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450348450348B0012BUR6SA34OXX5PQ1XEHBva212atr0041275177600Powdered Green Tea by StashPowdered green tea with lemon & ginger provides quick daily source of antioxidant ingredients desired but in higher concentration and without the bother of brewing tea bags. Simply pour in water bottle, shake and be on your way.

Product used to be available in local health food stores but is no longer carried. Much easier and more cost effective when bought in quantity on Amazon.
450349450349B0012BUR6SAHVF60N50361WRenee S. Rushing0041239753600Refreshing flavorStash Premium Green Iced Tea Powder, 12-Count Packets (Pack of 6) Easy to mix and refreshing with ice.
450350450350B0012BUR6SA32WSTQB6AVSBML. Smith "consumer"0051238716800Just as expectedI was looking for mint green tea I could carry with me to mix up while out and about. If that's what you want, then this product is perfect. I add a little extra water, but that's just my taste. So, if you're looking for mint green tea powder . . . look no further!
450351450351B0012BUR6SA1R9YRTB6JQFWKGinahmk "Ginahmk"0051221696000Great taste and convenientThis has a great rich taste. Remember this is ground whole leaf, so the tea is stronger than you may expect. Not overly sweet and dissolves readily. I use it during workouts mixed with ice water in a Polar bottle.
450352450352B0012BUR6SAHVF60N50361WRenee S. Rushing0051219708800TeaI liked the flavor and the ease to mix this tea. I use a few packets and make a pitcher to keep in the fridge. Very good COLD and needs NO sweetening as is lightly sweet already. Doesn't look pretty, but DOES look like a healthy drink! I liked it!
450353450353B0012BUR6SA1CBNUBPZPWH5DBoston Lesbian "Happily Married in Massachusetts"3541216339200Refreshing summer beverageI purchased this item when it was on sale. I wasn't certain if I'd like it but I've read so much about the health benefits of green tea I wanted to try it. This is a nice, pleasant beverage. The flavor isn't too strong. I add a packet of Splenda to make it a bit sweeter. The powder dissolves easily in cold water. The flavor is natural not fake. I was impressed enough with it that I have signed up for auto-delivery.
450354450354B0012BUR6SA32TI3XCI0KS2CDerek Sargel1211319414400waste of moneyThe tea was very weak and not that good. Now I have six boxes of tea I that no one in my family likes.
450355450355B0012BUR6SA1VQKT0EFQ3Q2KSusan "smplocher"1251268352000Great product - at last!LOVE this! I dislike drinking plain water and have been looking for something easy that I could add to my s/s water bottle (gotta be good to the environment, right?) The flavor is great, ease of convenience is wonderful and the hint of sweet is not overpowering at all. I can drink my green tea with or without sweetener. The only thing is if you want to drink green tea all day long, the calories WILL add up - I think each packet is 60 calories. I drink 2 (32 oz) bottles of water a day so that would be 120 calories of sweetened drink a day. But I will still give the product 5 stars because the product is fab. I'd just pick something else if I'm going to pound water all day long (perhaps the blueberry green tea one which is NOT sweetened - it's excellent as well) I'll use this for one bottle and a non-sweetened one for the other. Best of both worlds. Enjoy!
450356450356B0012BUR6SA12RI7T2PXO4JQSammirah1251261958400Lightly sweet and cheeper than an Jamba Juice Matcha Shot!I used to always go to Jamba Juice for the Match green tea shots...after trying this iced green tea powder I was hooked. This flavor is lightly sweetend and the raspberry and pomegranate flavors are just subtle enough to not mask the true flavor of the green tea. I don't mind the funny green color...after all it's green tea.
450357450357B0012BUR6SA24NRU0P0TN907PenName "Pen"1211211587200TerribleThis iced tea is terrible. This is the first Stash product that I do not enjoy. It is not iced tea. It tastes more like powdered peppermint leaves.
450358450358B0012BUR6SAFWA3MAM1R45KRandee "Randee"0111345939200Beware, if you have a corn allergy!!The first ingredient in this mix, before the tea is even listed is maltodextrin. If you suffer from a corn allergy, please do not forget to read the label & unwittingly drink this. I have no idea why there is more maltodextrin in this product than the main product, the tea itself. I realize this is not a review, let alone a "helpful review", as I did not describe the taste of the product or even review the product. I couldn't review this product, if I wanted too. I want people with a corn allergy to be advised of the ingredients in the tea. I didn't know how else to inform folks about the ingredients except for on the page with reviews. I could not give the product more stars, as it contains more maltodextrin, than tea itself.
450359450359B0012BUR6SA2W7ZBU9A8HKR9perky0151341964800lightly sweetened green iced tea powderi have never liked green tea but i knew it was good for me so i have been drinking it for a lot of yrs. i grew up living in the western usa and our neighbors were japanese. they were sweet and gave us tea from japan. my father enjoyed it every morning and added a tablespoon of honey and a little cream to it. he smoked all his life and died at 92. anyway, i found when at times i would quit drinking it i wouldn't feel as good as i did when drinking it. i got tired of boiling the water with the teabags and then getting everything in a container to put into the frig. i really drank a lot of it. well, i stumbled onto a warehouse to pick up some things i had ordered and noticed this tea. i was immediately interested as you get to drink the whole tea leaf which gives you 10 times more antioxidants. wow, that was good for me so i got a couple cases and when i ran out searched the internet for stash brand. i really love it. i love that it is LIGHTLY SWEETENED, i love that i can just open a packet and throw it into my tumbler, add ice and water and be on my way. it's just right. but more then anything else i love the way it makes me feel. so much more energy and i truly believe it is helping my well being. no getting around about it i don't get sick often for sure. now i haven't tried the other brands and i feel i don't have to because i am so satisfied with this one. the price is also cheaper. i don't think you can go wrong with this choice. perky
450360450360B0012BUR6SA2XMLM5S0PC2BRBB0151339027200Great Productlove the ease of having green natural tea anywhear any time . tastes great i love this stash green tea
450331450331B0012BUR6SAGY5RK3EKTFC9Kathryn L. Tate "ktate"0011315526400Doesn't have taste...I wasted a little over $15.00 because the reviews were so good.
This has no taste cold or hot. It states to use 16oz of cold water.
Well, I used just a cup and it didn't work out for me.
I tried adding more packets and it helped but very little.
I am an avid tea and coffee drinker and can only resolve
that the other reviewers have never had a good strong cup
of green tea--, or I am missing something here.
I do not recommend this tea.
450332450332B0012BUR6SA2NLZ3M0OJV9NXMark Bodzin0021313107200Of al the Stash iced teas this is the best, and it is still not all that goodWhat can i say, I love iced tea. I drink a lot of it, and love the convenience of these new individual serving size packets. I am also a big fan of Stash products, or rather of all the other stash products I have tried.
I purchased a case of all 4 varieties, (when i say i drink iced tea, i am not kidding) and these were all way too weak when i mixed them in my 16 ounces water bottle.
I finally found that i needed to dissolve 2 packets in a small bit of hot water first (if not the tea clumped on me), and than add the rest of the water just to make these palatable. And only than were these passable...
Over all I am very dissatisfied with the product and will stick with the other brands that are out on the market.
450333450333B0012BUR6SA2NLZ3M0OJV9NXMark Bodzin0021313107200way too weak for my tastesWhat can i say, I love iced tea. I drink a lot of it, and love the convenience of these new individual serving size packets. I am also a big fan of Stash products, or rather of all the other stash products I have tried.
I purchased a case of all 4 varieties, (when i say i drink iced tea, i am not kidding) and these were all way too weak when i mixed them in my 16 ounces water bottle.
I finally found that i needed to dissolve 2 packets in a small bit of hot water first (if not the tea clumped on me), and than add a packet of sweetener before adding the rest of the water just to make these palatable.
Over all I am very dissatisfied with the product and will stick with the other brands that are out on the market.
450334450334B0012BUR6SA19JPOFY2O1KHDMelody0011313107200AwfulThis tea is the most awful stuff I've ever put in my mouth. It has a chemical taste. I tried adding sugar and it didn't help. I enjoy the Arizona Pomegranate Gree Tea and would highly recomment it.
450335450335B0012BUR6SA2G4IIUA18TVCPSifu "Sifu"0031311292800Makes great drinks but you have to use a lot!This tea has an awfully light flavor. I use this powder to make green tea lattes and green tea frappes. Very tasty. I generally shake 12 ounces cold milk, 2-3 packets of this tea powder, and 1 ounce simple syrup, then pour it over ice. Tho make the frappe, I blend the same ingredients with ice, instead of pouring it over ice. It is annoying that to make a small drink I need to use 2-3 times more than expected.
450336450336B0012BUR6SA1D1SP3AOXDP4HJimmy Lin0031308700800Not bad. A bit light.I've had quite a few sencha powders in my time. The Stash product is one of the best-priced products out there.

That said, what you get per packet is a bit on the light side for mixing with 16 oz of water. I can barely taste the tea, and I'm pretty sensitive to tea flavors. If you get this product, keep your mixes at 8 oz of water - otherwise, it's like you're drinking a flavorless algae.

Otherwise, it's a good product at a good price. At proper concentrations, the flavor is good, and you can't beat the health benefits of a good sencha/green tea.
450337450337B0012BUR6SA3EKKE39YN92KZAlaskaLight0051306022400Great product!I first tried these powdered green teas from Stash last summer. This spring I wanted more, but the store I got them from didn't think the vendor would be carrying any. I was delighted to find that I could get them from Amazon. I ordered a whole bunch and look forward to having refreshing REAL FOOD drinks all summer in an easy to make form.
450338450338B0012BUR6SA31Z7ATIAL5KFBAnita0051301356800First time purchaser!I finally finished my box of the Blueberry Green Tea Powder and wanted to try something new! So glad I tried this flavor as it is now my favorite! Just add it to a cold bottle of water, drink it as is, or add a few drops of Stevia or Agave and you are good to go. Very refreshing!! Will be packing this on my trip to Mexico!
450339450339B0012BUR6SA3I4PCBRENJNG2L. Cain0041300579200quality lightly sweetened green tea powderlots of uses for this green tea...

I generally like most tea (though not the over-ally flowery blends)...

Being on more of a health kick in recent years, I have added a lot more GREEN tea to my diet in one form or another...
from straight brewed tea <> hot or iced...

To adding the powder to things like salad dressings, smoothies, baked goods, etc.

I am not new to green I first started drinking it when living in Japan some 30+ years ago....
in the ground form known as matcha.
A quality product. Dissolves well.

I like both the unsweetened and the lightly sweetened.
450340450340B0012BUR6SA1G12MZXFX1Q1Xmother bear0051297987200not too sweet, not too strong, just rightAs a long time tea drinker, was happy to come across this iced tea mix. It serves as my sports drink while exercising or golfing. I find this iced tea very refreshing. I really like the flavor and especially the low sugar content. The plain green is my favorite followed by the raspberry. The blueberry is good too; it's unsweetened, so I add half a packet of Truvia.
450341450341B0012BUR6SA1QCP3UXNAN8FJAnnapolisgirl0041292025600Great pick me up on the go - hot or cold!I really enjoy this tea because it's not to sweet and it's easy to use. I carry it and my mug with me and just add hot or cold water, depending upon my mood. I find that it gives me just the right kind of energy and it can even hold my hunger between meals. A real great thing because I watch my calories. And of course, green tea is full of antioxidants.
450342450342B0012BUR6SA1U15WYNFC412OArt Denning0051288051200Good stuffThis is good iced tea. It is hard to find locally in the Fall and Winter.
450343450343B0012BUR6SABMSXYKU0XPCBusyMomOf20051285372800Wonderfully refreshing drinkI am hooked. This is a great way to get more fluids into my day without making it seem like a chore. This powder tastes great without any additional sweeteners. It is just what I have been looking for. Also try the Blueberry version. Delicious!
450344450344B0012BUR6SA2CHB7ZP0AL4FCMimiManderly0051282521600Easy and tasty for better healthGreen tea is good for you, loaded with antioxidants, boosts your metabolism, yadda, yadda, yadda, but I never quite warmed up to the taste. Until now. The lemon and the ginger give this a very nice flavor. And it is SO great that I can just add a packet to my water bottle and go, without the bother of brewing it.
450345450345B0012BUR6SA14U2WTVE7B377bunny0051280361600Very refreshing!Just the right amount of blueberry flavor, and the tea itself is not overwhelming. I love that it has no added sweeteners, and really does not need them.
This is a perfect way to get more water and benefit from the antioxidants in the tea as well!
450346450346B0012BUR6SA15D65M0NGF1TVeebee0051275436800Love it!I drink this delicious tea almost every day. I have yet to find anything like it on the market.
450347450347B0012BUR6SAQ5UKHMH36LV9M. Keeth0051275350400Refreshing addition to waterLove this product! It adds flavor to your water without all the nasty artificial sweetners. Hope this product is here to stay!

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