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449891449891B004UOVDFIA37CENQP0ZNKVEsailor "sailor hill"0031330992000It's Ok...I prefer the refrigerated kind from the storeI'll use this since I have it. It wasn't much flavor, I used 2 in a 16oz cup. I didn't find it too sweet for a creamer. It was pretty much neutral taste to me. Next time I'll stick with buying the kinds from the grocery store in the refrigerated section, they taste much fresher. Also, this had a date to use before a couple weeks from now. :( Not too thrilled with this.
449892449892B004UOVDFIAZPU7U5JXRDGAdesilou freebush0051330300800Sweet, Creamy & Caramely - just like a caramel macchiato :)After reading the reviews on this creamer, I decided to refresh my memory on what an actual Starbucks Caramel Macchiato tastes like to have a comparison. These creamers are pretty close! Depending on your coffee/creamer ratio, these taste very, very similar to a caramel macchiato from a coffee shop - they are not, however, a purely caramel flavor... they are a creamer after all :) Love these!
449893449893B004UOVDFIAJCV9L9P9KS0IKate0111349481600Haven't gotten product yet...Let me just say this first - I love the creamers, give them 5 starts. I'm in Afghanistan and the individual creamers are the best!

The seller on the other hand... I ordered these on Sept 19, still don't have them (6Oct). Typically, Prime products get here 6-10 days. I checked the shipment tracking and it said it took 2 weeks to get to the first USPS dock - yeah right!!

I know this is a seller issue and will badger them about it... especially since (I ordered these on accident - I thought it was the Amazon Prime product) I paid $25.09 for shipping!! Most expensive creamers ever!! I got robbed.

Buyers be Warned: Do Not Purchase from eBargainsNow!!
449894449894B004UOVDFIA2OHYAZ6BH982IHugs_Trees1411328832000Very, very sweetI tried this creamer because I like caramel flavored coffee and I like creamer. Whether you will like it or not is a matter of personal preferences. I couldn't detect any caramel taste to it. One sip was enough for me due the overwhelming sweetness. It tasted like someone had dropped a few dozen tablespoons of sugar in my coffee. If you like extremely sweet coffee and don't care about caramel flavor, you might like this product. If you mainly want caramel flavor, you would be better off with a caramel syrup or flavored coffee beans.
449895449895B001E5DR5AA3471OWD2JP88PKat2251234137600Delicious!! Good variety of grainsI purchased Greenmax "Chinese Yam and Multi Grains Rice" from an oriental market in Houston. This one does not say it includes yams and the bag is different, but the grains look the same in the picture. The one I purchased was absolutely delicious!! It included: oatmeal, Kaoliang rice, pearl barley, fox nut, wheat, oat, flat red bean, rice, pearl rice, yam. I cook it in the crock pot overnight (1:3 grains to water ratio, in a bowl set in a water bath in the crock pot); this way they cook perfectly and are ready to eat in the morning. :)
449896449896B001E5DR5AA2F1CTNCXF8XPCYujen Shu1151223251200it is worth the price!I have various multigrain rice, and I love this one most.
It smells good, and it is very chewable.
This is the most delicious multigrain rice I've ever had.
449897449897B000LRIJRIA3QBY4IJEBMTNYolive lover "olive lover"1111215475200bad shippingolives were sent in a plastic container. they were received soft and
very discolored...we threw out the order....very disappointed.......
449898449898B000LKUABIA1EMHZ5HO010GCC. Lane "Be the change you want to see in the...4451285459200Wonderful Green TeaThis is the best green tea I've ever had. Hot or cold it's great. I don't even need to sweeten it, the taste is perfect just the way it is. And I love that it's organic!
449899449899B000LKUABIA1T8Z7DP5X3PHZTina Mason1151327708800very impressed with tasteI like ginger tea, it calms my stomach. This tea has a very nice smell to it. And the taste is a bit sweet, probably due to the honey. I take my tea with milk and this one is really good that way. Overall, I really like this tea.
449900449900B000LKX0OMA18ZZ7J15QCBLVPaul Adelson "enjoy!"2251203206400Light and satisfyingEden Wild Yam Soba is lighter in flavor than the other Eden Sobas (which I, personally, am not terribly fond of) and to me at least, they sit lighter in my belly as well.

I also like the Eden Yam Soba better than the other Asian Yam Sobas I have tried from nearby ethnic groceries -- the Eden noodles taste slightly smoother, seem slightly thicker and don't turn to mush quite as easily, though you still need to be careful not to overcook.

Good with simple toppings such as olive oil, vinegar and avocado, or with fancier sauces.
449901449901B0046LLEC2A1D8H14FZ03DQ9Northstar0011337731200Bad taste, bad qulaityThe taste is yuck, not even close to the caviar that they use on sushi.
I was mistaken by buying it, unfortunately since it's food I can't return it.
It seems that the caviar has an artificial black color and it doesn't seem natural to me.
My advice is to stay away from it.
449902449902B00636BW5MA24KR3XDN1UTFEGabby220051340150400excellentFantastic addition to all the dishes i drizzled this harissa on. The consistency makes it easy to use on anything. The flavor is out of this world!
449903449903B00636BW5MA1GMUUUSK8T4UNOCD Foodie0011323907200YuckI've had many harissas and often have made my own. While this isn't the worst I've had (that stuff in the yellow tube is), it just doesn't have the robust flavor of a true harissa. The addition of bell pepper and vinegar make it less versatile and pure if you're looking for the real deal.
449904449904B002FXJVQOA25PNELK4Y10VZBetty Jones3351307664000Great snack item!!!!sugar free users these are like you are in seventh heaven...
have to find out where they are sold in stores....
leave it to RS to come up with a great
449905449905B002FXJVQOA38FUTRD4MP0VDPenny2231301529600Pennyfor the money its not as good as others its also very sweet for being suger free the size is very small i should of read more about it a normal granola is double the size of these
449906449906B002FXJVQOA1QDFL8WLO9IWSEllin0011341964800Product Quality very bad........First, I love Russell Stover snack bars. However, these bars look like they have been frozen and thawed many times. The chocolate has changed color and looks and tastes like powdered chocolate. I have had this bar before, and this is not what they are supposed to look like. I won't send them back, because it's not worth my time to send one box back, but I would not buy from this seller, Nevada Manna again.......
449907449907B002FXJVQOA3V7HAN0TAFOTWL. Moore0051334707200Delicious But Super Sweet TastingThese bars are amazing with the right amount of crunch (the apple cinnamon are the best). They are coated with a super sweet tasting sugar free chocolate and after several years of a low carb, low sugar eating plan, they were almost too sweet for me! If you have a sweet tooth and are diabetic or are watching your sugar intake, you will LOVE these. They are small in size, but they are so sweet that a little goes a long way. Very tasty and very satisfying.
449908449908B002T0KDNIAES43KF278B9BJohn Britton Jr. "mrbritton"243811282608000Contains SPLENDA - yuckThe product description claims "It contains no high-fructose corn syrup in regular flavors and no aspartame in diet flavors." This is true - instead ALL of the 12 sample flavors we got with our machine contain SPLENDA (sucralose), whether "diet" or not! You have to read the fine print to discover this. Prior to reading the fine print, we tried the root beer: hmm, tastes like root beer but with an artificial after-taste. Then the "Dr. Pepper": hmm, tastes like Dr. Pepper but with an artificial after-taste. Checked the fine print: sugar, PLUS SPLENDA. Who would have thought the NON-diet flavors would contain SPLENDA? We threw the remaining 10 sample packs out and will look elsewhere for flavorings that don't sneak artificial sweeteners in - Monin syrups come to mind.
449909449909B002T0KDNIA16LDKK4Y1GXTEWG61011280275200Tastes fine, but 2X price of buying soda at store.First, I LOVE the sodastream machines. They work great for sparkly water anytime you need it.
The syrups taste good--just like store bought sodas. But, the price for the syrup is insane! Each bottle makes the equilalent of 6 2L bottles of soda. Every supermarket I go to has 2L bottles of soda for $1 regularly--so the store bought equilent is only $6.
449910449910B002T0KDNIA3FFMER98HCVN3hookedonsoda2421324684800great idea, needs workJust recently purchase as I like the soda taste but not the amount of sugar in Soda. Have tried all flavors and regardless of soda, they all have the DIET aftertaste. If you suffer from migrains (as I do) the artificial sweetener used in the soda syrups will only cause more pain and surprisingly quickly. There truely needs to be an alternative to the artificial sweetner for this to be a soda substitute.
449881449881B004UOVDFIA1SM46FF0I7UE6C. Carder6641322611200Packaging was a mess!I just received my creamer and although it is delicious, it was quite a mess to clean up since the box was leaking creamer everywhere. Gross. I opened up all of the boxes and four of them had creamer packages leaking. In all, there were 22 individual creamers that had burst open. I'm guessing that they had froze at some point during shipping. What a mess.
449882449882B004UOVDFIA2OCSY13WLKYMXFood Lover4451317686400A Cup of Heaven - Caramel MacchaitoThis is by far one of my most favorite flavors of non-dairy creamers that International Delight has available. Makes EVERY cup of coffee delightful. I add a packet of Splenda if I want a little more sweetness, but the creamer alone is wonderful. I've purchased the hazelnut flavor for years but now this is my new favorite!!!
449883449883B004UOVDFIA364HJX1UUF7IQCurly1141325462400Spruces up your coffeeGreat taste and ease of use sold me. We travel in an RV and refrigeration of half-half or cream while traveling gets difficult. This makes it painless and the coffee always tastes better.
449884449884B004UOVDFIA1SLFUZ1LJ9C46fritz1151322611200single creamersthese are perfect for work especially if ya have to share a fridge wirh other people. i can keep these in my locker and not have to worry about referigeration. stuff in the fridge disiapears.
449885449885B004UOVDFIA2Z8NXQT8OYD9ZDana "Movie Grannie"1151318118400Yummy, Yummy.I only drink my coffee black but the rest of my family just loves this. It goes pretty fast once it comes in the house so it must be pretty yummy. I like that I don't have to take up valuable refrigerator space for their coffee flavorings as they like to have a variety of flavors and when they had 3 or 4 containers in the fridge it would take up almost a whole tray on the door with these I put out a few of each flavor in a bowl on the counter and the rest can be kept in the pantry.
449886449886B004UOVDFIA1OJ2AFQZ5MR9SMacchiato Man3451323302400Fabulous FlavoringI love coffee, and I like cream. But, some creams seem "sissy" to me. However, the Carmel Macchiato is "manly" enough for me to get. Seriously, whether you are a male or female, these are awesome, and at a good price. You'll like it.
449887449887B004UOVDFIA1CR9PE7F9D8JFarlygrl0041349913600creamerI was extremely happy at the price I paid for this item. I send my husband w coffee every day and its as if he went for gourmet coffee daily.
449888449888B004UOVDFIA2GDUNXJXEELBKCoffee Drinker0041337212800Great TasteThe cream was great I can tell you that. Best serve with French Roast coffee. I am not sure if anybody encounter this. One of the box out of 6 boxes did not contain 24 count, it was like 12. The box was sealed and was not show signs of open. Maybe it was a last patch and they ran out?
449889449889B004UOVDFIA1IATV65IYNK96FU0051333152000Good!This product is very good. The creamer comes in many tiny cups which can be open individually. Nothing was shipped damaged, came perfectly.
449890449890B004UOVDFIA78SUXJ02Z9JQC. Curry0051331856000CREAMER like a DREAM!I.D.'s Carmel is supple, rich, and doesn't cut down on the full-bodied coffee that I enjoy- it adds to the quality and enhances the flavor. Local supermarket retails product for $4- AMAZON S&S it's down to $2- scooooore!

Singles are easy to travel,store without refrigeration, and are a TREAT to enjoy in coffee OR tea!

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