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451291451291B003QDRJXYA1XNCRFBU0UEQ5D. S. ROGERS0051306800000Great Quality !I purchased coconut oil at the grocery store prior to finding and ordering this product. What a difference! I disposed of the grocery store brand and plan to always have this one on the pantry shelf. Great taste, highly recommend it to others.
451292451292B003QDRJXYA1L6NO1GUE0BS3Internet Shopper0051306195200LOVE, LOVE, LOVEI bought the 54-oz (2pack)and I love this stuff. I did some research on the cocnut oil and the ways to use it and it's pretty amazing. I use it in my hair an hour before shower and let me tell you, my hair is shiner, the ends look beautiful and overall, my hair is fuller. I suggest youtubing on how to apply. My daughter has eczema and the coconut stops the itch and flare ups. I no longer use facial mosturizer, I use coconut oil. It makes zits go away in 1 or 2 nights. I use it as body mosturizer at night and I am good all day. I mix coarse sea salt and coconut oil to exfolliate my skin, better than expensive spa treatment. They sell this mixture and it's $25 a jar(12oz)!!!!! It does wonders for my feet, oil them down and sock it. Be advised, LITTLE goes a long way. I have not tried it yet but you can cook with it also but the hair and skin benefits are truly amazing.

A co-worker and her family got severly burned by the FL sun (2nd degree burn)and I applied the coconut oil on it and she loved it and went out and bought some. Somehow is stopped the itch and the burn feeling and their skin recovered in two days!!!! I use it on scratches, cuts and burns. It leaves no scar and heals MUCH faster than neosporin.

I went to Nutiva site and there is a shortage due to weather and I have noticed the prices going up but it is still well worth it. I do love this brand. It absorbs quickly and leaves a sweet coconut scent. My kids love it but do not like it on their face because the smell bothers them but on their bodies they are okay with.
451293451293B003QDRJXYA36DUZDIVQXHS4symeonsam0051304812800The best cooking oil around!The Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is the best way to go on Coconut Oil. It is not extracted with solvents or cooked to get it. It is expelled at normal temperatures of the tropics. It retains the great coconut taste without all of the solvents of other brands. I love this stuff!
451294451294B003QDRJXYAZ8WB9C1TZ4AHmomnorrell0051304812800Cooking great for HCG diet!I love it! On HCG diet and makes every thing taste wonderful! I cook with it and make chockolate drop candy w/coconut! Another great product from!
451295451295B003QDRJXYA2BR621OKNYZF8sioux falls connie0051304380800Nutiva Coconut OilExcellent coconut oil. I would highly recommend Nutiva to anyone buying coconut oil. I am now using coconut oil, exclusively. Wonderful texture and flavor.
451296451296B003QDRJXYAG28CLNAN61Q8AppHomesteader0051303948800My favorite coconut oilI have tried a few coconut oils and this is by far my favorite. It has a light coconut flavor that give a tropical touch to my coffee. I use coconut oil for most of my cooking and this brand makes the food taste so bright and flavorful with no coconut taste (except for eggs. It makes eggs taste a little funny). I put it in my kefir smoothies for my kids and it sweetens the smoothies just a tad. I have been buying this oil for years so I was thrilled to find it here at a cheaper price than I can get it locally.
451297451297B003QDRJXYA18TMI508PZY8ODavid Lane Ledford "zumbamom"0051303862400Great coconut oilI love this oil!! It has a nice color and tastes great! I was pleases with the price for the quality! I will definitely buy this again.
451298451298B003QDRJXYA10KXKOP3MR6FGdjc0051303862400great product at a great price!This is the second brand I've tried. I was surprised that it smelled different. It tastes great and works just the same as the other more expensive brand. I will be ordering more! If you haven't ever tried using it as a moisturizer...try it! My skin can be oily in the summer, but this is not heavy or greasy even in the summer. And it works better than ANYTHING I have tried for winter dry/chapped skin! Tastes great in everything from stir-fry to cinnamon rolls too.
451299451299B003QDRJXYA1KKFK7GXUHNTRC. Ewa0051302998400Excellent Product.This is a very good product with excellent coconut smell. I use it to subsitute butter to make bread and cake and the taste does not have any difference. Apart from good taste and it is a very healthy food. My family love it.
451300451300B003QDRJXYA27YOVZ5DAJ37BTomP0051302998400Excellent productExcellent product and at a steal of a price. Its organic, unrefined, and COLD PRESSED. You cant get a more healthy and natural oil to fry with at the highest temperature you want! I highly recommend.

However since it is so natural is DOES smell and taste like coconut (shocking to some, perhaps). This usually cooks out but occasionally when I use it there is a residual sweetness lingering that may be off compared to the style of food. The best way to avoid this is using separate utensils from when you prepared / cooked. This is an obvious need when dealing with meat, but if making vegetarian or vegan meals you may not think about it.
451301451301B003QDRJXYA291FL254MF5IMPatricia A. Sheek0051302652800I LOVE Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut OilI LOVE Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. I use it for frying, in place of butter in baking, in place of butter on veggies or even on bread. It's healthier than butter, doesn't break down at high heat like other oils, and I like the taste. Nutiva is better than other brands in that it is smooth and completely free of chunks. Be aware that it melts in the jar in the summer heat. This is normal. At lower temps it will go back to solid form without any change in quality. If a recipe calls for oil, you can melt the coconut oil for ease of measuring.
451302451302B003QDRJXYA1DGDRNIR06OTJDiane0051302480000Wow.Excellent product. The wide mouth jar is easy to use. The oil itself is beautiful for stir frying and baking. And I love the aroma!
451303451303B003QDRJXYA58LAVUT7AMK6Diane A. Tyson "anchorlady"0051301443200Best ever!Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is the best tasting coconut oil I have used in the past 15 years! And it is probably the most reasonably priced - through Amazon - as well!
451304451304B003QDRJXYA3BPENCUZO6FC0Caroline Ko0051301184000FANTASTIC PRODUCT ~ GREAT PRICE!This is a Great Price for this size of Organic Coconut Oil, bought 3 packs of 2 = 6 jars. Just a reminder to use sparingly. Because it is not in the liquid form, my husband tends to use more than he should when cooking (and the food can have a sweet flavor when over used).
My side of the family are health organic fanatics and swear by this product (including my aunt whose been an RN for 20+ years)!
451305451305B003QDRJXYA2I9SDHDLH0DRDEiaS0051301011200We LOVE coconut oil!!We have fallen in love with using coconut oil! My husband will even cook eggs in it,which must be a guy thing LOL I love it on toast and waffles and I'll even apply it to my dry skin and it really helps. :-)
451306451306B003QDRJXYA29Y67Q52VT0PXJanice0051300838400Awesome!Our little guy is allergic to all things dairy so we use this on all his food to calorie pack. It's so yummy! Melts fast and tastes like butter. This stuff is awesome and price was awesome.
451307451307B003QDRJXYA3282GC19W4YTG66angelwings00513008384002 for the price of oneexcellent product and price! I love coconut oil! I use it for body lotion as well as cooking. Stir fry, potatoes, eggs; these things taste better than ever cooked in coconut oil. The oil does not change under high heat conditions. The price offered in the 2 for one is similar to what I can get it for on sale locally. I have begun to use this product for massage as well.
451308451308B003QDRJXYA24PUY3EEC8CYDsue0051299888000Nutiva organic extra virgin coconut oilI love this product. I use it for baking in place of butter. It is wonderful. Can also be used when oil is called for but may give a slight coconut flavor to the food when frying. It is also cheaper on Amazon than buying it in a supermarket.
451309451309B003QDRJXYACE396UJN0QG0Mary Lou0051299456000Nutiva Organic EVCO 54 oz 2-packThis is the stuff! I use it to cook with and as a skin moisturizer and it is fantastic! No added chemicals, just coconut oil. It has a 'coconutty' taste and smell, so if you don't like that, you'll be better off finding a 'refined' brand and not extra virgin. Arrived quickly as well.
451310451310B003QDRJXYA10RGKFSPAN3U5Linda G. Mack0051298505600Wonderful coconut oil!Awesome product, great price, LOVE it! The health benefits are great, Nutiva has a wonderful taste, the purity is amazing. Start using this coconut oil regularly and you won't be sorry! Great for cooking, great for breakfast shakes, great for sunscreen, great for moisturizer. Your body will thank you!
451311451311B003QDRJXYA2WL8DC0CNKVNGYoannah0051298160000Love it!I've tried a couple of different products, but this coconut oil is the best, hands down. it's absolutely pure, delicious and very healthy. This is basically the only oil I use in cooking and baking, for its high smoke temperature, health benefits and flavor. I also add it to smoothies and desserts.
Coconut oil is also my main body cosmetic - I use it on my skin after shower, often on my face for night and even as hair mask!

Nutiva's product is the best deal for pure, organic coconut oil.
451312451312B003QDRJXYA21VBKOJ3JCQ32Stephen0051298073600Coconut oil is great!I never used coconut oil before purchasing this produce in Dec 2010. Took me 2 months to go through first container and I am sure I'll finish the second within a month.

Coconut oil has almost completely replaced any frying oil. It beats any other oil for popcorn! Use it for skin lotion, perfect for massages and hair conditioner.
451313451313B003QDRJXYA3RX6LL4XS1H6MPoodles0051297555200Strictly For CookingI use the big tubs for cooking. I put Coconut Oil in everything, even spread it on my toast. I love this brand and it is very good for you. The only oil that your body can break down naturally without a gall bladder. Don't listen to the cholesteral hype, try for yourself and decide.
451314451314B003QDRJXYA11PHDFBQMBT11R. Jorgenson0051296172800Good stuffGreat cooking oil and great to add to my morning shake. Good enough to lick the spoon clean after scooping a portion for other use. Mild coconut scent but no real coconut flavor when used for cooking. It has completely replaced butter in my diet.
451315451315B003QDRJXYA6DHNXC5LK561jane0051295740800excellent product & priceI have used this product for a couple years and have found it to be consistently excellent at a great price too. I use it in cooking, baking. and right out fo the jar.
451316451316B003QDRJXYA2RXH20G5S5OP7PPride "PPride"0051294617600Tastes GreatWe buy this product to keep us healthier-it has a healing property of keeping bacteria at bay especially during the Winter months.
451317451317B003QDRJXYA199XZM2BDZHYImarni0051294617600Tastes just like the Movie Theater.I read a review that this is what they use in the movie theater. My husband LOVES movie theater popcorn so I had to get this for him. I was a little skeptical. Turns out it tastes just like movie theater popcorn. We love it. We will probably buy more later.
451318451318B003QDRJXYA1PK84KV9VSZYSPrivate0051294617600Highy recommendedI initially bought the single jar to test it, now I am hooked on the coconut oil, I use the option to get it every two months the pack of two. Amazon has the best price on this product.
451319451319B003QDRJXYA23XISDIQSLZK6Stone Blue0051293840000Excellent ProductThis is a very high quality oil. I've eaten many types of coconut oil, and keep coming back to this one. It has a nice, light, coconuty taste.
451320451320B003QDRJXYA1ILMDO2212ZZ9I <3 Electronix "I <3 Electronix"0051293494400Great fresh productNutiva Organic EV Coconut Oil is a great tasting product, very fresh, at a terrific price on Amazon. There are so many health benefits from Organic EV Coconut Oil, and it can be used in so many ways. It is has smooth, not over powering taste.

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