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450271450271B001HXQPG2A37X5AOPAIWGL2The Rod "Rodzilla"1151305676800Reese's CupsDude, they're Reese's Cups. If you need to read a review that probably means you've never had one. Drop whatever you are doing and rush to your local convenience store and buy some immediately. Chocalate and peanut butter go together like.....well, how about peanut butter and jelly!
450272450272B002C6DV0QA2XQSJG8YR6ED2Cecilia f.4451326931200wonderful bonsaithis was my first venture into the bonsai world. i saw a similar tree at a family member's house. i wasn't so sure about ordering on line, but it turned out to be a great surprise. the tree was beautiful ( a bit smaller that i imagined, but that is fine). it has been thriving on my window sill for almost 2 months. the instructions in the package were easy to follow. (i also did a bit of research on the type of tree i ordered-- the brush cherry). my only suggestions is that it should have been sent with a humidity tray. (or that option to buy one at the time of purchase should have been offered.) when i realized i really needed one and called for the company, they were very friendly, but did not have a tray that would fit the pot they sent the tree in. i rummaged around my house and found something that works, but would much rather have had a matching tray. if you order a tree (which as i said is beautiful and came wonderfully packaged and in great shape) i would make sure you state you want a matching tray.
450273450273B008DQ742UA29B17YFX8W1P1K. Tweten "sunshinegirl"0051347667200Delicious and easy with great ingredientsThese new sauces from Progresso are wonderful. Each can makes 4 servings - with a recipe on the side of the can. By going to you can find lists of ideas for each of the sauces. Purchasing a multi pack won't mean that your family has to have Parmesan chicken every day for 6 weeks. The recipes are interesting and varied - from the standard pasta and sauce to pizza, rice dishes, casseroles and sandwiches. These sauces make being a great cook easy! I received a sample and coupons to try these products from BzzAgent - I love being a BzzAgent!
450274450274B001SAVXY8ASW22V6LI995Zrampageous_cuss0041312588800From Concentrate - 32% JuiceThis isn't cloyingly sweet - in fact it tastes pretty much like all the other guava juice I've ever had. However it IS sweetened with sugar and/or corn syrup, and when I say sweetened: the label reads 33 grams of SUGARS. That's about one and a half ounces - almost three tablespoons - in an 11.3 ounce can. Compare that to the 31 grams of sugars in a 20-oz bottle of Sobe - and never confuse *juice* with *low-calorie drink*!
450275450275B001SAVXY8A1L1U4IJK8ZXCFJames Earl Carter0041310688000Tasty Guava nectar with 32% juiceThis is pretty good stuff. and 32% guava means it's not just all fructose and artificial flavor. I was surprised that it is yellowish rather than pinkish in color. I've had better but can only find those brands in hawaii and most others I've tried are notably worse than this and cost a lot more as well. So I recommend this as a good guava juice at a good price.
450276450276B003EMU3QWA3C7VT184ABS2HJerrie Poulosophos "Amazonlove"1151334188800Best candy and beautiful in the bowlI buy this candy for my 94 year old sister-in-law who thinks that it is a wonderful treat. When she runs out, she calls me to tell me that I need to order it for her. She is unhappy until the new shipment arrives. I remind her to tell me before she runs out but she can't seem to remember to do that.
450277450277B0027VG98WA1BH1VKHCYHGPRPORTIA HOLLIDAY0051309219200Much Better than Mom's!!!I paid $7.72 for a jar of Gia Russo at Walmart. It tastes much better than the Mom's I ate yesterday which was more like stewed tomatoes. It was a sauce and did not have large leaves of basil or whole cloves of garlic. Visually it was more pleasing and definitely more appetizing.
450278450278B001F0RJ4YA302J5M53DLHWZH. Harvey "lottielottie"121211292371200DOES NOT CONTAIN COCOA BUTTER!The ingredient list for this item lists cocoa butter but the actual item contains ZERO cocoa butter, in fact the ingredient list on this listing is completely different from the package. This is not white chocolate, avoid!!!!
450279450279B001F0RJ4YA16AVBK4RDUDPKMelanieDN101011292716800This is not white chocolate!These chips do not contain cocoa butter. Instead, they are just sweetened, flavored palm kernal oil and powdered milk. They don't melt worth a darn, so don't try using them for dipping. I'm very unsatisfied.
450280450280B001F0RJ4YA29G1QXA8NU22JL. Niles6611324166400Really bad!I was making peppermint bark for the holidays and I ran out of the white chocolate melts I had been using. I'd already made one tray using another brand of white chocolate, but I still needed to make another tray so I ran to the store and all they had in stock were these Ghirardelli white chocolate chips. I figured for the price they'd be alright to use, and it is Ghirardelli, they talk themselves up a lot and sell themselves as a fine chocolatier so I figured these would be at least decent.

I was so so wrong.

These were disgusting, first of all. They have a very plain, flat taste. Also, there's a gross after taste that accompanies these. Compared to the other white chocolate I was using, these may as well be classified as inedible. Regardless, I went ahead and attempted to use them. They melt terribly. Actually, they don't melt at all! They became a big, nasty dry mess of powdery white chocolate imitation. No, my chocolate didn't seize, these really are just that bad.

I wasn't expecting these to be great, but I was expecting they would be at least usable. They were not. After trying and failing to use one bag, I have decided I'm just going to use the one tray of peppermint bark I already have made and just make some cookies or something instead. These were a massive disappointment.
450281450281B001F0RJ4YA3U747KR64J5RHbranewurms4411324684800GIVE US BACK OUR WHITE CHOCOLATE, GHIRARDELLI!Ghirardelli had been my standby for Xmas candy-making since it was the ONLY brand left I could find in my town that made ACTUAL white chocolate chips, but they, like everyone else, seem to think that no one will notice the difference if they take out the actual, y'know, chocolate part.

Well, guess what, WE NOTICED! It is absolutely ridiculous that you're pretending to be a step up in luxury from the cheap-o Hersheys and Nestles of the world, and yet you're putting out this sub-standard crap - it's the same thing the rest of them are selling! It is also absolutely ridiculous that there are NO REAL WHITE CHOCOLATE CHIPS ANYWHERE in the city of Greenville, NC!

Please give us back the white chocolate! This imitation crap doesn't taste as good and is much harder to melt properly! We are willing to pay more if you will JUST GIVE US THE OPTION!
450282450282B001F0RJ4YA2N6WZP0YJR2ELd_javaman2211331942400flat and chalkyGhirardelli drops the ball on these. Terrible texture - I'm not sure what they are thinking. When Trader Joe's has theirs in stock (not often enough), they are the brand to buy - stay away from these, regardless.
450283450283B001F0RJ4YA281NPSIMI1C2RRebecca of Amazon "The Rebecca Review"2351324944000Absolutely DeliciousI was looking for white chocolate chips and found these. They can't actually be called chocolate since there is no cocoa butter or powder in them but they taste amazing and melt well in the microwave. Just don't microwave them too long, watch carefully. I used these baking chips this holiday season and was pleased with the results. I melted some of the chips and spread them on top of a vanilla cheesecake. Everyone loved it. I've also used these chips in cookies with macadamia nuts. Here are the real ingredients as listed on the package (the ingredients on this website page are not correct at the time I posted this review): sugar, palm kernel oil, whole milk powder, nonfat dry milk, palm oil, soy lecithin and vanilla. To be honest this tastes better than any white chocolate I've ever bought. Eating the chips straight out of the bag with some pecans is very tempting.

~The Rebecca Review
450284450284B001F0RJ4YA17KZ1MF2V6B4YSP2351233792000can anyone say anything bad about white chocolate?Product perfect, like to eat them out of the bag. Might want to be carefull, the shelf life of white chocolate is shorter and the box I got is supposed to expire june 2009, so about 4 months from purchase and 12 bags is alot.
450285450285B001F0RJ4YA7JGS3H2OC3KQjcrz0011350432000gritty, sourgritty with a sour sweet taste and turns to powder instead of melting in your mouth. Ingredients are powdered milk and oil, does not contain cocoa butter. Go with guittard choc au lait chips, they are smooth and rich and contain cocoa butter.
450286450286B001F0RJ4YA1QK3DNLDZRLQQM. Dahlen0011347408000FALSE ADVERTISING - Ingredients labelThe online the ingredients label says: "unsweetened chocolate, sugar, corn syrup, sweetened condensed milk, cocoa butter, partially hydogenated vegetable oil." This was not true. I read some of the reviews and they warned of misinformation, but I thought - heck I can trust what Amazon says is on the label. There is no chocolate in these things! I am now trying to return my order of 12 packs and find that you cannot return groceries! Am I really out $49.00? Help! I am a good Amazon customer and feel so cheated! Only good note - the packaging was awesome!
450287450287B001F0RJ4YA24U06DUCOL55BS. Gorrow0051342483200Yum!May not be chocolate but I thought they were delicious and they are wonderful in baking. Little chips of yummy. I have never tried to coat anything with them and suspect that the Ghiradelli white chocolate coating wafers work better for that. I know they have been rated badly because they are not white chocolate but I think the flavor is pretty incredible. Plus they are generlly available in grocery stores for cookies and other desserts. Hard to find other brands of white chocolate in the stores.
450288450288B001F0RJ4YA2B13VR1E3SPOLG.Rivera0141316736000Great White Chocolate Chips!I bake a lot and started using the Ghirardelli Classic White Baking Chips to make my white chocolate & macadamia nut cookies (which are amazing, if I do say so myself) and was really happy with the results. I had tried other brands previously but had a recipe that said to use a quality brand of white chocolate so I started using the Ghirardelli chips and never looked back. Unfortunately, they have gotten so expensive on Amazon (about $7.00 a bag!) so now I have been buying them wherever I find them usually at a supermarket (at about $3.50 a bag) and I get them at a much better price. I don't know why Amazon seems to be raising the prices on quite a few of the products that I really love, but I just buy them elsewhere.
450289450289B001F0RJ4YA1GZCS3ED6T5OFStefanie Slamon0151231632000Yum.Delicious white chocolate chips for baking, exactly what they promise. Can't say much more about it than that.
450290450290B0056IK5E2A1AOH1M34T9V5LBarbara E. Sanderson "minnesotabarbara"0051343433600Yun!I discovered these nuts at th Boulder farmers' market and had to have more. I was delighted to find them on They are a delightful blend of sweet, salty, spicy, and nutty.. Highly addictive!
450291450291B001HXNI3KA3TPJWR644RLRYAppleScruff "AppleScruff"2251317686400A Traditional European TreatI used to purchase this all the time during the holidays in specialty shops at the malls and other places. This is not your typical fruitcake that everyone hates. This is a delightfully rich German holiday dessert that everyone will truly enjoy. The marzipan is what makes this so unique and delicious.
450292450292B001HXNI3KA3AEKODXLN8C50Alain C. Rajcak "Alain"2251303257600Just DeliciousJust Delicious, not a fruit cake at all but a very delicious european tradition that lives on, you should try it, we love it!
450293450293B001HXNI3KA1IG5302SE2V74T.S.0011325116800Acccckkkkkk!My German inlaws give us stollen every year to enjoy on Christmas Eve. This year they sent us this brand. Sugar coating for some reason tasted like flour and didn't even have a hint of sweetness. I had to thow it out. The second loaf wasn't as bad, but sugar coating still did not seem right. It had sweetness, but didn't melt in your mouth right. Still tasted like it was mostly flour. Maybe they got sugar and flour mixed up. Inside was good: moist with plenty of marzipan filling.
450294450294B0012BUR6SA1EA3QWLRO24X8Raw Cacao Man151551213833600Finally, an affordable, delicious green tea powderI love drinking green tea. It is delicious hot or cold, but being able to take it with me anywhere was key. So I searched long and hard for an alternative to canned and bottled green tea which can be cumbersome, expensive and hard to come by in most parts of the US. In the beginning, what I found was either too expensive, had sugar in it (which defeats the purpose of drinking green tea in the first place) or did not get very good reviews. Then I found this product and quickly ordered it at the great price and free shipping. I was pleasantly surprised.

The product works as advertised. It dissolves quickly in cold water making it great to carry anywhere and it tastes great too. The instructions say to use one packet for 8 ounces of water, but actually it should be used with 16 ounces of water, otherwise it can be too bitter.

It not only saves money, but has replaced my canned green tea completely eliminating the number of cans that I need to recycle monthly.
450295450295B0012BUR6SA1OAZUFZTEEUECJeffrey R. Ballard9951222992000great alternative to bottled green teaThe first part of this review is a history of my health problems and what green tea bottles and sugar had to do with me finding the stash teas products. If you do not want to read that part, skip down to the bottom, and there is the review of the stash teas, only.


A couple of years ago I had a physical and my doctor told me that my Triglycerides were high. I was a serious soda drinker (sometimes as many as 5 cans per day, not diet), so I decided I needed to start drinking something "healthlier." I gravitated toward Green Tea because I like it. I averaged 2-3 1/2 liter bottles per day for 2 years (I also averaged about 1-2 cans of soda per day).

I recently had my triglycerides checked again and instead of going down THEY DOUBLED. They were over 300 (over 150 is considered high). I about had a heart attack right there. Now, I am not an overweight person, and have had a fairly high motabolism, but I have started to create a belly (I call it a Dr. Pepper belly because that is my favorite soda. I do not drink alcohol of any kind). I am telling all of this to you because ALL of my other tests came in within normal levels, including all other aspects to my cholesterol.

I did research and found out that if you are not overweight but have weight gain around the belly area, it might be due to consumption of a lot of sugar products. The excess sugar consumed, in this case, can be turned into trigylcerides. I looked at what I was eating and drinking to see if this was the case for me. What I found shocked me. The 1/2 liter bottles of green tea has MORE sugar in it than a can of soda. I checked several different manufacturers of green tea and I found them all to have about the same amount of sugar.

I concluded that between my morning coffee, green tea bottles and soda, I was consuming over 1,100 grams of sugar a week ( or about 4,000 callories of sugar a week just in drinks)!!


I was looking for an alternative to the green tea bottles and found the stash tea products. I personally, do not have the time or patience to use tea bags, so I was interested in the tea powders. I ordered the lightly sweetened green tea powder and tried it. And I loved it. I then proceeded to buy the other 5 flavors of the green tea powders and love them also.

There are 4 flavors that do not have sugar added, so I use a few drops of Stevia Glycerite to sweeten the drink. It does not take a lot.

The best thing is that the tea powders cost about 1/2 or less than the bottled green teas I use to drink.


To end on a personal note, I have altered my drinking habits and now drink 1 liter of the tea powder drink and 1+ liter of water per day. I still drink 1 can of Dr. Pepper on the weekend, but that is it. I have been doing this for a little over a month now and between my altered drinking habits and the fish oil pills, I have lost about 5 lbs. and am due to get my triglycerides checked in a couple of weeks.

I hope this helps anyone that is in a similar situation to me and realize that just because it says its healthy does not mean it is.
450296450296B0012BUR6SA3HPZ6BIMNXSZRGabriela Perez "Oy! So many books. . . ."6641225152000nice substitute for soda or sugary teaI like the taste of this product, but I have some suggestions:

1) for strongest blueberry taste, use less than the 16 ounces of water that the instructions indicate (my first try came out like water with the merest hint of blueberry);

2) stir REALLY well and be prepared for a bit of sediment anyway, as well as for an oddly green (I know it's green tea, but I rarely drink green things, so it seemed a bit weird to me at first); and

3) if you're going to use a sweetener, why cancel out the health bennies by adding something like aspartame or Splenda or etc? I added a bit of agave nectar and found it perfect, but then I also like it without any sweetener at all (as long as I use less water).

By the way, this makes hot tea as well, although it's marketed as iced tea powder.

450297450297B0012BUR6SA1CBNUBPZPWH5DBoston Lesbian "Happily Married in Massachusetts"8951216339200Flavorful and refreshingI ordered this item because it was on sale and because of the health benefits of green tea. I wasn't certain how good it was going to be but I was pleasantly surprised. It tastes refreshing and fruity. The flavor isn't overpowering or fake. I mix the powder in a sports bottle along with cold water and splenda. The powder dissolves easily and the drink has a nice green tea and blueberry taste. I was so impressed that I have signed up for automatic delivery. It's a great product.
450298450298B0012BUR6SA281NPSIMI1C2RRebecca of Amazon "The Rebecca Review"7851255478400Very Reasonably Priced and DeliciousIf you love green tea then you will be impressed with this green tea powder. The instructions say to add one packet to 16 ounces of cold water but I'd recommend you try two packets and one packet (0.35 oz) of stevia. The flavor of the tea with only one packet is fairly mild, so mild in fact that you can barely taste the green tea flavor. When you order this tea you will get six boxes with 12 packets in each. If you use two packets per bottle of water you get 36 drinks. That is only .47 cents per drink if you get free shipping - I ordered some books too. I think that is fairly reasonable. I look forward to trying this tea in shakes and with fruit juices. A website is given for additional recipes. There are a few interesting recipes like the ones for "White Chocolate Green Tea Ice Cream," "Green Tea Papaya Nectar" and "Green Tea Sugar Cookies." You will probably find many uses for this and I've even used the tea powder to make a lovely hot tea. Just use one packet per 8 ounces of hot water. No brewing required. This tea dissolves very easily in hot or ice cold water. I can highly recommend it to you.

~The Rebecca Review
450299450299B0012BUR6SA3I4PCBRENJNG2L. Cain4441300579200lots of uses for this green tea...lots of uses for this green tea...

I generally like most tea (though not the over-ally flowery blends)...

Being on more of a health kick in recent years, I have added a lot more GREEN tea to my diet in one form or another...
from straight brewed tea <> hot or iced...

To adding the powder to things like salad dressings, smoothies, baked goods, etc.

I am not new to green I first started drinking it when living in Japan some 30+ years ago....
in the ground form known as matcha.
A quality product. Dissolves well.

I like both the unsweetened and the lightly sweetened.
450300450300B0012BUR6SA10ZN08SMLZL1YS. Aldrich4421280361600Crushed up leaves!I expected the flavor to be more like that of "brewed" green tea. It really does taste like dried green tea leaves simply dissolved in water. Although I'm sure this is probably a good way to get a concentrated amount of antioxidants, I wouldn't order this again.

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