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450061450061B001SB6A7CA34P5N3GDSV6NTAmy E. Lannon0051347148800Humbles, Hurray!!I love this product. They are crispy and very flavorful. The Lemon and Feta flavor are my favorite. My family plowed through our box in less than a month! Great by themselves, but could be dipped, especially in hummus.
450062450062B001SB6A7CA3T5LZMC3SR998J. Van0051340150400Scrumptious! Well Tolerated by People with J-PouchesThese chips are unlike any other similar ones that we've ever tried. For starters, they are generously seasoned and taste great! There's no hunting around in the bag for the seasoned ones because every chip in the bag tastes great. The texture is crispy and is more like a traditional fried chip than a baked one, in my opinion.

Finally, I wanted to mention that my daughter and I have j-pouches and if you have one you know the struggle it is to find foods that work with the pouch. These chips are well tolerated by both of us and don't causes any of the usual problems that we experience with most other snack foods. So this may be one snack food you might want to try if you have a j-pouch.

450063450063B001SB6A7CA1G8BC99793QKBM. Goldstein0051283817600Crunch and tasty snack!I just bought these at the grocery store in Canada.
Where I am a bag costs $4 and if you go to the natural foods store it is $5 there!
Amazon has a much better price.

The red pepper is quite good,but I want to get a plainer chip for dipping.
450064450064B001SB6A7CA2MA1ZM8ILIPFQmrs s0051264118400AddictiveBest chips I have ever eaten. The could be a little lower in sodium (220 mg/serving) but other than that I love them!
450065450065B001SB6A7CA2GOR08W4UGJO7austinwriter0141331510400Great Taste, Small BagsThe taste of these chips is incredible. My only problem is that the bags are mostly filled with air. I'd like to see more chips in the bag.
450066450066B001SB6A7CA3CBRLRMR2EI34J. Charney "educated consumer"0121310083200disappointed esp bec based on other reviews was expecting to be goodUgh, again ordered 12 pack of snack I never tasted, was hoping save time going to stores shopping for things like this, wanted to stock up, read all the great reviews figured I can't go wrong, but of course I ordered the weirdest sounding of the flavors, maybe I'd have been somewhat better off choosing the garlic whatever it was flavor than this one. I tried eat a bag, now I don't touch em, another snack I've been contemplating bringing few with me whenever I go into city to see if homeless might want it rather than just throwing it out, at least for a snack it's on the healthier side. But I'd kinda feel bad knowing it tastes bad, but if they're hungry they still might want it. I didn't like the crunch/texture of them, the taste, nothing really. Just my honest opinion, I can't really say it would have been a lot different if it were one of the other flavors, but I don't think I want try them after not really even liking these a little bit. Maybe snacks can't really be too healthy and taste good.
450067450067B001CBCJGEA9B7A35X5U9F2I. G. AlTheeb5541221696000Gold Fish, great crackersIf you like cheese this is the one to go with. This box comes with three big bags of tasty goldFish. I checked the expiration date on the box and its good for 5 more months, which is really enough. the -1 star was for some little fishy was smashed, probably because of the shipping. other than that, I loved it.
450068450068B001CBCJGEA2D7SH5QQBDSUTReamonn Seaman0051344556800Awesome!If you like goldfish crackers these will satisfy you for a while. I have bought this box 3 times and eat them. I've brought them to school and shared with the rest of my class, which is about 13 people, and one bag still lasted me about a week! They are definitely worth the $16-$20 for how long they will last. Some crackers are crushed but barely any, but even bags of chips in stores have crumbs and for being shipped through mailing companies they do not have more crumbs than a bag at a store.
450069450069B001CBCJGEA37FC6S2HJSPOMThe Reviewmaster0051340582400Goldfish!Goldfish by the handfuls! For so long! This is a whole lot of snacking right here. Great product. Buy some! You won't regret it.
450070450070B001CBCJGEA7HBRCQAXV0I3Marjorie Percy0051311465600GOOD STUFFI love Goldfish - you can eat a little or a lot - plus this size will last me for a long time.
450071450071B001CBCJGEAMA1R91R2VTP6Diane0051308182400Pepperidge Farm Cheddar GoldfishLove, Love, Love this product. It was absolutely perfect. I was worried about freshness, but it was one of the freshest packages of Pepperidge Farm Goldfish I've ever purchased. I thought the goldfish were extra salty also, which is a big plus for me. I bought this product when it was very discounted, so I got quite a deal on it. I gave a bag to my mom (kept two for myself) and now I am completely out, but the price has gone up about $6.00, so I am waiting a bit to see if the price will go down again before I re-order.
450072450072B001CBCJGEA234HXDATOAYEYKaren Baker "city mama"0041289347200This ought to do the jobThose little 6 ounce bags of Goldfish are simply no match for my 5 kids. This giant box should last us...oh, at least 2 days. These are the Goldfish you all know and love, but I deducted one star because the 3 inner bags are a little too crowded in the box, resulting in a crumbled fish here and there. I'd buy again though. I'd really love to see the whole grain variety in this size.
450073450073B001CBCJGEA3ERTHGCYNZ1TAA. Thompson1251319241600I haven't tried these. Why are they so great?My daughter is away for college. I can shell out $16 and 2 days later she gets a note saying there's a package for her. Big smiles and a grateful text message home to papa.
I'd rather she eat these than random junk food while staying up late. Plus, plenty to spare for her roommates.
Thanks Amazon, for making my life as a college parent easier.
450075450075B001CBCJGEAZ3EH7RQBT96QRobert Orlando2441264723200YumI don't know why I like these crackers so much, but I always have. Maybe because they're so tiny that its easy to scoop them up and shovel them into my mouth. Amazon doesn't offer most of the other great flavors. Personally, I like Parmesan cheese flavored the most. They also have dessert-ish flavors now like Cinnamon and S'mores. Regardless, I've never had a flavor that I didn't enjoy.
450076450076B001CBCJGEA3G48O43FNVD5UAnna Stephens "Maria"2541240617600AddictedI've always loved these little crackers. When I was a kid, I would toss them into soup and pretend I was catching fish. Now I just get a wicked case of the munchies and power through half a bag at one sitting. Why am I admitting that? I dunno, but these are great little snacking crackers.
450077450077B000IEHRFEA12KD3GINBX8R7Joe0031309392000Good product -- great companyVery nice product from a reliable company. Happy with everything I've bought from Klein's. Actually prefer other glazing over these honey glazed though, but this product is good.
450078450078B003ALK7I6ABQJH58F0V0KEMarc Ghafoori0051333584000Love these thingsUnlike hides, Bully sticks don't break apart into tiny, wet pieces. There is virtually no mess or staining. The bully lasts about 2 hours of straight chewing with our 1 year old Corgi. After she has been chewing on it for a while, the hard bully stick becomes soft and easier to break apart. When we want the bully stick to last longer, we will let our dog have it for 20 minutes at a time so that it only allows her to start to soften it and get a little bit off. If you wait for it to dry, it will harden again.

This is by far the cheapest way to get the bully sticks as they range from $5-$9 a piece in stores. (Bought for $85 here on Amazon)
450079450079B003MYZ3TEA3TAS1AG6FMBQWJeri Zerr "formerly a Road Rarrior of the Nth...0011350259200don't let the cute packaging deceive, contains Blue 1 (petroleum derived) known for severe GI issuesSince Kraft Catalina Salad Dressing contains not only High Fructose Corn Syrup but also the diarrhea inducing BLUE 1 I absolutely cannot rate this product highly. Google "blue 1 adverse reactions" for a long list of complaints. Heck even the FDA issued a press release linking this petroleum derived food color as "casually linked to fatalities." Buyer beware.

Last week my husband came home with a bottle. After eating a very healthy salad I spent hours in agony on the toilet on an otherwise gorgeous autumn day then had to throw out the just opened bottle of toxins. The next day we were at a luncheon where these packets of Catalina were served and sure enough these packets also contain petroleum derived FD&C Blue 1.

I now make our own healthy "honey Catalina" using basic ingredients of water, tomato paste, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, sugar, onion, honey, sea salt, Italian seasoning, garlic, black pepper, turmeric and paprika (listed in order of quantity). I blend thoroughly and freeze the extra in 1 to 2 week supply freezer containers. You can make your own packets with a vacuum sealer or pack a small storage container of dressing to go with your salad.
450080450080B003MYZ3TEAPYTDO6VQQ0IECatfree0051344902400Catfree packetsGreat way to travel out to dinner, or on an airplane and still enjoy the convenience of your favorite dressing where ever you go.
450081450081B003MYZ3TEAA4O37EI6YBBHfroglover19820051304640000No guess work for portion sizeI love this! I can now now exactly what caories I'm adding to my lunch salad, whether it's eating out and bringing one of these along, or packing my own salad. I would definatley buy these again!
450082450082B003MYZ3TEA27MEHB3LDWAV5Pat Bolton0051300665600Salad Dressing for eating out!Thanks for so much for offering this product! It is so easy to take these packets when we eat out and know exactly what calories we are eating and a taste we enjoy!
450083450083B0060BAO90A20K2H9XOI7X4Flower Power!0051332806400DeliciousThis tea is a delicious healthy beverage that I love to drink before bed. I use one teaspoon for a pot of tea and steep it for 30 minutes, its sooting taste and aroma helps me relax after a long day.
450084450084B0000CH39RA2IKJOQVJG9JL3E. McAvoy131331300665600See's CandySee's candy is always good! The candy we recieved through Amazon was good but not fresh. Most pieces were starting to change to a chalk color and were dry. We were disappointed in the quality of our shipment.
450085450085B0000CH39RA3M174IC0VXOS2Gail Cooke111151085529600A SWEET TOOTH CANNOT BE IGNOREDTo our taste these chocolates are on a par with far more expensive ones in glittery gift boxes.

We often take them as hostess gifts (hoping, of course, that said hostess will immediately open them and pass them around.)

See's Candies hasn't disappointed us yet.

450086450086B0000CH39RA2MZRIVURSHAUBArchit Shivaprakash "Archit"6621128988800Good stuff, prohibitive shippingChocolates are great. Shipping costs are high. They took close to a week to actually ship the chocolates.
450087450087B0000CH39RA23GFTVIETX7DSDebbie Lee Wesselmann162141068249600Excellent but not outstanding chocolatesSee's Candies is a well-known San Francisco chocolate company, now with stores throughout the United States. In California, the lines to buy chocolate can snake out the door. I've had See's Candies many times, most recently this assortment, and while See's makes an excellent product, the chocolate coating could be richer in flavor. Still, these confections are above average; they easily outclass ordinary brands such as Russell Stover and Whitman's with fresher and more flavorful fillings.

Anyone receiving a box of See's Candies for a gift knows that an extra effort has been made. Although they aren't the best I've had, they certainly rank up there with the finest chocolate assortments available in a box.

450088450088B0000CH39RA1RVT44SHQV8ECAble Devildog "jackjack5"5611323820800MisrepresentationThe problem is not with the candy. Amazon pictures a christmas box but instead you get the regular white box.
450089450089B0000CH39RAXBTUPPPX2UKVB. Roberts233311091145600Shipping is crazy$13.95 in shipping (5-7 days) for a $26.00 order!?!?!? Do the math, that's OVER 50% extra on shipping alone. Are you crazy? We're not talking about Scharffen Berger chocolates here and they only charge $9 for 3 to 5 days (for a $30 order). I don't care what chocolate you buy, but don't get taken on the shipping for a cheap product!!!
450090450090B0000CH39RA35E1H06KWDFAJG. Tannehil-Carlsen1151143244800Sees candy is always greatI really enjoy sending things online. This purchase was a gift so I really think that there should have been available a gift card to send with it. I had to mail a card separate from this purchase.

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