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450909450909B001OCKIBYA1BEKAQQGP8CMFSeth R0131245974400Five stars for consistency, but merely a couple for tasteIn a world of diet and snack bars, this is a good move for Planters. As far as I'm aware, they don't have a snack bar (although I think sometime ago there was once a Planters Peanut Bar, but not sure if it's still around). Anyone in the grocery store looking for a snack bar with peanuts is sure to consider this one. I was in the store recently and the blue box was the first one I saw on the shelf with the other cereal bars and such. Planters is known for being the king of peanuts, and "BIG" grabs your attention on the box.

Marketing aside, this is an OK nut bar. There are three nuts - honey roasted peanuts, almonds, and cashews. The taste of almonds and cashews is barely noticeable, but each bar in the box may vary a bit. To my disappointment the peanut flavor seems "off," but likely because of the stickiness and sugar. It's all held together with rice and corn syrup and your other typical granola bar ingredients, unfortunately most of them not very healthy (there are seven grams of protein, however). The consistency is excellent - not too sticky, not too chewy - it's perfect. Five stars for that, but merely a couple for taste.

I probably wouldn't go out of my way to buy Big Nut Bars. I'd rather just eat Planters peanuts for the nuts and Quaker granola bars for the chew. Or maybe just go with a PayDay.
450910450910B001OCKIBYAHQRU3MRORIWQEMTP EJ "EJ"0151245974400Very GoodI like them, and so has anyone I have offered them to.

I like planters, they have a good reputation. I also often eat the "Nature Valley" Nature Valley Roasted Nut Crunch Granola Bars, Almond Crunch, 6-Count Boxes (Pack of 6) nut bars. The Planter's bars taste very much like them, so I would buy whichever seems to be a better value at the time. I would not consider either to be a `healthy' snack, but somewhat better than most alternatives. I think they would be good to have in vending machines.
They are very sweet and nutty. They also somewhat resemble Kashi `go lean' bars (that do have more protein) Kashi-Go Lean Crunchy, 24 ct Variety Pack , but somewhat easier on the teeth. But they are still pretty crunchy because of the excellent Planter's nuts. I would place them more in the realm of energy bars than in healthy snacks (i.e. low carb, low fat, organic ingredients etc.) as they do have a bit more salt, so if you are out on the trail but have plenty of water, they might be a good choice. I think they are nothing like a "Payday" bar. They are filling.

I like them!
450911450911B001OCKIBYA1IM4D3R61A2K0DR. B0151245974400Very good nut bars, just the right size.I usually don't eat nut bars, but these are really very good, great nut taste, nice and chewy, nice subtle salty taste, not too much like most nut bars. The bars have three kinds of nuts: peanuts, almonds and cashews. Seem to have a little carmel flavor too. Obviously heavy on the peanuts, but just enough of the others to give it a nice unique taste.

I usually have a "breakfast" bar but I think these would be a good substitute, while more calories and more fat, honestly more taste, and not that many more calories. Maybe I will become a nut bar person.
450912450912B001OCKIBYAU1SKSAF00JJHJ. Villeneuve "jayvil"0151245974400Get your nut fix with built in portion control!Simply put - these bars are good. If you are a nut fan (and if you're not why are you looking here?), you will be satisfied with a good portion of Honey Roasted Peanuts, Almonds and Cashews. It's not a "health bar" by any means with the corn syrup (13g sugars), but it has enough good stuff to make this a decent snack choice. With 220 calories and 12g of fat this is not a light snack, but that's what I like about it. It's big enough to satisfy my nut cravings and curb my hunger. If I had a can of nuts in front in me, I might eat 2, 3 or maybe 6 servings before I made myself stop. This bar is enough to let you stop.
450913450913B001OCKIBYA3D9NUCR4RXDPYKathleen San Martino0151245888000Nutty and DeliciousI love these little bars. Although it's 220 calories (100 from fat), to me it's a better snack than candy and just as delicious. Peanuts are the main ingredient with corn syrup next. Almonds and cashews are in the middle of the ingredient list. I found the bar to be a bit sweet; but once in a while it's a wonderful treat with 7 grams of protein!
450914450914B001OCKIBYA12PN254PTSGU5Contrary2 "Mary"0141245801600BIG nut surely is!Now that better than half the box is gone I would have to say that these nut bars are very good. Sweet (but not too sweet) there is a happy medium between sweetness and saltiness. With 220 calories and 12 grams of fat it would make a good substitution for a candy bar and is as big (and almost as thick) as a regular sized candy bar. If you like mixed nuts this is a perfect "bar" form of that...with peanuts, almonds and cashews. It's tasty. I might go hide one for
450915450915B001OCKIBYABUE0ALHKWKHCKiwi0151245801600Big taste, nuttier than most !!!!Finally a snack bar which tastes good !!! What a plan !!! I love nuts and am well aware of their nutritional benefits..... and this nut bar is great...

I wake up early to run out the door and walk the dogs and I need something I can take with me to hold me over till breakfast. This bar serves the purpose and is delicious...I'm so glad they came up with this nut bar because it fits the bill and it keeps me walking for a good hour before hunger kicks in...

I highly recommend it...I guess there is a GOD after all...
450916450916B001OCKIBYA9GIGJUB98JNRChen Sun ""0151245801600Subtle taste crunchy peanut barThis has a subtle and exquisite peanut taste. Not as strong aroma as chewing peanuts or eating a thickly spread peanut butter sandwich. Tastes alike chewing on a thin layer of crunchy peanut butter.

I prefer stronger aroma tastes, but if you like subtle-flavored (kinda exquisite) taste peanut butter, this is about the best tasting peanut butter bar I've ever had (and I've tried innumerable bar foods).
450901450901B001OCKIBYA3EFSLEMHNPP6ASenor Zoidbergo0141246492800Better alternative than Snickers or Payday, but I prefer the double peanut flavorThe big nut bars are a pretty tasty alternative from Planters- I counted no less than 5 almonds in my bar. However, as others have noted, the caloric count is pretty high for such a small bar.

Unfortunately, they're also very sweet still, and I was looking for a more nutty bar with fewer sugars. Additionally, much of the bar is taken up by filler "rice".

Actually, I prefer the Planter's Double Nut flavor, because it has a better contrasting flavor of salty/sweet.
450902450902B001OCKIBYA34W7QA4J5UTORK. Hill0151246320000Very GoodThese are very good. Very nutty and sweet. Any nut lover should love these. My husband said they reminded him of peanut brittle. We liked them so much we went out and bought more. This probably won't be the healthiest snack you've ever had, but it would make a nice treat.

The only change I would suggest to Planters would be to change the photo on the front of the box. It doesn't do the bar justice and actually is a bit unappealing.
450903450903B001OCKIBYAYNAH993VDECTbsg20040141246233600Beats Snickers in nutritional value (but not the ideal health snack)When you compare this snack to the unofficial "nutritional bar" of the sugary junk-food mass-market (Snickers), the Planters "Big Nut Bar" (what kind of a silly name is that?) beats the classic Snickers handily. The Snickers nutritional data comes from the Snickers website.

The Planters has the following advantages:
+ NO CHOLESTEROL (Snickers has 5mg)
+ 3g protein and 2g fiber more
+ 17g Sugars LESS (13g vs 30g)
+ 60 calories less
+ 3g of saturated fat less
+ 110% Vitamin E

Snickers advantage
+ 100mg less sodium

Obviously, despite the healthy promise and premise of nuts, this bar still has its sugar load (and corn syrup and friends).

However, if you compare with Snickers, it is a better nutritional alternative/replacement - if you can live without the chocolate that is :)
450904450904B001OCKIBYA3OO4WIO4SKD55I'm hungry. feed me01312462336002.5 stars - Peanut, Salt and Sugar OverloadI was excited to try this because I like the Planters Peanut Bar But I have to say, This is a disappointment for the following reasons

A. The Key Ingredients is peanuts, which is all I tasted. The Almonds and cashews are visible but I couldn't taste them
B. It's overloaded with sugar and sodium
C. Other than not packing a crunch and being a lot sweeter, I didn't taste much of a difference than eating a Planters Peanut Bar

So, maybe, if they cut back on the sugar and peanuts, I might like it better
450905450905B001OCKIBYA18FUHNBP90IB4cb0141246233600Alternative to your normal Chocolate Bar...Ok I love nuts and this was a great tasting bar. It was sweet, full of nuts with a carmel chewy flavor. The problem I had with the bar it was very high in calories and very sweet. It was too sweet for me (but I don't eat very much sugar). If you are wanting a healthy 'chocolate bar' this would be good alternative. If you are looking for healthy snack maybe I would just buy the a bag of peanuts.
450906450906B001OCKIBYA2I3XS9TO93Q0FMichael Meredith "e-Mike"0131246147200Tasty and filling... but watch the sodiumGreat flavor, and you might find them a little more filling than most. That might be sue to the larger size and because the calorie count is a little high for a snack bar. But beware if you're watching your sodium intake. These nut bars are high in that.

You can do far, far worse with other allegedly healthy snack bars.
450907450907B001OCKIBYASFW4ZMNZJKDAMainiac0141246147200Tasty!These are vaguely like a Payday, nuts stuck together with chewy sweet goodness, and something vaguely like Rice Crispies in there. They are saltier than I expected, though I like that. I'm not seeing a lot of nuts besides the peanuts, though. And there is more of the cereal stuff than I was expecting.

I'm a big nut eater, so I do like these, and I like the salty sweet nutty sticky mess. But I think I'd prefer them w/o the cereal filler.
450908450908B001OCKIBYA7EK88GF8N40FNicole S. Urdang0131246060800Good flavor but...These have that good peanutty flavor, but the texture is a real turn-off: chewy. I don' know about you, but I want some crunch in life.

Also, like some other reviewers, I wasn't happy with all that corn syrup.
There was nothing about this product that would compel me to buy it. I can't think of when it would make a good snack as the texture was such a disappointment, almost as if it was stale.

If you want a great crunchy nut snack try this:
Heat a frying pan, any size is OK, on medium.
Add 1/4 cup of maple syrup (the real kind).
Cook until it's frothy and has reduced by half.
Add 1-2 cups of nuts: almonds, walnuts, macadamias, etc. (The fewer nuts the sweeter the result.)
Add whatever spices you like, cinnamon; salt and pepper; Hungarian smoked paprika; or, cayenne.
Stir until all the syrup is absorbed and the nuts look dry. This may take 5-10 minutes.
Pour out onto a cookie sheet lined with foil and let them cool.
When cool and completely dry store in a tightly covered jar at room temperature.
450917450917B001OCKIBYA3CG93783LP0FOYarii0151245628800Very tasty!I was a little hesitant in trying these Triple Nut Bars since I'm not a big fan of almonds, however, I haven't found all that many almonds in them. Plenty of honey roasted peanuts and quite a large amount of broken up cashews, I love these! I eat them slowly to savor the flavor, because they really are good.

These granola bars are a little larger in size than the standard, 4-1/2" long by 1-1/14" wide by 5/8" thick. Just salty enough to make them delicious, and sticky enough so it doesn't break apart when biting into one. Yet not so sticky that you have to wash your hands after eating.

I will definitely buy these again.
450918450918B001OCKIBYA24RT6AVJXJZHFJohn P. Thiel "John T."3621245974400Love the nuts but not the corn syrup.I probably eat more peanuts than Jimmy Carter, and have no idea why, here in the United States, they smother delicious, healthy, energy and endurance boosting peanuts in sweet crud.

Of course I like the taste of them--what American doesn't like a mouth full of flavored sugar these days--but corn syrup (i.e. sugar) is the second ingredient listed, "crisped rice" which contains SUGAR the third, followed by peanut butter, SUGAR, then some nuts and oats and other good stuff, and somewhere near the end the key word on the package gets in there--"granola"--which is rolled oats mixed with--guess what--more SUGAR.

One bar contains 220 calories mostly consisting of various kinds of sugar and ingredients containing sugar. Since 100 calories per bar are from fat I have to wonder what tiny fraction of those remaining 120 calories are at all healthy.

BOTTOM LINE: Stay clear of this one unless you're in the last three miles of running a marathon or horribly underweight. The amount of fat and sugar (which turns to fat like nothing else can) contained in this bar far outweighs the health benefits of the nuts and oats it contains.

On the positive side, I will say, these are delicious and I couldn't resist eating them--which is why I will never, ever have them again.
450919450919B001OCKIBYA3T4OHEAHOJ700B. Colonna1351246492800Sometimes you feel like a nut.....From A strictly taste standpoint, these bars are absolutely delicious.

The packaging advertises them as having lots of protein, and they do. Peanuts have a lot of protein. Just keep in mind these are in no way, shape, or form "health bars". They have lots of corn syrup as one (second) of the main ingredients. Sugar then appears in various forms among at least five of the other ingredients as well. The bars are 220 calories each, 100 of those coming from fats. The fat content is about 12 grams, of which 1.5 are saturated fats.

What that means is, all in all, while the bars have protein in them, they are not a great source of protein, with about 7 grams of protein, but almost twice as much total fat.

As far as a nut bar, this product is very tasty, but people are conditioned to red "granola" and say "Hey! Healthy!" At 1.6 ounces per bar, the protein is offset by the fat and sugars.

So, very delicious, but buy these knowing they are more "candy bar" than healthy snack.

Since Planters makes no real claim that these are health bars, I have to rate them a 5 on pure taste. You eat one, you want another.
450920450920B001OCKIBYAR9GZ8B7NJJPNJoAnne Goldberg1331247011200"I like the salt"My youngest son (age 12) gave this treat a rating of 8 (on a scale of 1-10), saying he would buy it again (I didn't ask whether he would consider using his own money).

His older brother called the confection "boring" but indicated that he would be glad to pop a boxful into the shopping cart at the grocery store.

My husband, giving it a 6 on the scale, described the bar as having little flavor and a weird squishy texture.

But what you really want to know is "what does JoAnne think?"

I am a peanut fan, and Paydays were my favorite as a kid. I haven't had one for a few decades so I can't really compare, but I do recall a sublime peanut-rich candy experience. The peanuts in the Big Nut, in contrast, seemed flavorless and borderline stale. I didn't realize until I started to write this review that the bar also contains almonds and cashews, so I can't say they made a huge contribution to the taste.

Other reviewers complained about the number of sweeteners and other unwholesome ingredients in this bar. Maybe "granola" implies healthy to some (it doesn't to me) but I don't expect much nutrition from a candy bar. I do expect a candy bar that calls itself "big" to be somewhat larger than real small, and this bar struck me as below average in size. But then, candy bars in general are a lot smaller (and cost a lot more!) than when I used to eat them every day.

That said, the dominant note in this mix of 30 or so ingredients was the corn syrup. It overpowered the peanut taste and left the kind of remorseful aftertaste that made me ask myself why I'd just wasted 220 calories. I realize that corn syrup is ubiquitous; I wonder if the purveyors of cheap candy bars realize how offensive it is to so many of us?

Would I buy it again? No. I gave it three stars because the boys liked it, and if you have some of them in your family and you want to get them a treat, this might be your bar. Me, I'm sticking to chocolate.
450921450921B001OCKIBYA2PSD2R9A1CXG7L. T. Beasimer ""1341246838400My, what a big package you have: A Planters Roasted Triple Nut Big Nut Bars review.Without much of a selection and knowing how much I enjoy nuts, I choose to review the Planters roasted triple nut big nut bars. As a chef who cooks from scratch, I can be picky, especially when it comes to prepared foods. However I enjoy good food when I find it.

Planters roasted triple nut big nut bars claim to be a chewy granola bar with 7 grams of protein. Granola bars tend to consist of rolled oats, sugar, and crisped rice. To say this is not a granola bar is unrealistic. However, this bar isn't what I would expect from a chewy granola bar either.

My first thought when I opened the package related to the excessive size of the box. (See posted image.) Some may find this deceiving, especially if bought in a store. I don't think it's as much of an issue when buying online. However the package could easily hold four more bars. This is just wasteful and unnecessary. Of course I'll recycle the package, but greener packaging would be greatly appreciated.

When it comes to the bar itself, it tastes pretty darn good. I don't eat a lot of sugary foods; many chewy granola bars seem to be overwhelmingly sweet to me. In this case, Planters has created a pleasing balance between sweet and salty. I can taste the peanut butter, but since its flavor is blended with other ingredients it tastes a little off. The texture is crunchy without being hard yet chewy simultaneously. Overall the flavors work well, making this a tasty treat.

Planters promotes the 7 grams of protein each bar contains, while not claiming this to be a health bar. With all the sugar and high fructose corn syrup, few granola bars on the market could reasonably claim to be a health bar. The Nature Valley sweet and salty nut granola bars when calculated to match the larger size of the roasted triple nut big nut bars are comparable but tend to have a higher fat and calorie count. Sugars and carbs are also comparable, but the roasted triple nut big nut bars tend to be lower than the Nature Valley version plus contains almost twice as much protein.

I don't normally purchase these types of products, but if I were going to I would purchase the planters roasted triple nut big nut bars over Nature Valley's version. The larger than necessary packaging is wasteful, but not a strong enough reason to avoid this product. If you enjoy these nutty chewy granola bars, try the roasted triple nut big nut bars.

Balanced sweet salty flavor
7 grams protein

Excessively large outer box
Peanut butter flavor a bit off
450922450922B001OCKIBYAIIR8E34EDKCQ- Kasia S.3711245801600Another evil junk food itemI was so excited to try these out but the obscene amounts of sugar shocked me out of my delight. Does a nut bar really need 5 different sweeteners? There's the bane of my existence - corn syrup, followed by sugar, evaporated cane juice invert syrup, honey and brown sugar on top of that, excuse me Planters but why are you poisoning us with this? These bars are so sweet that my cavity was singing the day I tried them, I mean blaring pain and the bar itself isn't so spectacular, the nuts are mostly chopped up into random pieces with sweet syrup on top and some sort of bread crumb like stuffing in between.

I wouldn't recommend these to my worst enemy and I would advise to stay far away from these. Corn syrup is packed into 90% of processed foods; even jarred pickles have this stuff in the sauce they swim in, I feel like a science project when I get anything that isn't raw these days, and this is another bad, shameful product that people will eat for sure and pay for it with their poor health twenty years later. Cheap food is expensive, it makes us sick later, and this is yet another product to add to this problem.

- Kasia S.
450923450923B001OCKIBYA26EQ8U96JA92TJody0231248998400Uber-Yummy, Not so HealthyThese Planters Peanut Bars taste de-lish! I could probably snack on them all day. Unfortunately, they just aren't as healthy as one would expect for a peanut bar alternative. They are packed full of sugar, corn syrup, and calories. One might as well have a candy bar. I thought the peanut count would up the protein but its only 7 grams, I think less than what a handful of peanuts as a snack would have.
450924450924B001OCKIBYA1ZU55TM45Y2R8J. Haggard0251248998400A very good and fairly healthy snackThe box showed up yesterday in the mail and when I opened it the cardboard container was a little smashed but the product inside remained undamaged. I'm guessing this is due by the shipping method Amazon used on the Vine items as opposed to customer purchased goods shipped via UPS.

The box had the 10 nut bars in it each one with the same expiration date which in this case was approx 4 months from today, plenty of time to eat the items without them going bad. I will say that I love to eat almonds and honey roasted peanuts so I was excited to get this product. Its called the "Triple Nut" and contains honey roasted peanturs, almonds and cashews and they do not skimp on any of them. The bar is totally loaded with nuts, however there is a little filler which I imagine is used to glue it all together and get the bar shape.

Overall the bars are really good to me and I will definitly be purchasing these down the road. The only thing I don't like about the bars is the amount of ingredients listed but overall the ingredits are ones I am familiar with, they include:

-corn syrup
-crisped rice
-evaporated cane juice invert syrup
-whole grain rolled oats
-less then 1.5% whey
-soy lecithin
-vegetable oil
-resistant corn dextrin
-xanthan gum
-mixsed tocopherols (to protect flavors)

So the list of ingredients isn't that overally concerning. It's a good product, I definitly recommend giving it a try!
450925450925B001OCKIBYAMEZJVXMSEPY0M. Luke0251248307200Yum, Nutty and a satisfying snackMy kids loved this. The combination of all of the nuts are great. Not too sweet.
450926450926B001OCKIBYA1H7Y5XKPGT0OSRama Rao "Rama"0211247616000Not my nut barI did not like the taste of this; tasted more like the stuff you feed the birds. The sweet and salt combination does not work well for any candy bar. Although this is a little larger than granola bar, I much rather have granola bar. Lessening the salt content and increasing the cashew nuts may improve the product.

1. Cereal Bar Maple Nut 5 bars
2. Cadburys Fruit & Nut Milk Chocolate Bar with Almonds - 3.5 Oz/ Bar, 24 ea
3. Sugar Free Belgian White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Bars
4. Homemade Gourmet Chocolate Candy Bars, Milk Chocolate
450927450927B001OCKIBYAEM57NVIFQ8B9FLYingG0D0251247097600Tasty & Nutty Granola Bar!This bar is a very nice snack! The bar is not hard or dry like most granola bars, but is not too soft either. This is a very delightful & chewy granola bar that has a nice size to it!

The bar itself looks to be composed mostly of nuts. I first expected something closer to a payday candy bar for flavor, but that changed when I ate one of these Planters Big Triple Nut bars. These bars are not simply just a bunch of peanuts, or plain old granola bars. It is a wonderful blend of both with a nice honey flavor.

I enjoyed these bars and find them to be a useful snack when I am a little hungry, but don't have time to eat yet. A much better alternative to a sugar filled candy bar. Also, they are excellently priced! Each 8.1 Ounce box has 5 bars, each weighing in at 1.6 oz ... so, you get 50 bars! Not bad!
450928450928B001OCKIBYA3EOVXI1VZIHUQZ. Freeman "Zach"0251247011200A great tasting granola bar that doesn't taste like granolaThe package for this "chewy granola bar" from Planters has stuff about its size and contents written all over it: "Big Nut Bar", "Triple Nut", "30% Bigger", etc., etc. But the "Big Nut Bar" does live up to its name. It's a bit heftier than a standard granola bar and also a bit crunchier - because it's filled with nuts instead of granola, duh. To be specific, it's filled with Honey Roasted Peanuts, Almonds, and Cashews. Something holds it all together - don't ask me, I'm no nutritionist, and it tastes great. It's a granola bar that makes you feel like you actually ate something.
450929450929B001OCKIBYA3HRDRQ5VAFPQSP. Falcioni "Ducatisti"0231246492800Candy bar in a Granola wrapperThe first bite of this Planters chewy granola bar takes me back to my childhood and Payday candy bars. Back then, I couldn't eat chocolate, so my treat choices were limited. I grew to love the sweet saltiness of Payday, and this Planters product delivers an almost perfect rendition of that flavor, down to the chewy caramelized sweet coating. The only thing missing is the nougat center, and 20 calories.

Yes, this "granola" bar has a whopping 220 calories, 100 of them from fat. A Payday bar has 240 calories, 120 from fat.

Although, at 13 grams of sugar, Planters does deliver less sweet stuff than Payday at 21 grams, but the distinction is tiny.

This bar tastes great, does hit the spot and keep me from getting hungry in the afternoon, but I think a candy bar with nuts would do the same thing - even better is a handful of almonds or other nuts without the added salt or sugars.

Great tasting treat, but "granola" bar it's not!
450930450930B001OCKIBYA2OW356OMJNAVHBMAR0241246492800Very tasty snack that satisfied my sweet toothFor nut lovers, this is a very tasty chewy granola bar that is chocked full of nuts. The nuts add quite a bit of fat to the bar - 12 g total for a 1.62 oz bar, but are a good source of protein (7 g) and provide fiber (3 g). The nuts are large and substantial. The honey roasted flavor adds a depth to the overall taste of the bar

All is all this was a great tasting, relatively nutritious bar that I'll definitely treat myself to again. It satisfied my "candy bar" craving with better nutritional qualities, including relative low sodium (230 mg) and a full day's worth of Vitamin E (110% DV).

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