Amazon Fine Food Reviews

450698450698B003O7ZORUA360IAUDG0XDOGRebekah Shinn0041322524800Great kitten food but a bit pricey.This is very good healthy dry food for kittens and all three of mine really enjoy it, although it is quite a bit more expensive than what I want to pay so I switched over to the Wiskas kitten food instead.
450699450699B003O7ZORUA1JRWJM7AMLAICM. Rogers0051321315200Start them out on the best food--Blue!I am loving this food so far. Or, my cats are. Which means so am I. :) They were on a diet of Purina dry food + Iams canned food before I made the switch. My vet had always said that Purina was up there with all the top name brand foods, so I just took her word for it. After doing my own research, I found that was definitely NOT the case. I switched both of my cats to a Buffalo Blue diet (one eats kitten, the other eats weight control) and they are both happy, healthy kitties. Of course it's more expensive than what you can buy in your local grocery store, but for the health benefits, it's worth it to me. Amazon sells it for exactly the same price as the stores in my area, so I choose to get it shipped--saves me time and gas!
450700450700B003O7ZORUA17N6MNN6HVHEXCrysti0051320883200The best Kitten food!I have been feeding this food to my Ragdoll kittens/cats for years. The Blue Buffalo Spa Selects are the best food I have found for my kitties. I have one that has a sensitive stomach and will not keep any grain foods down. With Blue Buffalo Kitten, she has never gotten sick and loves it! I have Tom that was frequently getting urinary crystals. He hated the Hills Prescription Diet A/D food the vet wanted him to eat, canned or dry, but this stuff he loves. Kittens have grown strong and healthy with beautiful coats!
I have noticed also, for anyone considering switching to this food versus most others, because this food is very digestible, they eat less of it, process more of it, and actually seem to use the catbox less! With other grainy foods, they have trouble processing the cornmeal and it just passes through the system, creating more bowel movements, and eating more food. You can even SEE, if you look, the grains in my cats' stool with other brands compared to grain-free brands.
This at least is the case with my cats.
450701450701B003O7ZORUAIVP0ED5Y1I3QAnna Rose0051318809600Feed them the best.My mom feeds her 5 year old cat, 6 year old Viszla and 6 year old German Shorthair Blue food. Naturally when I moved out and got my own kitten I started him on Blue. He loves both the Healthy Growth as well as the Wilderness Kitten. He is growing like a weed (10 lean pounds at 7 months old) and has so much energy. His coat is soft and shiny and his eyes are bright and clear.

This product can be a little more expensive, but it often goes on sale at the pet store. Plus since it is higher in protein you have to feed your animal less than you would with cheaper brands. Make sure you read the serving instructions if you have not tried this food before so you don't overfeed your pet.

In short this product is quality food that keeps my little buddy healthy, and when it comes to his health I am glad to pay the little extra $$.
450702450702B003O7ZORUA23UIRG7RI24UTAMax0051316044800Kittens love this!My wife bought this for our kittens a month ago and they absolutly love it! Their coats are healthy and shiny and they are full of energy and pep. I'm grateful to find a company that makes such a quality product!
450703450703B003O7ZORUA29F97JJM9IZ1FJ. Baisden "Sandwalker"0051302739200Our Finicky Girl Loves Blue!!After my husband and I rescued our little girl from the humane society, we found out we had a VERY picky eater on our hands. Since I am a picky parent, I wanted her to have only the best food. I wasted money on other top brands that were grain free or minimal grain, all natural, and/or organic. She hated them all. Then I found Blue at the Tractor Supply in my county and was a little hesitant to buy due to the price. Since Blue is all natural AND loaded with the good stuff, cats eat less of it that they do the grain laden cheaper stuff. So I did some mental math and chose Blue. She LOVES it!! She will finish her bowl and meow for more. All I can say is THANK YOU! Her picky nature was driving me nuts (and costing me money in uneaten food). Blue is awesome. Just ask our little girl.
450704450704B005TY2F3WA29JAG9ML7C9DRKarmala1151345161600Yum!Just tried this for lunch and it is delicious. I made some Nori rolls stuffed with salmon, vegies, quinoa... all stir fried and used this for a dipping sauce and it definitely enhanced the meal. Mostly sweet with just a little hint of "kick" on the finishing note.
450705450705B005H3AWNUA2BFA570IDMJ4RLiz V4451330300800So yummy, low sugar too!Bought this from the local grocery store and it was at room temperature. I didn't want to wait to get home and chill it, so I gave it a try, and it was fine! I love this drink. I also got the Coconut Water from Taste Nirvana and I found out I like the CocoAloe wayyyyy better now!
I love that it's only 9 grams of sugar per serving, and it's natural since the ingredients show only Coconut Water, Aloe Vera, and Fiber.
Also, it's a good source of Magnesium (do a search for the benefits of magnesium if you want to be amazed).
450706450706B005H3AWNUACINEJJM8E0D4Roy0051344124800The best so far!I recently saw the Vita coconut water for sale at Costco with a discount of $5 off. Even though the final price of the 6L of Vitacoco water cost much less than the individual pack that I saw at Safeway/vons supermarket, I decided to by an individual tetrapak for Vitacoco, Naked Juice, Zico, Zola, One, and Nirvana (No C2O, Amy & Brian) . The test subjects were myself and my two nieces (6 & 11). They didn't get to drink that much fresh coco water from a real coconut but I sure did; however, they results were similar. My two nieces held on tight to the 17.5oz can of Zola and loved it but said that it's a bit sweet. The 6 years old said "yuck" after taking a sip of the Vita coconut water, the 11 yo frowned, and I liked it the least also. Why did Vita add vitamin C to their coco water? I'm glad that I spent $2.50 on a small tetrapak than $15 for 6L of Vita. We also agreed that ONE coco water tasted a lot like Vita but a bit better. Naked followed it. Zico was as bad as other reviewers complained on their review on about the plastic bottle compared to the tetrapak they had before. The last coconut water we had was the Nirvana. It went down really smooth and didn't have any after taste like Zola and other coco water. IMO, I'll always get Nirvana. If it's not available, then Zola which is rather a good deal because it's a 17.5oz or so for $2.50; but, I wouldn't touch ONE, Naked, and Vita ever again.

I am glad that Safeway carries those 5 brands because I was able to do a taste test without buying junk that I don't like and regret it. So, I you want to buy any of the coconut water, go to Safeway/Vons supermarket and buy a little bit of each like I did and test them for yourselves. Nirvana is my and my nieces # 1 choice and Zola is # 2 so far, yours might be different. So, experiment!
450707450707B005H3AWNUA2XUGLWUMMVIA9MJ0051342742400100% satisfiedBest tasting "good for u" drink I've ever had. I hate coconut water but love it mixed with aloe! I can't express how much I love this stuff!!
450708450708B005H3AWNUA1J4AIPBTPRUQLS. R. Bowers "history teacher"0051341273600Hands Down My Favorite Coconut WaterI have tried pretty much every kind of coconut water I have found and this is hands down my favorite. It definitely tastes different than most of the coconut waters out there that have a very bitter flavor and a yellowish color. This is clear w/a little hazziness to it, and tasty little gel drops (that's how I describe them). There is a slightly sweet taste, but it is oh so good and refreshing. I love one of these after a 30 minute run. I like the Coco Aloe slightly more than the regular coconut water from Taste Nirvana. Plus, they taste better out of the bottle than out of a can. Only issue is don't buy them on here unless you absolutely can't find them in a store. I get mine at Meijer right next to the Gatorade. It is normally $1.99 a bottle and often it is on sale for $1.79. So it costs about $10/dozen more on here. If you haven't tried this and you have been trying to reap the benefit of coconut water but can't stand downing the other bitter tasting products on the market, give it a shot, I don't think you'll be disappointed.
450709450709B005H3AWNUA2WQ59BWBFAWOCK. Scanlon "Well Read"0051339027200Love this Coconut WaterI love this coconut water and it's soothing to the GI system as well. I find that drinking one of these with my coffee in the morning helps me start the day right!
450710450710B005H3AWNUA23AVOTY43FU87annoyed1251317686400Best coconut water.Nirvana is the best tasting coconut water out there. It is perfect when chilled. If you need to feel hydrated this will do it.
450711450711B005H3AWNUA3GGDMT5GB2BCTK. Mcbain "Bikram_Yoga_Chick"1251316563200Perfect for before/after a hot yoga class!I have never purchased this from Amazon, only my local co-op. I love this drink. You MUST drink it chilled or it won't taste good. IMHO, this is true for all coconut water. I drink this before and/or after a Bikram class and I feel amazing!!!
450712450712B005H3AWNUA2VBP30LPUL7TGBjork Elska "Oolga"0811316390400GrossI bought this in store (my local fubonn) and this is a nasty drink. It tastes like cereal-y vomit. If you want the benefits of coconut water or aloe, get something else, because honestly I couldn't finish this drink.
450713450713B000N2VR48A1KNV8XEBNMHY4Donald Ambroziak374051172620800heavenMy ex 2 years ago bought me 750 of these babies. It was the best gift i have ever gotten. Honestly. You know how you go the the 25 cent machine and get one of these guys out, and you honestly try your best not to lose it while your seeing how high you can bounce it. Then when you do (like 10 mins later) your pissed off. Well you dont have to worry about that when you buy a couple bags of em. Then you start getting crazy ideas like getting out the tennis racket and (when i was in college) seeing if you can hit people going into the cafeteria for dinner while your so far away no one knows who did it. Another good one is while your driving (on an empty road) throw one out in front of your car and see how many times you can hit it while it bounces down the street. Or have someone in the passenger seat bounce it out the car and into open shop doorways on the side of the road. Many have jumped off the top of the 'sunshine skyway bridge' in st. petersburg florida, they say hitting the water from that height is like hitting concrete, so did they bounce? dumping dozens off of roofs is pretty cool too, ive bounced one off a roof 16 floors up to the ground accross the street and into the 8th floor or so of a parking garage. I only have about thirty left rolling around my apartment from bouncy ball fights so im planning on buying more. I think everyone should have a bag. wow. who writes this much about bouncy balls.
450714450714B000N2VR48A1K0XELED9Z422David Stillman "stilldavid"141451234828800Best EverIt all started when a co-worker and I found a trade show branded super ball in a forgotten box of office supplies. You know - you throw it, it bounces - it's all fun and whatnot. We got a coffee break's worth of entertainment out of it before we moved on and forgot about it.

Well, I never forgot about it. I jumped on Amazon where I found these bad boys (seriously, what _can't_ you buy here?!), and they shipped in just a few days. I brought the bag in to the office a couple weeks ago, just for fun. Since then, I'm quite surprised that we haven't gotten fired with all the crazy pranks and games we've come up with. From rigging them to fall when the door is opened, to hiding them in the mini-fridge for an after lunch store-the-leftovers WTF, we've certainly gotten every cent worth of entertainment out of these things.

Sure, we made up games to pass the time during rainy lunch breaks (I bet you can't bounce it from the whiteboard to the wall, off the window and into the trash can), but the situation quickly devolved into all-out war. Some afternoons start out mildly enough with a simple game of double-bounce into the coffee mug, but wind up with tables overturned and 250 bouncy balls flying at near-mach speeds to land squarely between the eyes of a hopeless co-worker. I don't care that you volunteered to implement the latest changes to the product at the last sub-committee meeting; when the super balls come out, there are no friends anymore.

At any rate, I don't know what you're expecting when you buy a bag of bouncy balls on the Internet for eight cents apiece, but trust me, whatever your plans, it's worth it.
450715450715B000N2VR48A110YRMXGF1NHPN. Winn "m.m.a"4551264723200Amazing fun for a Physics experiment!Okay, I got 5 boxes of these and filled a big box and dumped them, all at once, 4 stories down onto a big high school gym floor and it was amazing. I'm not suggesting you do this unless you have permission but it's a great experiment to do for your students, if your a teacher... Its well worth the money and there actually kinda pretty. Some of them do have a rather large ridge but it's still worth it if your looking for some Bouncy balls.
450716450716B000N2VR48AA778RDQLT49QJose Monsanto "Frankis"1151345766400Fun in the SunWho would expect a bored 22 year old (at the time) would have so much fun with little bouncy balls? I ordered this item a couple years ago and never wrote a review... until now! Well basically I ordered these for "office wars" during the down times; some used those nurf guns and I used these rubber bouncy balls.

They bounce and are round... a real bouncy ball. If you are looking for those little balls (and a lot of them) that come out the quarter machines at grocery stores and corner stores... this would be them.
450717450717B000N2VR48A1G2FK0QGVC847LM1151342051200Bouncy BallsThe quality of the product is very good. My son enjoyed playing with them immensely. It is well worth the amount paid. We received the shipment rather quickly.
450718450718B000N2VR48A1XQKOSGABHOJUJohn Covino1121312934400Balls are limpI have a 4 and 8 year old boy. We throw these around in the basement. Some of them bounce really nice the majority of others do not. I have a gut feeling they are rejects or something that did not quite make it past quality control. The boys like them so that is all that really matters but take note most of them are duds and not considered superballs in my opinion.
450719450719B000N2VR48A2KDU3E4UX48T6M. HANKLEY1141307836800Bouncy BallsPlay a lot of board marble games. Bought 27mm different colored marbles for these games,Which can get quite expensive.
Saw bouncy balls in a gum ball machine at a restaurant . Went on line to find bouncy balls and found them at Amazon.
They work even better then marbles for my boards. look just as good, less noisy and won't mar the board like marbles.
450720450720B000N2VR48A14N5GF0K9H6RUCameron Seider1151282435200High quality! Fast delivery!I received my product much sooner then I anticipated. The merchandise was packaged and delivered in perfect condition. Many thanks!
450691450691B003O7ZORUAHKHA14E2OB90Tom Cat1151306800000Thank you Blue!!Our kitty is 5 months old, and we got him when he was 11 weeks old. Since day one, he's had terrible gas! We were using the cheaper dry cat food because i was convinced cat food was cat food, but after trying Purina Kitten chow, Meow Mix, Purina Kit and Kibooble, Whiskers, I've realized they're not all the same and that it really is worth spending a little more for a good quality dry cat food. After researching all kinds of dry food online, and being desperate for this cat to stop with the terrible, smelly gas, I decided upon Blue dry kitten food because of its high quality, all natural, no junk added ingredients, and after about a week of him eating this consistently, NO MORE GAS!!!! It's a miracle! His coat is beautiful and shiny, he's lively, energetic, and just a very healthy, non smelly cat! Fabulous product!! Highly recommended by our cat, Tom, and his owners who are no longer afraid to have him sit on their laps or even be in the same room as him :)
450692450692B003O7ZORUA2LIX4UY0N6QYLBandipur0041343088000Three 14-week-old kittiesFirstly, this is WAY too expensive here on Amazon. My local mom-and-pop pet store has this for $17 for the 7 lb. bag. I regret getting this here, as I feel a bit ripped off. Two of my kittens are doing fine, but the third is having some major diarrhea, and after doing some research, I suspect it is this food. I am in the process of figuring it out what exactly is the issue. Besides from the Amazon price, and my one sick cat, this food is great. High quality ingredients, and kitties seem to like it!

UPDATE 8/18/2012: I believe it was this food that was causing my little kitty to slide into first, where she then proceeded to feel a'something burst. She stopped having issues once we switched to Chicken Soup for the Kitten Lover's Soul Dry Food, Chicken Formula, 15 Pound Bag. Also, I gave her a squirt of Nutri-Vet Probiotics with Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil for Cats, 4-Ounce down her throat, and sprinkled it on her new food. Using the probiotics was probably part of why she got better, but I also really think getting her off the Blue Buffalo helped. Kitty is now slid'n into home WITHOUT feelin' something foam!

I am still keeping this review at 4 stars because I know this is a great product, and my little one was just overly sensitive.
450693450693B003O7ZORUA2MAJU9MVI6HXGohmyfefe0051340668800Amazing Food!After doing my research (before we got our kittens) I ended up with this brand. I feed my family good food, why not my animals? Viola occasionally has stinky poo, but not too often for it to be a problem. Delila is a VERY picky eater and seams to really like it.
450694450694B003O7ZORUA2M31ZFEVA8F4KJenna0051339545600Great kitten foodWhen I first received my kitten, we started her on Science Diet. Noticing her stool was not solid(and that it was not a product of changing her diet), we brought her to the vet and discussed possible options. One thing we considered was slowly transitioning her diet to Blue Buffalo Dry Kitten food. After we switched her food, the loose stool issue was resolved and she was a happy, healthy little kitten again. We consistently used Blue Buffalo Kitten on our two cats until they reached a year old and did not have any problems whatsoever. Not only did they not have any issues, but they also loved it! I would recommend this product to anyone who has a kitten and desires to give them a balanced diet. It is a bit more pricey than some of the other brands, but it balances out by giving them the nutrients they need to be healthy and, in turn, minimizing vet bills.
450695450695B003O7ZORUA3BND1JEBI4G6Kelysium0051328400000Great food!We have two five-month-old kittens that we brought home when they were 12 weeks old. We had no trouble transitioning them from their shelter food to Blue Buffalo. Our boys love Blue Buffalo, and it is made of ingredients that I for the most part would be willing to eat. It is about the same price range as some of the fancier brands, but take a look at the ingredient list sometime - there is no "[animal] byproduct meal" in this food - ew! Look at most other brands' ingredient list for comparison - scary stuff!

The 7-lb bag lasts us a month - my understanding is that since there's less filler, they actually don't need to eat as much food to get what they need. Our kittens have grown like weeds and are full of energy. They have amazingly shiny coats even though they are only 5 months old. They don't shed as much as I would have expected (granted, this could be partially because of age). One of our kittens does get some smelly farts occasionally, but they, um, don't linger, so we don't mind and neither does he.

We supplement with a can of wet a day - Blue canned food is just waaaay too expensive ($1.40 for a small can!), so we use Authority (sold by Petsmart) which has decent ingredients and you can get a big can for $.70 when it's on sale.
450696450696B003O7ZORUA1PZX2XH8YATBDBryan McKenna0051327104000Awesome kitten food!We've been feeding this to our kitten and regular cat since July (when we got the kitten). Regular cat was getting Blue Wilderness duck food and it was starting to upset her stomach (vomiting every few days...though admittedly this is probably due to overeating)...not so with this food.

Both cats' energy levels are great, as are their coats. Great food and, imo, worth the price.
450697450697B003O7ZORUA17AQTJWHGKE79wildhorseanne "wild horse annie"0051323129600The winner!Transitioned my kittens from Purina One Kitten formula to this brand after researching ingredients of at least a dozen natural kitten dry foods and after reading the (somewhat frightening ) book: " Not Fit For A Dog", which exposes the down side of the pet food industry. I put out a small bowl of Blue Buffalo and the usual amount I had been feeding them of Purina One Kitten. When I went to fetch the dish, I expected a few nibbles to be taken of the Blue Buffalo...instead, the dish was completely cleaned up and the Purina left untouched. After three weeks on a combo wet/dry Blue Buffalo kitten food diet, my kittens look the picture of health, shiny luxurious fur, bright alert eyes, and abundant energy. I realize that this small company sold out to Proctor and Gamble to avoid bankruptcy, but the product continues to be produced in its own facility under the highest quality standards. (Ben and Jerry's did the same thing... and,still wonderful ice cream!). I highly recommend this (and the price is right on Amazon as well.)

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