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450181450181B000EMD1Q4AMIF7C6STMQG5J. Smith4551268352000I love this tea!I love this lemon ginseng green tea
450182450182B000EMD1Q4A3DLMSJAWBVE4CM "eM"0031299456000Lemony!The lemon flavor is a little intense for my liking but I still enjoy this blend. When I run out of this package, I'll go back to the regular green tea.
450183450183B000EMD1Q4A3PI6O5RQF35OASummer Girl0011295654400Very bitterThis is one of the most unpleasant teas that I have ever tasted. It is bitter, with none of the zippy flavoring that lemon and green tea are supposed to have. The Celestial Seasonings version of this tea is much better.
450184450184B000EMD1Q4A3PCAQMUTN4DHHcinder480051294617600Love this tea!Lipton Green Tea, Lemon Ginseng, Tea Bags, 20-Count Boxes (Pack of 6) My favorite tea but I can't find it locally anymore. It has a very nice flavor. Combine that with the benefits you get from a green tea and it's a win win!
450185450185B000EMD1Q4ARZJUEJ3P7NP7Darris C. Sweet0031165449600Not BadI liked this tea but it is kind of regular in flavor. It doesn't stand out in my opinion. It is just there in taste. So if it is on sale buy it, if not pass.
450186450186B000EMD1Q4AXSV2IRQX2C20JAScribbles "Kindle is charged and ready!"5821313280000May CAUSE Joint PainReview edit: If you are looking for other opinions in this issue, Google Jenna Scribbles Can Green Tea Cause Joint Pain. You will be able to read over thirty comments from people around the world, confirming this problem.

Many doctors and articles will state that green tea is good for joint pain. It's an anti-inflammatory and people suffering from lupus or arthritis are encouraged to drink it.

I started drinking this lemon and ginseng tea last winter. I stopped drinking pop and wanted to avoid the caffeine withdrawal. About one month later my joint pain was so bad I needed to use ice packs on the affected areas. I racked my brain trying to figure out where this was coming from. I'd never had this problem before in my life.

The only thing that had changed was I stopped drinking soda pop and started drinking this green tea. I guess you could add that I was two months older, but I hoped most people didn't dive into old age that quickly.

So one day I decided to stop drinking this tea. Twenty four hours later I felt much better. Two days later I felt almost perfect. And one week later I was back to normal.

I'm not a doctor. I'm not saying all green tea is bad... just analyze and take note of how your body reacts to this product or any tea. If you are experiencing joint pain - trying cutting out all tea and see if it helps.
450187450187B000EMD1Q4A25SUJJWFVKB19Komal "Komal"1251335052800It's the ONLY green tea I drink!This is the ONLY green tea I drink now. After trying out so many flavors, this is the only one that I enjoy. I appreciate the caffeine content displayed on the side of the box. As a medical student studying grueling hours, this tea gives me the perfect boosting balance of antioxidants, caffeine and most especially, flavor. I can't always find the Lemon-Ginseng at stores - so yaaaaay amazon!
450188450188B000EMD1Q4AI6B0IDSKDX1YA. E. Garcia0111264118400Not GoodThis tea isn't good. If you want green tea with a hint of lemon tea go with Bigelow. It is fantastic.
450189450189B000EMD1Q4A261OROB4ULA4TMr. Sudhakar S. Naraparaju "Raj Naraparaju"0231268524800Raj Green Tea GinsengI just started using this product. It has a good taste but I am not sure about the benefits of the product. I may have to wait for a couple of months to know them.
450190450190B0018AMWXEAYZOFRN9MI4ZNM. Klink "black belt in shopping"3351227484800real bakery sugarthese are real non-pareils, excellent price, arrived in excellent condition, this is bakery quality decorations
450191450191B0018AMWXEA1WCEVP8IWEMQ5Rachel Phung Farrell0051344643200Perfect colorThis is nice for making the broccoli tops in my Chinese take out cupcakes. The greens are different shades of dark green.
450192450192B0018AMWXEA2YHWV3CWZ3JWTjesse floyd0021344556800Read the fine print!I paid over $10.00 for a single 4 oz container. I was looking to buy bulk, and mistakenly assumed that for ten dollars, I would receive a 4 pk of non pareils. Clearly, I didn't read the product description carefully enough as only one container was received! I know these are sold (online and in stores) for much (much!!) less, so I would suggest checking other vendors on Amazon or elsewhere before purchasing.
450193450193B0018AMWXEA2TEDGZQS0EAQ0Tiffany0041339804800pack of 6I must've missed where it said that these nonpareils came in a pack of SIX. This is way more than I wanted, but I guess you do get a lot for what you pay for. Arrived promptly, no complaints about the product.
450194450194B0018AMWXEAF1WN7WJRQ1DXNicole A. Sauerwald0051338422400Excellent quality sprinkles!The color on these was bright and they stuck well to my buttercream without bleeding. One cupcake I still had after 6 days did have some bleeding on the red ones but in my experience, cupcakes usually don't last that long!
450195450195B0018AMWXEA2TI40FPAYM8P7Lindsey Olson "Living Unrefined"0021304985600blue is not true to color!I ordered the blue non pareils, and they were not the same shade of blue shown in the picture. The real color is a bit lighter and maybe more "aqua." When sprinkled on white frosting, they did look a bit darker. So, they worked for what I need, but the color was still disappointing...
450196450196B0018AMWXEA2PXVMF9DH8NDZM. Sarrao0051297555200Great Value!These non pareils are wonderful! They come in a variety of colors and were exactly what I was looking for. If you are an Amazon Prime member, they are shipped free! Quality and Value!
450197450197B0018AMWXEA28B9MEWZDH6JQSuzanne Arthurs0111282867200BEWARE!Never received product. Contacted seller asking where my item was and never got a reply back. I had to file a complaint with Amazon to get it investigated and eventually, get my money back. I will never buy from this seller again.
450198450198B0002ML8F2A3LDYUGV9CW17WWSbelle2251175817600Our dogs love it, and we're switching to this.Our two dogs have eaten the same old thing for years, but due to the current pet food recalls, we had to switch to something else.

I was worried at first that this wouldn't go over well -- I'd tried to change their dog food before and they didn't like the all-natural brand that I'd bought. But, this is different! They love it. They also love the PetGuard dry food.

I'll assist in the change-over by adding in some home-cooked chicken or small amounts of other foods that they've always liked.

It's a relief. I'm so tired of worrying about what we're feeding to the dogs!
450199450199B000ARWL50A3OKJPCADMYOYUVinod Agarwal232821158537600The price is higher than retail price in CVS/WalgreensThe price per can works out to be higher than what it is in CVS/Walgreens stores. They are selling it for 14 dollars only. Why you guys are asking for 92 dollars for 6-pack, which means it will be around 15.3 dollars?
450200450200B000ARWL50A30LJDLZ7BE4BQM. Robinson5551234828800Best for PreemiesMy baby was born at 34 weeks and was only 4 1/2 lbs. She spent 22 days in the NICU at the hospital, and this was the formula they recommended. By the time she left the hospital, she weighed 5 lbs, 5 oz! Now she is 5 months old and weighs 14 lbs and is healthy and happy as can be!

The only criticism I have is that it can be hard on babies' tummies. I had to cut her Neosure amount in half and supplement the other half with Similac's Sensitive formula. Since I started that (at about 2 1/2 months) she has felt MUCH better and she hasn't missed a beat in her weight gain and healthy check-ups!
450201450201B000ARWL50A2T98P851FC4SFPrat4451189641600Very good formulaMy baby was on this from 0-9 months as she was a premie. She did very well on it. It has 22 cals per ounce as opposed to 20 cals per ounce like the other formulae. It is a bit more expensive but was worth it.
450202450202B000ARWL50A340PPNF4ZLSLLL. Dement "demented mom of twins"5651232064000Excellent product for preemiesI delivered twin girls at 34 weeks and they weighed in at 3 lbs 15 oz and 4 lbs 8 oz. We supplemented my milk with 1-2 bottles of Neosure plus added 1/2 tsp per 3 oz of breastmilk to add 2 calories per oz. They now weigh 8 lbs and 2 oz and 8 lbs 8 oz 46 day later. They gained 3 lbs 4 oz and 3 lbs 4.5 oz in the 31 days they have been home. We are now on normal formula.

Buy it at Safeway for 14.99 each, $89.94 for 6 though
450203450203B000ARWL50A8CDDB4GF2OFKB. Gerbracht2241332806400For our premature twins.In October of 2011 my wife and I became the parents of twins; a boy and a girl. They were 6 weeks premature and had to spend two weeks in our local NICU. Similac Neosure was the formula that both of them could stomach. They initially tried other brands but one or the other couldn't hold them down. Well, almost 6 months later and we're still feeding them Similac NeoSure. The product seems fine I guess I have to give it the majority of the credit for my once 3lbs babies now weighing between 12-13 pounds!

What I don't like about this product is the small can that it comes in. The pack of 6 is the best value for your dollar but it still doesn't go very far. My wife and I buy about one case a week, that's nearly 400 dollars a month in formula!

A tip to parents of multiples; we make our formula once a day and that will last through the day. We pour in 58 ounces of water and add 28 scoops of NeoSure (both of us hate the scooping part). We use a large blender for our storage container. This makes mixing and storage that much easier! Good luck out there!
450204450204B000ARWL50A12S9HQ2LTG6C2Katie2251231286400Exactly what the doctor orderedThis product has worked very well for my twin sons who were born a month early. When the boys were in the NICU for their first week, the hospital used this product as a staple for every preemie. When we took the twins home, the doctor advised us to continue using this as it has more calories per ounce than regular formula. What I have to stress about this formula is that you really should only use it with a doctor's recommendation. It is the amped up version of regular formula, and shouldn't be used unless you are directed by your infant's physician.
The price here is consistent with Safeway and even Wal-mart's prices, but when ordering from here, it gets delivered to your door free of charge, and with twins, that's a big help!
450205450205B000ARWL50A31BGMV5NMMSG0Martina mom of twins1151346889600Price too highProduct is great but Amazon has again raised prices. I was able to buy elsewhere and the case value worked out to 11.84/can. This was a huge savings for my twins.
450206450206B000ARWL50A20S8HVG4MXEGEHenna Budhwani1151331596800Great Product, Great PriceNeosure is preemie formula, and in my opinion - is just about the best option available. By the time my boys were four months, they had hit the 50th percentile in weight. I attribute their excellent weight gain to Neosure.

As to the comments about cost, I just looked up the price on It's $15.99 a can plus tax (in my area 8.5%) or about $17.00. Amazon's price is less than $15.50 a can, with no tax add-on. Plus, I appreciate that I don't have to run to the store to pick the boys' formula up.
450207450207B000ARWL50A28UM2R7FFEZG8E. D. Peterson1151329782400FoodI us this to supplement my baby. She has been on it since she was two weeks old, and she has never spit up, and she drinks it very well. I use it because she was three weeks early and not gaining enough with just breast milk, so my doctor has me using this about three times a day.
450208450208B000ARWL50A3IB8IWM9TNOJBPam1151313452800Great preemie care formulaMy son was born at 25 weeks and when I brought him home at 3 months old, he weighed 4 pounds and 8 ounces. He's been home 2 months now and is 5 months old and weighs 11 pounds and 4 ounces! This formula is all I feed him. He eats 4 ounces every 3 hours and I use 1 scoop for every 2 ounces of water as directed. I've had no issues with spitting up or reflux. The only drawback to this formula is that it is so dog-danged expensive! Ouch! Our pediatrician has said that my son should be on this a year.
450209450209B000ARWL50A3RKCND6OA3D7YAndi2351284422400Finally a great price on Amazon!!I'm not really sure how to review this formula. It is only recommended that you use this under the direction of a physician, so whether or not it worked for our babies doesn't mean that it will, or even should be attempted, for your babies. If, however you're just checking to see if other people have used it, then yes, our preemies were given this in the hospital and we continued its use at home. When asked if I could switch formulas, my pediatrician advised not to since the babies still needed the 22 calorie formula. Even at 10 weeks premature, our babies at 3 months now are no different than ACTUAL 3 month babies - pretty amazing. But, yes, now the price on Amazon is inline with what you will find in the store. The only better deal I can find is to use the coupons that Similac sends out, but there are only so many of those. But free shipping and no tax through Amazon? Can't beat that!
I bought it at eighty nine dollars, so that at least saved me tax. I also bought it through one of the other sellers here on Amazon for seventy two dollars, and that was even better. Just depends on when you read this review as to whether or not it's relevant.
**Update - the Neosure also ended up being very hard on our babies' tummies. They were switched to Alimentum, and now the $15 a can - even with tax - is like a dream price.
450210450210B000ARWL50AKMBGY7E7CBZ8Katherine E. Gonzalez "mommy, wife, attorney,...2341235433600Really packs on the pounds!Our twin girls were born at 37 weeks and around 5.5 pounds each, and after three weeks of breastfeeding exclusively, they had dropped to just below 5 pounds, so our pediatrician recommended I supplement breastfeeding with Neosure. The results were astounding -- within a month both girls were just under 10 pounds! They've been on this calorie-laden stuff ever since (22 cal/oz versus 20 cal/oz in regular formula and in breast milk -- that's 10% more!) The reason I didn't give it the full five stars is because it gave our baby girls a touch of reflux, which we had to combat with 1mL of Mylanta before each feeding. It's also a little more difficult to mix than other formulas since it's creamier/fattier - you need to really shake/mix it to be sure there are no little beads of formula that settle at the bottom of the bottle (happens to us all the time). And yes, it is a tad pricier than other formulas, however like the other reviewers I've found it for a little less at CVS, and even snapped some up for $12.99 a can on sale at Wegman's. All in all though, it's made our girls big and strong - they're not even 4 months yet and already sitting up, rolling over, trying to "stand" on our laps and talking up a storm!

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