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450258450258B002SZDJNKA2F8KA8CX9N4FHBrennders "Brennders"4451273708800Chihuahaua does very well on this foodMy chihuahua puppy did so well on this food, but then I could not find it anymore. I tried a new food, but she had diarrhea and bloody mucous. Finally I put her on the Avoderm Small Breed Adult food as the formulation is a lot like the small breed puppy version, except with a little less protein. My puppy is 8 months old now so I figured it was okay. Now she is thriving again -- nicely formed stool, very silky coat that is luxurious to touch, and lots and lots of cheerful energy. I am not kidding. I hate paying a premium price and having to go way out of my way to buy Avoderm, but my dog does so well on it that I am going to keep her on it. How much can a 3 pound dog eat, anyway.
450259450259B002SZDJNKA3CJWSZHGOMRO2Chocolaholic "Choco"2251320883200dog food for my Bischon FriseSince Joy, our Bischon Frise, started eating this food, her fur is no longer oily. She smells much better.

The pieces are very small and easy for her to eat.
450260450260B002SZDJNKA1J0YROCUP642JCorki "wine enthusiast"2251277769600My Cavalier Loves This Stuff!My small Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (81/2 months old & only 8 lbs.) loves this food! Anything else, she turns her nose up at (she's picky, too!). But she gobbles this up like crazy. Its a great formula and the avocado meal and oil in it has given her a most beautiful and soft, silky coat (the grandkids say she feels like a bunny!). She also has a bit of a sensitive stomach and vomits whenever she has any food with beef in it, or rawhides, bully sticks, etc. With this formula, no disgestive problems at all. My only complaint is that Avoderm only makes it in a 3.5 lb bag instead of larger, more economical sizes. I've sent them an e-mail to ask about manufacturing larger bags. Otherwise, this has been really great for my "baby".
450261450261B002SZDJNKA2K2YNGSGMWDNILisa K. Mccann "merlinharp"0051350691200The only thing my picky dogs will eat!I have had a really difficult time getting my dogs to eat dog food: one had to be on a special homemade diet for 6 months, after which no kibble would make the grade. Fortunately, this one worked, although I do take extra measures for my incredibly picky dogs, including crushing it, adding warm water, heating it in the microwave, and mixing it with ground beef. Avoderm is a healthy food that I trust, and the other reviewer with concerns about avocados need not worry: it's the stems and leaves of the avocado that are a problem for dogs, not the meat of the fruit itself. I will keep buying as long as they make it.
450262450262B002SZDJNKA1GP9H09J7HGX0L. Howard0051345680000GREAT DOG FOODI have to buy this dog food for my Dashound because of allergies to food. This is the only dry dog food I have been able to find that will not cause him to break out with bumps. Beside he loves it. I will continue to buy this as long as I can find it.

He has had no adverse reactions since being on the this food. It is better than the stuff the vet was selling me for allergy's.
450263450263B002SZDJNKA2WBYK5UH7BFRZMelissaWickline0051334707200Good foodMy dog loves this food. Avoderm makes several different types of food, but i found the chicken and turkey to be the best.
450264450264B002SZDJNKA1XGFW5016CGQICathio0051329696000FINALLY, ANOTHER OPTION FOR SMALL OLDER DOGS WITH TEETH PROBLEMSI have have 10 toy poodles and all are over 8 years old and have lost some teeth. I have searched and searched for a very tiny kibble which, when water is added, will not take an hour to soften up for them. All others I have tried are so hard and larger than I like, except bil-jac. I have been giving them bil-jac for years mixed with canned dog food. Bil-jac is the only one I had found that the kibbles are small and easy to crumble for them even dry. To add water to it, however, makes it more gooey. I wanted to try something new for them but had just about given up. I tried this brand of canned dog food and that was a hit so thought I'd give this dry a try. Well, it works just great and they love it. I use a Cuisinart k-cup type coffee maker that also is used in our household for hot water. I just put the dog food in a bowl add the hot water and it is soft enough in less than 10 minutes. It is not as gooey as bil jac when wet. The kibble is triangle shaped about 3/8 of an inch on all sides. VERY TINY, which is what I needed. I would recommend this food to anyone with small dogs, older dogs of any size who have gum and teeth problems and have trouble chewing or are missing teeth and can't chew at all. I am so happy I discovered this food! P.S. It's a very healthy food for them too. As long as the price is reasonable, like now, 15.00 for 7 lbs, and can be bought with Prime 2 day shipping free, I will continue to buy it on a regular basis.

UPDATE 3/21/12 - Oh rats! I went to re-order and price went up to 16.98 plus 5.73 for shipping. Disappointed, but found another seller who offers prime shipping on this item, thank goodness. Regular USPS does not deliver directly to our house, in the mountains, and we have to go pick it up. I am not always able to do that due to health restraints, so Prime shipping is very important to us as it offers UPS delivery to our door. This seller always did an amazing job getting our order to us quickly with the prime shipping and I was very happy with them. I regret having to change, but is necessary.
450265450265B002SZDJNKA44DJUK7YRPG5gingerg990051314576000Our senstive-digestive cavalier also likes thisWe bought this based on the review written by the other cavalier owner. We were having issues with our puppy vomiting and having diaharrea - we switched food a few times and finally concluded it was food allergy. We combine Avoderm with chicken thigh meat and broth and our puppy eats it pretty well and hasn't vomited since we switched to Avoderm (about a month ago).
450266450266B002SZDJNKA1E72TQ6OBTO5CRin01211314835200..umm?Avocado is known to be a poison for dogs..Why in this world would they put it in dog food?
DON'T MAKE MISTAKES PEOPLE. things like garlic, yeast-wheats, and avocado are NOT good for your pets! Keep with meat, certain fruits(never dried), and grains that aren't processed. You can't feed your dog what people think is trendy.
450267450267B006116WD6A36OH9QNEJOZUGamazoncustomer0051349481600Great tasteHard to find. Glad offered this product. Makes great cookies for the holidays coming up in gift giving. Jello should just rename it Peppermint and sell it year round. Thanks Amazon!
450268450268B006MSEP1YA1HUCNK77SYHDGLiL-JoN0051339200000Awesomeness!Not only a great way to get some flavor in your water but also a great way to get a little boost of energy without all the sugar of a normal energy drink! Hats off to the creator of Mio!
450269450269B00061I6MWA33JGQGCGSDG6OLaraine Stummer0051141689600Marinara SauceThis sauce is the best I have ever tried. If I want to add to it I just add basil, sugar and a 14 oz. can of undrained chopped tomatoes. It is great for any pasta dish. I also add browned beef and browned sausage to your taste. usually add 13 lb. groud ground beef and 1/3 Italian sausage for this.
450270450270B001HXQPG2A1Z54EM24Y40LLc23351270771200LOVE these!I'm amused by Amazon's seller on this item - the Natural Health shop! Hey, I've always known that Reese's peanut butter cups are healthy! They've made me smile for 43 years so I'm glad someone agrees with me! I buy these things all the time, have been doing so for years, and they're still awesome. I think Hershey's outdid themselves on this invention - many have tried to copy, all have failed. There's just nothing like a Reese's peanut butter cup, egg, Christmas tree, you name it. Savor the moment and by golly, will they EVER make these things life-size?!!! One of the best things about them is if you're starving, since they do have peanut butter in them, they do help get you to your next meal. Great, great product, been loving them for years, now I even buy the peanut butter (it's WAY better than Jif!)! Highly recommend!
450241450241B000IZQ2PEA2OV90G6ENO156S. K. Jones0051334361600Smoke in a stick!The smokiest food I have ever eaten. A little salty, but that does add to the flavor. I will keep comming back for more.
450242450242B000IZQ2PEA1EAUK5T0PR2GODr. Jeffrey K. Karp0051329436800I'm in LOVE with this Jerky!!!Five Stars!!! Some of the best smoked meat I've ever had!! I still can't believe it!! Perfect smokey flavor. Perfect thickness and heft. Perfect texture and chew. Perfect fat content - almost none!! It just doesn't get any better than this for people looking for a good hunk of hickory smoked dried beef!! Rock On Buffalo Bills!! I'm already placing order #2 of many happy returns tonight!!
450243450243B000IZQ2PEAENBUGC3GZN78C. Rash "Bandicoot"0051326585600Thick & SmokeyThese were much thicker than I had expected (which is a good thing, they're huge). The title "Extra Smokey" isn't kidding. It may be a little too much for some people, but for me it was perfect. I welcome the extra burst of flavor.
450244450244B000IZQ2PEAHYRTWABDAG1HE. Thomsen "arvig"0041291680000Excellent flavor, but a bit too smokey for meOverall the flavor of these is excellent. They are actually a bit denser and dryer then expected, but not enough so to make them less enjoyable for me.

But, I can't quite give them five stars. The first bite, I very much enjoyed both the saltiness and smokiness of the beef stick. But by the time I finished, the smoke flavor and saltiness had became slightly overpowering. I may cut them into half sticks to be honest, a half a stick as a snack is about right given the smoke flavor and saltiness for me.

Having said that, if you like a STRONG natural smoke flavor and/or like things very salty, then consider this a five star review. As much as I did enjoy this sausage in small doses, I'd rate their jerky products a bit higher, most or all I've tried I've rated five stars. Still, if you do like a very strong smokey flavor, again this is the product for you.

As an aside, this company has always given me free samples of various flavors of their country cut jerky line, and this time also a free sample of a new flavor, "maple-peppered". The maple-pepper flavor was excellent, the mix of the two worked well. I'd probably rate the new flavor 5 stars, and next time I order from them I'll see if they have the new flavor ready to order. Customer service has always been excellent as well. This is a wonderful company to order from, and even the product I liked the least I rated four stars. The ones I liked the most, five stars easily.
450245450245B000IZQ2PEA1GIFS5S121Q39charlesrisner0021284076800Just OkThis package of beef sticks didn't exactly meet my expectations. Two things immediately came to mind when eating: 1. the beef sticks are as hard as rocks! The sticks are so hard to bite into and then chew, my jaw ends up getting sore after only one piece; definitely not good. 2. Way too salty! The flavor of the beef is masked by an undeniable taste of too much salt.

I think I only eat 1-2 pieces a week, simply when I need a quick protein source; I wouldn't recommend these to people, especially if they are looking to a tasty and fun to eat snack.
450246450246B000IZQ2PEA2OEZIIK61GDW0California Doug0051275955200Real SMOKED Beef!Buffalo Bill rides again. These "Extra Smokeys" have very strong smoked flavor, which I have been looking (or drooling) for quite a few years. By far the best smoked meat snack available in the USA that I know of. Overall flavor is excellent, though somewhat on the "extra peppery" side. And a little pricey at $1 each. And don't even think of doing this at home if you wear dentures--these sticks are quite tough.
I will order more within the month, excellent service form Choo Choo R Snacks, and they even give you a bonus beef jerky sample to try.
"Extra Smokeys" really smoke!
450247450247B000IZQ2PEAD05LV5A1SLEReoneill "Ed"0051255564800These little things are greatI love beef jerky. It is one of my favorite snacks and these are awesome. They have a unique taste unlike anything else on the market. Calling them "extra smokey" is not a joke. You can smell the smoke in the bag, and on the meat. After the first bite I thought, "wow never had anything like that before" then I though "I want more."
These are pretty tough, but I like tougher jerky. The soft stuff is not for me at all. These are salty, but traditional type dried meat is supposed to be and they say this is an "old world" recipe. Like another reviewer stated, I was well taken care of by Choo Choo R snacks when a problem came up that was not of their control. Customer service is great. I have tried a few products in the Buffalo Bills line, and this to me is by far the best. I have had nothing like this before, and I like-em.
450248450248B000IZQ2PEA1M9E1VO2KQM8UL. Wittenberg0041255564800A little salty, but not too badThe extra smokeys are ok, but you can get tired of them by the time you have finished half a stick.
The saltiness makes it difficult to finish even 1 stick.

I recommend the Buffalo Bills short shots instead.
I have only tried the hot short shots and they are good, but I imagine the mild short shots would be good also.

So far, I have only bought 3 Buffalo Bills products. (Extra Smokeys, Hot short shots, and Red Hot pickled sausage)

Out of those 3, the Hot short shots are the best.

The extra smokeys are still a bit salty to me, but the flavor does grow on you after a while.
If I cut all the sticks in half, and eat just half a stick at a time, that makes it much more palatable than trying to eat a whole stick at once.

I might buy another bag eventually.
450249450249B000IZQ2PEAC210KGKLRXB3John C. Gettler0051236816000Intense Flavor To The MaxAfter my first order of Extra Smokeys was lost in the mail by the post office, one of the owners, Paul, really took care of me and sent another package right away plus an extra $20 worth of free extra samples for my trouble. As for the product, I think it is really a flavor explosion. The smokey smell is obvious when you get too close to the bag, and the flavor is very powerful. There is just enough spice in there too but not too much. They are a little chewy, but that just makes you take smaller bites, which both lets you savor the flavor and makes each stick last longer. They are also very convenient to just grab one from the bag and eat it on the run or in the car. No mess and no wrappers left behind. Oh and after 28 days passed, the original missing package finally arrived, so now I have a new bag to start on! YES! Thanks Paul and Choo Choo R Snacks. This is some SERIOUS BEEF JERKY.
450250450250B000IZQ2PEAQMUIIDRV0CNBKEH "RN"0051214870400YUMMYDelicious. The smoke flavor is incredible. As I opened the box a smokey, mouthwatering aroma hit my nostrils. I started to drool before I even pulled out box packing. Once out of the package and into my mouth, my tongue was enveloped by an old-world smokey flavor that brought memories of Granny's smoke house to mind. YUMMY, SCRUMPTIOUS! If you like smoked flavor, give these a try. You won't be disappointed and your tastebuds will dance for joy!!
450251450251B000IZQ2PEA2NI95Y8UNE85DCoastal Jerky Lover0051167264000Smokin' GoodThese Extra Smokeys are a different taste from the other Buffalo Bills products but with the same great quality as the others. These meats bring back fond memories of good eating at my grandmother's farm where the smokehouse was a regular part of life. I recommend these for anyone who likes a heavy smoked product.
450252450252B000IZQ2PEA794GE4PNVPODGula0131325376000SaltyThese do taste good. Be aware that they are very salty though. A bit tought to bite into as well, hope you dont have dentures. They may fall out
450253450253B000IZQ2PEA2MDAFKCPAY4CZtheman990151322006400AwesomeI've purchased these twice before and found they are delicious and awesome, dry very flavor full and just right. I placed my next order already.
450254450254B000IZQ2PEA28SZB5UO9EAOSJohn H. Austin Jr. "John Austin 'bookworm & geek"0131320624000Not as good as they used to be***Original Review***
I bought these to try out. When I got them, the smoke flavor was a little intense, so I only ate 1 stick a day or so.

After a while, they grew on me and I found myself eating 2 or 3 a day.

I'm ordering more, which shows how much I've grown to like them.

**** Revised review ****
My last order was dry and very salty. When I originally ordered these links, they were shipped from a third party or the manufacturer, but the last one I ordered came from Amazon.

Is it possible that the stocks have sat around and dried out a bit? I don't know, but I do know these were not as good as they used to be, hence dropping the number of stars down to 3.
450255450255B000IZQ2PEA2VF0OC7BMOXJ8R riley0151301961600Beef StickThese are the best smoked beef sticks I've ever had. This is my third time buying them and this bag is a good as the first. One a day is just perfect.
450256450256B002SZDJNKA2XEEFLQD4BKQ9Miranda Merten7751325721600My Dog Loves ItHer's my problem with people like the previous reviewer. I don't need your novice, pseudo medical opinion for a product you have not tried. You are as bad as the people that review a recipe after they change 6 ingredients and then say it was just okay. They didn't review the recipe at hand! I digress... The company has been making this stuff for over 30 years and have not seen any issues or side effects. In fact, dogs and cats seem to love it and they seem happier with better coats. From the Avoderm website:

You can feel quite confident in AvoDerm® pet products safety and nutritional value. In the over 30 years since Breeder's Choice first introduced this product line, millions of dogs and cats worldwide have consumed AvoDerm® with no negative reactions from avocado oil or meal.

AvoDerm® pet products use only carefully selected suppliers of avocado meal and avocado oil. Years of problem-free consumption of these products indicate that AvoDerm products are not only safe for dogs and cats, but also provide vital nutrients for them.

Concern has been expressed by the ASPCA about the consumption of the leaves, fruit, bark, and stems from the avocado tree, with the exception of the avocado fruit which is used for the oil and meal; none of these parts are factors in any of the AvoDerm® pet products formulations and we have no indication that avocado oil and meal as used in AvoDerm® are toxic, poisonous, harmful or bad for your dogs or cats diet.

Dr. Art Craigmill, UC Davis, Professor and Extension Specialist in Environmental Toxicology has said that his studies and other research in the United States and Australia have shown that the problem of toxicity is in the leaves and the pit of the Guatemalan variety; the avocado meat of the fruit and oils have not been shown to be toxic. AvoDerm pet products do not utilize any Guatemalan variety avocados, nor do we use any leaves or pits of any variety of avocados for our avocado meal and oil.

The avocado meal and oil used in the AvoDerm pet products comes from the meat of the fruit and does not contain leaves, bark, skin or pit of the fruit. The oil is extracted from ripened fruit in which the meat pulp has been separated from the skin and the pit. Through a mechanical separation process the oil is extracted and filtered and placed into sealed containers. The pulp of the fruit is dried, ground, and screened before being placed into its final packaging and than shipped to our facility."

Do your own research, research the company or the claims about the ingredients or try it for yourself. My dog (Yorkshire Terrier) seems to love this food. He gets excited and waits by his bowl when he knows it is almost time to eat. He does this even for just the dry food alone! Other dry foods that I have tried before would require me to mix in some wet food after a while to make it more appealing. Not Avoderm - he is still always excited to eat it. He also gets a spoonful of the wet food in the afternoon as a snack and he goes even more bonkers for that stuff. I am happy with it - I will be trying the grooming products next.
450257450257B002SZDJNKAE85J7YZV4M6JDebbie7741280793600Excellent choiceBy dogs, Gus (Glen Imaal Terrier Mix) and Tootsie (tiny teacup Poodle) both loved the food. I will have to feed it to them for a few more months to see if it REALLY changes their energy level, etc. I have noticed their bowel movements are smaller, which I understand is a good sign for dog food that is full of nutrients and not fillers. Anyway, I loved it and am getting more.

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