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450031450031B000EF3E5OA258RYWPK84RRLLinda - Northern Virginia1251303776000Crown Prince Albacore TunaThis tuna is the BEST! No salt added is a definite plus for the flavor of the tuna. There is alot of tuna and not alot of watery liquid when you open the can. Great stuff. I have tried to find other tuna without all the salt, but there wasn't much tuna in the can. I highly recommend this brand and the fact that it comes from Amazon with free shipping is a plus.
450032450032B000EF3E5OA32KEBFWXOA1I4Gary A. Jones1251289433600canned tunaI have tried two cans so far and every time it tastes better. I cannot
tell that there is no salt and neither can my wife. A great product every low salt fan can use.
450033450033B000EF3E5OA2TTOZR376T5SELinda Heatherton1251276387200excellentThis product is excellent! The flavor of the tuna is incredible. They sell this product at Whole Foods so it must be all natural and chemical free!
450034450034B000EF3E5OA2IYSJV1O3DEMOL. Smith1251253750400Delicious TunaIf you're shopping for low salt products, this is one you'll simply love. It's impossible to find low salt canned fish in the regular supermarket chains in my area, so I had to shop online. This product delivers exactly what I was looking for. I eat fish regularly and with this product I can eat it right out of the can or make tuna salad, cassorole or fish patties. Whatever way you like it, this canned tuna is a good and healthy choice.
450035450035B000EF3E5OA1LFSTBR7L7PUTV. Wiedemann "2 avid readers"0231247097600A bit inconsistentThis is good quality tuna, but some cans are packed really solid and others have more small loose flakes in them. Not sure I will buy again since albacore is high in Mercury and the Crown Prince sardines in olive oil are great tasting without the mercury content.
450036450036B000EF3E5OA1FEP94TP15RG0J. H. Baker0311246060800NO SALT but very expensive Albacore tuna! $4.70 a can!You cannot return food items to Amazon, so be sure you want this before you get it: Crown Prince Natural Solid White Albacore Tuna in Water, No Salt Added, 12-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12). It has no added salt, so if that is important to you, the tuna in the cans is very nice and the cans are BIG (12 oz, not 6 oz.) Amazon has other albacore tuna for less: Polar All Natural Solid White Albacore Tuna, 12-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12).
450037450037B001I61BNAAXJ3UW1TKRFOIC. Walters1151302566400Tangerine are great watermelon are better!
450038450038B004VRKF44AWKFIXT0XI8FXR. Carlson "bmwrick"0051343520000If you like hamburgers, this is a must have!If you love hamburgers, either home made or frozen( Aldi's frozen angus burgers!), this makes everything better! I highly recommend Weber Gourmet Burger seasoning!
450039450039B006ACL9HKA1QJ4T55GDXE9Zpeter10070021335139200Weird flavornot sure how to describe this tea but WEIRD seems to sum up the flavor for me. They describe the flavor as tropical with real plum........ I guess I just don't get it.
450040450040B001EPR15WA10O4LYO967IZLinda R. Wagoner2351290124800Best powdered Wasabi found onlineWe have used this for sushi and have found it holds it's heat well in jar storage. Reconstitutes great with water and like it the best of all we've tried.
450041450041B000FADLX8AIUFY909DRQK2Chunme0041325635200Delicious with prime dipAs a long time employee of various Nevada casinos, I ate Prime Dip about once a week, now I am retired and make my own. Knorr Au Jus is as good as any I have tried in restaurants. Four stars as nothing is perfect.

The previous poster, obviously has not followed instructions and either used too little water or too much cooking. Making this and other Knorr sauces is easier than boiling an egg. Try it, you will love it.
450042450042B000FADLX8A25BMC59UPBGMDJ. Christensen0011324166400Way too thick.This is more like a brown gravy that a traditional Au Jus. We tried some for French Dip Sandwiches, and the result was a thick unappetizing mess
450043450043B000H155ZMAYB4ELCS5AM8PJohn B. Goode "JBG"4451290384000I love this soup!This is the bigger badder brother of regular tomato soup. And Campbell's is the best brand of tomato bisque I've ever had. I like it because it's creamy, sharp, sweet and has chunks of tomato in it. I don't know what else to say except that I've had this ever since I was a kid and it tastes really great. If you want to dress it up you can add some cognac or croutons in it, but other than that, it's great as is.
450044450044B000H155ZMA3M88BWL4YABUMElise Heinz2251196294400Good stuffNot "just ordinary Campbell's." Too much salt, of course, and improved by a blob of sour cream, but better than the "premium" brands.
450045450045B000H155ZMA1KTIA9D71CWLNDingle980011345593600Taste has tumbledThis used to be one of our favorite soups. Taste/quality has gone in the wrong direction, and so we will not purchase again. Gave away the remaining 11 cans of the pack to a food drive at our church along with some other items which had a much more favorable flavor.
450046450046B000H155ZMA2KMZ15ICYHRZBAmaznon0021343001600Not nearly as good as the Kirkland-Campbell Tomato BisqueOne of the main reasons I used to have for going to Costco was the delicious tomato bisque they used to have. It was a Kirkland-Campbell Tomato Bisque and I would buy it by the dozens. Unfortunately, I can't find it there any more. Checked two stores already, none to be found. So I tried Amazon and the closest match I could find. But it has very little to do with the bisque I loved so much. Now I am stuck with 11 cans I have no use for. Any suggestions?
450047450047B000H155ZMA32TT6TOHRSX4Rernie*s mom0051339200000Best canned soup everLove this soup in the fall with a grilled cheese sandwich. It's a quickie supper but oh so good. I serve it the rest of the year with lighter fare. I do add 1% or 2% milk instead of water as I believe it makes a richer, tastier product.
450048450048B000H155ZMAP8EJ8WI0K64Kgramma 800051330473600campbells canned tomato nisque souphave always trusted campbell products and was very happy with this order have used two cans so far one as a bowl of soup i did ad some cooked small pasta to it i like it that way will buy again
450049450049B001SB6A7CA1FM2Z84TA9HH9ISO Health, Wealth, and Amazing Shopping on A...101151263600000Delicious Alternative to Regular Potato ChipsThe Good Health Humbles product line of their Natural Products is an excellent, tasty, potato chip alternative for consumers interested in eating more consciously to maintain good health. I tried a single bag, purchased at a natural foods co-op, before deciding to splurge the 12-pack offered here on, and I was deliciously impressed by the taste and flavor of these chips! This line of all natural snacks offers three taste sensations: Sesame Garlic, Olive Oil Lemon & Feta, and Roasted Red Pepper, as offered here.

As soon as I bit into one of these chips, I knew there was no going back to regular grocery store offerings. As someone who is trying to improve my diet, while also leaving a little wiggle room for eating healthier versions of the foods I love, Good Health Humbles fits in nicely, offering me a snack with 60% less fat than ordinary potato chips, with no cholesterol, and 3 grams of protein per serving! When a crunchy-food craving hits, this product is something you can feel good about eating.

For those concerned specifically about the nutritional value, I assure you this line of products is a healthier choice than your typical bag of chips: with only 4 grams of fat per serving, and 120 calories with no saturated or trans fats, this product also offers 1 gram of fiber per serving, with a only a small amount of sugar (1 gram), and a low amount of sodium (125 mg). offers a great value on these products. As compared to the Good Health Natural Products website,'s price is a huge enticement to shop here, when you compare it to the $30.95 you would pay for the same order directly through the company.

After trying multiple so-called "healthier" chip options, I feel I have finally found one I fill good about eating, even when I devour the whole bag in one sitting! ***Warning - this is a likely occurrence once you've tasted one of these chips!***
450050450050B001SB6A7CARZW4USCBW3U5J. Rowland6651297900800SOOOOO GOOD!I'm addicted to the Lemon Feta. Had these at the Hilton in Orlando on vacation by the pool and could not stop eating them. I had to scour the web to find sellers as no one sold them locally when I got home. They are healthy and amazing! If you have kids, give them these, not those greasy brands we all know come in a big yellow bag. Blech!
450051450051B001SB6A7CA1C1RT19BYOAIZL. Finucan "thirst for knowledge"4451295049600humbles chips are flavorfulI had purchased these hummus chips, sesame garlic, at a health food store and loved the true flavor of garlic and sesame. I purchased a whole case from amazon the next week. They are not like the typical snack chip you find in the grocery store, the humbles brand is healthy yet has intense flavor, you can tell right away with the first taste that they don't have that heavy salty oily taste like some chips have. I will purchase these chips again.
450052450052B001SB6A7CAN73NGQVKXTXALindseyLou2251306195200Delicious and Healthier!I am a bariatric patient, and these are wonderful on the go snacks for me. In moderation, if course. But they taste amazing, I haven't met one person yet that doesn't like them. And the prices on Amazon are excellent, you won't find them cheaper anywhere else!
450053450053B001SB6A7CA3Q8QB01HHCQEIE. Parrish "Iditarod's Littlest Musher"2251288569600Most Yummy!!!!!!!Wow, for a different sort of taste, you just have to try this. Betcha can't eat just one (bag)!!! I love crunchy and savory snacks and this incredibly satisfies that desire. The only reason I have a couple of bags left a month after receiving my order is that I try (mostly unsuccessfully) to ration them -- and I was gone for a week and a half...
450054450054B001SB6A7CA25SXOKA0K8V67E. Duncan2251268697600WARNING,...These could become an addiction, but one you will LOVE!I was just in a local grocery store that is geared towards healther foods where they were giving out samples of these. After just 1 I was hooked. I picked up the Sesame garlic, and as another reviewer warned, you may find yourself eating the entire bag!!
450055450055B001SB6A7CAQ5L4NDW5POVCJulianne1151338422400So excited to find these on amazon!I was so upset when my local Whole Foods stopped carrying Humbles soon after I discovered them. I am on a diet that restricts gluten and most other grains including rice. Humbles are the only kind of chips that I'm now able to enjoy. The flavor is so much better than potato chips that even my husband likes them. I'm glad that I found them on Amazon and can get a box shipped right to my door every few months.
450056450056B001SB6A7CA1TIC20OXURTX9Jean R. F. Winter Springs, Fl.1151319846400Humbles olive oil, lemon and feta chipsI tasted these chips at Costco and it was love at first bite. Being a hummus lover I thought it quite clever that someone had thought to make a chip out of it!! I now understand the customer reviews that warn of hummus chip addiction! My friends really like them, too.
I can no longer find them at Costco or any of my grocery stores which is unfortunate as I feel these chips would sell really well. Thank goodness for Amazon.
450057450057B001SB6A7CA3UQJYB996DGA1Rachel "(soon to be) Nurse Rachel"1151313625600Delicious - nutritious - amazing alternative to fatty potato chipsMy husband and I are big fans of hummus, so when we saw hummus chips we had to try them. Little did we know they would become our favorite crunchy snack. The Olive oil, lemon, and feta combo is perfect - and amazing with dip, cheese, hummus, and just by themselves.

Even better - eating a whole bag (as we often do) isn't even that bad for you. We are both gastric bypass patients and this is something we can eat without feeling any guilt - we just enjoy it.

In fact, we just finished off a bag of these delicious chips with a combination of sharp cheddar cheese and Greek yogurt ranch dip (another amazing guilt free alternative).

Highly recommend giving it a try - you'll be hooked just as we are.
450058450058B001SB6A7CA3VQC1RKDSVJ98M. Napier3441273190400Good Health Humbles, Baked Hummus Chips, Sesame GarlicHad opportunity to purchase these chips while out of town. Loved them so much that I went online and within 2 days received a case at a portion of the cost I paid while on vacation.
450059450059B001SB6A7CA171Q84OCRT7M5JoyA2331335225600They're OK!I bought sesame garlic. Although they are pretty good, I'm quite turned off by the nutrition facts. They are NOT that good for you. yeah, there's no saturated fat, or cholesterol, BUT, the serving size is 3 Chips, and in that serving size, theres 4 grams of fat, and 17 grams of carbs. So I might as well be eating Frito lay chips. They market it like its health food just because they are hummus, but it's just as fattening as potato chips. I probably would not buy again....
450060450060B001SB6A7CAHNUQNIC0UBELbrian aklestad0031350086400Not bad but not great either.Will not order again and may not finish the ones I have here. These are not bad but just not very good either. I compare these to Bugles chips in taste. Do yourself a favor and buy 1 bag locally 1st before buying a case online and then not wanting to finish the bag let alone the whole case.

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