1F34ZL1Gary0111291420800Coffee Pods Do Not WorkPurchased two boxes of these coffee pods and have used 10 of the 48. The pods do not work correctly in my Keurig. The machine sounds and acts differently with these pods and produces one half of the normal coffee size. When reusing the pod the second time, even less volume. The Coffee tastes OK but something is wrong with the pods. Never had this problem with Green Mountain Coffee pods or other brands.
449630449630B001D0GVAOA3NL2F3TA3NAEVsdcreacy0111291161600Did I get the same coffee?Maybe I received the expired batch from five years ago, but this stuff is tasteless. It takes two K-cups to make a normal strength cup of decaf. I wonder if Emeril samples the products that bear his name? I will avoid his picture from now on! Timothy's decaf is just great- I'll stick with that I guess.
449631449631B001D0GVAOA1XF1C7TEHCFTKjim0131278028800PriceyThis product is tasty enough and convient but you can brew better coffee a lot cheaper.
449632449632B001D0GVAOAQZB821HVA5SUFreddie Hornedo0151234137600Excellent, Flavorful Coffee!We've had a Keurig Coffee maker in our office for a couple of years now and I've enjoyed it immensely. I've probably tried every offering that has been available in the office, including regular caffeinated coffees. By far the most flavorful is Emeril's Jazzed Up Decaf. While I do tend to favor decaf, this one stands out to me among them all. One of the favorites in the office is Timothy's Rainforest Espresso which is good in it's own right, however, after we ran out of Emeril's I was forced to brew myself a cup of Rainforest and was left disappointed in the taste department. Other reviewers may call the taste burnt, but to my palate it is robust, flavorful and thoroughly enjoyable coffee.

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