Amazon Fine Food Reviews

450391450391B0029NS7BUA2TE0A83OLR494MOOSE0051317254400Pedigree Meaty Ground Dinner Variety PackI have a very picky dog and he loves it, and i have another dog who eats anything and she loves it too. even my cat likes it. i would definitely purchase again
450392450392B0029NS7BUA1E7KO5R4VUDK1J. Keith "janto2"0051315699200Great Value for a great productThe new pricing plus discount, makes this product comparable in price to the stores in our area. Plus, free delivery means I don't have to load it into my cart, manhandle it in the check-out, load it into my vehicle, and lug it into our home! Our 8 dogs love the flavors, and I love the convenience!
450393450393B0029NS7BUA1TFAN53OU2RITMO.Man0051209772800Pedigree, One of the only not in the Pet Recall ProductsI've purchased pedigree puppy products for the last 13 years, and wouldn't trade them for any other, each puppy canned food, come with skin and coat care, and this product was safe during the recall scare, where so many lost their beloved pets. I will continue to use this product as my pets become adults. There is also dry product, and treats, and more in this brand, as well as maintain your pets weight products. Most highly recommend.
450394450394B0029NS7BUA3M8R4JD1SIS76'MaryLou Cheatham "The Collard Patch"0251223856000Delicious Meaty Dog FoodPedigree smells delicious. It is an enticing smell, good enough to make humans turn their noses toward it. A black lab and a standard poodle in our family agree that it tastes delicious. The meaty chunks of real beef in a doggy-tasty gravy pleases the most finicky canines. None of the humans in the family have tried it though.

It has all the meat in it that a dog needs for maintenance, and it can be mixed with dry food for extra crunch. There is the right balance of calcium and phosphorus for strong teeth and bones, according to the Pedigree people. It also has omega fatty acids and the essential nutrient for healthy skin and a shiny coat. The dogs find it highly digestible so that the nutrients are easily absorbed. (All these features are listed on the Pedigree web page.)

Highly recommended!
450395450395B000ILMQIAA35LY4IPUT8HIDWogglebug "Wogs"3351298937600Makes a great Salad Dressing too!Mix 1/2 teaspoon of Ranch flavored seasoning with 1/4 cup of cream and 2 tablespoons of mayo for a yummy creamy salad dressing. (single serving)

I've also tossed my greens with a little olive oil and then sprinkled on the Ranch seasoning for a healthier, lower calorie dressing. Make sure you mix your salad just before eating or your greens will wilt.

Tastes great and no MSG!
450396450396B000ILMQIAA1OLQY95IP5V1OI. Jozsef2251321315200Great product!This is my favorite flavor of all of them.

I do wish that Amazon sold an assortment pack of these, so I can try new flavors without having to commit to six of the same flavor without knowing for sure if I'm gonna like it.
450397450397B000ILMQIAA2CYLWIY18B1D4Brian McDowell1151291507200Awesome seasoning!Kernel Season's does a great job with a multitude of options for popcorn seasoning and we like many of them. The ranch seasoning is out of this world and we have completely replaced our typical salt seasoning with this ranch flavor. I highly recommend popcorn lovers to try Kernel Season's!
450398450398B000ILMQIAA1TT6XNQM7OMI9Stephen Sherrard "musictech"1141276473600Another Great popcorn seasoning!This is another one of our favorite Kernel Seasons flavor. The BBQ and Nacho Cheddar are the other favorites.

It's good to mix things up a bit and have different flavors on hand, because you certainly can get sick of eating the same flavor over and over, especially if you eat popcorn almost every night like we do!

These six packs at Amazon are the best deals, but you may want to order a single pack of various flavors first to try them out. Unfortunately, the Ranch and BBQ and several others are usually not sold at grocery stores (although you can get the Nacho and White Cheddar easily at most stores).
450399450399B000ILMQIAA1131JF0YNOW3GJ.T. "J.T."1151253318400Make Popcorn GreatFine on popcorn if you like Ranch Flavor you will be happy,better than the Ranch dressing powder mix you can get in the store.I tried not near as good
450400450400B000ILMQIAA2320OE778KFA3Ruby J. Tullis1151241740800Wonderful stuff!!This is the most wonderful powder, to put on your popcorn, baked potatoe, chips, vegatables, or whatever you can think of. It taste wonderful, and has very little calories (for those wanting to lose weight.) The BBQ is my favorite of the flavors, then the ranch. There are so many to choose from.
450401450401B000ILMQIAA2CLY3VQEQXHVIMichael I. "MI"0051339718400DELICIOUS and no MSG! I use it on tons of thingsI bought this for popcorn but have tried it on a bunch of different things. It's great, even on veggies. It seems to lose flavor when it gets heated too high, so I advise to use it after food is finished cooking and before serving as opposed to cooking with it. This product has encouraged me to try other flavors, but not sure I want a pack of 6 of anything besides Ranch since Ranch is generally so versatile. I am going to experiment with making ranch dressing with this product, just not exactly sure how yet. Probably buttermilk and whole milk equal parts to start.
450402450402B000ILMQIAA3HXGFNUKFV52UM. Freeland0051336953600Great flavor!I love this flavor of Kernel's Seasoning but almost never use it on popcorn! Instead I often sprinkle it on vegetables I've steamed. I could easily use a bigger size package of the stuff.
450403450403B000ILMQIAAROZXQNDMK7PEKenny0041325203200Not bad at allI just need to find a way to have it stick to my popcorn better, as I do not use butter but an olive oil spray. I also am using this on my eggs or anything that I can, so it has been a multi purpose product. Very cool!!!
450404450404B000ILMQIAAR440JQ71KDWJRusty Old Lady "Doreen"0051319328000Supercalafragilisticexpialadocious!!I am soooo glad I found this seasoning for my popcorn. I use a hot air popper(Orville Redenbacher's) which I had just purchased from Amazon, of course. I now have this seasoning on a regular delivery schedule from Amazon because I can use it on so many things...popcorn, salads, hamburgers, vegetables. Hot air popcorn is really quite dry; so, I use Wabash Valley Farms Buttery Popcorn Topping (from Amazon) first, then lots of the Ranch seasoning, and top it off with popcorn salt and thoroughly enjoy finger-lickin-good popcorn. I want to thank the reviewer for the recipe for the most delicious Ranch salad dressing; its better than any prepared one I've tried in the last 50+ years and so simple to make. Got any other great ideas?? God bless.
450405450405B000ILMQIAAX7X2PDIVOFQQHilary Villegas "True Bruin"0051312156800Amazing!I love this stuff! I first ordered some smaller sample sized containers from a catalog, and i've been hooked since then. It was a little to pricey for me to order from the company site. I found a great deal here on amazon and had to scoop it up.
450406450406B000ILMQIAA1UANSL4868RMDL. Hunt0041310428800Great for popcornthis stuff is great. I am a Weight watchers member and popcorn is pretty much a staple. Having this seasoning makes having popcorn all the time not so boring. There are other flavors that are great as well but the ranch and white cheddar are my favorites.
450407450407B000ILMQIAA1FSSSG3YKGA0JNancy Mitchell0051299974400Delicious!This is our favorite popcorn seasoning. We use it with a little grated Parmesan added in and our popcorn is delicious. You can't beat the price either. All future purchases of Kernel Season's will be made via Amazon!
450408450408B000ILMQIAA1B5GFTG0OW8XVS. Kim "Peachykeen"0051296777600Great seasoning!We love having this on our air popped popcorn. We use Pam cooking spray, sprinkle and mix, and repeat to preferable flavor. It's very tasty and addictive, so much cheaper than buying popcorn already flavored. Love it!

The price $40 currently on amazon is triple the normal price in grocery stores ($2.00-$2.50) for the 3 ounce bottle. Hopefully they will have the deal like the other flavors soon ($13.57).
450409450409B000ILMQIAA27NWTX5Z90PPAgranto0041292716800Serving sizeVery tasty, but I needed to use much more than the recommended serving size for the popcorn to have enough flavor.
450410450410B000ILMQIAA2ZHKWQ9YT47BEJ. Stuckey0041269475200Great SeasoningThis popcorn seasoning is great i love the ranch flavor it makes popcorn taste better
the only downside is it won't stick to air popped popcorn so you have to add something for it to stick to like butter.
450411450411B000ILMQIAA13ARKH8FCOFQ0Douglas0051264809600Worth the SearchI recently moved and could not find this anywhere. I finally ordered it on here and have no doubt that I'll use all six bottles. I mostly use it on popcorn but it's also good on potatoes.
450412450412B000ILMQIAADY7VB0QM1QARMichele Cameron "MWalt60906"0051264032000Ranch Popcorn SeasoningYummy! I have such a hard time finding the Ranch flavor in the local supermarket. My product arrived quickly and in great shape!
450413450413B000ILMQIAA2A4JW78DWE0XMD. PALMER Jr.0051252886400This flavor is wonderfulI love this flavor, and unfortunetly the stores around here stopped carrying it, so this is wonderful to find it on here. I went from not really enjoying popcorn to now being addicted to it, thanks to this ranch flavor. I love it and I think everyone else will too.
450414450414B000ILMQIAA35M163V6CNI21Supersigh0121326240000doen't taste like much, especially not ranch flavor.The flavor is lacking a ton. I don't see what all the good reviews are for unless the ones selling it are writing it. The stuff doesn't stick to the popcorn very well , even with butter added. You can empty half the contents of the ranch salt before the popcorn even barely has enough flavor.
450415450415B0030GYG38ALT005NNTCMVJmichaelhanna820051326067200Great Work!Great Customer Service and great product from the seller! Definitely one of the best marinades to use for a fried turkey.
450416450416B0030GYG38AGYFEFV6LTFVDsjohnson0051293580800Price busterI used this 2 times now and the flavor is great. As for being overpriced, I found these products at Food4Less for $3.99 each.
450417450417B0001IOSGSA3O4SJTKB2PXFQM. Komaba0051326672000Great taste for packaged curry and a quick mealI first tried this curry when my son sent this from Hawaii and thought it was great for packaged curry, so I was happy to learn that it could be purchased on Amazon and other local stores. I make chicken curry with it. First I cook the vegetables(potatoes, celery, carrots, etc.) and add pieces of cooked chicken and the sauce. My husband likes it hotter so he adds SB curry powder, and if you want a thicker consistency you can use corn starch or flour, but be sure to dilute with water first.
450418450418B0019QI0DSA1KUU2JVSYWVRSS. Winkler "online shopper"0051349222400A Must for New ParentsAs a new dad I was excited to announce the birth of my first born child. To commemorate the event I wished to offer friends and family a traditional cigar. Since I'm not a smoker and few people that I know are smokers I opted for a more politically correct option of bubble gum cigars. I defy anyone to find these anywhere but Amazon or other select online retailers. These are just hard to find, period.

When they arrived I was pleased to see that the products matched the listing.

Here's a detailed breakdown of these bubble gum cigars:

Shipping - Fast!
Appearance - Great retro packaging. This package is reminiscent of 1940's-1950's artwork. Great look. The bubble gum cigars had flat sides, perhaps from sitting on a shelf for a while? Each of the cigars was labeled and individually wrapped. Great for giving as gifts.
Taste - Look, these cigars aren't going to please many palates. They are adequate to get the point across, but not very enjoyable to chew. The texture and taste are reminiscent of the gum that came in packs of cards back in the 1980s. I'm not sure if sports cards and novelty cards still come with those dry sticks of gum, but these taste to be of a similar recipe. Very Bazooka Joe like, however less flavorful and the flavor it does have is lost very quickly. That said, they aren't made to win taste awards, they are a simple gift for a new dad to express his pride.

So, overall these cigars are a great way to commemorate a wonderful life event without being un-PC. I would buy these again if the need arises. I do recommend these to all new dads as a fun handout to friends, family and co-workers.
450419450419B0019QI0DSA3RSKYAEVOYGBJSadie's Mom0031348876800Small BoxWas expecting a box closer to the size of a regular cigar box, but was surprised that it was the size of a large box of milk duds. It does however have a picture of the size of the cigars on the front. About 5 inches. Much shorter than I remember as a kid, but a lot of candy has shrunk. I also read the reviews and tried to get one that may be tasty enough to actually chew, but I won't hold out my hopes. I will get back with feed back once my friend actually has her baby girl. Cute idea.

I am back with my second review....the mommie to be was thrilled that her husband would have something to hand out!!!
450420450420B0019QI0DSA3AOIULXWB0MQCL. Folsum "Ella's Mommy"0051314230400I'm so glad we got theseI'm so glad we got these. I packed them in my hospital bag and we set out the box for our guests at the hospital. Kids loved them and even our doctor wanted one. Makes a sweet keepsake box when you give them all away.

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