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451021451021B001OCKIBYA3DZFEICHK5LF2Just Trying to Help "Product Guru"0141249171200good taste, nicely filling, but corn syrup is so 2002...These are really good, we ate the entire box of 5 bars within about 7 days.

A big selling point for these is that they have 7 grams of protein, and since we are active people we need the protein.

These are not the sugary fare that many people desire. if you are craving a candy bar then well, you can't really expect this trick your taste buds.

What it has is a really well formulated nut flavor. The size, claiming to be 30% bigger, is enough to satisfy you. My wife has sometimes felt that she could have thrown away the last bite, but was usually happy she did not.

The only reason I didn't give this product 5 stars is that it uses corn syrup, and personally I am not fond of all this corn syrup. I am very happy to see that many of the items in the grocery store are switching back to cane sugar, and I hope that Planters sees the light. I won't go into the anti-corn syrup rhetoric here as I don't feel its in the scope of this review. Just be aware that it isn't very good for you.
451022451022B001OCKIBYA1ONZ8JRPLBNUIMona Lisa "Gwenie"0151248912000Mona LisaFor Peanut lovers this is great. Lots and Lots of nuts to enjoy, nice and chewey. You almost forget about the Granola. Great Snack. I recommend you try this if you havent.
451023451023B001OCKIBYA3H7AOFQDPU0JVTimothy Capehart "Review-a-holic"0141248825600Like eating a candy bar...that's mildly good for youAccording to the package, these are 30% bigger than your run of the mill granola bar. Seeing that, I was expecting them to just be thinner...but they weren't. PLENTY of nuts of all types blend into a good all-around nutty flavour. There's a butteryness to the stuff that holds the nuts together that's quite nice. And these are chewy without being sticky or gooey.

7 grams of protein and 220 calories (100 from fat) make this compatible with other similar bars...but it does clock in a bit high on the sodium 230 mg.

If you get these puppies on Amazon, you're also getting a nice deal at 2.80 a box and .56 a bar...that beats getting them in the grocery & you don't even have to pay shipping--just find space for ten boxes. & while we're on the subject, there seems to be a lot empty space in the box. Weird.
451024451024B001OCKIBYA4U27URFECK1UChris Damon "Classic TV Guy"0151248825600mmm ... DELICIOUS!The Planters Triple Nut Chewy Granola Bar is MMMMMMM .... Delicious! At first it tastes like you put a handful of mixed nuts in your mouth (it has Honey Roasted Peanuts, Almonds, and Cashews in it). Then, the bar kind of melts in your mouth and the honey roasted peanuts just burst with flavor. I think this is due to peanut butter (listed in the ingredients, but not visible in the bar). The rolled oats and crisped rice add texture making an all over great tasting bar which feels good in your mouth. I really like these Triple Nut Bars and certainly will be buying them again. Just a note for the health conscious - There is 7g of Protein, 3g of Fiber, 12g of fat of which 3.5g is Poly Unsaturated, and 6g is Mono Unsaturated Fat, leaving 1.5g of Saturated Fat. It also has 13g of Sugars and 220 Calories per bar. Yummy!
451025451025B001OCKIBYA35Q0RBM3YNQNFM. Hill0141248652800Nut Bars Taste Great but High in Fat and CaloriesPlanters BIG Triple Nut Bars are delicious and chewy, but not really big. There are 5 bars per box, and each weighs 1.62 ounces but since nuts are heavy, the bar does not appear to be any larger than a normal chewy granola bar. And calling them "nut bars" seems a bit confusing when they are the usual granola bar configuration with extra nuts. A better description would be a chewy honey oat granola bar with lots of nuts. The nuts, incorporated within the soft oat/rice crispy bar, do add a satisfying crunch.

Why four stars instead of five? As noted above size isn't BIG, it is the usual size of a granola bar. Additionally, since nuts are high in calories and fat (and good things too) the 220 calorie count and 12 grams of fat per bar make these a special treat rather than a daily indulgence. The main difference between a candy bar and this nut bar is the 7 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber per bar. The bar contains corn syrup, sugar, evaporated cane juice invert syruphoney and brown sugar totaling 13 grams of sugar. There are definitely oats in the bar, but crisped rice is the third ingredient and whole grain oats (in the form of granola) are seventh. Regarding the nuts, peanuts are the first ingredient, almonds and cashews are eighth and ninth. So, from a health standpoint, the bar is good and bad.
451026451026B005ZC1C1EA20IQLFES5BDPGAlly Singh "Sushi Snob"0051330646400Allergy free and delicious!My daughter has asthma, eczema, and allergies, so we try to avoid as many of the "triggers" as possible. I love that there is a candy company that understands this! Indie Candy makes delicious, yummy candy, without all the allergens. The candy keeps well in the cabinet, and lasts a long time. Plus, my daughter loves it. I can't wait to try the gummies!
451027451027B0039VTQ8OA328S9RN3U5M68Grady Harp2251334880000Healthy and Tasty GranolaThe Amish are known for growing their own foods, marketing their own produce, and respecting nature (all organic) in the process. It should come as no surprise then that this Amish HOMEMADE GRANOLA lives up to some very high expectations and standards. The cereal offered here in promptly delivered 1 pound bags carefully packaged contains rolled oats, unprocessed wheat or oat bran, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, pineapple and bananas, honey, wheat germ, coconut, almonds, vanilla, honey, cinnamon, brown sugar and vegetable oil.

Not only a fine breakfast treat or hearty snack, this granola can be incorporated into granola breads that make date-nut or banana bread seem outclassed. For flavor and nutritional value, this is a solid product. Maybe the first order will be for one pound, but chances are after that you'll order at least five bags at a time. Compared to store prices this is a bargain. Grady Harp, April 12
451028451028B000SARGMCAAVXLDJPBOJBWSimon0041326585600It tastes okThis tea isn't amazingly tasty or strong. However as an evening tea (hence the decaf choice) it does the job & it's organic!
451029451029B0000D94U0A1Y54O9NW57TG6Karl "from Kansas"2221228867200Beware of diet food offered that has no carb content listedBeware of diet food offered that has no carb content listed.

Why buy if there is no nutritional fact panel?
451030451030B002YZXU4WA9SMTITVDLBN4Christie N. Cooper "seaensea"1151274227200a wobderful healthy snacks for the kids and the parents too!This product is wonderful! They are delicious and nutritious! Its wonderful to have a product that not only does everyone in the house loves, but is also good for everyone. I am the type of mom who makes her own baby food to be sure of what exactly my child is eating, but these organic treats definitely make the cut!
451031451031B002YZXU4WA1SSJGYXQ8GRRYMelanie R1151264291200Great Snack for Kids (& Moms) on the go!I tried Little Duck Mango & Strawberry and was very happy with the clean, bright taste of the chunks. My 2yo gobbled up the cup I gave her and asked for more. Even my 7 & 9 yo's enjoyed snacking on these small bits of dried fruit.

We've eaten them straight from the bag, sprinkled in yogurt, and even sprinkled on salad. No complaints!

I gave a friend a bag for her 1yo before they took a plane trip and she said she was so glad to have an extra snack in her bag for the long flight! Her 1yo enjoyed them, and was able to easily pick them up from the airplane tray.
451032451032B002YZXU4WA2EFD5ULZY9ZU0Allison W. Ribeiro1151262649600YummyI just tried these for the first time today and my toddlers nearly ate the whole bag. They were so yummy...much better than the cereal fruit puffs given to babies. My 6 month old kept wanting more, too. I feel so good about them being organic, healthy, and great tasting. Great for popping in a diaper bag last minute for the perfect snack....mommy or baby.
451033451033B002YZXU4WA1YENN9RPQHV1CAaron K. Zickefoose1151262649600What a find!!I tried Little Ducks Organic Strawberry and Mango Freeze Dried Fruits today. I have four children ranging in age from 3 to 8 years old. They were delicious! My children ate them up (both bags) and begged for more. I am very careful what I put into their developing bodies and knowing that it was organic and the vitamin content was not compromised was very important to me. Three cheers for Little Ducks!Mandy
451034451034B002YZXU4WAF9A3MX1TYPQ4M. Mcpheters "Idaho Mary"0051302998400My daughter's favorite snack.My 18-month daughter LOVES the strawberry mango. I have to hide them from her to avoid battles at the end of snacktime!
451035451035B002YZXU4WA1RI8EYASNPIDXThomas J. Williams0051274227200Best fruit snack for babies and toddlers!This is truly a tasty and easy snack for babies and toddlers to eat. They dissolve quickly which is great. We have 10 month old twins that just can't get enough of Little Duck Organics snacks!
451036451036B002YZXU4WA2TP5RCOZ3QVKYRoss H. Peil0041274227200YummyMy 2 year old loves the freeze dried snacks...he eats them like they are candy. Plus, they are a great healthy snack for taking on the go!
451037451037B002YZXU4WA355LICHLGQIR4krtuma0051274227200A yummy and healthy snack!What a great product! Wholesome organic fruit in a portable pack - so awesome for the diaper bag or outings! We have tried the strawberry-mango but I can't wait to try all the flavors!
451038451038B002YZXU4WA36KFI84YVC5IDSilvia Abreu "Chloe's Mommy"0051274227200YUM!Hard to find a tropical fruit in freeze dried concoctions! This combination of mango and strawberries has something for me and something for my kids. It is a little expensive, but so worth it! YUM!
451039451039B002YZXU4WA1DTJKGU0KHTEQAndrea Anderson0051274227200Perfect snack on the goMy 11 month old absolutely loves these, and to be honest, I do too. My little guy loves all of the flavors, but I especially like the strawberry mango. They're perfect for snacking or taking out to eat. I love knowing that they're made from organic fruit, and that's artificial stuff or weird chemicals.
451040451040B002YZXU4WA3NR3MC2C3JVUPAbi0051274227200Yum!I was so excited about these snacks I bought them before my 4 month old can eat them! My husband and I will have them gone before she gets a chance to try them. Guess I'll have to buy more. I had never had freeze dried fruit before, but it is a great baby snack since it is so easy to eat!
451041451041B002YZXU4WA2JIGN4GY4SQVBMailman0051269907200Great Healthy SnackWe have a 4 year old granddaughter and another grand-baby on the way, so when we saw these snacks on Amazon, we thought we'd try them out to see if they would be healthy and TASTY for a child. No good having a healthy snack that the kids won't eat, huh? Sara (the 4 year old) is such a picky eater that we had serious doubts, and thought she may turn up her nose as she does with so many other healthy foods. She LOVES the Little Ducks! It feels so good to give her something she loves that is helping her grow and develop without all the processed additives and sweeteners. We love too that the package has a zip-top closure and fits easily into a purse. Go to the Little Ducks web site, too.
451042451042B002YZXU4WA3J93U4DHM7NJQStephen in NC0051262908800Stephen in NCI was given a bag of Strawberry and Mango for my 3 year old daughter to try. My friend knows that I have become an avid reader of a product's ingrediences and its nutritional value . I was satisfied enough to offer this as a snack for my daughter. The pieces were easy for her to handle and the snacks easily found their way into her mouth. As I watched with anticipation for her reaction, a smile spread on her face from ear to ear ! YUMMY DADDY, THIS IS GRRRRREAT !!! She said it all, she loved them! Thank you for a wonderful product! I will try the other two varieties that you produce ! I will also tell my friends with LITTLE ONES about LITTLE DUCK. Also, my ten year old son got a mouthful of the snack and he shared the same raving review !!!
451043451043B002YZXU4WA17HMPYRLJ1FQ0S. Normandin1251262476800Best snacks everI have tried Little Duck products in the past and my children absolutely love them. They are tasty and organic so I feel good aboout them too. We pack them in our travel bag and give them freely to our children whenever they want. They taste just like the fruit and we would reccommend them to all who are looking for a healthy nutrious snack in todays busy lifestyle.
451044451044B0078DQ3DUA21BXCRMQMO2BNEdith1151345680000Absolutely gluten free crackers and flatbreadAbsolutely gluten-free flat bread and crackers are both excellent products. I have now placed two orders of 5 boxes with Amazon as the price is more than $2 less per box than in my local grocery store. Unfortunately, on both occasions, the product has arrived in 85% shattered condition. Gluten free products are very unstable vs. wheat products. I would recommend the product highly, but I do not recommend getting them via mail order if shipping standards cannot be improved. Edith Streubert
451045451045B0078DQ3DUA2KF7VFGQ9MIEWLinda0011344816000Not Worth the Price!These crackers were expensive for gluten free and when I opened the box they were all in tiny pieces! If I could have located manufacturer's address or a website, I would have let them know. Don't waste your money on these.
451046451046B003YDK1JUA1J80LMH3XUK5RDCMom4411322179200Rip off!!!I thought I was ordering more than one box of six 2 oz bottles due to the price. Very surprised when one box arrived. I feel very ripped off. Amazon should pull this vendor.
451047451047B003YDK1JUA1KZ2OZ3E6GSEKAylan2211325203200This vendor should be sued!I lost my trust in Amazon for enabling this vendor to take advantage of new parents! You receive one box in the price of three boxes...
451048451048B003PWC346AWJKW1MLPEAYBCheryl Robinson "Cher"91051318291200Ceylon Cinnamon for health benefitsI found this Ceylon Cinnamon is a jar/spice section of the Whole Foods market in Calif. The name is Frontier Ceylon Cinnamon for, I think for something like $5.99. They had the cassia type-not real cinnamon-in the bulk spice section from Vietnam. The cassia type has coumarin and can be toxic. I wanted the Ceylon type for health reasons-good to lower blood pressure/cholesterol-1/2 tsp a day on toast, cereal, breads etc. can be beneficial says some articles on the internet.
451049451049B005H9289KA2RPQI5QLNWSJ8Dr. Mom0051347753600Yummy GummiesWe avoid non-natural food coloring at our house for medical reasons. Finally a gummy that the kids like and is natural and free of Red#40. Yes, they are more expensive but worth it for us. Each package contains enough gummies (compared with Annies, which always left us feeling shorted).
451050451050B008OGD1AIA1YO8UNY7Z6L4Qmhf "mhf"0031347321600McCormick Pure OrangeI had used this product before and the one I just purchased is weaker in flavor than the one I previously had.

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