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451531451531B000N8JVZ4ACMLHXGMNH15JChris Stallings ""111221245628800Marshalls Creek SageThe quality of Marshalls Creeks Sage is less than ideal. The "sealed" container is not really "sealed at all" I had spider webs and mold (somehow) in some other herbs I purchased from them. I personally wouldn't recommend this product.
451532451532B005Y10X9SAS89HTL2PQ64GS. Walter "S. W."161621326153600Change is not so good this timeI must say the whipped peanut butter bars are amazing and only 100 calories but the Protein Fit Peanut Butter bars that I used to love are not very good at all anymore. They are not horrible but they are nothing like they were. They just don't taste as peanut buttery anymore
451533451533B005Y10X9SA3T3LVDVJJL6NSeptember23rd6711326931200NOTHING LIKE THE ORIGINAL.I bought this item because I had eaten the original peanut butter protein bar for years, but was sad to see it discontinued, and really happy to see it out again. I ate one and noticed immediately that it tasted totally different. I reside in Canada so I know that south beach was owned by Kraft and this was definately not kraft peanut butter. Sure enought I looked all over the bar and its not made by kraft anymore. Not only that, but its loaded with sugar and carbs which the old bar was not. This was made to be a low carb high protein bar originally and now its just another granola bar. Wont buy again, and am disappointed that this new company would put the South Beach name on a product that is nothing like the original.
451534451534B005Y10X9SA1DMR33B5WWUHXDarcy2231339372800Good Bar, But...I love the taste and texture of these bars. However, I liked them a lot better when I could buy them at the grocery store in the "cereal bar" isle for $2.oo to $2.50 a box! They suddenly disappeared, then reappeared in the protein bar isle, at about double the price! I honestly don't see a big difference in the nutritional value of the bar, just a big difference in the price! That's why I ordered them on Amazon, cuz they are slightly cheaper that way, but not enough to make me want to order them again. Amazon did a great job with order/delivery, my frustration is with South Beach.
451535451535B005Y10X9SA1FBCBKS5PDP1VSlickdawg "electronics junkie"3411328400000Another great product ruinedCompanies don't change things to make them better, they change them to try and increase their profitability. Kraft has taken what was a great product and turned it into pure crap. I'm sure some bean counter somewhere got a big raise for coming up with the "new" version of these bars and saving the company one penny per bar. I'm sad to say that the great peanut butter bars I enjoyed are now gone. Thanks Kraft.
451536451536B005Y10X9SA3MZNRSDQ32UUHimsocrazy "frenzied reader"0051351123200these are greatI really eat a lot of bars since I'm on the go all the time and these are delicious. The peanut butter is especially tasty and filling and really tastes like peanut butter. I would definintely buy these again.
451537451537B005Y10X9SA3ATAPFSNLF3EYJason Golomb0051351123200Deliciously Rich Diet Peanut Butter TreatThe food I miss the most when dieting is Peanut Butter. I walk by those brightly colored containers in the grocery store, take them down from the shelf salivating and lamenting the fact that about 2 tablespoons of the sticky goodstuff is about a meal's worth of Weight Watcher's points.


So I jump at the chance to consume any diet-centered peanut butter product. These South Beach treats are very good: covered in peanut butter, with the deep rich nutty taste that one would expect. I was very pleasantly surprised by how thick was the flavor, and I realized 20-30 minutes after I was done, I felt quite full. These are a must-buy for any peanut butter-lovin' dieter.

The only downside is for those dieters on Weight Watchers, and I understand that this is made for the South Beach dieters: this treat comes in at about 4 WW points which is a little higher than my typical target for any non-meal snack.
451538451538B005Y10X9SA2368W0H135KQPD_shrink "dshrink"0041351036800Liked the TasteNever having eaten the prior version of this product, I can't comment, as others have, on what it tasted like before and if I would have liked it better, so I am only judging this product on what it is today.

I can honestly say I like the taste and think it tastes as much like peanut butter as you can get without being 100% peanut butter. It fairly well melts in your mouth and doesn't stick to your teeth, which is a plus for most people who wouldn't be able to brush soon afterwards. But as with all peanut butter products, my only concern is the % of FAT. Of the 145 calories in each bar, 45 are from FAT. While that is a little disheartening the good news is that it contains 0% cholesterol and only 2% of the daily allowable sodium intake for those that must watch such things. My wife, who is an aerobics instructor has tried these and also likes them and think they make a good quick energy bar. They also contain 3g of fiber or about as much as 2 slices of whole wheat bread.

So judging this product on taste and convenience plus price I think it is well worth a try. Taste, like beauty, is in the eyes of the beholder, therefore I think it is a pretty good looking product overall.
451539451539B005Y10X9SA1C139F5C7Y38PThe Matrix Fan "Video Gamer since 1979."0031350950400Weird aftertaste, and a small bar...LOOKS: I uploaded a picture to the "Customer Images" section: this is a pretty small and compressed-looking bar.

SMELL: Right off the bat, you know you're getting a peanut butter treat, as there's a strong smell once you open the packaging.

TASTE: It's got the consistency of a Rice Krispy Treat, but slightly softer and less sticky. The peanut butter/soybean aftertaste will stick with you for a while, so I don't recommend eating these without something to cleanse your palate.

NUTRITION PERCENTAGES (from the wrapper):

Vitamin A: 15% daily values
Vitamin C: 4% daily values
Calcium: 15% daily values
Iron: 15% daily values
Thiamin: 25% daily values
Riboflavin: 25% daily values
Niacin: 25% daily values
Vitamin B6: 25% daily values
Folate: 30% daily values
Vitamin B12: 25% daily values
Phosphorus: 10% daily values
Zinc: 10% daily values

**NOTE** If you have allergies, the wrapper advises that in addition to peanuts/soybeans/milk, the bar is processed on equipment which also processes tree nuts, eggs, wheat and sesame.

MY VERDICT: While the bar did sate my food cravings, I wasn't very fond of the aftertaste. The peanut butter got messy at room temperature so I had to gobble this up pretty quick. I doubt I'll eat these again.
451540451540B005Y10X9SA7WH560VVUXB2Kevin M. Derby0031350864000A Mixed Bag of Peanut Butter BarsThe peanut butter flavored South Beach Diet protein bars are more like granola bars than anything else and they are high in protein and fiber. The taste is not bad but the peanut butter bars are try and leave a lingering aftertaste in the mouth. They aren't bad but they aren't exactly good either. On the plus side, they are pretty filling though the price seems a little high (FYI--I got a five pack of bars for free through the Amazon Vine program). According to a friend who was familiar with the older South Beach peanut butter bars, this is a very different--and less tasty--product than the previous version.
451541451541B005Y10X9SAURLABKNG0FNHPatricia0051347235200Peanut butter satisfactionThis is one of my favorite bars. The peanut butter flavor really comes through and the bar keeps me satisfied until lunch time! Love it!
451542451542B005Y10X9SA1ZS7G0M35KS65M. Hoye0051346976000Great breakfast on the goI really like these for a quick breakfast. They are high in protein so it fills me up. With a piece of fruit I am good to go until lunch.
451543451543B005Y10X9SAFB4LPQXUC45NKim Daniel0051346457600High protein, high fiber and great tasteI've eaten the South Beach bars for several years and I think these taste delicious. I like the high protein and fiber content and I prefer the new formulation with no artificial ingredients. I do love the whipped snack bars for 100 calories, as well. I feel like I've had an indulgent treat and I can keep going until dinner time.
451544451544B005Y10X9SA1JK5KNRSHTU3OThomas Chiswell0051346371200I like these.I am a very picky eater. I like these bars. The reviews for this product seem to be more of a warning to people who ate the old peanut butter bars of this type than reviews of the actual product.

I do understand the frustration when they change these products because I am such a picky eater. Even slight changes in a product can make something that was once a favorite, intolerable. I never had the old bars so I will never know what they were like before.

I don't need fancy food. I just need something that has a decent amount of protein in it. These have that protein and I am grateful for them. They are very filling for their size and great for someone trying too lose weight.
451545451545B005Y10X9SA369SZS605Y89JBonnie J. Lagrone0021337904000TOO HARD FOR METhese may taste just ok, don't taste the peanutbutter. I keep ordering them just to have something for between meals. They are a little too hard to bite and chew for my taste.
451546451546B005Y10X9SAL0U1BFS0PKNWyumenut0011331251200Not even close to good.I used to LOVE these bars years ago and they seemed to help with my weight (along with the South Beach lunches) but WOW did they change this product for the worse! I have a feeling that the old bar wasn't as healthy as advertised and they probably got busted for it. It just tasted too good to be that healthy.

Instead of changing the nutritional values, they changed the product? Makes no sense to me. As another reviewer said, it tastes like cardboard. That's the EXACT thought I had when I bit into one. I bought 3 boxes and ate just two bars from the first box and threw the other boxes away.

Taste varies by person but if you're looking for the original great bars, these are NOT them.
451547451547B005Y10X9SA2AK5WBJXQIOSFsbdfan0051327190400great peanut butter tasteThese are great to eat on my morning breaks at work. You can
definitely taste peanut butter and I like that there is no artificial
stuff in these bars.
451548451548B000SMN6LKA3S3IRX2SKSRFEMichelle R. Rush "Thrifty Shopper"0051311465600Purchased as a giftPurchased as a gift by someone who already knows and enjoys the product. Arrived slightly melted so it was more like... pocket brittle then sticks but that's bound to happen in 105 degree weather traveling from Cali to PA.
451549451549B00376HWKKA1ED9ARETH53AKA Shelby0051345420800Surprisingly tastyI expected a nasty taste to this tea but was pleasantly surprised. Also, I'm able to use the tea bag several times. I drink a lot of tea, so this helps, but then perhaps I'm not as picky as some. Since the price was reasonable I decided to take a chance.

They are individually wrapped too, so I figure they'll stay fresh in the month it takes me to use them all.
451550451550B006WH1QNUA2TYIMR8EQOCYAkimbolaria0041346112000YummyExactly what I wanted. Shipment came before the estimated time which is always wonderful. Only thing that gets me down about this deal is that it is so much more expensive to buy Corazonas online than it is to go to one of their road shows.
451551451551B006WH1QNUA302EYUTYTOTZ0Sue Hardin "Sue"0051339718400I love these!I have tried this flavor and the peanut butter ones. They are yummy and full of healthy ingredients. It helps to have something to take on the go and to keep in the car.
451552451552B004J0M0QYA203LBY2SORB4WJoe0051347926400Smarties --- good!If you like sour and you like smarties these fit the bill nicely. Decent price from the research I've done.
451553451553B004J0M0QYA2L79M1G0KFNPAEsse0051334016000Happy...My son loves Smarties and loves sour candy. According to him, this is the perfect candy. Made for a happy Easter!
451554451554B004J0M0QYA1C1U60SNJGZHGsara0051332460800sour.. i love itI love it so much and i get it very fast. I will order it again ...thanks very much .
451555451555B008DJ0BHMA1Q3G44D4VE6AXDan Callaghan1111344556800Amount of Grains Correct, Shipped Improperly, Grains Appear InactiveI received the promised 3+ tablespoons of Milk Kefir grains, but the product was shipped in a plastic tub that had nothing, like tape, to keep it closed during shipment. As a result the product arrived in a plastic lined shipping envelope, but the plastic container had come open and what (if any) liquid was shipped with the product had spilled out along with the grains, inside the envelope, with only a few grains remaining in the plastic tub. Simply adding some cellophane tape or shipping tape around the edges of the plastic tub lid/container would likely have kept the product contained properly during shipping. Also the package was HOT when it arrived. The grains "looked" large and healthy, if a little bit crushed, however I have tried making milk Kefir 2-3 times since I received the product, according to the instructions included in the shipment, and the milk curdles very little, even if I leave the grains for two days, instead of just one. I'm hoping the grains are still just in shock. Some grains seem to float while others sink to the bottom of the glass jar filled with fresh whole milk, that I cover using a rubber band and coffee filter, so the mixture can breath at room temperature away from any direct light. Also the grains were in large clumps in the shipment or appeared to be, but now have broken down to much smaller clumps. The color of the grains is close to the color of milk. I'm hoping the grains that sink to the bottom aren't dead or totally inactive, but most milk Kefir makers seem to indicate their grains float on the surface or the milk. I'll try making milk Kefir for one more week, but if the milk still isn't curdling, then I'm afraid these grains arrived dead/inactive and likely never will become active. Any buyers should be forewarned that the seller wants you to pay return shipping for a full refund and says they will not reimburse you for this cost, and this must happen within one week of receiving the product. I purchased water Kefir grains from another seller that were shipped with liquid in a totally sealed plastic bag, that arrived unbroken - they have been making water Kefir successfully in the same environment, so I'm certain that the environmental conditions are not a problem, also those water Kefir grains have since doubled in volume (grown). I am not using metal utensils, only plastic, nylon, or glass (jars, strainers).

It's now September 16, 2012. I had to give up on getting these Milk Kefir grains to work properly (or at all). My Water Kefir grains I had received from another seller are now busting at the seems in productivity. They went from 3-tablespoons to 2.5 quarts of Water Kefir grains by this time. I found a website that told you how to gradually convert Water Kefir grains to Milk Kefir grains, and using this technique I now have very effective working Milk Kefir / Milk Kefir grains. They don't grow as fast as the Water Kefir grains, but they do product Milk Kefir that's delicious and viable.
451556451556B003XNQPKUA24NRYYZ5T56DHMary1151312243200TurmericThis product is amazing and has a good quality. I have been using it for cooking and to prepare my own curry and it tastes wonderful. Turmeric is very good for our health and has many benefits when one takes it natural than in pills. I added to my milk every evening and helps me to have a relaxed sleep. It helps also to have a good disgestion if you add a little to your tea.
451557451557B003VFC0XQA1HMJAVK97SLKRBubblesandNick4441292112000Christmas PresentWonderful product! It costs more than it does to buy a whole box of assorted tootsie pops. Worth it for picky eaters. Makes a cute boquet when tied together with a ribbon.
451558451558B003VFC0XQA25SR87WIFOTB7Tara2251326067200Great Customer ServiceI ordered specific colors of tootsie roll pops for my wedding next spring, and accidentally had the company ship to the wrong address-- oops. They were VERY nice and easy to work with, and made sure that (even though the address I originally used was undeliverable) the order got to me. I appreciate it a lot, and would recommend the company. The tootsie roll pops are going to look awesome as escort cart holders, I will put a paper flag on the stick and they are going to look adorable!!
451559451559B003VFC0XQA1XGRZJQDTNM3OBrad3451304640000YUMMYAll grape Tootsie pops. Arrived quickly, well packed, and fresh. Good communication. Couldn't ask for more.(well, maybe more Tootsie pops) A++
451560451560B003VFC0XQA73I60BWF7837markem31 "markem31"0021344988800Old product?Really pleased with first order back in July. Not so much with the second order. When the second order arrived the packaging hinted at the difference. The first order was packaged better in a clear plastic bag inside the box. Second order came in gray plastic bag hiding the contents and was sloppily taped together. Inside was a baggie tied with a twist tie containing the candy that looked like someone did it in their kitchen almost. The product in the second order looked and tasted old, like something left in a warehouse too long. Candy is not fresh-tasting and it looks almost oxidized or something -- a strange, muddled color of purple. When I have bought Pops that looked like this at the store they always tasted old and were a little chewy. These look and taste the same, so guessing they have been sitting somewhere too long. The outer candy coating is chewy and somewhat soft (the middle is supposed to be chewy). So to sum: first order great tasting and nice package, second order tastes stale and the packaging was not as good. Both arrived quickly though, but probably won't buy this again.

Update 10/12/2012: This order was not filled by Candy Mafia as I had thought. It was actually "fulfilled" by another Amazon vendor. I ordered from Candy Mafia previously and the product was excellent. So the review above does not apply to Candy Mafia.

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