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451009451009B001OCKIBYA1C139F5C7Y38PThe Matrix Fan "Video Gamer since 1979."1231246060800A bigger bar doesn't always mean a better bar.I'll admit it; I'm a sucker for a good snack bar. With a long-standing name like Planters behind a nut bar, I figured I'd give these a try.

First Impressions: The box tells us about triple nut flavor of peanuts, almonds, and cashews. It also plays up the angle of being 30% bigger than the average nut bar, and I was ready to dig in at this point.

Appearance and Nutrition: Once opened, I knew that Planter's made good on their statement for almonds and peanuts - these bars are loaded with them. I was a little put off by the corn syrup: the bar is drenched in it.

Each one of these bars is 220 calories, with 100 calories from fat. While it may have 7g of protein, there's a whopping 230 mg of sodium in each bar. I highly doubt anyone would want to eat this to fill their daily requirement of Vitamin E, though it has 110% of the daily value.

Taste: I liked the nut taste, and the cashews chimed in as a pleasant aftertaste, but the bar was dampened by the overabundance of corn syrup. I compared these to the taste of the Nature's Valley Sweet & Salty Nut Granola Bars. Their bar may be smaller, but it packs a much better taste, less calories, less sodium, and a better price.

A good effort by Planters, but I'll stick with Nature's Valley.
451010451010B001OCKIBYA21BVL7PKG9BX8Yoda OK1231245888000Ok...not bad...not great...just okThe Planters big nut bars are ok. They aren't too sweet, and actually I would have liked them to be just a little sweeter. They were not as crunchy as I thought they would be for having nuts in them. It could use more nuts than what are in them. I thought they were a bit bland tasting myself, but then again, different people have different tastes. I had my husband and my 10 year old try them. My husband really liked them as he is a HUGE peanut eater. My 10 year old liked them, but said she would only want one once in a great while. I agree with my daughter in the fact I wouldn't want them too often either. So, while they may be good for a quick snack they probably would not be something I would buy very often. They would probably be good to pack for a camping trip for a special treat.
451011451011B001OCKIBYA224KM22RQ5CD4Amazon_Junkie1241245888000Love it!Definitely a treat not a health bar. That said, it's full of whole nuts and almonds drizzled with bit of honey. If you love peanuts like I do, you'll love this as it's not too sweet or salty. Great as a pick-me-up. Crunchy & chewy.
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451013451013B001OCKIBYA3PECZX773ME74E. K. Moseley1241245801600Big Nut BarPlanters Big Nut Bars, Roasted Triple Nut, 8.1-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 10); There are five (5) bars per individual box so fifty bars total. If you like nuts, you will like these. I liked them. There is 7 grams of protein and 6 grams of carbs. They are a fast food for on the run when not able to set down and eat right. They could also be a good lunch box snack. They have a flavor of those candy bars that were nuts around the corn syrup center (I can not think of the name.) These are a little more healthy.

I would recommend these just to have on your shelf for emergencies.
451014451014B001OCKIBYA2ZJMLZ1IA2YA9d bucci2451245283200Yes these are really good!If you love nuts and are tired of snack bars that are more oats than featured ingredients or are much too sugary sweet this is for you. Solidly packed with big crunchy chunks of honey roasted peanuts, almonds and cashews with just enough crisped rice and granola to bind them together. The perfect balance of sweet & salty, it was love at first bite for me.
1 bar:
220 calories
3g fiber
7g protein
12g fat
13g sugar
0 cholesterol
23g carbs
451015451015B001OCKIBYAZAKCIFE27RAAChicago Gal2431253750400Very Tasty but......You will pay for great taste with a high dose of fat and calories. These may not be the best choice for myself but are a very good option if trying to get some protein into your kids snacks. My family loved these and they were gone quickly. I believe they are a great lunchbox option and afterschool snack. They are much tastier than any granola bars on the market. Who doesn't like sweet and salty?
451016451016B001OCKIBYAKUGGJWVJ8QMQEdward C. Patterson2421246579200Sometimes you feel like a nut . . .I am a big fan of the Planter's Nut Bar, except when I was a kid they were BIG and lasted a long time. Now they've shrunk (but I haven't). So when I bit into the nut and grain variety I was startled. It was almost like my favorite nutty bar, but there was something strangely healthy about it, which went against my sense of delectable unhealthy eating. if I wanted helth, I would have bought a saw dust granola bar. NOT. I guess if your doctor prescribes saw dust bars and you want a little peanutty flavor to them, and chew instead of the delightful crackle, get this one. It left me indifferent to health and yearning for the parent product. Sometimes the old family formula is best left alone.
451017451017B001OCKIBYA2DN7RUNX06BZ1nychen2451245888000Nutty goodness!New Planters® BIG Nut Bars delivers a delicious combination of "sweet" and "salty" and a balance of chew and crunch making it the perfect snack. It's 30 percent larger than the leading nut and granola bar and provides 7 grams of protein per bar. Available in two varieties - Double Peanut (with crunchy peanuts and chewy peanut butter) and Triple Nut (with honey roasted peanuts, almonds and cashews).

I don't normally like eating healthy, nutrituous items, but sometimes a snack can't always be chocolates and cookies! So I tried the new Planters BIG Nut is not that big compared to say, most candy bars. The main reason I don't like granola bars is because they are hard! I have good teeth, but I fear chipping a tooth when biting into most granola bars filled with the nuts and dried fruits and caramalized I was slightly hesitant to try Planter's...but I'm GLAD I did --- they are delicious!

Not only is the first bite easy, but all the nuts still have that fresh crunchiness to them. One of the tests that I do when I want to get a granola/candy bar, is the squeeze the outside packaging, if the bar is too hard, forget it! If it's too soft, forget it! But this has the perfect squeeziness to it.

The taste is of a Honey Roasted Peanuts, Almonds and Cashews, and yes, I definitely am tasting those together. It's a good mix and best of all, healthy! I always remember in the news and food books, they recommend eating a small bowl or handful of nuts before your meal so that it helps fill you up a bit (and you'll eat less) and that's the nuts contain alot of protein and such goodies for your body.

So yes, it's a good snack, tastes good, is healthy --- recommended!
451018451018B001OCKIBYA2TTHN1UMO82VYElle Pece0151250035200Taste goodI like how this bar taste, is soft not like other peanut bars that you are afraid that every single bite will hurt.
I like the flavor of the honey roasted peanuts, almonds and cashews combination.
This bar is delicious.
451019451019B001OCKIBYA2AVMEB8PQOTTERobert Riggs "The Music Connection Wholesale"0151249948800Planters Big Nut Bars.I like the way they made the nuts soft, it's real easy to bite into, without hurting your mouth, or breaking a tooth. Has a very nice taste also.
451020451020B001OCKIBYADZIJQN6MNRABTRFB0151249516800Big Taste, Less MessI enjoyed this project more than the other nut bar that had the peanut butter spread underneath. This was very tasty. Held together and wasn't very messy. Aside from the fact that it has a high calorie content, which peanuts usually do, it is a great snack. I recommend these over chocolate bars any day. But, if you are a chocoholic, well, this may not be a substitute, but it sure is a change of pace.

The size of the bar is definitely larger than the usual candy bar, so you do get a good size. If it's big taste you are looking for, this is definitely the product for you.
450991450991B001OCKIBYA3GKMK6KQH3Y1HB. Niedt0041245628800If You Like a Little Granola Bar with Your Nuts......then this is the bar for you! It's easily more than half nuts, and it's a fairly good balance of sweet and salty, chewy and crunchy (though I found the granola part to be about the consistency of Rise Krispie Treats), with generous pieces of almonds, cashews, and peanuts. It's not exactly a low-fat snack (100 calories from fat but no trans fat) but has a fair amount of protein, dietary fiber, and no cholesterol. It's very tasty - enjoy!
450992450992B001OCKIBYA1P27BGF8NAI29Alice in Wonderland0051245628800A real treat and a real pick-me-upMmm mmm! Everyone knows Planters' Peanuts and their spokesman Mr. Peanut, and knows that they stand for high-quality nuts. This excellent granola bar is crammed full of nuts - peanuts, almond and cashews. It is delicious, and really hits the spot for that nut-lover in your house.

At 220 calories per bar (with 12 grams of fat, and 23 grams of carbohydrates) it's not health food, but it is a delicious snack and quite filling. If you like an afternoon or after-exercise snack that is a real treat and a real pick-me-up, then get Planters Big Nut Bars. They are great!

(Review of Planters Big Nut Bars, Roasted Triple Nut, 8.1-Ounce Boxes)
450993450993B001OCKIBYA3QD59N3M7O7KBXina1430051245628800LOTS of Nutty Goodness!!First let me say, these Nut Bars are bigger than your average granola bar. There is real substance to these babies! I am not a huge fan of almonds, but these are, for the most part made of peanuts with some almonds and cashews thrown in for good measure. The peanuts are honey roasted and that sweet, slightly smoky taste is still there in these bars.

At 200 calories this is a nice, hearty afternoon snack, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised that the gooey binding was not too sweet OR sticky, a big plus for me. I like to eat a nice piece of juicy fruit in the afternoon, but if I am running around doing errands, these are the perfect stand ins for me! I can pop one in my purse and I am ready to go.

These come in boxes of five, and since I am a big fan of planters products I am hoping that they are a decent value for the money.

These are much better than your average granola bars.
450994450994B001OCKIBYA28CCN6VYHRUKSAndrew Gray "Beezer Review"1241251331200A good mix of nutsFirst things first, this is a good bar. Tasty, chewy, and easy to throw into a bag for on the go eating. It didn't taste too salty, nor did one of the nuts dominate the others.

However, even with how good it tastes these are really high in calories and fat content. So, for those looking for a healthy snack steer clear of this.

But, if you are looking for a nutty flavor bar that can take the place of a candy bar, this may be just what you are looking for.
450995450995B001OCKIBYA105S56ODHGJEKPeace Daddy "Eclectic ReflectionZ"1241250726400Only "slightly" better for you than a candy bar...Let me start out by saying these bars are absolutely delicious. My wife, my kids, and myself all absolutely love them, and a box usually doesn't last more than a day or two in our house. You can't go wrong with the taste, but just make sure you know that these aren't overly healthy. They do have 7 grams of protein, but they're overloaded with sugar and calories, and I think they could have tasted just as good and cut down on that a little more than they did. Either way, Planters Big Nut Bars make for an excellent treat and I would highly recommend trying them.
450996450996B001OCKIBYA2V9DTXTQ5YIMKA. Hudson "papillon_lover"1251250467200Tasty treat!These are a tasty treat but I would not eat one everyday. I like all nuts in bar - honey roasted peanuts, almonds and cashews. I like them separately but having them together blended really nicely, I was surprised!

I was very impressed with the size of the bar. Compared to other bars they are a generous size. I think I will be buying them in the near future. Great taste and fair size.

Update: March 2012, I liked these so much I bought more. They are not healthy for you but are very tasty. I try to eat one every few days.
450997450997B001OCKIBYAMS2CPERWN7JVE. Byers1251250467200Like a Candy Bar, but betterThese are really tasty, pretty much like a candy bar, unfortunately they also have the calories of a candy bar. Although they are probably still better for you.

It's nice to see the bars bigger, however because of that you get one less bar in the package. Really liked these, only problem right now is that we can't find them locally.
450998450998B001OCKIBYA4D5B7Q8A7PA6Vynny "Vynrod"1231250121600Not a Healthy Snack ChoiceThe box describes these as "chewy granola bars", but in my mind, "granola" implies lots of oats or other grains. "Crisped rice" makes up the main portion of the bar. Then there's the use of corn syrup as a sweetner. Not good. As far as the "triple nut" claim goes, the bar contains mostly peanuts. A few almonds were identifiable. According to the label, there should also have been cashews, but I wasn't able to spot any. The taste of peanuts masks any other nut flavors that may be present.

All in all, I wouldn't make this my first choice for snacking. The bars are high in calories (200 per bar) and pack a whopping 12g of fat.
450999450999B001OCKIBYAYW1TGDCP2OK6MestaySS1231249257600Tasty, but not exactly healthyMy husband and I both thought these tasted great - however, they are more like a candy bar - high in calories, fat and sugar, this may be more of a "treat" than a nutritious nut bar.

For any of you who follow Weight Watchers, one bar is 5 points. But overall, a great tasting nut bar - just wish it could be a bit healthier.
451000451000B001OCKIBYA28TWWUAWFVCTRNever pay retail1251248825600Call it a granola bar if that makes you feel better...They label this as a granola bar. They say it has 7 grams of protein like it's a healthy snack. In fact, this is a chocolate-free candy bar. (Each bar has 220 calories and 12 grams of fat.) But OMG is this baby worth blowing your diet for!!! The peanuts and chewy nougat are fabulous but the almonds and cashews really upscale this bar to a whole new level of ecstasy. Consider it a little bit better for you than a Mars bar and enjoy! I'm planning on ordering a rail car's worth myself...
451001451001B001OCKIBYA3M2O06MCHJG18Donald P. Martin Jr. "d_p_m_j"1241248652800Delicious, enjoyable snack, but watch the nutritional dataSuffice it to say that I am one of those middle-aged men who, when faced with the absence of snacks in the house, could eat a whole bag of walnuts with which my wife had intended to bake cookies, and then try to convince her that she forgot to add the bag to the shopping cart. When I saw this Planters snack, I thought I'd never have to do that to her again.

These bars are a really savory combination of sweet and salty; a good blance of the two, and the same holds true with its texture; a satisfying mixture of crisp and chewy. Nut lovers will certainly enjoy these bars, although I thought the size of each bar was actually pretty disappointing (I see that someone added a picture of the bar as compared to a dollar bill at the top of this screen... a brilliant idea!). The bar is actually smaller than your usual breakfast granola bar, but then again if something contains nuts as expensive as cashews, I suppose it's to be expected.

The only thing that concerned me was the nutritional information. For a 1.62 ounce bar, 220 calaries and 12 grams of fat is pretty steep (this coming from a guy who covers up his peanut habit to his wife over baking walnuts).

In short, both my wife and I really enjoyed these bars, and would certainly buy them again, however we both look at them as a special treat and not a daily snack, something that will knock off hunger the way the Snickers bar is so marketed.
451002451002B001OCKIBYAGXV8E7XK9J6HBrian Koch "Aspiring Photographer"1241248566400If You Like Nuts, You Should Like TheseEven though Cashews are not my favorite nut and they are one of the 3 in this bar, I still like these quite a bit. They are very filling, have a good amount of protein, fiber, and mostly healthy fats. The ingredient list is a little longer than I would like it to be and there are a couple of things in there that make it less healthy than some other bars, but it is defenalty healthier for you than a candy bar and tastes just as good.
451003451003B001OCKIBYA3PJZ8TU8FDQ1KJared Castle1251248307200Bigger, nuttier than your granola bar (kids love 'em)These are more filling than the standard granola bars we used to buy for our sons' breakfast. I especially like Planters Big Nut Bars for road trips as a single bar can sustain my sons (ages 6 and 5) for a 2-3 hour car trip before they start to request another snack.

Loaded with honey roasted peanuts, almonds, and cashews, this is not just another candy bar pretending to be healthy. Each Planters Big Nut Bars has 220 calories, 12 grams of fat, 23g of carbs, and 230mg of sodium. The texture is chewy and crunchy with just enough honey stickiness to hold the nuts together.

I also like the fact that the bar is easy to eat; our sons can eat one in the back seat and not make a mess. In summary, Planters Big Nut Bars are filling, tasty and perfect for road trips. My rating: Five stars.
451004451004B001OCKIBYA1B70ZEWQ6UH1AJust Me1251247788800very tastyGood fresh peanut taste. No stale flavors. Nice sweet & salty combo. A light-tasting carmel type coating, but not too much of it. Everyone in the family likes it. Recommended.
451005451005B001OCKIBYA2E1EFNIZL2FVARizzo ლ12
451006451006B001OCKIBYA306153FTKS9PLTurtle5021221247356800not memorable, not a standout productWhen it comes to food, I judge it by how memorable it is. When I see the product in a store, was I really so impressed that I am compelled to buy it again? For this product, the answer is emphatically "no".

These are mostly granola bars...with nuts added. Fortunately, the nuts are either halved peanuts, whole almonds, or cashew pieces. This creates a good texture, and makes the bars slightly crunchy. However, because these are mostly granola, with bunch of "sweet" ingredients added, they don't taste particularly "nutty".

They are bigger than traditional granola and snack bars, which comes at a price -- each bar is 220 calories. Because of the nuts, these contain 12g of fat each. Sodium is also high, at about 10% of an average daily value, or 230mg. Carbs roll in at 8% or 23g, with 13g being "sugars". However, if you're looking for protein (before or after a workout), you'll get 7g. You'll also enjoy 110% of your daily value of Vitamin E.

These just don't "standout" enough for me, though. The flavor isn't memorable, and even once the box was empty, I didn't really wish I had more of them. I'm not sure what could be added to them to make them better, but for me they were a disappointment.
451007451007B001OCKIBYA28ZA3U8Z0OQ67Dame Droiture1231246233600Tasty, but tired.I agree with some other reviewers who like the taste but decry the fact that this snack is loaded with sugar and calories. The bar is an *almost* perfect mixture of that salty/sweet combination McDonald's fries are famous for, but take one bite and you know that it's not good for you, either. I basically ate my samples during a long car trip in order to replenish my sugar levels, but it doesn't do much if you're actually hungry.
451008451008B001OCKIBYA2TXMYYGSZCSZ1annie "grannieannie"1231246233600OK .........But, Too Much Sugar & SaltFirst ingredient is peanuts -- that I expected. Second ingredient is corn syrup -- that's not good. The ingredients also include: sugar, evaporated cane juice invert syrup, honey and brown sugar. Why so many kinds of sugar? Each bar has 230 mg of sodium. All of this still does not produce a great tasting bar. It is okay, but it is too sweet for my taste. The bar I ate contained mostly peanuts, a partial almond and no cashews. These might be good if they added some dark chocolate and removed some of the sugar.

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