Amazon Fine Food Reviews

450866450866B001SHIOFMA354X1ZXM6FQZPsmd0041297900800sugar free candyThe candy was very good but to have just shipped to my residence it was 1/2 the price of the candy. Also the candy was a little pricy but being a diabetic sometimes you have to pay it.
450867450867B000PUS2BYA2R1VN4J5L2ZCOTieDi81021237334400DisappointedPaskesz Candy, Fizzers, 3-Ounce Bags (Pack of 24)
I recently had Fizzer candies from the UK and bought these thinking they were like them. I was so excited to see a U.S. company had them because to purchase them from the UK the shipping is more than the candy. Unfortunately, they aren't the same, they remind me more of Smarties and while I like Smarties I can get them without ordering on-line. I wish there would have been a cheaper way to find out these weren't what I was looking for.
If you need Kosher food item's these may be worth it but if you are looking for Fizzer candies don't bother.
450868450868B000PUS2BYA26RGS37L6L32KDaniel Froehlich1141261267200Kosher candies/lactose freeIf you are looking for either kosher or totally dairy/lactose free candy, these are great.
450869450869B004WP1IPUAELU2U39OXVGLjeri0011332633600Dog chewsAfter eating one of these chews my dog developed life threatening diaharrea . Undigested pieces of these chews were in his waste. I DO NOT reccomend them.
450870450870B004WP1IPUA1VVF69E9OZQ52KatieHoward0041320278400My dog loves these!My dog loves and is obsessed with these chews. She can sit and eat almost a whole one in one sitting, it is a great thing to give her when I need to get work done. The only thing is that sometimes it can smell and it leaves crumbs on my carpet.
450841450841B0000V8IOEA39LS9QN7T43P5dan0051316649600Too bad its as expensive as it is goodI usually limit myself to two cups of coffee a day. After this medium roast Kona came in, I've brewed 4 pots today alone, mostly to show it off to whoever drops by. It's something else.
450842450842B0000V8IOEA14LI5FWCIYR2QKin0041314835200Delicious but a little priceyLove the coffee. Mild flavor. I felt "clean" drinking this compare to the Starbucks brand. Took off one star because it's quite pricey. But would recommend to anyone if they haven't tried it.
450843450843B0000V8IOEA3KYCZ5135W5AXWilliam Delong "wvu-fan"0041309996800Tastes very goodI'm not a coffee conniseur but these beans taste good. Not too strong or bitter. This is the only bean I've ordered on a regular basis.
450844450844B0000V8IOEA1VO5691R8Z52Rmark0041306627200Medium to Mild Breakfast blend.This is a good mild to medium morning coffee. We offer this as an option in the office, along w/Peet's dark roast, and Kreugers flavored single serve. The short of it is that if they don't like it, they don't drink, and this pot is always empty. I'd compare it to Starbucks and Peets mild+ blends. The order was recieved (as I recall) promptly, and the expiration date on the vacuum sealed pkg was 78 days out from receipt date.
450845450845B0000V8IOEA2PP2LSETGZ7KZR. Tutunick "R. Matthews"0031301184000Good Coffee but expensiveThis is the first time I splurged on full Kona coffee. I have been curious on how good this coffee would be. It is very good coffee but this will be he last time I buy it. For the cost, it is not worth it. Amazon sells some great coffee for half the price of this one. If you have unlimited cash flow than go for it as it is good and very smooth.
450846450846B0000V8IOEA47A5F4EP2MSFJoan Ostermeier0051300579200Great coffeeHaving a great cup or 3 of coffee in the Am to get going is a must for me. Love this one and will order it again. Very smooth, No additives needed!
450847450847B0000V8IOEA1EJXW8O0Y68G1MDB0051298764800Great tasting coffeeLike most coffee drinkers, I know Kona is a special coffee bean, and this brand offers great taste. At my local coffee shop, I often pick Kona when it is offered as the flavor of the day. While the coffee shop Kona is better than an average coffee, it did not seem to be anything special, and I could guess they do not sell true Kona, but a blend. So I decided to try a true 100% Kona and picked Hawaiian Roasters. I am very happy with this purchase---might be the best coffee I have ever had. The flavor is strong and there is no after-taste issue. I picked the medium roast and I plan to try the dark roast next.
450848450848B0000V8IOEA3I57QCIEFOTP2ammierose0041297900800Kona coffeeThe coffee did not arrive by the expected ship date and it was supposed to be a Christmas present for my
husband so I was disappointed. I do not drink coffee but he says that it is good to excellent and very smooth.
450849450849B0000V8IOEA3BT6EFBRAE0GPV51NC0041297728000Smooth, flavorful, and priceyTreated ourselves for Christmas to see what everyone raves about Kona coffee. Bought whole medium roast beans and milled just before brewing to discover the java to be nicely smooth, flavorful and enjoyable. The price, however, doesn't quite justify the marginally-better product. We probably won't buy this again - maybe try Blue Mountain Jamaican java next time !?
450850450850B0000V8IOEA2PUI04JTQQDT6Nradv0051297555200Totally great taste!Just bought this first time after tiring a little of Starbucks. I brew at home in my Quisinart Grind 'N Brew. Anyway I read it won some coffee award so i tried it and I'm totally sold on it. Great aroma fills the house- great taste follows. Got the medium roast and really love it. Definately a quality roast. Will buy more when i run out.
450851450851B0000V8IOEA3AC7YGHQV7M6ZSAC "Bean Lover"0051292198400Wow! A nice change!A colleague gave me the medium roast as a gift for a promotion at work. I loved it - especially after coming back from drinking the great coffee while traveling in South America!
450852450852B0000V8IOEA1ZT46HL6433HMCarol0051287878400Love this coffee!I received this coffee as a gift and loved it so much that once I finished it, I needed to order a second bag from Amazon. I love the flavor -- rich and smooth. It's become my favorite coffee.
450853450853B0000V8IOEA20PFS4QO9CWHOJane M. Hart0051286841600A wonderful surpriseWhen in Hawaii several years ago I tried Kona coffee for the first time and was not at all impressed. So I never looked for Kona coffee since. But recently a friend gifted me with Hawaii Roasters Medium Roast and I was wonderfully surprised. This is the best! Grinding its rich shiny beans for a french press pot first thing every morning is a perfect start to the day. Its taste is fresh and smooth and a delight all by itself. I can't help but sit with it for awhile to really enjoy it rather than sip it on the run (though that's ok, too). I'm converted now and will definitely be ordering more.
450854450854B003SE5BP4AA5D2Q1O4ZMG8D. Morris3351326153600My dogs love thisOne of my dogs has a sensitive stomach and was constantly eating grass when she was outside, then she'd come back into the house and throw up. When I read that this dog food was helpful for dogs with sensitive stomachs, I decided I'd give it a try. My dog has only thrown up a couple of times since I started her on this food months ago. Even though it's on the expensive side, it's worth it. Most specialty dog foods like this are on the expensive side, but it's much better for your pet because it doesn't have all the fillers in it. My dog has had no problems with her bones, which is a problem with her breed, her coat is healthy and shiny, and her eyes are fine. My breeder once put it this way to me. "You can either spend a little extra now on the pet food, or you can spend a lot later at the vet."
450855450855B003SE5BP4A2SQLM8EK7Y060Puppy Mumsie3351312156800Now Small Breed Formula Dry FoodI am babysitting my kid's new 8 week old mini Australian Shephard. Most puppies have sensitive tummies and at first the dry food we started feeding her didn't agree with her at all, detected by loose stools usually. When we tried "Now" our puppy immediately ate and loved this dry dog food plus my daughter and I read the label carefully and noted it is grain free, no animal or grain fillers. Recommend reading the ingredients on other dry foods to compare this one. Now Small Breed Forumula has real de-boned poultry, salmon, natural vegetables & fruits --all nutritious food. Stay away from grain & meat fillers -- they are not a good thing.
450856450856B003SE5BP4A3OCXOATS2DF1MBonnie2241290816000Excellent dog foodThis dog food has healthy ingredients and it agrees with my female Havanese. She is doing well on it and has firm stools - which has not always been the case with some other dry foods I tried, including Wellness small breed. The only drawback I can see is that she doesn't seem to love the taste. She is somewhat finicky and occasionally skips a meal. I would give it 5 stars if the favor could be improved a little.
450857450857B003SE5BP4A2LB13NU0ORTTFLana1141320019200Best I've triedI tried this dog food after trying two other brands. My chihuahua mix didn't seem to like the first brand and she had stomach problems with the second. After giving this a try based on the ingredient list and reviews, my dog isn't crazy about it, but she eats it and has well formed stool, so I'm sticking with it for now. I bought the 10 lb bag but it's huge and my dog doesn't eat much so I'll get a smaller bag next time.
450858450858B003SE5BP4AQN4A5NMW4ZYQThe Smith 40051339632000Now! Small Breed Formula Dry Dog FoodHello, I have an 18 mos. old Coton de Tulear, and she's the life of the party! I have been feeding her the NOW Small Breed dry dog food for a few weeks, and she LOVES it. She thinks she is getting a treat, and devours every morsel. So glad to find a dog food that has such fresh and natural ingredients in it. Makes me feel good knowing she is getting a highly nutritious dog food and enjoying it, too!
450859450859B003SE5BP4A1S7O0AY4KN9ZJOSHmomy0041329955200new food old dogI have tried this grain free NOW for small breeds for my two senior dogs (Italian greyhounds). The morsels are small and easy for my toothless dog to pick up and eat and there has been no stomach upsets from either dog. The skin seems to be quite nice and they are sleek and shiny and full of energy.
450860450860B003SE5BP4A2EQ8JGF6KH3UBmaryjo0051322179200good food good servicefood arrived in timely fashion. it's my dog's favorite, and it has a good amount of proteins and according to my local pet store it's a very quality product. i've always enjoyed it as has my puppy.
450861450861B003SE5BP4AQ60LLC5DELLWA.M.0051317686400Loved by my 2 chihuahuasMy two chihuahuas Coco and Louie love this food. Coco our younger even started eating it as a puppy when we had her on soft food, preferring it to the expensive canned food from the specialty store. They both are very healthy and have smooth coats and lots of energy. The kibble is perfectly sized for puppys and adult small dogs alike.
450862450862B003SE5BP4A28IV6ID7EVS8QAshley0051315958400Good Food for Small Breeds!this food was suggested to us by a gal from "All The Best" pet stores. I would say it ranks well among grain free foods. We wanted to try something different, our 2 year old Yorkie had been on small breed Wellness for awhile. We did a taste test of about 4 foods and this one is the one he kept steering to. He's been on it about 6 months now, seems to love it no problems.

Shipped out pretty quickly. Good price!
450863450863B003SE5BP4A4VAAOYXJW3WVRobert S. Kanoff0051314057600Seymour loves the foodmy 5yr old poodle loves it.... I love that it's healthy and he is win. What more can you ask for in life
450864450864B003SE5BP4A3KC657E6LOKN2Virginia G. Dufresne "Kiwi the aussie"0051289520000The Best!My 5+lb Yorkie loves this food! I don't have to add any wet food to tantalize his appetite. No grains, no rendered meat, what more can you ask for!
450865450865B003SE5BP4A1VUHJ9D9QQ7CESuzanne Galanis "Sunikanya"0131327622400Good but PriceyMy Yorkie liked this food, but it was too expensive. I paid the same price for a small 1 lb bag that I normally pay for a large bag of high quality dog food. But sellers shipped quickly.

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