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450004450004B002T0KDNIA2RL1RS6PWUHWIJennifer Ackerman0051337299200Some really great and some really really badDiet Cranberry Raspberry - The BEST flavor I've tried yet. It's just sweet enough, great flavor, and calorie free. I always have at least three bottles of this in my cabinet at all times.

Orange - Very sweet but good. I'm not a fan of orange soda so that's probably the only reason I don't love this.

Lemon-Lime - Again, very sweet. It has a good sprite-type flavor though so I went ahead and tried the diet version as well to see if that would be a staple in our house.

Diet Lemon-Lime - It's not an all time favorite but it's good. I have a bottle of this usually for whenever I'm craving something different or something a bit more refreshing and I'm tired of plain water.

Cream Soda - WAY too strong. I love cream soda and so I didn't expect any issues with it but just the smell when opening the bottle was enough to make me slightly sick to my stomach. And I'm not exaggerating. I actually threw out the entire bottle after one sip. It has an almost alcoholish undertone to it that doesn't help at all. Gross.

Root Beer - Not even close to as bad as the cream soda but slightly reminiscent. I did drink the entire sample that came with the Sodastream but do not plan to buy a bottle of it even though I am a huge fan of root beer.

Cola - I bought this to act as an emergency back up for when my husband wanted a rum and coke and didn't have any coke in the house. It tastes a bit like off-brand diet cola to me, probably because of the Splenda. This is very off-putting only because there is so many calories in this and you don't even get a calorie-laden taste. Hahaha. This will continue to be held for those emergencies but we won't be drinking it by itself at all.

Grape - This one actually surprised me because I was so prepared not to like it. It's a bit on the sweet side but still much better than many others. I've been putting about 1/4th the amount of syrup in less than called for and it helps cut the sweetness a bit but after that it starts to make the flavor taste watered down. I wish I could find a diet version of this. Not sure if it exists or not but I can't find it on Amazon if it does.

I'll update this as I try more. I am cautiously optimistic about the diet ginger ale so that will be my next purchase.
450005450005B002T0KDNIAA78TCLHXPJOKTimothy G. Berntsen "Guru of geekdom"0021336348800A fairly "meh" generic cola.I love my Soda Stream, and most of the mixes I've used have been quite good (pretty much any of their fruit flavors, their Dr. Pepper substitute, Root Beer and Energy Drink have all been quite tasty), however the one flavor that really stands out as a disappointment is the cola flavor. I can forgive the fact that it doesn't taste like Coke or Pepsi-- I have tried other "b-list" colas that tasted good in their own way-- however, this one is overall just plain bland. It's not sweet enough, and it lacks the "kick" that I expect from a cola. I tried making the most of it by adding additional ingredients-- once I used vanilla, and it made the soda even more bland. The other time i used some cheap whisky my room mate bought, and it was probably the nastiest mixed drink I've ever had (I'm not a heavy drinker though, keep in mind, and I blame the crappy alcohol more than the soda for that one).

I have not explored other options for cola syrups yet, but this is one I don't expect I'll be buying again unless they change the formula. I'm pretty sure there's got to be a better option out there that does not involve spending $150 on a 5 gallon bag of Coca Cola syrup (which would have the high fructose corn syrup that I've been trying to avoid anyway).
450006450006B002T0KDNIA3VKLBHDXSJADCginger2008petlover0051335571200tasty treatsThis is some really good ginger ale. reasonably priced, when you buy this it is safe to say good bye to store bought soda.
450007450007B002T0KDNIA3661TXK40JJKXMichael Evans0051334880000goodTasted great, I used another soda maker, not a SodaStream. Tastes much like my favorite name brand Diet Ginger Ale's.
450008450008B002T0KDNIA38F9Y3V0CNUZWPriscilla A. Griffith "Priscilla Griffith"0051334534400Soda Stream MixGreat product - it tastes like the real thing! I would recommend this product to my family and friends. Great delivery service.
450009450009B002T0KDNIA3SWHOX5ARNNXXnrouns0051332892800ExcellentThis cola and the energy drink are the two best reasons to invest in a soda stream maker, they taste excellent and if you only drink soda occasionally you will always have a fresh fizzy drink.
450010450010B002T0KDNIA1YGCRGBPN12TRSara "SaraMac"0021330819200Yuck!I love the concept of the Sodastream, but the Cola flavor could be better, even more so when they try to compare it to Pepsi. I know with non-brands there will always be a difference, but this flavor is not good. Not horrible, but not something I will drink.
450011450011B002T0KDNIA313U53M5YUU3EM. Rossman0041330819200Great for floats, but not as good as A&WWe love our SodaStream and have found several of the mixes we like including the Root Beer. It is not as good as A&W root beer but it makes a great root beer float. It does not taste overly sweet, nor does it leave you with a chemical after taste. Plus it is nice that you can control how much syrup you add to play with the flavor a bit. I would recommend at least trying this syrup and definately use it for a root beer float!
450012450012B002T0KDNIA3LLWPY4AGBNL6Alliy Machit0051329609600I love itI bought the soda maker and the energy mix it's just like red bull but a little sweeter it saved me Money instead of buying red bull every day I just made it. it was great.
450013450013B002T0KDNIA12VMDYO7L1HURD. K. Peel "jstkdn"0051326585600Diet Pink Grapefruit Sodamix SyrupVery, very good. Refreshing and thirst quenching. I Love It. If you like Grapefruit, you'll like this drink. Just tried it in my SodaStream and it was delicious. When you don't want sweet and you want refreshed, this is the way to go.
450014450014B002T0KDNIA13C11C228TN5OGoldwing0031285545600With a little doctoring, very goodThis is better than diet but falls short of brand name cola taste. I feel the cola flavor is a little "spicy" and not fruity enough. I tried a few mixin's and now I think it is great. If it came as good as I can mix it, I would give it five stars. If you decide to try this product, get some True Lemon or Lime, True Orange, stevia packets (with a high level, 90% or better, of steviosides for cleaner,sweeter flavor, and a bottle of cherry snow cone syrup if you like cherry cola. I use a half packet of lemon and Orange, 1 packet of stevia, and a short squirt of cherry per liter bottle. Now the flavor falls between generic and brand name. Cheaper than using cans, but not cheaper than using two liter bottles. The calorie count is about a third of normal cola. You have to be comfortable with Splenda and Ace-K as Soda Stream uses those to offset some of the sugar (not corn Syrup a plus). Thankfully no Nutrasweet/aspartame as I get terrible headaches from that.
450015450015B002T0KDNIA1BZ9JH2MCH7WXpluvmantelo3511322611200False advertising?I chose the diet soda. Notice that the total amount of the product is not written. I was perplexed at first, but then discerned that the product image clearly says 750ml. So at $8.39 it seemed to be a decent price. However what I received was a 500ml bottle. Not worth the hassle of returning for a couple of bucks, but an annoyance none the less. So beware when you purchase. I suggest you assume that you will receive a 500ml bottle.
450016450016B002T0KDNIA1UROQBKMLU9Q3E.M.3531291334400Price is 2.6 times as high as sodastream directI am in agreement with several of the users. I can buy any of these flavors for 4.99 online, at the manufactures website. Why would I pay 8.99 to 13.99 for the same. This is nothing but a customer advisory. Buy the syrups direct and save a bundle. As for the product, its a great product. Spending 99.00 on the machine means I have to drink a LOT of soda to equal 99.00 of sodas but it is more fun and a lot less waste.
450017450017B002T0KDNIA3V4JOO0CG06DOAnnonymous "Globe Trotter"3551263859200Tastes like SpriteThe packaging could be better, i find it a bit messy. The bottle cap is the measuring device, kind of like a laundry detergent cap.

Flavor is pretty good, tastes like sprite.
450018450018B002T0KDNIA2XUR31NIZFYIKMichael1241325980800Tastes like Redbull, doesn't look so much like Redbull and smells a little vitaminyFirst thing, this does give you energy just like an energy drink. It also tastes very similar to Redbull. When I burp, it has the similar energy drink belch smell that energy drinks have for some reason. The color is not quite the same as Redbull.

But having said all that I still find this to be an excellent value when you compare the prices of Redbull vs this mixture. At the store, Redbulls are $1.99 where as this one costs maybe $0.40 after all is said and done (cost of carbonation, syrup, shipping charged on carbonation, etc). I made that number up in my head though, did not use a calculator or even really think mathmatically about it so it is pretty much a made up cost I pulled out of the air and doesn't represent anything truthfully.

Anyhow, I know it is a much cheaper solution, I enjoy it and am drinking some now. Meow.
450019450019B002T0KDNIA1DKG4P9PVO32UOneEducator1241319241600I love it except for...This is a great product that I enjoy daily because I can adjust the fizz as well as the strength of the taste. I have my own formula for preparing this drink to meet my personal desire and I have no problem with the artificial sweetner. The only problem here is the value. Amazon sells it for more than Kohl's and Kohl's sells it for more than Bed Bath and Beyond. I look forward to Amazon having a more competitive price so I can "load-up" in the near future (hint-hint). Either way, I like the diet Lemon-Lime Soda mix better than diet 7up. 'Nuff said?
450020450020B002T0KDNIARUPTZMAN8CXJR. Taylor1251315785600Great substitute for named brandsTired of carrying cases of soda around? This is a great substitute and easier on the back. When you follow the directions on how to make up a batch it was a great find. I found trying to make a calorie comparison with canned cola's more difficult than it needed to be. They should have provided calorie information on a 12 oz. basis to match the info on a can of cola.
450021450021B002T0KDNIA2JLHQKYJYH4LLKen1241304985600Good Product misleading ad...Thought I was saving time by buying online. The image is of a larger bottle but in the description it is for the smaller bottler. The price was higher for the big bottle than I had previously paid at BJ's who had sold but was out last time I went to buy it there. Buyer beware these come in several sizes. They are becoming more available so I will buy locally from now on...
450022450022B002T0KDNIA2BGW2Y3LVAJHWShannon R Dement1241297728000Flavors from home and childhoodThe sodastream has been a real help to my family we are currently serving overseas and while there is an abundance of coke here the other flavors of soda are shall we say lacking! Some are so bitter that they are not palatable to my family. Rootbeer is a favorite and the sodastream has it nearly perfect to the rootbeer my dad made when I was young! I think that a touch more syrup is necessary to reach the true rootbeer flavor so it gets one less use for my family than the bottle says and I think there is an underlying mint flavor that is not overwhelming or unwanted but a bit noticeable to me. I did not give it 4 stars because the items arrived dented and not packed as well as I would have liked to make the journey overseas not punctured but close. It was however shipped quickly and without delay. I have not tried the diet in any flavor other than cola and with the significantly lower sugar count in the regular probably wont but wouldnt mind hearin how they are! Thanks for shipping to us folks overseas since the sodastream site will not and where they have international sites they will only ship the flavor varieties for each country! That doesnt help much for me!
450023450023B002T0KDNIA3TBOVKB3GM674L. Barrett "Traveling Lady"1251293494400ExcellentThe machine was delivered promptly. We opened it at Christmas and my husband is having a good time making soda for both of us. I am very pleased with the purchase.
450024450024B002T0KDNIAZV26LP92E6WUM. Hammond "ColemanFlGuy"1251288483200Diet Cola SyrupGood stuff. I wish they would run a special on it though. I liked it. it is all i can find. locally i cannot find any cola syrup. but it tastes pretty good to me. i always wait until the price is right then i grab a few. i enjoy drinking it.
450025450025B000EF3E5OAUYT2H281GPNJRockster161851228521600Crown Prince Abacore TunaI have been ordering low mercury tuna from Amazon for some time. The last time I ran out, Amazon was not selling the brand I was buying (wild planet) so I looked for alternatives.

I could not really find an alternative on that actually identified itself as "low mercury." Low mercury tuna that I could find outside is very expensive plus you have to pay shipping. One brand that Amazon does sell - Crown Prince - says that their tuna is Dolphin-safe and line caught. Usually, the line-caught and troll-caught tuna from the Pacific Ocean is lower in Mercury than the typical tuna you find from brands like Starkist and Chicken-of-the-Sea. I also read a story recently that the high amount of selenium in tuna actually helps bind with mercury in tuna to negate its effects.

According to several articles I found, the interactions between dietary selenium and mercury are now the topic of exciting new research. Some of those studies were presented at a recent scientific meeting dedicated to the subject. The First International Symposium on Selenium and Mercury Interactions, was held February 22-24, 2007 in La Jolla, California. The symposium assembled scientists from the US, Japan, Spain, Ireland, Slowenia, Denmark and elsewhere to share information on selenium and mercury interactions and health effects.

Of particular interest was a paper given by Dr. Nicholas Ralston of the Energy and Environmental Research Center in North Dakota on the biochemical basis of selenium's protective effects on mercury toxicity. Selenium has an extremely high binding attraction and strength with mercury, forming a biologically inactive compound, mercury selenide.

But how much selenium is in tuna? All tuna species sampled, including bigeye, yellowfin, albacore and skipjack contained a healthy excess of selenium over the mercury content. For this reason, eating tuna, an excellent source of selenium, is more likely to protect against mercury toxicity, than cause it.

So, that was enough for me to give this tuna a try. From Amazon, it comes in a 12-pack case with free shipping. The price per can is very good. The tuna tastes great and the 12-oz can is a good size for me and my wife who like to mix it with low fat miracle whip, mustard, chopped onions, and green & red peppers and eat it with corn chips or make paninis. This is good quality tuna and worth stocking in your pantry.
450026450026B000EF3E5OA1M8W47Y72YQZASan111341183248000Good quality tuna!I'm very happy with the quality of this tuna!
The can is packed with large solid chunks of tuna. The flesh has a nice firm texture. And, the fact that it has no salt added and is packed in spring water means I can season it or prepare it any way I like.
I will re-order this item!
450027450027B000EF3E5OAGOH8N902URMWZeb "zebra01"7851210550400Very High quality TunaIn the past this product was only sold through health food stores at around 7.00 a can. As soon as you open it - the mild delicate aroma, even color and an all around sense of freshness. Other companies make premium tuna's - they are better than the regular issue but this product is beyond the usual premium. This is among the best. Often our animals sense quality - my Cat will only eat this tuna. He turns down the 'Gold' cans from the other famous brands.
450028450028B000EF3E5OA2ZSC81MXLBELXL. Shirley "Laurie's Boomer Views"2211261094400We Received Poor Quality, Smelly AlbacoreThis review refers to Crown Prince Natural Solid White Albacore Tuna in Water;No Salt(pack of 12)

I had previously bought the Crown Prince canned salmon(also no salt added) and was very happy with it. Everything about it was good. Smelled good, looked good and tasted good. So I decided to give the Tuna a try as well. The tuna was exactly the opposite. Smelled awful, looked horrible(very dark and chunky), and wasn't good tasting at all. It wasn't that it smelled or tasted rotten or anything, just not like good quality Albacore tuna should.

We are always on the look out for a good deal on low or no-salt items. They always run so high in the store, even for a tiny can of low-sodium tuna, you pay twice as much as one that is full of salt. These large cans came to a really good deal, and as I see from the other reviews, they enjoyed these. Maybe we got a bad batch or something, but after trying out 2 cans we know we won't buy this - or eat this - anymore.

My husband is the one who really likes tuna. I could take or leave it(usually leaving it). He usually went through 2 cans a week of the regular tuna we bought at the store, but, even he was disappointed by this stuff.

So I'm not recommending this not so "princely" tuna;if there is one batch of poor quality packed, there is probably others. It's too much money to throw away by taking another chance. For right now, I'll stick with the 2 cans of Star-Kist or Chicken of the Sea we buy each week at the market.

450029450029B000EF3E5OA2LASORRVJQI66C. Peters "Working 12-5"0051346544000TASTES LIKE FRESH TUNAThis is possibly the best albacore tuna I have every tasted. It tastes like fresh tuna that has been cooked, not like the mush that some of the popular brands end up being. It averages to about $5.68 per can... but consider it is a 12-oz can which is more than twice the size of most cans in the store, which are about $3.00 per 5 oz can. I keep reordering it. My favorite ways are with tomatoes and as a tuna salad. I like to add mayo/miracle whip, diced sweet pickles, celery seed, dill weed, onions and fresh minced garlic, and just a tad of crab boil.
450030450030B000EF3E5OATK2HA1JWNSQKD. Yeatman3551198368000Make it Subscribe and Save OptionI've been eating this tuna for 6 months now. As part of a weight loss regimen, it's marvelous. An excellent source of protein combined with low calories and no added salt, you can't get a better meat source on the market. I love that its portable. I can take it anywhere and open and eat it on the spot.
450001450001B002T0KDNIA56B7PHLXGXN3Harp0031339372800Out of line prices.Check around your local chain stores.
Prices are about 1/2 of what they are on here and you dont have to wait to get them.
450002450002B002T0KDNIA2YAHDOYQK3JJJRoger D. Lauzon "coaterfreak"0051338768000great syrupi love this syrup no high fructose corn syrup or aspartame added great taste so easy to make buy it you'll love it
450003450003B002T0KDNIA1UWE64CPO197GDoug Martin0041337904000Tasty GrapeThis is a good sodastream flavor and tough to find locally. I've found a little less than the measured amount makes a better mix. Using the full amount is almost overwhelming.

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