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451171451171B003QDRJXYA37DXIENIDHTVYD. Wortham0051349481600Wonderful super healthy oilI added coconut oil (CO) to my daily menu about a year ago. There are so many health benefits to CO it is a miracle that you don't have to have a prescription to buy it.

Google 'coconut oil health benefits' and prepare to be floored by this amazing natural boon to mankind. No kidding. From just one sentence of one of those pages: Coconut oil is antiviral, antifungal (kills yeast too) and antibacterial.

It is incredible both topically and orally. I use it as a pre-shave lotion. I put a few drops on my tooth-brush before putting the toothpaste on. I use it as a hand lotion.

Most organic EV CO taste like coconut to some degree and usually strongly. Nutiva OEVCO certainly does have a coconut taste. So, cooking most foods in it is yukky. But there are many ways to get CO into your daily routine. Eating a T straight up is like a 5 hr energy shot. Put it in your coffee (takes some getting used to but I do 4T every morning like that). Make 'coconut oil bark' - google it. There are more tasteless versions you can use for cooking. I use the refined pure CO from LouAnn brand for cooking just about everything.

CO encourages fat burning.

A word of caution. When you first start supplementing with CO go slowly. Because of the anti-allBadThings nature of CO it will upset your stomach, because it kills off gut flora in droves, if you zap yourself with, say, a full tablespoon right off the bat. It'll make you feel nauseous and bathroom bound for one or more hours. Start with .5 or 1 teaspoon and spend a week working your way up to 1+ tablespoons.

A word about Nutiva and Amazon. Excellent! If you do sub and save, this 2 pack is an amazing value delivered right to your door. I've bought the two pack 8 or 10 times and only once had any hint of oil in the box and the two jugs were still sealed.

If you are new to the world of organic CO then you should buy a small amount first. Some people are actually allergic to it. And some people just don't like it. Don't buy a 55 gallon drum of it and then find out it is awful for you. You can get organic CO at any health food store (for an arm and a leg) and Wal-Mart carries it in their pharmacy area. Or buy the Nutiva here at Amazon in a small amount.

But, do yourself a favor and try it.

If you are eating the healthiest way known to man - low carb - and you aren't already eating CO then order some right now.
451172451172B003QDRJXYAWCXKFQPSTPJGKacey Crouch0051349222400Excellent Quality, Great CompanyWe love Nutiva Coconut Oil in my house. The flavor is great, and quality is consistently phenomenal. With all of the health benefits of coconut oil, we go through a lot, which makes the 54 oz is a perfect size.
451173451173B003QDRJXYA3A6L0AP0ML128Joyce Wise0051348790400Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut OilConvenient packaging for people who use large quantities of coconut oil. I use it in everything!
People ask me if I can taste coconut in my baked goods. It does not give a coconut flavor when
replacing vegetable oil. Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is the healthiest choice!
451174451174B003QDRJXYA2T8FOFF9OCXMFlwelch0051348444800Coconut oilI have been using Nutiva Organic xtra virgin coconut oil for several years now and fine it the best affordable product out there. I use it for cooking, and in several homemade products.
451175451175B003QDRJXYA25GNLA9Q8F6MTtimes2come0051347753600Awesome stuffAll around great stuff!Very Very healthy for you.If you don't know what benefits this stuff provides for you,go to Youtube and type in search box "Coconut oil and Alzheimers",a doctor gave her husband this and tells about it, amongst the several other benefits it provides for you!!!
451176451176B003QDRJXYA37F17YN4HSBRUVicki Barbeau0051347148800Great product!I have ordered this several times. I use it in baking, cooking, and have even learned to make my own lotion using this product.

Thanks for a great product!!
451177451177B003QDRJXYARW8MNSI0XS101101rachel0051347148800great for everythingMy daughter is on a ketogenic diet, and so we go through a lot of this stuff. I like it straight, but it is great in cooking too. It fries things beautifully. My favorite use is on my face though. It's the perfect consistency to moisturize my skin without clogging it. This has been an excellent purchase at a good price.
451178451178B003QDRJXYA3GVPEVUFW3FV5J. Lique "Gardener"0051346803200Best Cooking Oil Available!This is the best Coconut Oil on the market! We use it on our oatmeal every morning and it's one of the main ingredients in the whole grain bread I bake each week. I would hate to be without it.
451196451196B003QDRJXYA191N6WVPCMSEIK Thompson0041342656000Many uses for coconut oilI purchased this product as a supplement for my dogs. One dog has severe skin allergies and was prescribed steroids by the vet. I didn't like giving him steroids because of the long term health effects...and they made him cranky. I started researching holistic solutions and read several reviews on the benefits of coconut oil in curing skin allergies. It was worth a try. On the positive side, they absolutely LOVE the coconut oil. Both dogs weigh over 60# so I drizzle 3 TBSP over their dry kibble two times per day. On the less positive side, it has been three weeks and I have not noticed any improvement with the itching and scratching. I have enough for another five weeks so I will continue use and see if it helps. If not, I know they have received other healthy benefits from the coconut oil. If anyone else is considering this as a supplement for pets, one word of caution. Start in smaller quantities and gradually ease it into the diet to let their systems get used to it. Otherwise, there may be some upleasant side effects <wink, wink>.

I have also started using it in my own cooking and enjoy the nutty flavor it adds to my food. It adds enough flavor that I can keep recipes simple. One of my favorites is tilapia or chicken tenderloins sauteed in the coconut oil, a little salt and pepper, and a few chopped pecans added at the last minute. Very tasty but, most importantly, a very simple and quick meal for a busy week night. I can't wait to try it in coconut cupcakes!
451197451197B003QDRJXYA13BMVE8PL3VE6KHoch "nobody123"0051342396800DeliciousOrdered this based on the great reviews and I wasn't disappointed. This is a great deal and even more so if you go the subscribe and save route. I've tried a couple other coconut oils and this one is the best tasting so far. Whenever I cook with it I usually end up sneaking a spoonful straight in my mouth because it's so good and because it's so good for me. Lots of good fats that many people don't get in an every day diet.
451198451198B003QDRJXYA2Z48LKA5US8UJNema0051341964800Great Coconut OilThis is a great brand. I did my research and purchased my first batch through a retail outlet. Then, I ran into a good deal on Amazon and re-ordered here. If you're going to do coconut oil, it has to be Organic Extra Virgin to reap the benefits, and of course it has to taste good. Check. Check. And when I accidentally drip some on my hands while pouring, I just rub it in for moisturizing. Good stuff. Prompt delivery, too.
451179451179B003QDRJXYAJOE87ABMRNFKMonique "pickle"0051346803200healthy and good priceI shopped a lot for the best coconut oil at an appealing price too. found it here on Amazon and when I'll be done with the 2nd container....I'll buy them again. Taste delicious and keep my cholesterol in the healthy range.
451199451199B003QDRJXYA26GC9XY5U377DPen Name0051341705600Love this stuffNutiva coconut oil is excellent have been using it for several years. Good for dry skin, dry hair, as a cooking oil also.
451200451200B003QDRJXYA3KOBWPG7PXO8Uds0051341273600WOW, This stuff is goodI've been buying coconut oil in the store for a few years and decided to order this because it was a little cheaper than the cans at the local supermarket. The first thing I noticed was the smell. This smelled like a pastry shop when I opened it. Kind of nutty, yet sweet and with a hint of coconut. Not like the other stuff I've bought that just smells like a bag of shredded coconut. I couldn't help but grab a spoon and try some. It is truely awesome. I've really only used coconut oil for cooking before but now i'm putting it on bread and eating it like butter. I'm not sure what the difference is but this was WAY better than the stuff i've been buying.
451180451180B003QDRJXYAFM7V36WJ3YWGAlexL0051346716800Best one you can buyTried 5 different brands, this is my favorite, now I will only buy this one. Even consistency, no strange aftertaste, looks and tastes like pure coconut oil. Great for baking, as sunscreen for small kids, or to feed it to them on a cracker. Good for frying with tropical recipes. So multiple uses and good quality is a nice combination.

Price here is about $12 cheaper than at local supermarket (for 108 ounces), and prime shipping rules!
451181451181B003QDRJXYA3DDBJP9A4AOQBMatt0051346716800excellentBest tasting coconut oil i'v had. I recommend this highly. I actually liked it so much I signed up for the autorenew feature.
451182451182B003QDRJXYALOM323B4FG81priscilla m. molina0051346544000Nutiva's Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, best valueJust like my other review for Nutiva's Coconut Manna. I also ordered the Extra virgin oil, 54 oz for cooking. I received 2 for a phenominal price and am trying the auto service. Next shipment is in 6 months. Hands down, it's is the best value because of the savings on the product itself and the free s/h. I've tried all the flavors at Whole Foods. This is my favorite and it's organic and non gmo. I received much earlier than stated.
451183451183B003QDRJXYAX6M9MX3YPL58Toni J. Thoms "janese55"0051346457600I love this coconut oilI have subscribed to this product and it has become a daily staple in my life. I use it for cooking as well as for a non toxic daily lotion. It taste great with all foods and the health benefits of coconut oil are well known, and this is a USDA certified organic brand. I cant say enough about how wonderful it is, I have shipped some to family members so that they too can experience the benefits and taste.
451184451184B003QDRJXYA3B79HSRGJK550B. Brokamp0051346457600I Finally Ordered the Big Container!!My family LOVES Nutiva Coconut Oil! We've been making popcorn with it for a couple of years. I've now started making "hard shell chocolate" ice cream topping. Mix Nutiva Coconut Oil with chocolate chips or cocoa powder and warm on the stove. Then pour over ice cream and it turns to a hard shell. It is SO GOOD! I finally ordered a pack of two 54 oz containers so I can use the coconut oil in more of my cooking.
451185451185B003QDRJXYAIF8XF6MKQOEFjtdigiman0051346284800Great stuff. The standard.The coconut oil is great. Smells and tastes fresh. So far we've used it in cupcakes, for popping popcorn, and for making homemade deodorant. It has done well in all three. Great purchase if you want coconut oil.
451186451186B003QDRJXYA1G8X9XN7GRRXHSilv's View0051346198400Smell = Awesome !!!Very satisfied with this product. Been kept in the pantry for over a year now and still not a sign of rancidity or loss of that incredible aroma. Great in smoothies, cheesecakes, and for frying.

All in all a solid product.
451187451187B003QDRJXYA2SQXG2CV5YTD9Busy Bee0051346198400Oh, soooo good for you!I love this product, it smells and tastes so good. I use it regularly every day. I use it in my foods, and on my skin. It is great for healing too. I work outside in the hot sun most days in my yard, before I go out I put Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil all over my exposed skin. It really protects my skin from burning and I do not turn red after being out in the sun for several hours. My body inside and out feels so healthy. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to speak my praises.
451188451188B003QDRJXYA1AWBVMW502NR5Mr. Bharat Jataprolu "consop"0051346112000Great Taste & QualityGreat Taste & Quality.
Has a very light coconut aroma when heated.
he foods will have a light/subtle nutty flavor.
451189451189B003QDRJXYA16RZ4POYB04WLTanya K Silva0051346025600WonderfulI am extremely pleased with this product. We use it not only for cooking and baking, but also for all of our homemade toiletries and natural remedies.
451190451190B003QDRJXYA3T9GX78JOJ69Rmomx90051345766400Excellent productI love Nutiva coconut oil! Excellent coconut flavor (not too strong) and very consistent product from batch to batch (I go through a lot of coconut oil and have never had any issues with this brand!)
451191451191B003QDRJXYA2QV1V06YJSQKQRenee Frank0051345420800Use it everydayI use this for most of my cooking. It's great for baking and using in pancakes. The price is great too!
451192451192B003QDRJXYA1H6AE5IT8L68DCoco110051344816000NutivaThis is a very good value for an exceptional coconut oil. The size of the product is most practical for daily use.
451193451193B003QDRJXYARPWOYCODPQBMKim0051344297600Great ProductI love this coconut oil. It is a great value and it now I can afford to cook with it by purchasing it through Amazon. I use it in baking as well as anything that I fry. It is a good high heat oil and it will not turn rancid. I really like the subscription option with an automatic delivery, which saves a few dollars as well. Would recommend this product for it's quality and it's flavor
451194451194B003QDRJXYA1JZTUTR2DCPU0Casca "theancient"0051344211200Great Taste.Discussion with my Doctor prompted investigation as to benefits of using Coconut Oil as a part of good health.
Among many health benefits and research may be found here [...], and many other web sites, offer comments from users of C.O..
This Nutiva Coconut Oil has provided the following benefits to our family:
1- relieved problem of slow colon action [i.e.B.M.]for my daughters [50 YO/42 YO] and myself[78 YO].
2- curbed appetite for sweets for daughters and myself --plus curbs my appetite for food
3- improved my energy levels
Have listed only those things we have personally experienced, but looking forward to more health benefits. We are using the C.O. in tea and coffee and find it to be pleasant tasting for us.
Will be ordering more of this product for sure.

Hope the comments lead you to investigate the many benefits of C.O.---

Great product ====
451195451195B003QDRJXYA29JAG9ML7C9DRKarmala0041344211200So many usesI use EVCO for so many things... cooking, baking, sauteing, body care, hair care. I have tried several brands and rank Nutiva among the top few. It doesn't have a strong coconut taste so when I want more coconut flavor, I use Jarrows instead. That being said, the quality of Nutiva EVCO is outstanding.

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