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451561451561B000KFSIZEA1WMR5BGHJU5FCP. Hernandez1151293753600I LOVE THIS MUSTARD!Very good. Its not Honey Mustard its Yellow Mustard with some sweetness. Low sugar content per serving and low in calories too. LOVE IT on my Turkey burgers and lunch meat on crackers. My local HEB stopped carrying it and the price is good on here.
451562451562B000EJPDGSA1OPVTUNNA4OX2Karen Watson7751257811200Best Cranberry TeaI have used this tea for years to help promote overall good health. I combine it with their Green Tea (1bag of each to 2 cups hot water). I don't use sugar with this combo but you might. I don't like the green tea taste alone but the Cranberry Tea makes the green tea much tastier plus, I feel, a better aide to my immune system. When my immune system is feeling low, this combo revives it quickly (although it may take a little longer to notice the effects when first starting to use it). I use it 2 - 3 times daily, initially, then once a day. I have tried this companies' Weightless Cranberry, which, I feel, is not as good as this product for my purposes. This Traditional Medicinals Organic Cran-Aid cranberry tea is promoted for urinary infections. Before I started combining it with green tea (which I did not discover until several years later), I used it for urinary tract infections and it cleared it up quickly. For urinary tract infections, I used to consume lots and lots of Cranberry Juice with little or no help. The help I received from this tea was a blessing! I am very anti-biotic resistant. I do not take antibiotics anymore for urinary infections. I am not a tea drinker and it was difficult for me, at first, to discipline myself to drink teas. I am very grateful for this tea.

I have used different tea products from Traditional Medicinals and, overall, have been very satisfied with their products.

Until I developed issues with anti-biotic resistance, I was not into the "natural health movement." Over the years, since then, I have tried many different health aides. Some of the naturals do not work at all. When you find the ones that do work, you stick with them. This is one company and their teas that I have used since the late 1970's. I am so glad to have found this on Amazon so that I do not have to drive for miles to get these teas any longer.
451563451563B000EJPDGSA10WHBAS9R1WOKBasil tree 450041350172800YummyThis tea tastes great! I'm not sure if it really does promote urinary tract health, but it couldn't hurt. No caffeine.
451564451564B000EJPDGSA1CXL4OYBI2KYMMama Kai0051349481600Great-tasting teaAlthough this tea didn't cure my bladder infection, I like to think that it helped! At any rate, it tastes wonderful, not as tart as I had expected.
451565451565B000EJPDGSA356N84TRDE1C0shamanic practictioner0051343001600Lover of Medicinal teasI started drinking Cran-Aid a few years ago to help with urinary tract infections. I find it to be very helpful, but more than that, very refreshing and enjoyable. I do not enjoy regular tea and I have stopped drinking coffee, so this tea and the other teas by Traditional Medicinals have given me a drink to enjoy as well as getting the benefits of healing herbs. I used to have to travel nearly an hour away to stock up on this tea, but now I can order it from Amazon and have it at my door in no time at all. I am so appreciative of your company.
451566451566B000EJPDGSA6VKWB820SFZJ Cat0051326931200Gets rid of bladder infectionsIf I feel a bladder infection coming on, I drink this twice a day for three days and it's gone. No anti-biotics. Of course if you have kidney pain or an extreme scenario, you'll want to call your Doc. It's pretty tart if youre not used to cranberries, but IT WORKS!!
451567451567B000EJPDGSA3H6PDDHQ0QOWJMary LaHaye0051316822400Great ProductThis is a great product. I drink this tea for medical reasons and seems to help my problem. It was recommended by a friend and will continue to drink this great product.
451568451568B002BREKM4A20JDDCXOB7LOAshane's dad263541330387200awesome food and smells like fish!Unlike most pet owners in the world, I have fed my dogs high quality foods for years, with Acana pacifica being one of them. I don't buy it from amazon but get it by subscription from a petfood site for 54 bucks shipped for the large size.

what do I like about this food?
dogs are carnivores with an identical internal anatomy of the wolf. dogs do not need carbs, veggies or grains. Acana is much higher in meat than a lot of other foods, and has no grains.

firm stools! Out of all of the foods I've used, including, wellness core, TOTW canidae, acana, evo, acana always proves to give firm stools, second only to taste of the wild.

Acana is ethoxyquin free
Acana also does not denature their foods.

price....a little pricey, but on subscription it is very reasonable.
bag is not resealable
customer service sucks..never answers emails or phone calls.

I also think that, while Acana has a lot of meat content, it doesn't hold a candle to foods like , orijen evo. Orijen is made by the same company as acana, and is 80 percent meat as oppose to 60 with acana...but acana is less rich an my pup does better on it :)...I think 65 percent meat would be perfect for acana, but 60 percent is still working fine for us.

to close,
I'd recommend this food if you want to feed your pets a high quality diet that is better than 95 percent of the foods out there but are on a budget and can't feed a raw diet or a diet such as orijen. (or your Dogs JUST do Better ON THIS THAN orijen)
451569451569B002BREKM4A2F861NYO6D3QRFurrFamily2251336176000Glad I switched from Science Diet!I bought Acana Pacifica cat and dog food for our cat and dog. They were both raised on Science Diet. I thought SD was a good brand. I've noticed my cat eats substantially less with Acana, not because he doesn't like it, which he does, but because Acana seems to keep him satisfied longer. Also, his kitty litter doesn't smell anywhere near as bad as it did with SD. Our dog now eats all his food at once rather than waiting till he is so hungry he has to eat, as he has done for years with SD. Our dog also seems to defecate a lot more easily and his feces is wet. Our dog always had to strain to defecate with SD and his feces started becoming very dry and hard with SD -- that's why I decided to finally research dog and cat food brands. I am really glad I made the decision to switch their food to Acana. Yes, the food is more expensive than SD but they eat less and eat better and do seem happier.
451570451570B002BREKM4A239Z6XYCB4UZYFINNIGANS' MOM2251326240000FINNIGAN LOVES IT!!!!Our new puppies breeder starts all of her new puppies on Acana & recommended that we keep him on it for a year.Finnigans' parents love it as well as Finnigan!!!!
451571451571B002BREKM4A1L8XKMAPM6C2Ksimply leila2251322956800My dog loves this food.My dog is a picky eater and doesn't eat any dog food that i would get for her. She refused to eat dog food until i got her this dog food. She eats it as soon as it is put in the bowl. This is a great sized bag to try it out and see if your dog likes it. I'm so happy i found a dog food my dog likes.
451572451572B002BREKM4A10FQ950H70CUGJay3451312848000My Dog Jumps for This FoodGreat product. My dog literally leaps in the air for this food. Since switching over to a no grain, heavy fish food she has developed a much healthier coat, sheds less and maintains a lean and active lifestyle. Bravo for Acana and I fully support their mission to deliver grain free pet food and help our four-legged friends live healthy and wonderful lives!

This is truly a great product!
451573451573B002BREKM4A18V316U2HXALEJ. Hallan "Shamrock"3451305417600Acana Pacifica, an outstanding food!I have a 1 yr old Portuguese Water Dog who has had a couple of issues with food. First, she doesn't tolerate much in the way of grain. So any foods containing grains, even "easy to digest" foods with rice were a no-go for her. I then tried a wonderful dehydrated food (which my 2 bichon girls do wonderfully on) but it still did not work for her. Even the grain free formulas made her poop 4 large stools a day. She was always going!
Next issue is slightly dry and flakey skin. It is clearning up now on Acana and her coat looking super shiny!
I do add raw food 'toppers' such as meat, egg, yogurt, organ meats for extra nutrition. Makes me feel like I'm spoiling them a bit- and it's about a Tablespoon on top of her kibbles.

Poop issue now that she is on Acana- not an issue! Poops very small and firm twice a day right after meals. Never any burping, gas or gurgling tummy either. Good stuff!
451574451574B002BREKM4A2TXKCS4PZGAGZKitmacculate5751283472000My dogs LOVE IT!I bought the smaller 5.5lb bag just to try it out.
My dogs LOVE IT. I have three dogs, two 15 year old Pekingese that are VERY picky eaters and a Great Pyrenees that will eat just about EVERYTHING. I switched from another holistic dog food brand to this one since this is GRAIN FREE (even though it has potato in it) and my picky eater couldn't get enough of it.
However, when you first open the package, you can definitely smell the fishiness of it. It almost smells like those Asian style dried squid snack. But it is a lot more moist than most dry dog food and I can tell it tastes better by smelling it and looking at the texture of the food.
I was going to get the Orijen Six Fish instead of this one because of the dog food review website I was looking at. But after two hours spent reading user reviews from different websites, I found out Orijen had some serious problems with their dog and cat food where animals died or seriously injured after eating that brand. So far, I haven't read or seen anything bad about Acana, so I went ahead and bought the bag to try it out. I made sure I got the Pacifica one because it is one of the best kind of protein you can feed to your dogs (non-farmed fishes that is). So far so good, but its something that will take longer than just a month or two to reach... in order for them to get "better", I suspect I will have to continue them on this product for at least a few months to see the real difference. Perhaps I will write an update then.
451575451575B0005YVY8SA19FO6UL6A7WOSAlissa Fitzpatrick "Lola Blonde"7711296000000WAS the best mustard ever, until they changed formula & ruined it for gluten free people!I have bad news for all you Nances lovers like me. Nances has now changed the formula. They made it gluten free and it is disgusting!!! I accidentally bought a bottle and had to throw it out. I emailed them and asked, they are not making the original formula anymore. Anyone who is upset about this should go to [...]. Click "retail" and "consumer feedback"! I did get an email response and they said that this is there new formula but they will take in to consideration customer feedback! We must get our old nances back!
451576451576B0005YVY8SA2YOGD0S28UTTFJohn E. Mcmahon2221286668800Best mustard ever!Great mustard! have been eating it for over 50 years and have had it shipped to me all over the world while I served in the United States Air Force and ever since. Great stuff!

I now must change my review.....I have loved Nance's Sharp & Creamy mustard since the 1950s and had it shipped to me all over the world throughout my Air Force career and for 35 years since my retirement. I cannot tell you how disappointed I was with the last case I received. The new formula has lost that taste that made Nance's so special!
451577451577B0005YVY8SA1UYPF4N8ZWKB5goorootooyoo1111320537600Nance's Has Committed SuicideThis used to be an amazing and unique mustard. But recently, they changed the formula so drastically that this tastes NOTHING like the original "Sharp and Creamy" mustard that has had so many fans for so many years. It tastes terrible. And it's just plain wrong that the label bills it as their "original zesty smooth blend". It's not.
451578451578B0005YVY8SA3TR1OAI4BZDZJRon Z0051297382400"Other brands? They just don't cut the mustard!"Ab-so-lutely the best I've experienced. Wish I had learned about this sooner. This is what mustard is supposed to be. Those other brands? They just don't cut the mustard!

I've been using mayonnaise more frequently than mustard, but now it will be mustard that I use most of the time.

INGREDIENTS: water, sugar, wheat flour, vinegar, mustard flour, soybean oil, propylene glycol alginate, xanthan gum, BHT.

A product of Baldwin Richardson Foods Company, Macedon, New York. "Good-bye, mayo. Hello, yellow."
451579451579B0005YVY8SA15HJ45CFTKJGEHardCoreGamer "oldrocker1"0051277856000My Favorite MustardI've been buying this mustard since the late 1990s, when I first discovered it in a natural foods market. I can't eat turmeric or yellow dye, which makes mustard a real challenge. This product contains neither and tastes incredibly good.
451580451580B0005YVY8SA2MF5U9KHH0L1OM. Moceri0051273968000Our favorite mustardEver since we were introduced to Nance's mustard, nothing else makes the grade. Even the kids love it's flavor.
451581451581B000E4AEOOA324NNSMM9EFMLPatto0051294617600Works for meI don't know what the magic ingredient might be (perhaps fennel?), but I always feel better after drinking this tea when I have a stomachache or intestinal disturbance.

Yogi is good at imparting complexity to its teas, and Stomach Ease has a pleasing blend of flavors. There is a medicinal tang to it, but that's nice when you want some healing action. The flavor is so good, I sometimes drink it when I'm feeling fine, just for fun.

All the ingredients are organic: licorice root, cardamom seed, fennel seed, coriander seed, peppermint leaf, ginger root and black pepper. I can't detect the peppermint, which is good news for me, since I dislike minty teas. The other spices predominate.

Stomach Ease might not do much for a serious stomach virus or chronic condition. But I find it amazingly effective for digestive disorders of the common sort.
451582451582B000E4AEOOASH2MUVK439W9Zem0051206576000Exactly what I was looking for!I bought this to be part of a care package for my sister who has been struggling with an unknown stomach illness for a couple years now. She says it's one of the few things that helps her to feel better plus gets the nasty taste of the medicine that she's taking out of her mouth.
451583451583B000E4AEOOA38PUAMKVKDO88Jasmine Miller "Jasmine Miller"0111139875200Celiac CAUTION: Contains Barley MaltWhen first diagnosed with IBS, I bought this tea to soothe digestion as it contains fennel, peppermint, and ginger; three ingredients known to help discomfort caused by IBS. It is tasty, but wasn't helping my symptoms. If you are diagnosed with IBS and may possibly also be gluten-intolerant (like me), please be aware that THIS TEA CONTAINS BARLEY MALT (not listed in product description) which is dangerous for Celiac!
451584451584B003SE1H2KA3J4ELNYV3ROMCPatti "Patti"1121315785600Dogs won't eat itI have 3 dogs, 2 picky Boston Terriers and a Boxer who will eat ANYTHING (bless his heart, he even ate his kibble when I put a tbs of vinegar in it after reading it was good for combatting yeast infections in their didn't help, but he ate it) and they ALL left it sit until I threw it away the next day. I even tried mixing it with cooked meat and still no go.

I love the idea of it (though there seemed to be very little actual meat in it) but if the dogs won't eat it, all the money and good intentions in the world mean nothing. This is the second dried/dehydrated food I've tried, and both had more of an herb smell than anything (rosemary, etc) which my dogs seem to find a turn off. If you do decide to try this, buy a small bag (silly me bought the 10 lb) in case your dogs don't care for it, like mine.
451585451585B003SE1H2KA1A14SEI1HTXZCLabTech0011346803200Yuck!Dogs wouldn't touch it and it smelled nasty! What a waste of money! I recommend trying to get a sample before you buy it.
451586451586B003SE1H2KA12VP89CLPIL2LKelly Reilly0051336521600Grreat foodMy dogs love all flavors of this food and they look great on it...I supplement it with a high quality kibble...Love it!!!
451587451587B004LW8VA4A299S2YZA067T0Janice Walton "mystery lover"121351316908800glad there are no by-products in this cat foodOur two cats love this cat food. It smells fresh (not rancid-smelling, as many of the popular brands ARE rancid)and I am delighted that no rendered slaughterhouse animals and euthanized cats and dogs have been added as "meat by-products" and I like that it is organic. We will continue to buy Organix.
451588451588B004LW8VA4A17K51FX5P2C37Princess Hope in Minneapolis8851319587200The cat is happy.My cat does extremely well on this food. What does that mean? It means her hair is very soft, her stools are well formed, and she has maintained her weight well on this formula.
The price from Amazon is great as well as the convenience of having it auto-shipped means no driving all over the city to find this brand.
451589451589B004LW8VA4A2NKLCRS73EE68D. B. Pegalis "1/2 Mommy 1/2 Professional"7851319846400Keeps my 17 1/2 year old cat alive!I switched my old cat to this food about 4 or 5 years ago. The store I was getting it from stopped selling the Indoor Cat version. So for the past year I have ordered from Amazon. Even though my cat is very old she has NEVER liked wet cat food or even people food for that matter. Past cat food she would eat some of but I think she has a sensitive stomach and would (hope your not eating when you read this) throw up. She likes this food and it has helped her keep on weight too. It does matter that this food (probably all cat food) isn't past the expiration date and is fresh. So I don't order too many bags at once.
451590451590B004LW8VA4AMJDXLWY0V0QZRoadie3351340496000Great cat food!My cat could not tolerate Science Diet Prescription cat food so I tried this organic food. This food eliminated her puking. She has never had any digestive problems with the Organix dry food and eats it without hesitation. She eats the Organix Adult and Kitten dry cat food with a little more gusto so I mix in some of that food with this one. I plan to keep her on the Organix dry food indefinitely. Great products!

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