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450301450301B0012BUR6SA3UN7Q9YZX1UPNJ. Yang4451240876800My ExperienceIngredients listed: Pure cane sugar, and 100% pure powdered Japanese green tea.

Nutrition Facts: all 0%, except Sodium (15mg) and Sugar (12g)

Basic Instructions: add one packet to 8oz of cold water and stir or shake well to dissolve...

My Opinion: It is too sweet for my taste, even diluted in a 16.9oz water bottle. It almost tastes like sugar water. I think the unsweetened version would be better. 5 star because it delivers what it promises.

This is Japanese green tea. NOT Chinese green tea. There is a difference.
450303450303B0012BUR6SA6OT2UHMRIXU3Gerald Clum "blueboy"3331305763200Handy but not to tastyThis tea is not so tasty in my opinion. But one thing about opinions is that every one has one and we do not always agree.
450304450304B0012BUR6SA2VHBEFX94H61RFrancine3341302480000Stash Instant Green TeaI make a "jug" of this tea every morning and keep a glass throughout the day. I'm delighted to find a source in the US as it was introduced to me in B.C. It does not have the jasmine flavor which upsets my otherwise very strong tummy.
450305450305B0012BUR6SA2DWEZ8PJZR6I9MD - not a doctor2221315526400Stash Premium Mint Green Iced Tea PowderAs others have said, this is REALLY MILD in flavor! The instructions call for 1 packet per 16 oz. of water. There are 6 packets per box.

I decided to give it a try as I am basically lazy and wanted some (unsweetened; unlemoned) iced tea that I could make on a moment's whim.

I started with 1 packet per 16 oz of water; then 2 packets per 16 oz of water and got SOME flavor. Now I'm using 3 packets per 16 oz. of water. (I placed a fairly large order so I could experiment with it AND have it throughout the fall and winter.)

Since I'm using triple the amount of product in order to get some flavor, I will probably not order this item again.
450306450306B0012BUR6SAGXKZFVU0YA4Usymantix2211308700800No Flavor - Not AuthenticI have been drinking green tea powder for a few years and have come to love the slightly bitter and tannic flavor of it. I decided to try the Stash brand instead of my normal Japanese brand, and it's not even in the same universe. The Stash product is just green colored powder with no flavor at all. Seriously, the Stash brand uses a maltodextrin base and it has dehydrated tea added to it. Real, authentic green tea powder is supposed to be 100% tea, with no additives!

If you drink a lot of green tea, you will be very disappointed with the Stash product. I strongly recommend you go with a Japanese brand that contains 100% tea ONLY.

I tried to return it to Amazon, but they don't allow grocery items to be returned!
450307450307B0012BUR6SA1U15WYNFC412OArt Denning2251288051200Good teaThis is good iced tea. It is hard to find locally in the Fall and Winter.
450308450308B0012BUR6SA1OTXOGDLHTYSRM. Whitehead2251286841600Stash Green Tea PowderThis is a quick and convenient way to drink green tea! I add lemon juice and stevia.
450309450309B0012BUR6SAPD719S590F2UErin E "tornado"2251279929600Love it!To get a more intense taste, I mix two packets in a 16-oz BPA-free Camelbak bottle, adding 8 oz of water and the rest ice, plus a packet of Stevia, shake well, sip, and oh so good! No-calorie sweet tea, green tea antioxidants, and I'm drinking a lot more water. I also carry packets in my purse and add to water in restaurants, saving tons of money from ordering drinks and not to mention calories. Although the Stash rep tells me there is a "negligible" amount of caffeine, the placebo effect gives me a great boost in the morning before my workout. Since I love mint, I think I've found the perfect product.
450310450310B0012BUR6SAPD719S590F2UErin E "tornado"2241279929600For ginger fansThis tea is more ginger than lemon, so if you like the taste of soothing ginger, you'd like this product. I mix two packages per 16 oz BPA-free Camelbak bottle, filled with 8 oz of water and the rest ice, and a packet of stevia. Shake well, take sip, ahhh - no-calorie sweet tea, green tea antioxidant, and great for summer. I called the Stash company to find out how much caffeine was in a packet, and the rep said "negligible."

I also buy the Stash powdered mint green tea, and I prefer the hint of mint better. Again, if you are a ginger fan, you'd really enjoy this product.
450311450311B0012BUR6SA2IOH181X1SZ3SA. Dapice2251270166400Great for on the go! Makes water a little less boring!I think this is a great green tea powder. I add this powder to a 24oz water bottle and it has a nice light taste, I prefer it unsweeted so that I may add a sweetner if needed. Great price for the quantity and the quality of the product.
450312450312B0012BUR6SA2YQCZEHOJZLQLL. Elbel "Lorrie"2251220313600Great health benefitsI use the powdered tea powder in my fruit smoothies. Provides you all the health benefits of green tea. Love the product and use both the plain and lemon ginger.
450313450313B0012BUR6SA3TG3FPAFO0SWTRM2251215129600Good for on the goI like the mild sweet flavor of this instant tea. I've added it to lots of different drinks like juices and energy drinks. I have fun mixing it with things. It blends well for me.
450314450314B0012BUR6SA2B0RUYD25KBFBH. Hill1141314403200Good tea taste, not sweetThis is a quick & easy way to make green tea. It isn't sweet & only has the barest hint of blueberry, but it makes it easy when pressed for time in the morning. It does have more green tint to it than most teas- here's why: "Sencha green tea comes from the Kyoto region of Japan. It is made from small leaves and has a more refined taste than others forms of green tea. Additionally, the color of the tea is actually green, not yellow, like many Chinese varieties." Powdered tea is also good for cooking as well.
450315450315B0012BUR6SA1B9S39FZYBGYQJOJO1151313366400Tastes GREAT!!I went on a diet last year and was looking for something goos to drink and came across this tes! now I can't find it anywhere... Hope Amazon keeps this product forever!
450316450316B0012BUR6SA2NLZ3M0OJV9NXMark Bodzin1121313107200Way too weak for my tastesWhat can i say, I love iced tea. I drink a lot of it, and love the convenience of these new individual serving size packets. I am also a big fan of Stash products, or rather of all the other stash products I have tried.
I purchased a case of all 4 varieties, (when i say i drink iced tea, i am not kidding) and these were all way too weak when i mixed them in my 16 ounces water bottle.
I finally found that i needed to dissolve 2 packets in a small bit of hot water first (if not the tea clumped on me), and than add a packet of sweetener before adding the rest of the water just to make these palatable.
unfortunately by doing that to this flavor, the ginger was out of control, and not in a good ginger tea sort of way.
Over all I am very dissatisfied with the product and will stick with the other brands that are out on the market.
450317450317B0012BUR6SA1I6ZQUXVDG1CTMary Anne1141310169600Mild taste, easy to mix, will buy againI held off ordering these for a while because I was concerned I might not like the taste. I've tried some of the organic green teas and found flavor can really vary between brands. Six boxes seems like a lot to take a chance on. I really wanted something powdered to take to work though, so I gave it chance and it worked out. To me, this product tastes great. I am thrilled to get something unsweetened. I wanted these to use at the office, but find I like them so much I mix them up at home too. I just wish they were a little cheaper as they go really fast. I went from thinking 6 boxes would be a lot, to experiencing them as hardly enouugh!

Basically, this product has a mild taste, never bitter or oily and not gritty (but it will need to be remixed if you don't drink it down quickly). The powder does mix well, it's really a very fine powder and does not look like leaves just mashed up or anything. It blends completely into the water, BUT it doesn't stay mixed over a long period of time. So, if you are letting it sit in the glass about 20min or so as you sip away, it's useful to get one of those shaker bottles to keep it mixed as you go along. That works for me, no complaints. I am very happy with the product. I will order again.
450318450318B0012BUR6SA2JV21UM89AIMLskyebluepink1131294358400Trying this product for the first timeI was looking for an alternative green or white iced tea powder after I realized that the Lipton brands all contained sucralose, and did not come in an unsweetened version. I found Stash tea online and decided to try it, using stevia as the sweetener. I bought the lemon ginger flavor.

By comparison, I think the Lipton powdered iced tea I had been used to drinking was more like sweetened and colored fruity "kool-aid" for adults. This is different. I am having to get used to the green tea taste, and it upset my stomach a little (when I drink hot tea, I usually drink white tea, because I like the mild taste).

I tried using only half to a third of the packet in 16 ounces of water and that worked better. I would probably like white tea better, but Stash doesn't make any white tea in the iced tea powder mix. Anyway I hope to get used to the taste. Since right now I like it watered-down, it's really a good deal as far as price.
450319450319B0012BUR6SA351W0BCYYUGYWSandy M "sandygod"1151232928000got me off the diet sodaI wanted something easy, tasty , and healthy to sub for my diet soda addiction. This did the trick. I drank it for 10 days without adding any sweetener. Once you get past the color, which is a nasty green, the tea is tasty. About a half tsp of sugar really adds to the taste. I will buy this again!
450320450320B0012BUR6SA1CBNUBPZPWH5DBoston Lesbian "Happily Married in Massachusetts"1151219276800Nice Green Iced Tea BeverageIf you like the flavor of green tea and like your beverage iced you will enjoy this beverage.

I like the taste of green tea and I also like the health benefits of green tea. I mix this with ice water and splenda. It is a refreshing summer beverage. I like that it dissolves easily and is packaged in small packages. It is convenient and easy to use.
450321450321B0012BUR6SAPAOU9269HJRLJ. Grayson "jodigem"1151218931200YUM....Yum, Yum!!!!This is just the quick iced tea fix I have been searching is perfectly balanced between the green tea and the natural, refreshing blueberry flavor. Keep in mind this is NOT sweet and sassy, like most instant tea "add to bottled water" packets. This is the real deal. If you want sweet, then order the sweet variety or add your favorite sweetener. When you add the powder, it is green....looks alittle weird, but once you can get past the looks, it's true love. I think it's delightful that I am actually consuming the entire leaf--finely ground to which it dissloves....thus making my water become murky, swamp water before my eyes! That has to certainly be more bang for your buck for the level of antioxidants, opposed to the old brewing way.
I have had a very difficult journey (until now) finding yummy, healthy (& QUICK) unsweetened flavored second favorite is the Celestial Seasonings COOL BREW bags....the blueberry green tea is also delicious, but not nearly as refined as this "top shelf" Stash.
I am pondering more flavors for my next order!
450322450322B0012BUR6SA2NLZ3M0OJV9NXMark Bodzin3421313107200Way too weak for my tastesWhat can i say, I love iced tea. I drink a lot of it, and love the convenience of these new individual serving size packets. I am also a big fan of Stash products, or rather of all the other stash products I have tried.
I purchased a case of all 4 varieties, (when i say i drink iced tea, i am not kidding) and these were all way too weak when i mixed them in my 16 ounces water bottle.
I finally found that i needed to dissolve 2 packets in a small bit of hot water first (if not the tea clumped on me), and than add a packet of sweetener before adding the rest of the water just to make these palatable.
Over all I am very dissatisfied with the product and will stick with the other brands that are out on the market.
450323450323B0012BUR6SA1V01GIJQGJ9IDPost2341261440000Mom of 5Good flavor, but not real sweet. I add a little stevia for my sweet tooth.
450324450324B0012BUR6SA7RQ5DNXWAA74pldsan0051348272000Best Instant Green Tea EverDrank an instant green tea from a major producer for several years. Then they changed production and began using sucralose which I don't tolerate well.
Tried several different teas before I found Stash's instant green tea. I like it best with a little fresh lemon lime juice. I can drink all I want--don't even need sweetener. Plus as I understand it, it's just made from dried, pulverized green tea leaves--no chemical process. Also it's very coolby I get a discount forn having it delivered by monthly subscription. Phil K.
450325450325B0012BUR6SA3J171NBGIBYAWD. Mansfield "Book Addict"0021346803200Not for MeI wanted desperately to love, or even like this drink mix, but am not having success doing so. I love mint tea but this tastes all green tea to me. It's too strong a green and too weak a mint flavor for me to enjoy it. Every once in a while I'll try to tolerate a bottle again hoping I change my taste. It's not gross and so clearly is appealing to some people.
450326450326B0012BUR6SAMTGH49GWJXP7C. abajian0051340496000ice teaTHis ice tea, is like heaven on ice. must try if you love lemon and giger. Great price for the content. You can make a pitcher with 4 bags and add some lemon and whatever your sweetner you prefer. Great for barbeque parties or a tea with the ladies
450327450327B0012BUR6SA37BVJZJAMA83SKarla0051336435200Great teaThis tea is awesome. You have to keep stirring it if it sits too long but the taste is great. Little prep time- keeps me going all day.
450328450328B0012BUR6SA2DFM26VLNVYNYHomer "consumer"0051330387200Great tasting and easy to useThis product is great. I have been searching for an easy to use and non sweetened green tea. So many of the teas are sweetened with Splenda type sweeteners and I prefer to use Stevia. The Jackie Chan green tea appears to have been discontinued.

I mix this product and love the taste. A little lemon and Stevia and I have the perfect evening iced tea. It provides all the benefits of green tea, and the instant convenience.

I give it five stars
450329450329B0012BUR6SA14IWAGB679T86persnickety0051319846400Perfect summer teathis is the best iced green tea I've ever had; the hint of blueberry is just perfect. I add a bit of Stevia for a little more sweetness. It would be an insult to call this "instant tea," but I carry a packet in my purse because it's better than any prepared tea I could buy when eating out. Stash tea is always good, but this is extraordinary.
450330450330B0012BUR6SA3GLC45MF00NFFA. Padua0031318377600Just had a glass todayWhen I received the package just earlier today I was excited to try it out immediately. I'm already a loyal drinker of the Yamamotoyama Iced Green Tea Powder and wanted to give Stash a try, particularly the mint flavor (Yamamotoyama only has three flavors: original unsweetened, sweetened and raspberry). When I checked the ingredients of this product (ground Sencha tea and natural peppermint flavor) I already expected that this would be unsweetened (after all, mint is not sweet in the first place so if it said "natural", I expected it unsweetened).

I do agree with a few people that one packet was indeed weak for a 16oz water bottle, however I could sense a bit of the mint. Maybe it would be enough for an 8oz water content, you'd need to have at least 2 or 3 packets for you to have that strong "mint" flavor.

But the best thing about having purely ground green tea with nothing else on it (well in this case it has natural peppermint in it) is that you could use this as an ingredient for other treats, such as smoothies and even desserts. Just the other day I even added the Yamamotoyama unsweetened green tea powder on my Muesli hot cereal and it was delicious. I plan to do the same with this Stash mint green tea powder (I'm an experimenting foodie so doesn't hurt to try LOL) with my hot cereal and milk.

You can even substitute milk instead of water. Ever tasted maccha green tea latte that you get from Starbucks and Jamba Juice before? Try it with this one. :)

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