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450546450546B000KEJMS2A2UCAEDKW9U88PMartha E. Weatherell0051286150400foodI live in an area where it is impossible to find RED LENTILS. They are delicious and I am grateful that they are available on this website. It is less expensive buying through
450547450547B000KEJMS2A1W7Z93ML9SJ71M. Lincoln0051257033600Best Lentils for SoupThese red lentils make the best lentil soup ever. Another winner from the great folks at Bob's Red Mill. I haven't found a product yet that they don't do best.
450548450548B000KEJMS2A1D7SKBDFLSKFXN. Albanese-levin "Healthy Girl"1251225584000we love bob'si usually order organic but did these by accident. still good ,everything is good from bob's.
450549450549B000KEJMS2A1Y0P6RL1QGF19Clement B. Lemieux "Ironmorph"1241219536000Very good productI tend to like my lentils a little firmer than these come out. They taste incredible though, and I would mix them with other grains or used in a soup.

450550450550B000KEJMS2A1K9FG7IA08ICPDavid Lence1251209859200Great find!I read a recipe using red lentils but I could not find them in my area (Culver City, CA.) I searched Amazon and found this company. Finding red lentils was a great discovery.
450551450551B000KEJMS2A3UK8O42UGR5O8Tracy L Pritchard0141280188800Still very good but different!I was ordering the red lentils because they were 'split' and I liked the consistency for certain recipes. I signed up for subscribe and save but now it seems the ones that arrive are red lentils, but not split. For the price I can just buy brown lentils at my local store and save money. However, the split red lentils were a great find! Did anyone else notice this?
450552450552B000KEJMS2A2IM37DI4HT8X9S. Roth0151279843200fremont, caBob's Red Mill Red Lentils, 27-Ounce Units (Pack of 4)

I've enjoyed most of Bob Red Mill's products. His products are guaranteed nutritious, high quality,and very healthy. I'm a frequent buyer of his products, such as wheat gluten, lentils, whole wheat flour, etc...

If you've never tried his products, you should try some and you'll discover that his products are true to his philosophy.

Would definitely buy again and again.
450553450553B000KEJMS2AB99M63SF8LUBVitulya0151257897600Good quality productVery tasty, fast cooking lentils. They are pretty clean so you won't have to rinse them over and over again, just a few times. Overall very satisfied. Recommended brand. When I'll get done with what I already purchased, I will buy the same thing again, from Bob's Red Mill. The only thing is that I wish it would me a little cheaper, but can't do anything about it, because it's a quality product.
450541450541B000KEJMS2AZAAQYCTY0DWZJM0051319760000Delicious!These beans are delicious and super easy to prepare. We have purchased other products from Bob as well and we have yet to be disappointed.
450542450542B000KEJMS2AONWN2NZ9QCP4Zafer0051304812800Red lentils!Great red lentils. This is the split, lighter colored variety. You should always pick through all dry legumes before washing, but I never found a rock in these.
450543450543B000KEJMS2A36BHVA80D0OHUshstric0051303862400Excellent tasteI cannot comment on price because this is not sold locally; however, I can comment on taste. These are so simple to cook and healthy. I found a really good lentil soup recipe to use these in.
450544450544B000KEJMS2A3I4PCBRENJNG2L. Cain0041300579200red lentils....nice an colorful...healthy & TASTY toored lentils....nice an colorful

I purchased them for their COLOR <RED>

I am really not so sure there is much of a taste difference between the various colors of lentils out there...brown, green, yellow, black and red...
it sure can make a difference on how you perceive how a dish will taste sometimes just based on HOW a food color in this case.

Lentils are a healthy food choice and relatively inexpensive...though, HERE you seem to PAY for color.
Lentils are VERY versatile...from use in salads to main dishes to soups and EVEN deserts such as in cookies, cakes and puddings.

There were certain recipes out there that specifically called for RED lentils, so I went with the recommendations.
Not disappointed in this purchase of Bob's Red Mill RED Lentils.

I would purchase again, and will continue to purchase MANY of the other fine products that Bob's Red Mill has on the market today.

Their items fit very well into my change to HEALTHIER and actually tastier diet I ascribe to these days following a stay at OSU Ross Heart Hospital last year.

KEEP an eye open for the amazon $pecials on these types of products...
450545450545B000KEJMS2AJ0N5FTGV9DLTHappyquilter0051299369600Very healthyThis is very good and so easy to fix. I washed well then soaked for while then cooked in chicken broth. Just delicious and so healthy.
450554450554B000KEJMS2A1ROND7G1QTOFYKaron Dixon0151238976000these are greatthese are great, so good as a soup, they are what i've been looking for
450555450555B000KEJMS2A2ADGBPUQZ65NCSharon L. Chibnall "Beabiscuit"0151231891200Very GoodThese are great red lentils. I can't find them in the grocery stores.
450556450556B000KEJMS2AI0NMYA3LKXW1Bartok Kinski "A casual stroll through the lu...1351283126400Pink LentilsBob's Red Mill Red Lentils, are not really Red upon closer examination, they are more pink, but I think calling them Pink Lentils would infuriate many people for reasons having to do with the role of masculinity in society.

Not many men would eat Pink Lentils, I myself, wouldn't mind, since I am colorblind.
450557450557B000KEJMS2A1P06BO2T1R9ZIJean Krachenfels02511173657600mushyDisappointed with the red lentils because they cook down to a mush. No discernable shapes of lentils are present when finished cooking. Prefer dark brown or black lentils. Don't know if Bob's Red Mill offers them. Jean
450558450558B001TJKIQ2A1ZQOI3XG5M8C7justine pescetello91151277510400Great Halloumi!Cheese is cheese but for the price and delivery time this Halloumi is great. Just like we used to get in Europe. Great flavor and grills easily.
450559450559B001TJKIQ2A3IC79GLPT7S1Esonny4451331856000Best everThis is just like the Halloumi my buddies sister makes in Cyprus.Really Good! I mean I thought I was in Cyprus.Hope you all try it.You will not regret it.
450560450560B000QSONTUAJUEAE35LR20G2220051347408000Best tasting of the OLA LOA VitaminsThe OLA LOA Vitamins work much better then the 5 hour energy shots for me, and I like the fact they give me my daily vitamins in one shot. I try to pick these up in bulk whenever they go on sale.
450561450561B000QSONTUA32TCWAILP09A2smart girl "smart girl"0051293494400Love this - not too sweet - great vitamins!I love this drink mix because its not a sweet sweet drink mix...its a hint of sweet - at first if you are used to sweet drinks you will think its bland...but then you realize that its refreshing and great to hydrate prior to exercise. I try to drink a water bottle full of this in the morning - and it definitely helps my running...I'm able to jog without getting so tired out. I keep ordering this over and over as we run out - a great drink that's refreshing and not sweet - nice and light!
450562450562B000QSONTUA3PMLJ63LVC4ONopal bratsis0051278460800Awesome ProductAwesome product. I do Hot Yoga so I sweat a lot. This product not only works but tastes great. Not overly sweet like similiar products I've used.
450563450563B000QSONTUA1AP32OKD9VP3PJoey0151295049600Love the stuffThe local health store sells it at a higher price and I just couldn't resist ordering 3 boxes from this seller. By the way, the sellar was great to work with.
450564450564B004R8Z88AA36CPARKICVO4VSK0051341792000Great for camping!I have been searching for fully cooked food that I can take on our camping trips withoug having to use a colloer. This is exactly what I want. The slices are soft with just a bit of crisp, and they taste great even at room temperature.
450565450565B004R8Z88AA68K0JCWEACRIFatherofYoda0051340323200Bacon!Yummm. Good bacon, already cooked, easy for those of us who don't want to make a mess with bacon grease; you can microwave these to get crispy, or use them just as they are if you don't mind them being a little soggy. Taste is fine. Delivery is convenient.
450566450566B004R8Z88AA228QSUSHHEUS7Gary Lang Jr. "Mortiki"0021334966400taste good, way overpricedthere is no subsitute for the precooked bacon, easy to prepare and taste very good, but not only is the amount you get from these packages not very much (although they consider this a family size) but the price per OZ is way out of whack. we found the large packs at Sam's club the best price anywhere, local or online.
450567450567B004R8Z88AA1LHV1BC72V8XJRichelle Swinton0051333411200Excellent!Crazy enough, I think this is cheaper to order through Amazon than buying it from a grocery store! They just come packaged in a normal box, but the packets clearly state refrigerate after opening, so they're safe. I'll definitely have to order this again.
450568450568B003NTMV1QA3JACRDVNOBXISRaymond T Moreland0041294444800Great for CatsNutri-Vet Multi Vite Paw Gel is one of the best vitamins we have used with our pure bred cats and our rescue cats. Great product.
450569450569B004DJVOQSA20GIRMF1GKV7Tamber0031330732800tastes okay but I won't buy it againI bought this coffee because the product website said the Vermont Country Blend is a medium roast with mellow, smooth and brisk taste. It is some of those things, it just doesn't taste that good. VCB has a little bit of a gas station coffee flavor in that it's a bit abrasive. You can almost taste the soil the coffee was grown in before you taste the coffee itself--if you like an earthy taste with a hint of road-trip rest stop, this is the coffee for you. The most disappointing thing about this coffee is the amount of sugar needed to sweeten it. I need three times the amount of sweetener for it to taste like I added something. (I used the same measurements that I use every morning: a 10 ounce mug plus one teaspoon of sweetener but with VCB I need 3 teaspoons to taste the sweetener and I could add more but I can't bring myself to dump much more into the cup.) Perhaps Green Mountain makes other blends that taste better, but my experience with VCB hasn't been that positive.
450570450570B0017JARAGAT5FTNT68VMI3Rebecca D. Christensen2251280534400Yummy!Fast check out. Great product. Amaxing packaging and delivery. Will order from again.

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