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449761449761B001P75CKKA1SUWFH0Z92M3Ljuniorfan0051313539200AwesomeWas kinda skeptical, could this stuff be as good as all the reviews said? Well all i can say is that it is flippin better than they said. Will never buy another bottle of pre-mix again.
449762449762B001P75CKKAY90XRQ3Y1MZKMike0051310515200Try the Extra HorseradishI tried their extra horseradish mix first and found that to be 5 stars. I thought I'd try the regular mix next but it was much tamer than the spicy one. If you like it spicy but not too hot then go with the extra horseradish mix. Or you can add extra tabasco or use the V8 Extra Spicy juice to go with the orignal Demitri to get more heat.
449763449763B001P75CKKA18DA58CZ8VJQ6gjr79790051299196800wowWe discovered this product while on a Holland American Cruise. The bartender showed it to us when we commented on the great bloody Marys.
449764449764B001P75CKKA3GHANRF4H0X9IE. Kunhardt0051273708800Oh wow!I've gone to bloody mary heaven. No more mediocre drinks. Look no further for no fuss, professional tasting Bloody Mary's. I bought this set and the Chiles and Peppers, too. The original is plenty spicy. I'm buying more soon. Yum!
449765449765B001P75CKKA3BMNVZJLOCSEOfairytaleprincess0051273104000Add some horseradish....Discovered this when I had a fantastic Bloody Mary at Rao's in Las Vegas. I asked the bartender about it, and he showed me the bottle of Demitri's. I asked him if they add something to it, because I wouldn't think a mix by itself could be this good. He said Nope, this is all we use. I had been making Barefoot Contessa's Bloody Mary recipe, which is considerably more work than adding a shot of this to your tomato juice and vodka, but I prefer this. I add about half a teaspoon of prepared horseradish to the glass, as I like mine on the spicier side.

Try it with a piece of fried bacon instead of a celery stick for garnish. Mmmm!

Hope Amazon gets it back and puts it on Subscribe & Save!
449766449766B001P75CKKA28KNKV5EE7UV8Fred Friendly0051254355200fantasticHad Demitris in a restaurant, and now it has become the go-to for tailgating and gatherings. Easy to mix (and regulate the spiciness). Only problem was that Amazon's packing when shipping caused one bottle to leak all over the box.
449767449767B001P75CKKA218IWM2KIMJ1IAnn0111315094400Bloody Mary MixUnfortunately the item arrived with all the seals broken and they were all leaking. I had to throw them out. Sorry I can't write a good review about Demitri's Bloody Mary Mix.
449768449768B001P75CKKA3V8NKX6TLN4YYSteve Body "The Pour Fool"0421310947200If You're Too Lazy To Make Your Own...Look, Demitri's a Seattle homie and I support anything our locals do in business but I think the hyperbole about this stuff is a little silly. Is it a bad Bloody mix? Absolutely not. It's flavorful and consistent. But I have never gotten why so many people seem to be so hell-bent on tarting up what is a very simple recipe. Demitri's, like every other commercially-made recipe, tucks in a whole laundry list of extraneous flavors - baking spices, onions, jalapenos, etc., etc., etc. - that actually detract, IMHO, from the pungent, meaty quality of a great Bloody. I've had this one and nearly every other mix out there and never had one that was anywhere near as good as we find here in Seattle at Temple Billiards. Finally, it hit me one day that I've been a chef my whole adult life and there was nothing stopping me from making my own. There's nothing stopping YOU either. It's fun and interesting and you can get EXACTLY what you like. I'm not saying don't buy Demitri's. If you're not creative (or just really lazy), it's fine alternative. But A) I don't like BROWN Bloody Mary's (that should be called a Dried-Bloody Mary) and B) it's just better because it's fresher. Duh. If you enjoy Demitri's, good on ya. But don't lose sight of the fact that you can make better (or just as good) right at home, for a lot less $$$.
449769449769B002UBBTSEADWSBBU4ZHZA8keribelle3351277683200Perfection in tea brewingI had bought one of these a few years ago after using it in a few different restaurants and cafes. I promptly returned it because of my fear of BPA leaching out of the plastic while using hot water to make tea. I was happy to see last year that their current product is now safe and non-toxic, so I purchased one of the new improved versions. It truly is a great invention, the filter is very fine thus you will never have any particles in your tea. There is no messy pouring, once the tea is steeped, you simply place the BrewT on top of a cup or mug and the liquid is released. It is just the right size, and is very easy to clean and disassemble. I have no complaints with this product, and as a plus it is very affordable!
449770449770B002UBBTSEA33WMKJ77YQVGMJ. R. Bennett2251265414400Absoutely amazing....If you are a tea lover this product is a must have.
It allows for ample room for the tea leaves to expand while seeping. No metallic flavor.
Not messy, and easy cleanup.
I purchased another and will be purchasing more for my family.

Again..simply amazing!!!!!
449771449771B002UBBTSEA1W79YENBZ839XJill Charbonneau1131305763200The BrewTI purchased the BrewT to give as a present but have been disappointed because it has not held up. Under the heat of the water and tea, the inside of the BrewT has pitted and turned into a messy, unappealing container that looks dirty. Apparently, (and I am guessing) the material from which it is made is not able to handle teas with oils (such as cinnamon tea) that cause pits in the BrewT's interior.
It does brew tea well and in a novel way except it always looks dirty.
449772449772B002UBBTSEAPA0UMGEEFNPCMaryanne G "Tea Lover"2351256860800Brewt Tea BrewerWe are tea aficionados and we have tried everything. The Brewt is the best, we love it. Not only does it brew great tea, it is easy to use and never leaves any mess.
449773449773B003EMSV98A7S7OVEQJHFPEVictoria0031349222400Pricing and QualityThese are my favorite candies. Tremendous healing properties!!! The price was great although I found the quality to be not as fresh and a tiny bit stale as opposed to if I had ordered directly from the manufacturer. At least that's been my past experience.
449774449774B001LQRN8EA2NZFG7IYIOFCDSuzie Chapstick5551251331200Best Tasting Sea Salt So Far!For some reason this sea salt taste different than any sea salt I have ever tasted. In am not a sea salt conasuer but I knew this salt was "the one" after my first taste. I don't know if sea salt taste differently from region to region or what but I highly recommend this specific brand for its taste. As a side note about sea salt, I have suffered migrains all of my life and after getting rid of table salt and switching to sea salt 40 years of migrains vanished. I must have needed some type of mineral that is in natural sea salt, I am guessing. Table salt is stripped of all minerals and has additives for its preservation while shipping which is something our bodies don't need anyway!
449775449775B001LQRN8EA9UC2CO7JNH3SBertrand S.2251263081600Loaded with their natural nutrientsNatural sea salt is the real deal, in addition of using them in my food, I also use them in my weekly bath tub, they are very good for muscles relaxation and stress when combine together with lavender oil.
449776449776B001LQRN8EA1KNBW86O1OG5KVeronica Taylor1141280016000item fine, shipping shottyThe salt seems fine. I have not used it much in recipes. The grain is very coarse so I have to crush it a bit to use on many of the dishes. Two of the containers came damaged and there was salt everywhere in the box. I didn't bother calling to complain about it but I should have. There was some salvageable salt in the broken containers but it was still a loss.
449777449777B0014EW4XWA1YLOZQKBX3J1SR. Lee Dailey "Lee_Dailey"0021280534400NOT fajita anything!howdy y'all,

this item is NOT fajita anything. there is no detectable scent or flavor of fajita at all. [*sigh ...*] it's a chili-flavored chicken and veggie soup.

problems ...
- no fajita anything
- chili powder [fajitas DO NOT use chili powder!]
- carrots [in fajitas?]
- kidney beans [large, starchy, slightly gritty and not at all southwestern. why not use pinto beans like every decent tex-mex joint in the world?]

i rated this a TWO cuz it IS a tolerable chili-veggie-chicken soup.

take care,
449778449778B002FYXEJSA2497C8Z7KPICEjlk81291111338076800Dog lovers beware!My dog loves bones and was delighted to receive this tempting treat. She's a careful and thorough chewer, and I was amazed that she made quick work of the entire bone in under an hour. However, it made her VERY SICK! She has a tough stomach, but has vomited twice within 12 hours of eating it (that thing smells just as bad coming back up). BEWARE!! I will not be subjecting my dog to that experience ever again, and neither should you!
449779449779B0005YLGIGA2GMAE0ZO7GDSSSarah0051289347200Quality ProductThese are good quality, not mushy like some we have tried recently. They are a bit salty, but I think most anchovies are. We will definitely order these again.
449780449780B0041T1AIMAPPOI8A1QSKEFJ. Lyon3351304294400These are very very good!I am actually amazed at how delicious these are. They taste just like a 'regular' bagel. I enjoy them with almond butter or cream cheese, for a low carb treat. They are very expensive, but also huge. 1/2 a bagel is plenty for a serving. I can't wait to try other products by this company.
449781449781B0041T1AIMA2OZCZULFQNS85Rennie1111342569600Taste good but raises my blood sugar and I'm not diabeticI've been eating low carb lately in order to stay healthy and keep my blood sugar stable. This morning my fasting glucose tested at 95; I ate one of these bagels and an hour later my glucose shot up to 152, an hour later it was back to normal at 98. The fact that it drove up my blood sugar to 152 means, to me, that it's not low carb and will not be part of my diet anymore. I'd be curious to know if other people have tested their glucose after eating these. I will say, however, that they do taste good.
449782449782B0041T1AIMAPR0O7LNJF0JIKimberly1151332979200LOVE IT LOVE LOVE IT!!!!I love Carb Krunchers Low Carb Cinnamon Raisin Bagels. The is the best bagel I've eat ever. Cinnamon Raisin Bagels is so heavenly delicious. Love them to death!!!
449783449783B0041T1AIMASTZ10QEO3FYAShopping Diva1151332374400Finally low carb Bagels that taste like the real deal!!!!Hard to Believe it but these Bagels Taste Just like a regular Cinnamon Raisin Bagel!!! I ordered them to try and they are AMAZING!!! These are HUGE and you get 6 of them in a package. Delicious with Butter and sprinkled with Cinnamon and Splenda for extra yummy taste! I have gone without bread products for sooooo long due to my low carb lifestyle and am so very excited to be able to eat these and not have the guilt or the carbs! I will definetly be ordering these again and again and again...Also fast shipping from this company, arrived within 3 business days!!!
449784449784B0041T1AIMA2EE7H7BR3KDFSKrista0051332374400genuinely delicious!AMAZING!!!!! I can't stress enough how sensitive I am to 'vitamin' tasting diet food...i hate it..
these bagels are so so so good! They aren't the same exact texture, thicker...and better. I like these bagels better than the regular bagels! The raisin flavor is extremely mild so you can use Walden farms spreads that are 0 calories and 0 carbs or you can use any kind of cream cheese or peanut butter...anything to compliment this's sooo good that you can use plain butter and it still tastes great! Toasted with strawberry cream cheese was my dinner tonight:)
449785449785B0041T1AIMA3MGA7IG4MRKSYJeri-mi-oh-my0111336780800Recycled cardboard bagelsI read the rave reviews and decided to give them a try. Wow, nothing like what anyone described. If you like the dryer cuts of egg cartons then you will love these. In fact egg boxes might taste better.
449786449786B006H33NL2A18RTNWQZDRB2LJ. Stoops3351330732800Depends on the DogI have several dogs and got one of these in medium to see how it went over with my pups. Most of my dogs nibbled on it for awhile and moved on, but one of my beagles LOVED it and carries it around with him, keeping it away from the other dogs and chews on it for long periods. Most of my dogs are all about instant gratification and want their chewing to produce something that they can actually eat without a long wait for it, so they tired of this when it didn't 'produce'. If your dog likes to chew for the sake of chewing though, like my Mr. Good Boy, then this will be a hit. It's sturdy, very long lasting and the medium was the perfect size for my beagles, beagle mixes and pit bull that range in size from 17 pounds to 60.
449787449787B006H33NL2A1J0EO4EVI9ANKKristen12030051351209600Favorite chew toy!This is the second one of these antlers that I've ordered (the first one was stolen by a friend's dog, because he liked it so much!). My dog absolutely loves these antlers and carries them all over the house with her. It is the perfect size for her (she's about 30 pounds) and provides hours of chewing time. I highly recommend this to anyone with a dog who loves to chew and is looking for something other than a bone for them to chew on.
449788449788B006H33NL2A2OYA2I41LL5Y2Howard Fan0021351036800BUYER BEWARE ~ SMALLER SIZE THAN STATEDMy problem is moreso with the antler size than anything else.

Amazon says these 'Medium' antlers are 6" long. Well, mine was barely 5" .

It might not seem like a big deal, but as anyone who has purchased an antler for their dog knows, and inch can take a couple weeks to a couple months to chew down...

So, yeah, basically, I feel a bit ripped off. Sorry Amazon, but this time you dropped the ball.
449789449789B006H33NL2A3TFTTYD91NT4NW. Bratton0051350691200She loves it and long lastingOur dog Ella loves chewing, and being a young beagle, she still chews through most chews very quickly, with some lasting only a day, and others, like rib bones that stink, are greasy, and tend to splinter and leave behind little splinter bits to step on (ouch!) and are just gross in general. We've tried these antlers before with great success, and they generally last about a month. Although they are more expensive than some, compared to other chews that only last a short time, the expense make up for it. The benefits are hard to beat. The calcium is easily digested, no splintering, which is dangerous for her intestinal tract (and our feet). These are ecologically sound and completely natural, coming from antlers shed from the deer or elk. Other animals in the wild are known to chew on them, too.
449790449790B006H33NL2A191DH1LA662J7Think4LeafClover0041350604800Great price and qualityMy medium-sized terrier mix loves to chew, and he seemed to like this elk antler initially. However, he quickly lost interest in it and doesn't chew on it anymore. Nevertheless, it's good quality and a good price. It seems like it would hold up for a long time even if my dog were to chew on it regularly. Also, it's not messy, greasy, or smelly, and I like the fact that these were made from elk antlers that were naturally shed (so no animals were harmed!). I do wish my dog would like it more because then it'd be the perfect chew toy.

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