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451321451321B003QDRJXYASP8C9IROILR1John Jones "gr8pop"0051293408000All around BEST coconut oil !!I've tried a half dozen brands of coconut oil, including another sold here on Amazon. Nutiva beats all the brands ... hands down !!! It has worked as an oil/shortening substitute for everything from frying to baking .. to popcorn ... to simply spreading on toasted bagels or bread (killer garlic bread - French or Italian). It works wonderfully for making herb butters, too. If you like, you can blend it with olive oil or butter, though I have not found the need to do so. If I'm not using in foods, then I'll eat a couple tablespoons daily. Good also as a moisturizer for hands/skin ... and the health/nutritional benefits are finally and increasingly being recognized and praised. Amazon occasionally discounts the 54 oz tubs a bit ... so I wait around for that, to save money. Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil even looks beautiful in the jars/tubs. It's got a cool pearlescent look. You won't regret trying this product, and you'll be hooked on it!

UPDATE !!! ... 9-17-12 (nearly a year after my raving review, above). I have learned that while there is "Virgin" coconut oil, there is no such thing as "Extra Virgin" coconut oil. I'll have to ask Nutiva about that. Nutiva looks, smells and tastes great, but there have not been any good sales for it on Amazon for a while now. I found 16 ounce bottles of excellent virgin coconut oil at Trader Joe's for only $5.99/bottle. It also looks, smells and tastes great! Do the math !!! Basically, what will cost you $54.71 (plus shipping, unless you have "Prime") on Amazon, you can get (in equal quality) at Trader Joe's for only $40.43 ..... I've ordered Nutiva many times from Amazon, but I will now put that on "hold" until the price comes down. Cheers to good health ... including the health of the membrane in your wallet!!
451322451322B003QDRJXYA8L28PSIF1D79Jan0051293321600Nutiva Coconut Oil The Very BestI have used various oils grape seed oil, olive oil, etc. Nutiva Coconut Oil is the best to cook with. I also use it to pop popcorn, and the coconut oil is excellent for popping popcorn.
451323451323B003QDRJXYACIXYTIKEHSUGRita A. Burnheimer "Ray & Rita"0051292716800Great Organic Coconut OilI love this oil. I used it for cookies this Christmas, anything that calls for oil or butter you can use Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil. It's nice to know that it is healthly for you. I will buy again from this company. Thank you
451324451324B003QDRJXYA3UR0ZX97O9QP3F. Harrak "Faith H."1251338422400Best Orgnic Coconut Oil!!!I am a natural healing fenatic, my father was a homeopath Doctor so we have always used the natural way and it has always worked!!! So this oil suppose to help with hormon fluctuation for women at one point between the age of 30- 55 I started taking this for my Hormons issue and have had no problem anymore!! I have been using it for about a year now and planning to use it foirever. I have baught few organic brands, and this one is by far the best one in quality, price and flavor. You got to try it.
451325451325B003QDRJXYA1KB6S6MLHV51Ctyke1251334534400miracle!!well after struggling for two months to get rid of my daughter's flu she was 5mths at the time and her flu was awful went to the emergency room twice for her to be nebulized! this product was recommended to me i gave her a tsp for 3 days and that was the end of that flu i could hardly believe it I'm sold!!!
451326451326B003QDRJXYA39BXW6I58U7OLThe End12513338432001000 and 1 UsesI originally bought this for my naturally curly, sometimes frizzy hair. Many products that I previously appeared to be oil in a small bottle with a dropper top, Then I read the label. Flammable??? I was putting flammable stuff on my hair? Nothankyou! And, no, I have never used hairspray, which is also flammable.

Anyweigh, I use this on my hair. For dry hair, I put a very, very small amount in the palm of my hand, rub palms together vigorously, and rub lightly over hair. When my hair is wet, I apply a bit more to the ends. Also, once a week, as a deep treatment for my hair, I massage into my scalp and apply liberally to my hair. Leave in for at least two hours, then shampoo normally. When my hair dries, it absolutely glows like a sunset on fire.

Doing more research, however, I found many more uses. Following are several uses:

Dandruff or itchy scalp, massage into scalp. Leave in a couple of hours, shampoo normally
Athlete's foot - massage over foot, wear socks
Dry foot - same as above
Preshave treatment - massage a small amount over face, shave normally
Eye makeup remover
As a toothpaste - it helps bind calcium to teeth and the antibacterial properties of CO help promote healthy gums - don't stop using regular toothpaste!
As a *cough* love balm
As a furniture polish
Taken orally, about Tbs/day, lowers blood sugar, cholesterol, *aids* in weight loss and dementia/Alzheimers
To make a chocolate shell over ice cream, melt chocolate, add CO, mix, pour over ice cream
Feed 1-2 Tbs to your dog, depending on size, gives them a shiny coat/helps with hot, itchy spots. Dogs love it!
If you have sleep apnea and use a CPAP machine, apply a small amount in nostrils. This will prevent drying out.
Use for diaper rash
Use in recipes - bread, cookies, frying. CO is a *saturated* fat, but it is plant based, so it doesn't pose the same problems animal based oils
Shooz! - massage into worn, scuffed leather - shooz, bootz, hand bags
For breastfeeding women, apply to dry, cracked nipples
Can be good for acne, because of anti-bacterial properties. However, everyone's skin is different. Some report great success; others report worsened breakouts
Relieves sunburn pain
Helps strengthen nails
Helps control candida
Helps remove sticky labels and the 'goo' from sticky labels
Make truffles

To the Grammar Nazis. This is a list, not an essay, and we are supposed to review *the product*, not people's grammar.
451327451327B003QDRJXYA19HTPWS86V38NPaul C. Caraway "More Power To You!"1251303084800Awesome tasting food!This is the best Coconut oil I have used... it makes sweet potato fries taste incredible!! The flavor enhances many different things when you cook...

I highly recommend this... If you want to enhance a protein shake add a tablespoon full and it will allow you to go even longer between your next meal.
451328451328B003QDRJXYA3ETKVMCBD36PRCJ Ladoo1251295481600Haven't found one better.I love Nutiva coconut oil. I use it for cooking, in my cereal, on my skin. It is truly amazing. It helps me lose weight and it keeps my skin from getting dry just from ingesting it. The only reason I use it on my skin is because I love the way it makes me smell.

I have had bottles for short periods of time and seen them develop mold but I use them anyway, When it gets to the bottom I just use that part for my skin. It is wonderful and I will keep buying it. It is also quite affordable.
451329451329B003QDRJXYA3DEVKQV4RKWNUFirstMate4731317859200Great product but containers had an airpocket and 1/2 of product was missing!1/2 of the coconut oil was missing from the container. Upon opening my coconut oil (solid form) - the top appeared full - 1 inch below there was a huge void of space empty. The product is good but the 1/2 full thing really is a put off.
451330451330B003QDRJXYA2YGDI1GYIPYU4Gordie Sumner "wonkothemagicelf"5941326672000In moderation...Marvelous product this Nutiva OEV Coconut Oil. I can highly recommend it as part of a balanced diet. It SHOULD however be consumed in moderation. The health benefits will likely include both an increased feeling of energy as well as the potential for excess calorie burning. Benefits are primarily due to the medium-chain trigycerides, or MCTs. (COMPRISED OF caproic acids, caprylic acids, capric acids and lauric acids)

While I am a doctor specializing in the cardio-vascular system, you should not solely rely on my advice, nor anyone else posting comments for this product. You should, instead, talk to your own personal physician about your diet. He or she is in the best position to assist you since, regardless of the number of people who believe to the contrary, one size does not fit all.

Returning to MCT's... it should be noted that while they appear to aid in the metabolism of proteins, diabetics and those with known liver problems or suspected liver conditions should not consume daily amounts unless directed to do so by a physician. As this Nutiva coconut oil and others are high in MCT's (roughly 67 percent!), you should consult before beginning a daily "dosage".

One reviewer who claimed to be a 'Herbie, who doesn't like to make toys', stated that saturated fats are not harmful. This is untrue. All saturated fats have the potential to be harmful as they assist the corruption of artery walls and plaque in those walls when consumed in quantities beyond what your PERSONAL metabolism will handle. As I noted previously, and this point deserves a caps-lock... ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL.

Herbie additionally made claim that butters and plenty of red meat should also be eaten. Unsure what his definition of 'plenty" is, but again, medical doctors who you can personally visit and discuss your diet with will suggest moderation. If they don't suggest moderation when it comes to saturated fats, they are either in denial or sat-fat stockholders in some way.

Lastly, there are NO studies which suggest a direct link between the consumption of large amounts of coconut oil and vastly improved exercise performance. You will likely feel increased energy, but it won't translate directly into being able to do twice the number of push-ups, lifting twenty percent more weight at the bench or biking up that steep hill you've always dreamed of trying. You can reach those points but it's a slow process that will be dependent on all the factors within your lifestyle.
451331451331B003QDRJXYAYMRN27MH5IJ0Marie Domina0121339545600Not really impressedI purchased this coconut oil directly from the site for at the time this size was not offered here on amazon. I must say that I am not impressed with this oil. It does not have a strong enough coconut taste for Me. The taste of coconut is faint and I prefer a stronger coconut taste. I am going to stick to parachute coconut oil that has a stronger flavor and use this oil for skin and hair use.
451332451332B003QDRJXYA2TRHTDIYRHNZGsarab0121338854400VERY misleading amountThe oil itself is great- my complaint is with the actual amount that is received in the container. When you open the lid, it looks like the entire container is filled with the oil. However, once you get past about the top two inches, you realize that there is about 5 inches of empty air. So, in reality, while you are paying for a 54 oz container of oil, you are really only receiving about 1/2 that much.
451333451333B003QDRJXYA36SY2L6TWRWF3ione0151334966400Yummy coconut oil!This coconut oil looked and smelled like real coconut - so yummy! I bought it to use for making soap, but couldn't do it because it would have been a waste. I traded my sister for some of her coconut oil that she uses for cooking. I felt this product should definitely be eaten!
451334451334B003QDRJXYA3824ABQIVK2OCMelodyB0151321488000amazing productGreat product! I will definitely keep buying it! The product smells and tastes amazing, I would definitely recommend this product!
451335451335B003QDRJXYA2S6PU1K6KGP13Charles & Victoria0151307318400Best Coconut Oil !I am very happy with this oil.Ready to order more.Recommend to all my family and friends.They love it too.Great for food and for skin care.Best healthiest lotion ever (accept for face) and remedy from sun burn. Enjoy!
451336451336B003QDRJXYA2Y7ZVI6RR4SMJrhonda0141305763200Busted lidLoved the price on this purchase, which is why I selected it; however, it was packaged poorly and one of the lids was busted beyond repair. The coconut oil is great though.
451337451337B003QDRJXYA1P2FJK2MOJ8INYUMSTER "EURO FOODIE"0151299283200GREAT COCONUT OILI love this oil and have already reordered. It is fluffy and white, and smells and tastes divine.
Paradise. Great value, too.
451338451338B003QDRJXYA3V7QCB0DWR2WRMotodio0151289692800Best coconut oil of allI've been using this product for over 2 years and continue to purchase it. Either I'm stupid or on to something.
451339451339B003QDRJXYA2469RXJ64O97NMelissa Dickens0151289001600Absolutely the BestI have tried other brands, and this one, my family agrees, is simply the best.
451340451340B003QDRJXYA38XO0DBCZYGSVSarah1351294790400great productGreat product. I started replacing my cooking oil w/ this about 3.5 weeks ago and i've already lost 10 lbs. Will recommend to anyone.
451341451341B003QDRJXYAWQ000BNH89XQNYC Mom61531321315200No Allergy InformationI think this oil is fine, but I'm giving it a lower score because the company really fails at identifying the product's potential for cross contamination with peanut oil. The product label, as well as the website, are completely lacking in any allergy information. I love using coconut oil for my family, and have tried this oil at my sister's home, but have not used it in my own home because of my daughter's severe peanut allergy. I wrote to the company to inquire about their handling process, and here's a summary of their response:

Nutiva organic EV coconut oil is produced in a manufacturing plant that does process peanut oil. We process our EV coconut oil on its own dedicated manufacturing line that we sterilize before and after every use. We also manufacture our coconut oil at different times than the peanut oil, but we can't guarantee there isn't any cross contamination.

It was a thorough and quick response, but allergy info really should be printed on the label, or at the very least on the website. For some people with slight sensitivities or minor allergies, their manufacturing process may be diligent enough, and could be ok, but for those with severe allergies, it probably isn't worth the risk. I've ordered and used the VitaCost coconut oil, which is produced in a peanut-free facility, and it's been very good.
451342451342B003QDRJXYA12QA70NBPUPS2AngryKat0431342656000ShinyI enjoy coconut oil. I really do. This oil is pretty darn good, especially when compared to Louana's. However, I've had trouble with it not ending up where it belongs. Hopefully this time 'round, the UPS guy, the shipping facility, or the Mailing gods will get it right and I'll have my oil before my hunka hunka burnin' love decides Canola is cheaper. *shiver*
451343451343B003QDRJXYABQBBYY3545SWDenBrr1711330560000Nutiva Smells ChemicalNutiva was the second brand of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil I have purchased from Amazon. I got the two 54 ounce containers. The first Coconut oil I bought was Kevala, 1 gallon, and it tasted, smelled and felt better in my mouth than Nutiva. The 54 ounce Nutiva oil smells artificial or chemical. Maybe that's because it is packed directly into the plastic jar, whereas Kevala packs their Coconut oil in a bag, inside another bag, inside the plastic bucket. I cancelled my subscription to Nutiva and am going back to Kevala. Too bad I can't return the Nutiva!
451344451344B003QDRJXYAVMK3SLZ2UZ3Lalesander66011314835200Price is a joke.I added this to my cart and price was $35, I didn't order it. Next day price went to $50, day after $55, now is $47. 1 star. And please don't argue. We all here because of the PRICE.
451345451345B003QDRJXYAACKAWVXFJ2WTchristine19111324080000My review is based on the comments of your reviewersI'm looking for a product to cook with, specifically to gift with the popcorn popper I bought for a friend. OMG... I am all about being organic and green and that's why I looked upon this product. BUT I am in no way interested in a product whose reviews are from customers who talk about eating it [oil] straight out of the can!! What is the avg BMI of this country, why are we rated so low on the healthcare ranking list???? I would never purchase such an endorsed product as it reminds me of some zombieoid being drug laced by your product. GOOD LUCK; I'll shop at my local health food store with reviewers who are star-eyed at eating lard out of a can.
451346451346B003QDRJXYAF72GTWZGAC61Pinkhat131431321920000Toasty smellI bought this oil for the first time two years ago. Back then I wasn't very happy about the particular toasty smell Nutiva coconut oil has. I had tried other cold pressed, virgin coconut oils which smell lightly of fresh coconut and this one smells quite different. I didn't like this because, back then, I had just switched to cooking exclusively with coconut oil and did not want all my savory dishes to smell of coconut so I purchased a gallon of another brand and used that for cooking.

I also had to stop using it as a face and body oil because I found the toasty smell overwhelming, even though it doesn't seem to linger but, still, I just couldn't stand it.

However, I have now started to bake from scratch and, since Nutiva remains pretty inexpensive here on Amazon, decided to buy it again, just to use in baking and I'm very pleased with the results. I've used it in muffins, cakes and pie and crostata doughs with very nice results. Somehow I can't detect the coconut smell once the pastries come out of the oven.

For those who love the scent of coconut -with a toasty twist-, this product by Nutiva is a good deal and worth a try.
451347451347B003QDRJXYA1URSUNNXAPA7USleeve9951329091200Nutiva Coconut Oil - Plastic Container InfoI bought Nutiva X-Virgin Organic Coconut Oil for the first time because of numerous possible Health Benefits. The reviews on this Brand were great except for one that discourages using anything in plastic. Researching that, it appears that inside the recycling symbol, Nutiva container has the number 2 which is considered safe. The numbers 2-4-5 are considered safe, number 1, which is most water bottles, is considered safe but not for re-use, and the numbers 3-6-7 are considered unsafe. Most Foam cups are number 6, many 5 gallon water bottles are number 7. Also, although there are microwavable containers, it is not recommended to Nuke plastics. Hope this helps any concerns.
451348451348B003QDRJXYA2WUONPQDQ42N6Scott Harris "Ultramed"161951292889600Most delicious popcorn ever!I'm a real popcorn nut. I've been trying for years to get that real "movie theatre" taste. Well, I've done it, and one better. The theatres use coconut oil blended with butter "flavoring". The problem is it's partially hydrogenated, which as most of you know is not healthy. This Nutiva Coconut Oil is pure, and extra virgin. Used by itself in popcorn, the taste is a bit too coconutty for me. The secret? Add about 1/4 real butter to the coconut oil in your popper. Yes, real butter is healthy for you, unlike margarines or so called buttery toppings. So the perfect blend of Nutiva Coconut oil and butter produces the most excellent popcorn you could ever imagine. You feel good after eating it. Also a couple of other tips, all popcorn kernals are not created equal. Use Orville's for a much more tender pop. And get popcorn salt, not regular salt, and not Flavacol. Popcorn salt is super flaky and sticks like magic to the popcorn. Simply add it in the popper while it's popping. Adjust accordingly for your taste. Enjoy!
451349451349B003QDRJXYA1ZX4UV4XO6A6WBill7741301356800Small Nice and Taste GoodI started to use coconut oil in place of butter since last year. It works out just fine. Sometimes, I even use it on cracked dried skin. The oil itself should get a 5 star rating but its plastic bottle makes it lose a star.
451350451350B003QDRJXYAE86DM8OE12PZScottir6651319500800Surprisingly high quality for everyday use.I originally bought this coconut oil at a health food store because they had some sort of promotional sale, and I moved soon after, so this big jar ended up in storage for more than a year. I finally came across it when sorting through boxes, and assumed it would go in the discard pile. I know how delicate some oils are, and rancid oil is especially bad for you. So it was surprising that this jar was still as fresh as new - I later read that coconut is one of the most stable oils.

At first it was a little alarming that the oil in the jar normally resembles something like shortening or the lard we had on the farm, or it can melt in the jar and be clear when the room temperature is higher in summer. But I take it by the spoonful right out of the jar. It is also good for cooking, like scrambled eggs and so on, I use it interchangeably with butter now. I also really like it on my skin for moisturizing after a shower.

I agree that I normally prefer a glass container for almost everything. I am extremely sensitive to plastic fumes of any kind, partially because of medication I take. I can't even drink from plastic "glasses" because they smell funny, hard to explain especially when visiting. That being said, I detect no fumes from this packaging, maybe it is a special kind of plastic like that used for my blender jug. I don't know for sure, but I am fine with this jar.

I would recommend this oil to anyone who has made the choice to start getting healthier.

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