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451387451387B003QDRJXYA1YJMG0QJXZLD4Rosemarie4551335312000Not much left to sayThere is really not much more to say. All of us seem to think this is an excellent product, and of course I agree.
I used to buy the smaller jar but found the larger one easier. There is one small problem with buying large is the distribution of the oils.

Let me explain, when you get your larger container you probably have noticed, that (most of the time) the oil has melted somewhere along the line, not a problem.
The problem lies in how it has set back up. If you look you will see that they creamy oil portion is on top, it is floating atop the sediment that is inevitable on the bottom.
So if I may make a suggestion before we use the top oil and are left with the healthy tasty sediment of coconut on the bottom.

When it arrives place the container in pot of very warm water until it melts again (this does not hurt the oil unless you boil it) stir it up well and portion it out into smaller clean sterile jars such as canning jars. This way when the oil separates you just have to soften a small portion to get the even flavor.

I use this oil every day and I give it to my dog it is very healthy but one word of caution when giving it to your dog, start with a small taste for a few days and add a little every day until you up to a few tablespoons for a full size dog. It is just as healthy for them as it is for us and their coat gets so shiny and soft, my pug, who normally sheds a lot, does not, while he is on this oil, I do not intend to go off it. I am on the auto ship to make sure we get the benefits of this oil all the time, the auto ship is less expensive and you can control how often you get it, just a thought.
451388451388B003QDRJXYA1C8NAHYR6Z10FAsha D. Horikawa1151346457600Wonderful product, attractive priceWe use coconut oil for so many things. I make fudge out of it (cocoa powder, coconut oil, palm sugar, vanilla, and a pinch of salt). I use it to bake, to scramble eggs, and in place of butter in many recipes. We have also used it for various skin conditions including diaper rash and dry skin. We've also made toothpaste out of it, and I have known friends use it to make their own deodorant and massage oils.

Many sources say that ingesting a bit of coconut oil each day is great for your health, but in addition to health benefits, it smells lovely and is wonderful to work with. We have this delivered in bulk every couple of months and go through quite a bit of it. It is a staple in our house.
451389451389B003QDRJXYALWRNPDSUBMAGFrogger1151346112000Awesome coconut oil!We've switched quite a bit of our olive oil and butter usage to coconut oil for health reasons. My father in law gives it to his wife beset with advanced Alzheimer's and has seen a noticeable improvement in her mood and cognition. The taste is subtle and delicious! It's liquid at 78 degrees, which makes it a bit difficult to spread on toast - we use a spoon, but will solidify at just a few degrees cooler. Can't refrigerate because it gets really hard.
451390451390B003QDRJXYA2QUXUF8SYKRGJElizabeth Rose1151345334400Nutiva Coconut OilI have been buying Nutiva Coconut Oil for over a year and am very happy with it.
For a few months now I have been on the 'Amazon Subscription Service' and have only good things to say about it. At first I was nervous to sign up but I finally took a chance and I have to say I've been pleasantly surprised.
The products are sent out in a timely fashion, with plenty of advanced email notice that they are coming.
Also, it's very easy to change or cancel a subscibed item, amount, and/or delivery date. And, or course, there is the product discount that you receive from being on the subscription service.
If you have a product that you purchase on a regular basis, I would highly recommend trying the subscription service.
451391451391B003QDRJXYA1E1U4Z4W0I3CL123451141344556800Great with cloth diapersI use the coconut oil not for cooking, but instead as a skin barrier with my infant. It's natural healing properties help her skin as well as heal my dry hands from washing them so often after diaper changes. I also use it in her diaper wipe solution! Smells great too!
451392451392B003QDRJXYAZBPSUMM1IV13bird song1151344124800Coconut oil is greatI used to buy small jars of organic coconut oil to add to my old dog's diet because the oil made her feel better and reduced her body odor. I was very happy to find the 54 oz size containers here on Amazon to add to all my dogs diet. When I was reading other reviews about popcorn poppers, I read that movie theaters used coconut oil to pop their popcorn, but they use seasoned and colored oil. I didn't want to try the "movie theater" oil, so I tried using the Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil in my Whirley Pop hand crank popper instead of vegetable oil, and was amazed at the difference. The popcorn tastes wonderful and is very tender! An added bonus is that the popper stays cleaner, and doesn't get the brown "gunk" build up on the turning gears like it did with the vegatable oil. I highly recomend this coconut oil especially in this large money saving size from Amazon.
451393451393B003QDRJXYAG7HI1P9ZQPO4G. B. "G"1151341273600Awesome Coconut oil!We normally buy Tropical Traditions, but this buy was too good to pass up. The oil is just as good, and we use it a lot (frying eggs and baking). If you've never used coconut oil, I highly recommend it. It is super healthy! We even use it as a moisturizer for our skin. If you are looking for coconut oil without the coconut taste (i.e. to pan fry chicken, pork chops, green tomatoes), we use expeller expressed. We're always looking for ways to consume this oil. It's that good for your body.
451394451394B003QDRJXYA37P1696OJ2RCBSonny7661151340236800SO VERSATILE!COCOCNUT OIL!! need I say more! i use it for everything.. i cook with it, i moisturize my skin/hair with it, i give it to my doggies, AND ITS GOOD FOR YOU! :).... Amazon gives me the best price for this size and cheap shipping.. I can't get it in this size where I live.. i have tried other brands and always run back to Nutiva..
451395451395B003QDRJXYADU76RMV8KGS0Suntide251151338595200Love this stuffI had heard of the advantages to coconut oil and thought I would try it out. I have used it as a skin moisturizer, deep treatment for my hair, and in the kitchen in most anything that calls for oil. I fried calamari in it tonight and it was wonderful and despite using it regularly I have lost 3 pounds in the last month.
451396451396B003QDRJXYA282VT91RFYW74kraftkat1141334534400coconut oilI was very pleased with the timely shipping of the Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil in the 54 oz. containers and with the product itself. I had been ordering the smaller containers, but will be ordering the more convenient larger containers.
451397451397B003QDRJXYA24BPSODYER3XRSylvia M1121333584000Strong Flavor in Nutiva BrandI purchased the Nutiva brand of extra virgin coconut oil because I'm exploring the paleo diet. I had used Spectrum brand from the supermarket before and loved it. It had no strong coconut taste or smell. But it was expensive ($9 for a 1-lb. jar). So I got a big order of Nutiva coconut oil from Amazon. Unfortunately, it adds a strong coconut flavor to anything you cook with it or add it to. I like coconut in general, but a cooking fat should have a neutral flavor. I'm going back to Spectrum coconut oil if it's on Amazon.
451398451398B003QDRJXYA351NNHLKOSCY4Faith Evangelistic Ministries1151330905600FantasticThis product is absolutely "FANTASTIC" and healthy too! My only problem is that I did not know about it sooner. I have spent a lot of time in the Islands and "fresh" & "real" coconut was always a treat. This is the ONLY product that brings "REAL" coconut goodness to my kitchen. I have found so many uses for this product and am adding new ideas daily. My "every day" use is a tablespoon in my old fashion oats - wow, as good or better than fresh churned butter. Make frying eggs an enjoyable experience and replaces bacon grease in fresh green beans for a wonderful taste without the trans-fat. I cannot imagine how anyone would not be delighted with this product.
451399451399B003QDRJXYA29V1KGJDMNZZRLeela Saxena "agentsaxena"1151329868800So far so great :)YUM! This stuff rocks. Recommended by a yogi for my very dry skin/lips/cooking needs/etc. It is d.e.lightful. I have replaced my lotion, facial moisturizer, chapstick (mostly), deep conditioner for hair, and makeup remover (SO FAR) with this coconut oil.

It smells fantastic; it's slightly oily but with enough rubbing, you're good. I use it daily for most of the above. I've used it for cooking a few times (red curry, yummm) and possibly slightly wasted a bit by using to deep fry coconut shrimp. Results were great, but definitely had to use a cup or two worth of oil just to get a few inches deep for shrimp. Didn't know if I could re-use... chose not to. Probably won't use for futre deep frying, even though the flavor was on point.

I've also put a little in my dog's water bowl, per something I read indicating it can help shine up their coat/fur. No results from the one time, but he didn't seem to mind it :) I have brought it into work, sharing with as many people I know, spreading the good word about this wonderful natural stuff.

451400451400B003QDRJXYAW0NP10Q4BQS9Bobby L1141329782400Mild coconut flavorI never liked coconut, but wanted to have this for the health benefits. I am getting used to the coconut flavor, finding I like this better in sweet things, like cereal, smoothies, etc. It's pretty good on oatmeal or cream of wheat hot cereal in the morning, and I do substitute it for butter in some recipes (sometimes I will do half butter and half coconut oil).Tried sauteeing veggies, the taste is not for me, so I will stick to the sweet things. Also added this to popcorn popper (again with butter) and it's great. I might try the expeller pressed coconut oil which has no flavor next time for when I don't want that slight coconut flavor, because it is noticeable to me. If I was a baker, I could see using this all the time. This is my first purchase of coconut oil, so nothing else to compare it to, but it seems like a quality product, I have no complaints.
451401451401B003QDRJXYA38R7PAAITELODAponi1151328832000aponiI so love this coconut oil! I first tried coconut oil (NOW Foods brand) from my local natural foods store. The NOW coconut oil was also excellent but costlier. I then made the mistake of purchasing LouAna brand from Walmart. What a difference! After realizing the error of my ways, I did some research and found that many people recommended Nutiva brand because it is unrefined (unlike LouAna and Spectrum brands at Walmart) and it can be purchased from Amazon in bulk at a reasonable price. I have already used half the first container because I love this stuff so much. I use it as a replacement for butter, shortening and cooking oil in almost all of my recipes. It has just a slight coconut smell and flavor that adds to some foods nicely but is not noticeable in other foods. I find that my son and I especially love it in place of butter on popcorn because it coats the popcorn rather than being absorbed by it and making it wet. It's also much healthier and tastes better too. Of course, taste is a subjective thing, so others may not agree about that. We also use it in place of butter on toast and sandwiches, and it is perfect for homemade no-cook fudge. I even make my own chocolate chips using coconut oil. It is so versatile and healthy, I am sure that I will keep finding new uses for it all the time!
451402451402B003QDRJXYA2KCIUIR9UYER4Mom to 3 kids1151328140800Light aroma and taste for cooking... and my hair and skin look fab!This product has been great! It does smell of coconut, but for me that's a plus. It reminds me of vanilla in the sense that it adds to the recipes you use it in, but it doesn't really change the taste noticeably. I've been using it as a super conditioner for my hair (cannot stress enough that you need a minuscule amount), my skin (my elbows, knees and hands are no longer dry), to season my cast-iron pans, to cook with (eggs tasted light, not greasy or coconutty), on my kids after bath and for my own facial creme, make-up remover, toothpaste and moisturizer. My skin feels like velvet. My hair has bounce and shine, my cuticles are not dry even in January in the NE, my face is brighter somehow and my teeth are whiter (though I don't know how this is possible). I've gotten compliments on these and I've only been using it for a week. I really love this product for all it's uses!
451403451403B003QDRJXYA236JGXFISDMKLOEBAR1151327276800Great ProductGreat Product! I have used coconut oil for years in all my cooking... Check out the health benefits, of coconut oil...

Nutiva coconut oil is, pleasant tasting, has a good consistency, (I have tried other brands that were not so good) I would recommend trying it... I will be purchasing it again. The label give their web address for recipes, I haven't tried any of them but some sound good.

I am not sure if the product description on Amazon said it is unrefined and cold pressed, but I know to some costumers it makes a difference...
451404451404B003QDRJXYA3HZG65Z2BHCT3Bill1151326672000Coconut oilReceived item on time as stated. I will definitely have coconut oil for awhile with 2- 54oz. jugs. Saves time and money/shipping buying double amounts. I like coconut oil on various things, frozen yogurt drizzled w/agave syrup over apple pie, on english muffins, use in place of butter, in rice cooked w/coconut milk & chicken stock, etc., good stuff.
451405451405B003QDRJXYA2KX9W1FOFAZ0Pro-Evo "Dave"1151326499200Saturated Fat - Hooray!I love this stuff - use it in everything. I notice a number of reviewers here saying, "even though it's saturated, it has medium chain fatty acids that are easily converted...etc. etc." Folks, the idea that saturated fat is dangerous is the biggest scientific fallacy of the 20th century. Read "Good Calories, Bad Calories" or any other work on diet by Gary Taubes. Natural saturated fats (NOT trans-fats) of all kinds, including from pasture-raised animals, are very good for you. And this one is absolutely delicious!
451406451406B003QDRJXYA2158Y2U61AU9GLillian371151326412800Absolutely FabulousI absolutely love this coconut oil. The taste is so fresh and the texture is great. The quality is top notch. I mainly use it for cooking and in smoothies but once in a while I will eat a little bit straight out of the jar because it tastes so divine. It gives curries and baked goods great flavor. Try popping popcorn in it with a little sea salt, it's heaven. I've tried other brands and this is by far the best I've had. It's a great way to put a healthy fat and great flavor into your diet.
451407451407B003QDRJXYA1M3IDJDSHT2TEAli1151326153600DELISHOK I admit this is the only Coconut Oil I have ever purchased but it's great! So why try another? I believe it to be of superior quality and we love it on toast instead of butter, on oatmeal and for frying. If you want a nice little snack try a dollop on Triscuit crackers...delish and a health fat/whole grain treat!
451408451408B003QDRJXYAHT9E37G2BJU9Candy1151325808000great valueI purchase this item to make lotions and soaps and find it to be a great value! I have shopped other places for my other ingredients, but always buy the coconut oil here because of its great quality and value.
451409451409B003QDRJXYA3KJX8O23GHWMJJinkz761151325548800Great productI love this product. not only do I use it for cooking because I love fried food. But I also use it to mix with my essential oils and on my skin and hair. It works great. Since I started using this product....I look and feel healthier. I highly reccomend.... :D
451410451410B003QDRJXYA6G92UFURXHX1Tammie Faulk1151325376000Great Coconut TasteThis tastes so much better than the Louana coconut oil at the grocery store. When you open it, you smell a wonderful toasted coconut smell. And it tastes that way, too.
451381451381B003QDRJXYAHBUYGPMLLQ5NCatherine Flint2251309564800Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut OilThis is an excellent product, very fresh, with a wonderful flavor and aroma. It is exactly what I was hoping for, and the service was excellent, packaged very well, arrived in perfect condition, and more quickly than expected. I would recommend both the product and the supplier highly, in fact I have order twice, with the same excellent service both times. Thank you Nutiva, and thank you Amazon for making this available.
451382451382B003QDRJXYAP3DASVKCQ6BWbabygirl022251309219200Changed My LifeI was always hung up on vegetable oils and canola oil until my sister asked me to try Nutiva Coconut Oil..I was a little reluctant at first and now I am Hooked!!
I will not use anything else now..I've lost 25lbs just by eating a little healthier and sauteeing my food with this product..I even use it as a salad dressing..
I Love It!! I will always listen to my big sister well not always...But I will when she has my best interest in creating a healthy lifestyle...
451383451383B003QDRJXYA1CIV7W0MEPEC2A.B. "A.B."2251305590400The best thing on earthPros: Open the jar and you'll be hooked. The subtle, sweet coconut aroma drives me wild. I haven't bought any other coconut oil, so I can't make a good comparison, but this stroke me as a quality product. I've been using it for everything. Frying sweet potatoes, saute shrimps, baking! Get some!

Cons: I want more.
451384451384B003QDRJXYA38WQQJWVH79BDA. B.2251305504000Nutiva Coconut Oil - Two Thumbs Up!!Nutiva provides an excellent source of coconut oil. We use it everyday in our baking - in place of shortening and butter in pies, cookies and breads. We use it when cooking anything in the skillet (eggs, chicken, veggies, etc.) We also use it on our skin as a moisturizer, diaper rash, on the little guy's boo boos, and to dilute essential oils.
Coconut oil used to have a bad rap because it is fatty, but it is a GOOD fat - the kind that our bodies were made to break down easily. It is one of the BEST oils for our consumption! Enjoy!
451385451385B003QDRJXYAV688Q6CZS0H8A. Peters2251303862400love it!I've only just started using coconut oil a few months ago so I'm still learning all its uses. My favorite things to put it in are banana bread and oatmeal pancakes. The coconut oil gives it a subtle flavor. Delicious! Just treat it like you would butter, which is also solid at room temperature. My daughter is allergic to dairy and it has been a great substitute for her.
It's also really good as a moisturizer, although it stains clothes.
I went through a 54-oz tub in about three months!
451386451386B003QDRJXYA1A80NNIVIFTY4Sunny Day2251299110400Love this VCO!I previously ordered my coconut oil in bulk from another company. Fortunately when it came time to order, they were out of stock.... which prompted me to seek another brand.

This Nutiva coconut oil is so smooth, like butter. I will definitely order this again. We use our oil for cooking, baking, chocolate delight (for the hcg diet) and I have used it for many years as a moisturizer. This week marks the 1st time I will begin using this for oil pulling.

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