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451441451441B0029JTYV6A1LRPBE0EDYDLYE. Bullock2251303084800Love the Dijonnaise....Silly review....but I love Dijnnaise. Not sure why, but none of my local super markets sell this product. I have to order online. I get about 1 case per year. Yummy....the perfect condoment for a ham and swiss sandwich. I also started adding it to chicken salad - perfect.
451442451442B0029JTYV6A1PHJ407GFTEWYHeirloom Tomato0051309219200Tasty low calorie condimentI bought this because Hungry Girl recommends it, and I could not find it locally. Right after I ordered it, it showed up in my local grocery store! Oh well, now I have a year's supply (or more). It's good and I won't run out of mustard for a long time!
451443451443B0029JTYV6A22RI8QS6RE28US. Goff0051303603200great productI was unable to find this product in any stores so was very glad to be able to get it online. Great service from the seller
451444451444B004PEN58QA2S0AZ96RP898AToni D. Scholten "~T"9951299542400Delish but overpricedA one-ounce package consists of a little over a dozen bites. This package has only 18 oz in it... and is way overpriced! I bought a 1 oz package from Walmart for $0.88. I've tried the orange, apple, and pomegranite flavors and all are really yummy and no artificial ingredients although I don't see any pomegrante in the ingredient list for that flavor. They are mostly made of apple, very soft, chewy, and just about melt in your mouth.

If Amazon becomes more reasonable on their bulk packaging... I'll be picking them up here, otherwise I'll buy them individually.

They do come in a resealable ziploc package but not enough in a 1 oz to really "keep" for long so I feel it's a wasted benefit. However, if the bulk packages were 5 or 6 oz, then the ziploc would be great (and the price would be more fitting)!
451445451445B004PEN58QA2OPFDYZB4IEGKTillyDuke4441305072000LOVE THEM but overpricedThese are a wonderful and healthy snack however they are way over priced. You can get them cheaper at Walmart for .88 a package. I pick them up every time I go. The problem is that I can't keep them around, they are so good I go through them quickly.
451446451446B004PEN58QA13W4YYIL3M7O1Dan2251308009600In store pricing is betterIn store pricing is better. The raspberry is great I will try the other flavors. Publix or Walmart is probably a good place to start. .88 at Walmart. Buying in bulk online should be same price or cheaper, but it is double the price.
451447451447B004PEN58QA3VS0C86C503QNjlb10150051334793600No added sugar!These are the favorite fruit snack in our house. My toddler simply loves them! Mom likes them because they don't have any added sugar, and my son loves how they taste. I keep a pouch in my purse at all times so my son can have a snack on the go while we're out and about.
451448451448B004PEN58QA229LIASEEZVH4S. Sung0021317686400Not a hitMy children did not like this snack. THe texture is very mushy--they were expecting something more like the fruit snacks they have had in the past. Presumably these are more natural--unfortunately my kids would not eat them. They have a slightly vitamin-like flavor. Combined with the ultra soft texture, it was not a hit in my household. An expensive misbuy.
451449451449B004PEN58QA29DLG11HGNCTJK. Prato0051314921600My kid loves theseI really love these for kids that like to snack. It's a resealable package, making it perfect to keep in your purse. More pieces in each pack than the usual fruit snacks, and it's all 100% fruit. Nothing extra.
451450451450B000BF54O6A1DWLIZXJQZDGGLittleSara333451211241600Excellent vegetarian burgerDon't think of this as tasting like hamburger. Just think of it as tasting good. We love this product - and this is really a very good price considering that it ships for free. One can is approximately the same quantity as 1 lb. of ground beef.

Some examples of what we do with this product:


saute small cubes of potato & chopped onions, add burger, break up lumps, & brown all together; add a couple of shakes of (optional) Angostura Worcestershire sauce [no anchovies in that brand], & serve with eggs for breakfast or veggies for dinner; even buttermilk ranch dressing is good on this.

stir fry:

brown burger & set aside, stir-fry onions, celery, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, snow peas, bean sprouts, mushrooms, radish slices, and/or water chestnuts (or whatever combination of veggies you like) as you would for any stir fry; add burger to reheat & serve with Ramen noodles or other pasta, on bread, or just as is, with soy sauce or Angustura Worcestershire sauce. Buttermilk ranch dressing is good here, too.


to each can of burger, add 1 finely chopped onion, 1 rib of finely chopped celery, 1/4 C. chopped green pepper (optional), 2 eggs, 1/2 C. cracker crumbs, 1/2 C. oatmeal; form into patties & brown over moderate heat [onions & celery must be done & raw eggs thoroughly cooked]; when crispy on both sides & done inside (about 7 min. per side), serve on buns, rolls, bread, or plate with mayo, ketchup, onions, pickles, tomato, sprouts, or other burger fixin's.


1 can burger browned with onions & celery, 1 tsp. sage, 1 can mushroom soup, 1/2 soup can milk, 6-8 oz. noodles (cooked), 16 oz. shredded cheddar cheese, 8 oz. Jack cheese; reserve half of the cheddar, mix all other ingredients together & put in greased casserole, top with remaining cheddar, bake covered at 350 F. for 1 hour, remove cover & bake 15 minutes more

quick burger:

open both ends of the can, push contents out a bit, slice carefully, & brown in skillet until very crispy on both sides (turn carefully) for a quick sandwich filling. You can sprinkle on a bit of onion and/or garlic powder or other seasoning before turning the slices.

Bon appetite!
451451451451B000BF54O6A25FHVT0R33NLOBella141451176854400Excellent Product!We use this Worthington Vegetarian Burger for so many different meals. We make tacos, meatloaf, meatballs, sloppy joe and many other things that call for ground beef. The price on Amazon is an AWESOME deal for 12 cans. I hope they will continue to stock this item because from now on we'll be buying it online instead of the health food store. We also enjoy the Worthington Chili very much and will be purchasing it from Amazon next time. These products are an excellent substitute for meat. Can't say enough about them!
451452451452B000BF54O6AMCJULRQPS9JTJon R. Marple101051162166400Great product, great priceWe use this "meat" in veggie loaf, veggie tacos, and caseroles. It is very tasty and versitile.
451453451453B000BF54O6A1D90ZIOLEBNDAMeromorphchick "Meromorphchick"7751220400000I *love* this stuff!I felt like I was taking a big risk ordering 12 cans from Amazon having never tried it, and I crossed my fingers I would like it. Well, I don't just like it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it! This stuff is great. I try to sneak it into all my meals. Hamburger helper, spaghetti, stir-fry, regular hamburgers, stews, casseroles, lasagna, tacos, anything. I even make very messy sandwiches with it. It's AWESOME! Tastes fabulous. Sometimes I even eat it just by itself if I have leftovers. Even cold out of the fridge with nothing with it, it's good.

Best vegetarian product I've ever tried (and I've tried a lot of them). I will be buying a lot of their other variations (the chicken, turkey, hot dogs, etc). They even have fake scallops!

Thank you Amazon for carrying this wonderful brand!
451454451454B000BF54O6A3B4YB7CNG7I5BL. Scheuer "scheuer"6651171065600My favorite vegi-burger productThis is a great product which goes well in a number of staple dishes (i.e. chili, pasta sauce) as well as making a great burger base. Would highly recommend it.
451455451455B000BF54O6A3V6WWUADRMMCBeny "Beny"1141279152000Fast mealIt's easy to prepare and it tastes good. I always mix it with fresh onions and red bell pepper with a little bit of cilantro and use as meat substitute. The four stars are because almost of the cans arrived with indentations. Product should be more carefully stored and shipped.
451456451456B000BF54O6A3T8VK60RSHNBFJennifer L. Madison1151272585600A Staple From Now OnI tried my first can this week and wish that I had tried it sooner. Half the can was used yesterday to make veggie tacos. Today, the rest was mixed with tomato sauce and italian herbs for some stuffed peppers. It worked well in both dishes.
451457451457B000BF54O6AFEU9SW8OTF55Julianne "Julie"1151257465600Fantastic!Our family is crazy about this stuff. It's fantastic right out of the can, but it's also perfect for any recipe that calls for ground beef. I use this for chili, tacos, sloppy joes, lasagna, and if you add some greek seasoning, it's a perfect for gyros! This is also great for non-vegetarians looking for healthy and low fat alternatives to ground meat.
451458451458B000BF54O6A1HG38AMSR439XSarah "iusarah"1141245196800Veggie burgerWhen I first tried this, I wasn't in love with it. I had only eaten one other brand of veggie burger crumbles and I think I was just used to the taste of those. Now that I have eaten this more, it has started to grow on me. I wouldn't say that it tastes like ground meat per se, but it does taste good and it is an excellent substitute for ground meat in recipes. I like to sautee some with onions and various spices to add to pasta sauce. It's also good to use with taco seasoning for's pretty versatile. The fact that it's shelf stable is a bonus.
451459451459B000BF54O6A3ILY35M6JZTIMJoyce La Merrill "quiltaholic"1151239580800Worthington Vege burgerWorthington Vegetarian Burger, 20-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12)

I have been using this product for a year and a half. I use it in Lasagna, Mexican casseroles, and chili beans. My husband and Friends who are not Vegetarians love it! I would recommend it to fellow vegetarians and non-vege who want to cut down on meat and eat healthier. I no longer need to use cholesterol meds since I have been a vegetarian.
451460451460B000BF54O6A1GJDA2NDK6K0BElizabeth W1151226188800Tastes good and great to have on handThis is the best with taco seasoning in tacos and burritos and taco salads. We also used it for chili and sloppy joes. I like it because it tastes really good and it's low fat, but another huge benefit is that it is canned, so I can make it whenever I am in the mood to. I rarely eat meat, so it is frustrating for me when I buy meat to have to eat it quickly before it goes bad. I never have to worry with this :)
It also heats up really quickly. Even if you are not vegetarian, this is the ultimate convenience food. I love it.
451461451461B000BF54O6A1SGHI3RGDOELBS. Chandra1151218499200FabuousI am not a vegetarian but I love this product. It flawlessly replaces ground beef, and in my opinion is superior. The texture is very nice - very like ground beef without the grissly texture that sometimes comes through in ground beef. We use it to make Sloppy Joe's and we all love it. Amazon's price is amazing compared to the specialty store we have been purching at (6.79 a can)! I highly recommend this product.
451462451462B000BF54O6A1O12ONXAEGY2ZOle Kristensen1151210636800Worthing Vegan Burger is TerrificThis product tastes great all by itself. And, like all soy bean-based spun protein foods, it assumes the flavor of whatever spices you wish to add. It can be used for frying or casseroles together with other ingredients, or it can be used solo as a high-protein treat.
451463451463B000BF54O6A26NR1V12U98QOMarilyn Blanck1151202169600Ideal for the storage shelfWorthington Vegetarian Burger is an excellent product to have on hand in the cupboard. Use it for almost anything that would be made with ground beef, such as meatballs, casseroles or loaves. Flavor and texture are very pleasing, you avoid cholesterol and the product is not greasy. If you are unaware that it's a vegetarian product, you may suspect that those "meatballs" you're eating are made with ground turkey.

Amazon's price was excellent, too!
451464451464B000BF54O6A3NLXO3TZ4KFZGGail R. Cnudde1151195948800Worthington Vegetarian BurgerI bought this product because of the other reviews because I was not sure about the taste. The other reviews were right as these were very much like meat and had a nice texture. You can use them just like hamburger.
451465451465B000BF54O6A8H051ALMZJOBVegan Brit in the US1141195171200Good vegan alternative to ground beefI use this in spaghetti sauce to give it texture. Good as a vegetarian alternative to ground beef. Very easy to crumble, though it's not dry. Decent taste, but I'd suggest using it as an ingredient rather than eating it on its own.
451466451466B000BF54O6AOP84QR826SV0Wallace G. Riggs "Wallace Riggs"1151194825600Taste like meat but is vegan, Great for vegateriansThis product is great it replaces meat and does the same has hamburger without the meat and dangerous effects now A days as to what they feed them, God bless.
451467451467B000BF54O6A1SC4PO995DH2XFrannie Fidget3441260835200Pretty good. Gives boyfriend gas.I am a vegetarian, and my boyfriend is not. I really like this product, and love it mixed in with scrambled eggs for breakfast, or in veggie Chili. Sometimes I eat it right out of the can if I am feling particularly lazy. It doesn't stick very well to itself, so it doesn't make very good burgers IME, even with a ingredients added to help it stick. Back to my boyfriend, this product gave him MAD GAS, and intestinal upset. He is afraid to eat it and asks me if I used "the canned burger stuff" before trying anything I cook. It digests just fine for me.
451468451468B000BF54O6A1WTDLX6VO74RJachance230051350950400The best meat alternative!I have tried a lot of other types of proteins for meat replacement, but Worthington is by far the best. I can make tacos, burgers, meatballs with this and people who usually eat meat are still able to fully enjoy the dish!
451469451469B000BF54O6AGZNTQU1XXK72Rose0051347494400Great meat substitute for cookingI have to admit I was nervous to try a canned product but I was very pleased. The appearance is not great coming out of the can but when you mold it or mix it in with other foods it's just like ground beef. The taste is very subtle, almost nothing, which I think is a great benefit because it will absorb the flavor of whatever you cook with it. In general I'm very happy with this product and I'm glad to have found it on Amazon because I have never seen it in a store!
451470451470B000BF54O6AGEXC9QFQVNHFMilo0051314230400excellent versatile veggy alternativeThis mix is really great, you can use it in any number of dishes. It's even reasonably good straight out of the can (though somewhat bland). I use these for anything from burgers, to ground beef mix, to soup, to pasta, to hash browns. This is a staple on my shelf, and will stay on my subscribe account.

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