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451438451438B007TT24MWA37Z843SR49K8PAna Logue8841344470400Good for gout relief, but another is betterNot everyone takes cherry juice for gout symptoms, so this is a fine organic cherry juice concentrate for those who want to make a good quality juice. It is sweet, but not too sweet. It can be mixed with varying amounts of water to suit personal strength preference. Enjoy!

For gout symptoms, I have been trying various brands and, from personal experience (nothing scientific), this juice concentrate by Swanson is a close second to my first choice."Dynamic Health Laboratories (DHL) Organic Certified Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate", (for about the same price, also sold on Amazon) is most effective for me. There is something in tart cherries that helps dissolve uric acid. Uric Acid crystals build up in the joints and elsewhere, generally causing trouble for gout patients.

I have tried the following juices: this one by Swanson, Dynamic Health Laboratories' Organic Certified Tart Cherry Juice, Country Spoon's Montmorency Red Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate, Dynamic Health Laboratories' Organic Certified Black Cherry Juice Concentrate, and Knudsen's Just Black Cherry Juice. As mentioned, the Tart Cherry by DHL has been best for me. It works fastest, giving results as soon as an hour (or less) after drinking on an empty stomach. Or, it provides relief the next day, especially when taking it at night, nearer to bedtime. I take 2 tbs, in a cup of water, twice a day. Other juices I've mentioned give less noticeable results, or no results at all.

Of course, I avoid high purine foods in my diet, but I seem to need the extra help from cherry juice concentrate. I have not tried the prescription gout medications yet. I am hoping to avoid pharmaceuticals by improving diet and overall health. The cherry pills I've tried do not give noticeable results. Good luck!
451439451439B007TT24MWA1N30JM025LBYJCasualinCA0351347148800Organic Tart CherryWe were leaving for the weekend and I was afraid the pkg. would arrive while we were gone. I didn't have to worry because it arrived very quickly. I will be sending in another order today.
451440451440B0029JTYV6A1QIXPV1XB7GL4Saltchuck5551274918400Stock up on this excellent calorie-saverThis great mayo alternative has gotten hard to find in grocery stores, so I was pleased to see that Amazon had it available in 12 packs for a reasonable price. I've used this for years instead of mayonnaise on sandwiches -- its light flavor isn't as pungent as regular mustard and it has a nice creamy texture with virtually no calories.

Since I now don't have to worry about running out, I decided to try some as a baste for baked chicken. I mixed a full jar of Dijonnaise with about a quarter cup of honey, and liberally covered a large package of skinless chicken breasts before popping into the oven. Wow -- the chicken was moist and delicious and had a nice sweet/tangy glaze of the honey-mustard mixture. A quick and easy way to give chicken breast a great option for a busy weekday dinner.
451411451411B003QDRJXYAW5GWTTSWOF0XKai "The cheeky librarian."1141325116800Great!This is a fantastic, healthy oil that can handle high heat like a pro. I love that it's organic, extra-virgin, and cold-pressed. I do wish it came in a glass jar, but I understand at this size it wouldn't be cost-effective. Be careful when digging around once the jar gets more than half-empty: the edge of the plastic container is actually pretty sharp, and I managed to nick myself twice now (on the inner arm, ouchies).

It does have a pronounced coconut oil, as one would expect, but this becomes much more subtle mixed with stronger flavors (cocoa, meat, strong spices).

And you can't beat the price per ounce!
451412451412B003QDRJXYA2LYA8OMMDXCC5MysticMagic1151323907200Yum Yum YummmmmmmmmThis is the best thing I have done for my health. This organic delicious, slightly coconut flavored oil is all I use: to fry, to 'butter,' as an ingredient, for my face and skin. Wondrous! I can even eat peanut butter sandwiches every day--with coconut oil spread on sprouted bread--and not gain weight, put on fat! Yahoo! Just google 'benefits of coconut oil,' then buy a quality brand. Thank you Nutiva!
451413451413B003QDRJXYA36IIGM19DXP9XMelissa1151321228800New BrandWe used another brand for a long time but switched to this for free shipping. Very good quality, love the 2 pack!
451414451414B003QDRJXYA2QOT0HIE0ZOV4pattyt1151320192000Saving me MoneySo far so good. I am enjoying getting products through This coconut oil is very good.I especially like this brand. I use it for all my cooking, so I needed a large amount. allowed me to get a large mount at a savings.
You did it again. Thanks. "I'll be back". :)
451415451415B003QDRJXYA1EHNCQ4N7BQN7Liliana1151319500800Excellent healthty oil...I love this oil is very healthy and is excellent to cook, hair, skin, etc.
It's a good deal, if you buy a small one 16 oz in the health store you can pay $13.
451416451416B003QDRJXYA18X3UA4QMM0RFKB1151318636800LOVE IT!Product is delicious and nutritious! The best product for the price and ships super fast! I can eat this stuff right off the spoon (and my children do to!). Perfect for pancakes, you can even use it as a replacement for butter. Try it! Its great.
451417451417B003QDRJXYA59SFSJ6ZALXJjootje1151318204800excellent productThis is the best coconut oil I have ever used. It rapidly penetrates the skin without leaving any residue that can stain your clothes. My skin stays baby soft for the whole day. I also use it for cooking and it adds great flavor to every dish. I highly recommend this product.
451418451418B003QDRJXYAVSQ0D9545XYNMomof2 "Jen"1151318118400great dealI love coconut oil as an oil for cooking, as a substitute for butter and for putting on my skin. It also tastes great in my coffee. This is a great deal from amazon and I love not having to go to the store or worry about getting it, it justs shows up on my schedule with free shipping! What's not to love?
451419451419B003QDRJXYA3YBAWS10OEXPMaryMoonflower1151315958400Fantastic!This is great stuff! When you use it for pan cooking with vegetables and things like that, you don't taste any coconut in your food, which is preffered. When baking, it gives baked goods a slightly different (and better) texture, they're a tad more moist, and theres a very very slight different sweetness to them that makes them all the better for it. I LOVE this oil.
451420451420B003QDRJXYA2Z78VY4EVO7ENclaja1151315094400Great bargain, great productThis is my second purchase of this product. I take it daily for hot flashes, all of the many other health benefits are just a bonus. Glad to see you'all started putting product in new packaging so the product is not exposed to light. Product is fresh, and has a 2yr shelf life. I will definately purchase again.
451421451421B003QDRJXYA2QZ949K8E5NS5Lindy in the High Desert1151314921600As good as it could beBought the "2" pack. A few months ago, not on Amazon, we bought some Coconut Oil. It smelled like motor oil. Took a chance with Nutiva, and we are elated, as it smells like delicious coconut. Highly pleased. Would recommend to anyone.
451422451422B003QDRJXYA30LJYF63S4EXUBetsy C Taylor1151310947200delicious!This product arrived in a timely manner, is delicious and wonderful. I have already recommended this product to my parents and others.
451423451423B003QDRJXYA2OR9WFK8JHGBRtunterre1151310688000love the product, love the priceI'm still hoping I can use my entire subscription before it goes bad (1 year?), but I think I'm right on track. I can always share a jar with a friend if I have too much. The subscription price is unbelievable compared to the local grocery stores -- about half! And it is a brand recommended by the picky sources I follow. I love the very-slightly-sweet flavor it adds to curry dishes, cookies, breads, muffins, etc and it's a great way to add some healthy fat to most any dish.
451424451424B003QDRJXYA2RVDIYGDNZWNUGrammy1151310515200Great productThis arrived in a timely manner and is a great product. Love coconut oil and Nutivia is a great mild tasting oil.
451425451425B003QDRJXYA2XKN58ZDX0W4KRoger E. Bower1151310428800Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 54-Ounce-pack of 2Good value .. good quality .. great flavor .. even consistency .. pure white texture .. gives cooking great flavor .. nice, straight from the jar, one teaspoon a day .. has a lot of health benefits
451426451426B000BF3AHOA3QJT4ZPC09HGMA Customer3351168560000Succulent and juicy!Big Franks are the best vegetarian frank that I have ever tried. They taste far better than real meat weiners. They have a somewhat soft texture and could be easily broken down and used in a casserole or some other recipe. They come in a broth that could also be used to add flavor to recipes. I dare anyone to who hates meat analogues to not be pleased with this product. I can't say enough about Big Franks!
451427451427B000BF3AHOA26Y11HET5GE6BGold Rush Cat "Gold Rush Cat"2251173398400Wonderful TasteThese franks have such a great flavor. Unfortunately for me, I could eat one after the other AFTER the other, and I'm NOT kidding!

They are a bit softer than some of the other vegetarian hot dogs, but, that's easily solved...just don't stick a fork in one and walk around with it. Simple, right? They work perfectly fine in hot dog buns and can be chopped up and used in recipes.
451428451428B000BF3AHOA9OYPAJVPGQ6XCC BASILE "CC Shopgirl"1151316131200great dogs if you know how to cook them~I LOVE these dogs BUT you have to know how to cook them here's the method I use .. First you must rinse them since they have a sort of brine that is not that good kind .. then soak them in a bit of liquid smoke( if you have it)and water if you have it .. also optional for those who like it spicy add a dash of chili powder .
Now since they virtually have no fat add a little/some oil to your pan and coat them before you start to cook or they will stick to pan .. and fry to lightly browned on a few edges .. you can also bar b que them ..

add the usual and they are great!!!! .. not soggy .. but yes the reviewer who said soggy.. you will get that if you just eat out of can without rinsing and then micro .. you need to rinse and cook .. but it only takes a few mins..

experiment and you will LOVE them too!
451429451429B000BF3AHOALITW3TVXIA52Sean Lynn1151184889600Even my wife who was raised as a meat & potato girl loves themI have introduced these to many people that were not vegetarians and have yet to find anyone that does not like them! I wish Amazon would start carrying them again.
451430451430B000BF3AHOA1QZCWV5SXLS3OMZPRIYA "MZPRIYA"0051179705600OMG!!!!I LOVE these!!! I grew up on them but everyone I have try them end up loving them too- including my boyfriend who lives by meat. It is often a turn off when people see they come packed in cans. Ignore that part because they are fantastic and very high in protein. I did catch my boyfriend trying to boil them- not recommended! You can microwave them (about 1 min), fry them on non-stick, put on BBQ, or my favorite way- over a camp fire! Yummy :)
451431451431B000BF3AHOA22PUBSSNP54LG. Little "value seeker"0421169596800Not what I thought they were ...These are okay. My son "tolerated" them, so I will give them 2 stars. Otherwise, they are mushy dogs -- and not tasty. I love the Worthington Superlinks and I thought these would be comparable.
451432451432B0037235CSA3VB0ONNNIJDREMerrilee L Wilson1151344470400Really good cat foodWe switched to this food as it dosent have any of the common allergens cats should avoid. We are thrilled with the quality of this food and we've seen a positive improvement as our cat is doing much better and is much happier and healthier. We will continue to use California Natural cat food.

I haven't had the problems the one star reviewer mentioned.
451433451433B0037235CSA3DOG31A4HG1HKtransluminary1311324252800DangerAfter reaching in the bag with my hand and having a very sharp piece of plastic cut me (it was baked into a piece of food) I began to look for options. I now know the real dangers of feeding dry food to cats, it's just not natural at all. Cats don't cook their meat and neither should we. My Bengal is now on a raw diet and is healthier then ever.
Buy the book Raising cats naturally. It's not hard to do. No more special dry food to cure this and that. Pet food companies care about profit, not your cat.
451434451434B001O1G66QA2UJ5J59BSVZRDDr. M. Henderson "mwhdvm"1151325116800Wonderful when you are down with a coldI first used this while sick and traveling in Switzerland. Was so glad to find it here (not available in stores here!). Just got over a cold and this was so soothing and relaxing before going to bed. It really helped to calm down my cough so I could fall asleep. Love it!
451435451435B001O1G66QAVFYXKOPNSMQIRebecca L. Hill "Can't sleep the penguins wil...1151318636800Pleasantly surprisedI was hesitant to try this as it's written in German. Instead of using Google to search for the ingredients, I figured I'd give it a shot since I am currently suffering with laryngitis which stems from a nasty cold/sinus infection. It's got a very light sweet taste and it has helped soothe my throat far better than the cough drops I had been using. I do find myself getting slightly sleepy after I drink it though I can't say if it's the tea or the fact that it's a warm beverage right before bed. I usually microwave it with the tea already in the water for about 45 seconds to a minute. I also decided to add just a touch of honey and some vanilla. It does not have a medicinal taste and I can see myself continuing to drink it long after the cold is over. While it may not cure cancer, it certainly makes me feel better and more relaxed and frankly, what more can you ask of a tea? You don't need to add the honey or vanilla. I was just feeling experimental. I've had it plain and that's just as tasty. Don't hesitate to try it out. I hope you find it as pleasant as I did. Ricola now has a fan for life. The tea in the green can is quite nice as well for those cold fall and winter mornings. Thanks go to Amazon for allowing me to write this review.
451436451436B000Q84XYKA3SS7ER1VUP6ZLSandra A. Janowski "Roxy"0051311033600A great gift idea/ a amzaon verified PurchaseThe chocolates are a gift for a dear friend. They were delivered to her rural mailbox in a timely fashion. Actually she has them in her freezer waiting for 'the day' to indulge.
451437451437B000Q84XYKA13CWYCDSF1FYSCora Jean Zbozien0051264032000DeliciousThis candy is delicious! I kind of wished I had ordered more of it. The only problem for me is that the pieces are very big, which I think probably helps to keep them so fresh. I can actually get five bites from one piece, but then I have a small mouth!

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