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451501451501B0043OGJK4AQT95GTVJLVFEL. Mata2241319155200Not As Good As the Canned Stuff But......It does not taste like the canned coconut water to me (which I love) but it is much cheaper. I do a lot a yoga and frequently had foot cramps. I took supplements but coconut water was the solution to my problem. The problem with coconut water is that it is expensive. This powder is a cheaper alternative and seems to have the same effect. I add a little coconut flavoring and a few drops of liquid stevia and it really pumps up the flavor.
451502451502B0043OGJK4A32LC1I9GBM2DIAndrea Steffy2211302048000Super Salty & Where's the Coconut???Sorely disappointed in this purchase. Price not too bad, easy to make and pretty convenient but yuk yuk my poor unsuspecting mouth. tasted like salt and not coconut at all. I tried 1 tbsp per package recommendation then moved on to multiple tbsp to see if that made a difference, sadly it did not. the following is a much better dessicated coconut drink:Ajmera Coco Energy Instant Coconut Water, 10-Count Boxes (Pack of 3)
451503451503B0043OGJK4A1K33E0M8K6S63Deborah Shore1131328313600ingredient changeThese now contain added ionic minerals. That may be a plus for some people, but the form of magnesium of many ionic minerals disturbs the g.i. system of others (keeps things moving fast). Amazon does not list this change on its website but needs to. I'd like to get some more pineapple flavor, but I don't know whether or not that flavor has been changed too.
451504451504B0043OGJK4A39ONSNY261F2LVictoria H1151328227200The only thing missing is the nut !This powder mixes with water to create a light flavored coconut water, just like the water I have had on Bombay street corners, but without the nifty shell-cup. Recently, I have had a hankering for coconut water, but I have found buying the tetra packs, can, or bottles to be expensive. This is about half the price, but you have to provide your own water.

I would take this traveling with me, or back country. When my sister saw it on my counter she mentioned that it was exactly the product that her friend, a professional competitive bicyclist, uses while racing. (200-400 miles on a bike in a day is a lot without the proper snacks.)

I highly recommend this product.
451505451505B0043OGJK4A1TN0E203LDBMGcoconut water girl1141318896000refreshing change from plain waterI find this product very easy to use. I mix up a container and keep it in the fridge to add to the container I keep out for water all day. I like the plain the best. It has a refreshing faint taste of coconut. I enjoy this much more than the canned or bottled coconut water. The price difference makes it even better. I will continue to order this product through Amazon.
451506451506B0043OGJK4ARW8XMRQ2J7SRJean "Md Mt woman"1151307577600Love it!This is my second order for this product. I have read reviews and gave it a try. I have not tried the flavors - love this one. It is easy to use, great taste and helps a lot after a long bike ride. Try it out - you will also love it!
451507451507B0043OGJK4A3AKOP20IH716Christine Fibelkorn1121302134400Doesn't taste like coconut waterI agree with previous reviewers who say this doesn't taste like coconut water. No matter how much or how little water I disolved it in, I could not get a flavor that resembled coconut water in ANY form (canned, tetra pak, fresh) and I have tried them all.

Maybe the people who gave this good reviews just like the taste and the fact that its a natural, low calorie rehydration beverage. But I grew up on an island in southeast asia drinking coconut water right from the coconuts themselves and now I drink it from tetra paks, and trust me this does not taste like either of those.
451508451508B0043OGJK4A5QG2J05XJ7XZKirk May1141298332800Serves its purpose just fineI'd like to be under a tropical palm tree, sipping real coconut water, but I'm in the frigid north, doing the best I can. This is an instant powder so I didn't expect this to have the 'weighty' flavor of fresh coconut water; however, I really appreciate the light and refreshing flavor, especially when i am consuming lots of water during heavier workouts. I have found the dilution of a Tbsp / 8 oz ( 3 Tbsp in my 24 oz water bottle) to be nice and light when I am active; however, for keeping in the refrigerator for general drinking, I like more taste, so add more powder. The amount of powder really makes a difference in the taste. I have tried a couple of other instant coconut waters, and their first ingredient is sugar -- not at all appealing to me So I am pleased to find a drink powder that has its first ingredient 'evaporated coconut water'.
451509451509B0043OGJK4A1CUFLYUS8EKEAVanillaRooibos2311297468800Its NOT coconut waterThis is not coconut water. Perhaps it is coconut flavored water. It tastes like somebody soaked stale dried coconut flakes in water and then dehydrated the cloudy water they got from it into a powder. I doubt that it has the same minerals that are in coconut water.
451510451510B0043OGJK4A3HK89L8QRWJ62MuchCoffee (AA)2311295913600Not Even Close......and I'm not talking about fresh coconut water. Even canned coconut water from Costo is far better.
I really don't understand the 5-star reviews. I wonder if these people know what a coconut tastes like.
An earlier review mentioned the after-taste. It is closest to stale processed white cheddar cheese.

Seriously, if you weren't told that this was coconut water, you'd never guess. It's that bad.

If you're near a Costco, go get the canned Foco coconut juice. (12x17.6 oz cans for under ten bucks). At least that one has a semblance of coconut in it. (and is cheaper by the ounce. 160 calories for the 0.52 Liter can - which is not too bad for an 80% juice but it does have added sugar and water)

I was going to give it a 2nd star for the low calorie count (so one could add fake sugar to make it sweet), but after looking at the nutritional facts, I don't know what the calorie count really is.... Why? Nutritional facts state 5 calories per serving. No mention of the number of servings in the container. Serving size is 22g, but package weighs 275 g. So that is 12.5 servings (not 25 servings as advertised). So is this 5 calories per ounce of mixed drink or 22g of powder.

Bottom line, skip it. Hopefully the pineapple flavored one that should arrive over the next few days will mask the cheese aftertaste.

UPDATE: The pineapple flavor does mask the cheesy aftertaste. I'm going to have to mix the original and the pineapple as there's no way I'm going to be able to drink the original one alone...
451511451511B0043OGJK4A2PQ3WXMKCT4NXMariaSmiles0021346371200YAY Coconut! BOO Coco Hydro :(I really, really, really wanted to like this. I like other things from this company and I LOVE coconut water - especially straight outta the nut! No sweeteners needed. (I also like coconut manna, and coconut smell, and coconut milk, shredded coconut, etc). This tastes nothing like coconut water. I think the stuff they add to it is what ruins it. It tastes salty and fake. I wish they could/would just dehydrate the coconut and powder it and package that. Maybe it would be different.

I love coconut water, but don't feel comfortable with the environmental cost of shipping, etc. i was happy to find it in powdered form, and happy that there were so few ingredients. I REALLY wanted to like this. I'm so bummed. I can't even give it away.

I see it is out of stock - maybe they are reformulating it?? Big Tree Farms, if you read this, PLEASE improve the taste of your formulation and let us know when you have. I'll GLADLY update my review for an improved product!

I rely on reviews to help me make informed buying decisions. I hope this review helped you too!
451512451512B0043OGJK4A1WTVXLJDU7JLWA. Teshima0041334793600Great solution!Coconut water is great as a natural substitute to all those artificial electrolyte drinks. Problem is, it's a bit of a fad right now. You can't find them sold everywhere and they are often on the expensive side. That, and many of them come from far-away places and if you're bothered by the thought of all the added cost of shipping palettes of packaged water, this product is the answer!

From what I can tell, this product is nothing but coconut water, in powdered form. Sure, it might not taste as fresh as water from a fresh coconut, but I can carry this anywhere, I can travel with it, and I can mix some up any time I want. The convenience alone is great, but knowing the manufacturer doesn't have to pay all the overhead for shipping it in water form is wonderful.

This dissolves pretty easily, but pouring it into regular temperature (tap) water instead will make it dissolve faster than if you pour this into a glass with ice cubes (in case you want to add this into a glass of ice water at a restaurant).

Highly recommended!
451513451513B0043OGJK4A2Q9SWAHDL9XJMladebug0041332633600LadelawOk! Decent flavor! No complaints! Would buy it again! I prefer the taste of vitacoco from Costco
and its a responsible price
451514451514B0043OGJK4A2SD2F8X5H2JTUMarie0041328313600RefreshingI like the concept of a mix, so there is less packaging involved. This coconut water is slightly sweet and refreshing. Nothing can match the real thing, fresh from a coconut, but it's not bad for Michigan!
451515451515B0043OGJK4A3IAOYHHON03STplantas0051309219200Way easier than climbing a tree!I love using this for working out. It helps me avoid leg and foot cramps during class and it tastes good. I have several coconut trees in the yard, but this is much easier to use, and is always ripe! The taste is similar to the coconuts in the trees. I really don't need the extra salt and sugar, but it's okay in the heat.
451516451516B0043OGJK4A2SYF2PMMMRY5WThe Ballerina Prince-ss "Pink TuTu Twirls!"0041306022400Potassium Pick-me-UpI've been using CocoHydro, Original, for 2 months now. I remember finding their website and inquiring about the nutritional information for this product before it was even sold on the market. The company has been very considerate and prompt to answer all my emails and questions! I suffer chronic hypokalemia (low potassium) in conjunction with a lifelong history of eating disorders and health problems in relation to them. I need all the added nutrients I can get, including weekly nutrient IV therapy due to radical defeciences and digestion/absorption problems. I have been using Cocohydro as a supplement everyday and love it. It's a great way to boost electrolytes. I add it to my food and beverages, even fresh coconut water that I drink daily... every little bit helps. I was expecting more of a coconut taste and was surprised to find it rather bland but my primary purpose of usage is supplementation so it doesn't bother me that it's plain. The amount of potassium in 1 single serving literally almost compares to the amount of potassium in a serving of fresh coconut water. I can double the fun and add both together for a super boost! I have no interest in the flavored varities but I'm sure they offer more taste than the original - for those who feel they need added flavor. I order through subscribe and save and get a discount on my purchases! I get 2 bags sent to me every month so I don't have to worry about running out or ordering again. PS. Great for car or travel, carry an extra in your car or bring one with you - you never know when you will need an extra boost!
451517451517B0043OGJK4A24ZZ17ZLDHGLMJ. Amin1221324252800Good concept... but at the cost of taste :(Have been buying all the tetra-packs (zico, real, vita, ...) for a very long time so was excited to see this dehydrated coconut water. I liked the concept of not shipping all that water around if you can extract the "good stuff"... reduced cost and environmentally better... but unfortunately it did not turn out (for me) to be the best thing since sliced bread :( No matter how much or how little powder I add to the glass of cold/warm water, it just DOES NOT taste like real coconut water.. or even like the tetrapacks. I really wanted to like it but taste is obviously diluted for amounts of powder they recommend as a serving... and when you slowly increase the amount you add, the "dextrose" part of the powder kicks in... and adds that weird sweetness. In short, for me the taste was not acceptable... even for the saved cost and environmentally friendliness.... back to the tetra-packs.... except when I can get close to some *real* coconuts, that is!
451518451518B0043OGJK4ASCL1DUTJD1Y7Cynthia E Kelley0131308528000Only if necessaryIf I knew I was traveling and wanted coconut water then this would be perfect. Not a bad product, I would drink it although it does not taste 100% like coconut water. For what it is this is a pretty impressive product. If it was priced reasonably then it would probably suffice but at $10 a bag I will continue to purchase the real stuff.
451519451519B0043OGJK4A200NH1CJSKAKHCarolSchrillo0121296259200Cocoanut ConcentrateDid not taste at all like coco waters. Would have sent back but did not wnat to pay the extra shipping.
451520451520B0043OGJK4A3SHB2Z5NBNPKSTwenty Something1311302652800Love Coconut Juice? This deserves 0 stars.I love coconut juice and thought wow, it'll be so much cheaper this way. Nope, because you aren't going to drink it. It tastes awful. Chalky, no coconut flavor, and warm. As opposed to real coconut juice refrigerated at the same temperature is really cold. Do not buy this. It's a good idea that it seems they didn't try themselves before going full scale. Gross!
451521451521B0043OGJK4A2HX7IQO2PJAVCJohn A. Wethington "techno expert, media deco...1511327795200This is bad. Really bad.This is terrible terrible terrible. I wanted to belive. But, alas, it was not true. THIS IS NOTHING LIKE COCONUT WATER. IT'S NOT EVEN CLOSE. IT'S NOT EVEN TANG. I WOULD RATHER DRINK TANG. This is disgusting. Does not taste like coconut water, tastes like dextrose and bitter aftertaste, even when prepared in hot water. The worst. Save your money. You will be disappointed.
451522451522B002UFDG5YA1KHEN2F6IZJE1Chickadee430051314230400My Children's Favorite Juice drink!!I was very happy with this purchase. I received a 4 box pack for a great price shipped for free right to my front door. Sure beats going to the store with two kids!! My children ages 5 and 2 absolutely love drinking their capri suns. We can never keep enough of it in stock as they like to help themselves to it all day long. Grandma and Grandpa keep stocked up on this product at their house as well. :)
451523451523B001M0503EA114OF2SINAHKZALH10200051320105600Strawberry Hard CandyOur son loves unique and delicious hard candy and suggested the La Vie de la Vosgieene hard candy to us and it was great. We bought this order for our grandkids who loved it as well.
451524451524B001M0503EA16D04BXWBATFSJack Jericho0051293926400DeliciousI'm a strawberry lover, I'll eat anything strawberry. These are delicious. Originally got them as a stocking stuffer for some friends, but ended up keeping most of them. The perfect candy when you just need something.
451525451525B001M0503EA10Y6DKBE3MFOASlippers0041263168000Used as party favors....I gave these, in three different flavors, as party favors as guests were leaving my party. They were well received and even now, months later, I always keep a tin in my handbag for when I just need a sweet pick me up. Satisfied.
451526451526B001M0503EA1DYMUT1UBHDBAG. Ford0051253232000Awesome!You don't find many strawberry flavored hard candies, and these are great! The only problem is having enough of them to keep everyone in the family happy... but buying the 10-pack solves that problem for a few weeks.
451527451527B0051USJDYA1MYES9QBVY9BUM. Doster0141348272000Tasty, but a bit sweetI decided to try this variety instead of the regular mead at the "Made in Oregon" store. I have to say, I like it a lot more than most wines. It has a fairly decent alcohol percentage (11 to 14 I think), but it doesn't taste too strong. It is a little pucker-up-because-of-sweetness, though.
451528451528B0041QIIX0A36JTJEVPEAUXGgogreen1151334620800good pastaI bought Jovial Einkorn Linguine from a health food store. I think it tastes great. It is less gritty than regular whole wheat pasta. This pasta is an awesome source of protein
451529451529B0041QIIX0A15775QAQMNOL8judi0041338768000judiThe taste is just like any quality whole wheat pasta but none of the harmful gluten. I am gluten sensitive and yet this pasta has no bad side effects. We love it. It's a 10!!
451530451530B0039KMWQSA2ET9VHLD13OK2Zen "It's Zennny-Zen-Zen-Zenn-i-den."0051320710400Best Chocolate EverThese make me want to pay more chocolate. They are so good. This is the ultimate chocolate of relaxation. I gave my two year old a cup of this hot chocolate after he was going crazy and fifteen minutes later he mellowed out and fell asleep on the floor.

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