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449731449731B000EF3E54A3S5CU8SKTVDC4Sammy Clemens3351237334400Try this:Drain, press in a paper towel, then flake two jars into some good olive oil (start with about 1/4 c.) in a sautee pan with some sauteeing garlic. Stir in, and blend. The flaked anchovies will form a paste as you blend over moderate heat.

Put in some steamed broccoli florets and/or other veggies and stir gently, covering the veggies.

Toss them with hot pasta, add fresh ground pepper and maybe a bit of grated romano or parmesan.

These are an excellent, healthful, convenient product.

Oh, and did I mention you can put them on pizza? Or in a martini, with an herbed olive? And don't get me started on bagna cauda ...
449732449732B000EF3E54A38ESG1I02Q817Charlie Tuna "Charlie"2241294876800anchoviesThis product is very good. The 1.5-ounce jars are perfect portions for cooking or individual servings. I rated it 4 because 5 jars leaked and I had to get rid of them.
449733449733B000EF3E54A3M836BMMTJ1F2A. Cairo1121322697600MushyThe title says it all, these are mushy. Soft to begin with, by the time you get them out of the jar they are no longer fillets but anchovy mush. I won't buy these again.
449734449734B000EF3E54A2MTVQX7UW50EFDolores P. Green "deepgreen"1121308441600Mushy anchovies, no better than cheap ones in the tins.I am angry every time I open another jar of these mushy, dark, anchovies. They are not reddish like the firm imported anchovies. Impossible to get a whole one out of jar as they don't stay in one piece. Great for making Caesar Salad dressing because they are already mashed. Ugh! Six more jars to go. Never again.
449735449735B000EF3E54A378PKNG3GXYWMJ. Lehman1151232496000Finger lick'n good!LOVE 'em! Easier to serve from a jar than those flat cans.
Buy some!
---------J. Lehman
449736449736B000EF3E54A3F8SP8YJ6VOJ5Katherine Storm1151213488000I love these anchovies!These are so convenient - one jar is perfect for a large salad. I love the quality and the packaging as well.
449737449737B000EF3E54A1NT3OHDIT0QCLR. S. McGowan5721263168000Look at the shape of the jarThe anchovies are packed in tightly. The jar seemed like an improvement over the standard tin - less messy, easily stored leftovers - but the mouth is too small for easy access. In order to remove them from the jar, you have to tear a number of them apart. This isn't that difficult because they are mushy to begin with. They taste fine, but by the time you get then on your pizza, they have become short strips or anchovy dots.
449738449738B000EF3E54A2ERW0RO0WUER0Dolores P. Green "deepgreen"2321284768000Crown Prince Anchovies--Not good!I went on line to buy good, firm, jar anchovies. This was a real disappointment. Same consistancy as the canned ones. Wouldn't order again.
449739449739B000EF3E54A13ZGN1SEYQW7GR. Saulnier0041337040000WOW ... not too saltyWOW ... not too salty . about half the size you would get otherwise ... great taste. Delivery was fast. I didn't experience any leaking issues as some of the other reviews mentioned. Well packed. Will buy again. One star off for size.
449740449740B000EF3E54AJFMTTTILZ8H6fit instructor "instructor"0051325289600healthy snack, etc.eating right out of jar very good. Great too for "Sicilian Speghetti", pizza, etc. Happy to get my low mercury BPA free source of fish.
449741449741B000EF3E54A3ROV1I0PIMA92Faye V0051312243200FantasticWonderful packaging, small glass containers full of anchovy goodness that you can throw in the frige after extracting what you need. Clean tiny boned (very edible) fillets are perfect for anything from sauce to toppings. Due to other reviews, I recommend using the first fillets you pull out from the middle for sauce (slightly broken up), the the others come out whole just fine with a cocktail fork.

I will order these again and again.
449742449742B000EF3E54A2RB0XAVKBEJQ1Skippy's DAD0051266451200Great tasting and not too saltyThese anchovies have that delicate taste and not too salty at all.... perfect....
I have tried other brands but nothing compares to this....
Taking it out of the jar is tricky, but when you have the right tool ( Like the corn on the cob pins ) it seems to come out easy....
449743449743B000EF3E54AO8PAYAIKA5H4Otis Maxwell0141339200000Comes with a bonus set of spice jars!I use anchovies in lots of things... salads, pasta sauce and of course pizza... and it raises my comfort level to know I've always got a supply of anchovies in the pantry. These are good quality though not dramatically better than the cans I've picked up at random in the store. The oil is neutral rather than having that harsh taste you sometimes get with cheap oil, and the anchovies have just the right amount of saltiness.

The jar gives you one big advantage and another equally big disadvantage. The advantage is that you can take what you want and not feel compelled to use the whole jar, or conversely not feel bad about opening a new package when you just need one or two anchovies. The disadvantage is that it's really difficult to get the pieces out of the jar in whole fillets that look nice on pizza. You CAN do it but you should plan ahead and do this before you cook: go at the jar with a skewer or maybe a toothpick, gently raise the pieces out and be prepared for a few failures.

Then, after you've used the jar, don't throw it away or recycle it. Give it a good wash, remove the labels with paint thinner and a sharp knife, wash it again and you've got a useful little jar for spices, hardware parts or maybe buttons. By the time you get to the end of your case you've got 18 of them... a whole spice rack!
449744449744B000EF3E54A2ER9YWJVRRWF6Thomas Kirkman "tomkirkman"1311308096000Dead on delivery!This was a bad experience and I"m not happy at all about it. It seems like this happens a lot with this product after reading through the comments. When I found my package on the porch today it looked like UPS had dragged it behind the truck all the way here.
It was not in a rectangular shape any longer. After opening it I saw that the good people at Amazon had wrapped the whole case of jars with bubble wrap. I felt much better when I saw this. I even had trouble getting the wrap off the case of jars, but when I did,the first thing I smelled was Anchovies. Not good! Then I saw that a quarter of the top of the case was wet with olive oil. Even worse! Then I saw that the tape that Crown Prince had sealed the case up with had been cut open. I don't think it would have made it out their door this way personally. Now I love Amazon and spend so much money with them I should be part owner by now, but I will have to say this was done at their warehouse and someone saw the oil on the case and cut it with a knife to look inside the case and just shipped it anyway. I have four jars that are covered in oil and no way of knowing really which ones are leaking. I suspect that it must be one or all of those four. Now while I have not looked close enough at the four yet to see if there is a fine crack in the bottles or the lids are loose, I have read in others comments where their jars were broken. I have them sitting on a piece of printer paper to see which ones leak. Now I don't know how many of you have ever eaten bad seafood before, but I have and don't ever want to do it again! So now I have eighteen jars of anchovies at a rather high price to begin with, and really don't know if any of them are safe to eat. My point here is to let you know if your going to order any food from Amazon, don't order anything in a glass jar. I wouldn't want to read about you in the obits. And Amazon, if your going to sell food, do it safely, because if I die eating any of these anchovies, your going be out a lot of bucks when I can't one click anymore!
449745449745B000EF3E54A3NTCX3WLK8F3YSamantha "ibuystuff"0211324425600Salted road kill!I should have sent this back as soon as it arrived. It had a couple leaking jars and it's impossible to tell which ones are leaking. They all taste so bad and are so disgusting it's impossible to tell if any of the jars are sealed. This is like salted road kill! I threw it all away!
This is another amazon product with fake reviews. No one could possibly like this product! Make sure your reviews are posted! Amazon has a habit of not posting negative reviews!
449746449746B000EF3E54A2BYMZ09DS2T0BPhillip Fielder "chad"11711297123200NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION PLEASE SALT/SODIUM CONTENT???
449747449747B001P75CKKA1B65SQHNYNWMNKathryn W.5551299888000Dimitri's makes Absolutely the BEST Bloody Mary bar none!!I can unequivocally say that a Bloody Mary made using Dimitri's Bloody Mary Seasoning--either the Classic Recipe or the Classic plus horseradish--will be the best Bloody Mary you will ever taste bar none! My husband and I both feel that we have never experienced such great Bloody Marys in any restaurant or bar in our entire lives and we're in our sixties! If you've ever tried to make one yourself and been consistently disappointed because it turned out too hot, too bland, too spicy or not spicy enough, you will know what I mean. With Dimitri's it makes a CONSISTENT TASTY Bloody Mary EVERY TIME and it doesn't matter whether you are using plain tomato juice or V-8 juice. Buyers should note--this is not a Bloody Mary Mix like Mr & Mrs. T's. Dimitri's is a Bloody Mary Seasoning mix in liquid form that you ADD to the tomato juice=creating an instant, tangy, completely ready to go Bloody Mary. And once you have tasted it you will never go back to mixing them from scratch and you will toss all your Mr. & Mrs. T's out the door! You won't find Dimitri's in most grocery or liquor stores, so buying it here is a great find! And it's cheaper at Amazon than it is on Dimitri's own website. So, if you want a superlative Bloody Mary that both you and your friends will rave about when you invite them over, make it with Dimitri's! You will become an instant fan for life! And don't forget to add a hot dilly bean, celery stick or marinated asparagus stalk to the drink! It's great!
449748449748B001P75CKKA34O6USEHXT4MEMarti J Martin4451285372800Awesome bloody marysThis is a spicy, flavorful seasoning, to add to your vegetable juice. It is tangy, but doesn't hurt my stomach at all. Very good!
449749449749B001P75CKKA2AJCP31JFQ4E5MAM3341299283200great mixThis is by far the best bloody mix I have ever used. It's easy just a squirt is all you need. I have given this has gifts to freinds and everyone is enjoying it.
449750449750B001P75CKKA4MLODLGZS73ASharon West1151280966400demitri's bloody mary mixI saw this Demitri's Bloody Mary seasoning in a magazine in my doctor's office. I went online and found the website and decided to try Amazon first to see if I could get it through them. We got the package of 3 bottles. Tried it the first night we got it. It is by far the best bloody mary seasoning we have tried. It has the perfect blend of seasoning and spice! We recommend it to anyone who loves a good bloody mary! It is excellent!
449751449751B001P75CKKA25P8T8BVD6Q7SMark1151263427200If you love Bloodys you will love this stuff!My wife used to tend bar at a high-end restaurant that used this product in their bar so that the Bloodys were consistant from bar-tender to bar-tender. We loved it so much that we ordered it for home use. Not only does it make the BEST bloodys, but it is very quick. You just put a squirt of this with your Vodka and Tomato Juice and you are ready to shake! It has all of the good stuff you would normally put in your drink in one bottle, eliminating all of the opening and closing of all those separate ingredients. Oh, and this stuff was shipped ROCKET fast.
449752449752B001P75CKKAIYA2BMII3YPDtinker20051348531200Red BeerDemiri's Bloody Mary seasoning is excellant spice for marinating too..but I put 2 shots in 64 oz bottle of clamato juice, shake well. Pour 1/2 c in frosted mug, pour beer then a sqeeze of lime juice!!! Yum Yum Enjoy
449753449753B001P75CKKAXTSH1248WE7ZMax's Grandma0051346976000Great Bloody Mary mixWe think this is the best Bloody Mary Seasoning ever! We took it on vacation and the whole family loved it!
449754449754B001P75CKKA3RLE8KXWRU6IWMac0051344988800Marvelous Mary'sDemitri's Bloody Mary Mix is THE best!!! I make my own tomato juice from my garden (grown organically) and I pickle some of my green beans just for the "Bloody Mary" experience. Good vodka and Dimitri's is all that's needed to make a "Classic Bloody Mary". The "Extra Horseradish" flavor will really spice up the experience. Dimitri's is also an excellent marinade for steaks and other meats.
449755449755B001P75CKKA618F6UUDOQT9luvs2dance270051344902400Demitri's Bloody Mary Seasoning is amazing!If you're looking to spruce up your bloody mary, this is the product to do it with! This is the only way we make our bloody marys now - best seasoning you'll ever taste!
449756449756B001P75CKKA12ZQ8I109BNYJyrock0051338163200PERFECT!Want the perfect bloody Mary? Buy this!! So simple....a caveman can do it! In all seriousness, this stuff is wonderful! I buy the cheap tomato juice from Mr Walton, a shot of mid-grade vodka with a splash of Demitris and its absolutely perfect!
449757449757B001P75CKKA3PFBC51TU553HSteve0051333756800Dimitris Bloody Mary Mix is YUMMYMake sure you add at leat 8 oz of Horseraddish to the recepie. Its delicious, and I am a snob.
449758449758B001P75CKKA5NPHFT2MBUODLisa0051325894400Very yummy Bloody Mary MixLove this mix! Takes all the work out of making a really good and full of flavor and spice Bloody Mary! A must have.
449759449759B001P75CKKA7RKAP2LG9AUJBill Bailey Office "Bill Bailey"0051324339200Found in HawaiiI ordered a Bloody Mary at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel and after tasting it asked what was in it.
The bartender sent a bottle of Demitri's to our table and after returning home I ordered some and now am a confirmed fan!

If it's good enough for the Royal Hawaiian, it's good enough for me. Easy too!
449760449760B001P75CKKA3HRI2RU84R8SHKathleen "buena vista"0051318118400Won me overWe are bloody mary "professionals". We love the production of making our own - hauling 7 different little bottles and shakers to parties, tailgating, etc. But I bought this from Amazon to try out and ... well we love it. It's ALMOST as good as our standard recipe but without the hassle of hauling stuff around. We are taking this with us to Mexico so we can have our mary's on the beach each morning. We find that the best formula is Demitri's mixed with low salt V8 and Clamato - about 70% V8 & 30% Clamato is how I like them. Enjoy! P.S. We had no issues with the bottles being damaged - although they are a rather flimsy plastic.

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