Amazon Fine Food Reviews

451591451591B004LW8VA4A2S7MFZVV9IP43A. Frankenfield2251343174400Cat loves it, helped to reduce hairballsWe adopted a cat who wasn't eating healthy cat food. I was worried she might not like a change in her food, but she eats it and seems to enjoy it. She has also been hacking on hair balls a lot less. This food has good quality ingredients and I will definitely buy it again.
451592451592B004LW8VA4AA2OY8WSL2VFMMC2251335830400great cat food!We have been using this cat food for a while now. one time, we ran out of it and had to give our 2 cats the old brand of food for a few days while our next shipment arrived. wow, what a difference in the litter box. on the old cat food, our cats' poops smelled MUCH worse. We hadn't noticed how much better they had gotten on this new food! definitely recommend.
451593451593B004LW8VA4A3KTV3A1V3AGVCarol A. Minghella2251335139200Organix Adult Indoor Feline Dry Cat FoodI found this type of cat food to be excellent for my cat's health and weight. She was a bit overweight and it helped bring it under control. Although I did find that she didn't like it as much as her old dry cat food because it didn't have as much flavor.
451594451594B004LW8VA4A3VGJGFKXWYMP3Kimberly Hill1151346544000The Best Cat Foord on The MarketTruly the best cat food on the market. My four cats love the flavor, and even the pickiest feline cannot resist it. The best ingredients in a cat food, and I did a lot of research. Pet Promise by Dr. Andrew Weil was my product of choice, until it was discontinued. After a lot of research, I chose Organix and very feel confident in my choice.
451595451595B004LW8VA4A294IZJHFVMVMONancy C. Rawson1151336176000My cat loves this food.I am pleased with this product. My cat loves it! I have put him on a diet and this food seems to satisfy him where he is not hungary all the time.
451596451596B004LW8VA4A39MUME3V8YW98Shawn Sieben "Sicsided"1151334102400The perfect cat food for our Hedgehogs!Most hedgehog owners mix multiple foods to get them a balanced diet. This food is great and we don't need to mix with anything! So happy we can get it on Amazon since no stores near us carry it anymore. We won't feed them anything else if we can help it- the boys love it!
451597451597B004LW8VA4AB3C95UJ3WK11Waltesso1151325116800Excellent ProductCastor and Pollux Organix cat food is tops, according to my two cats. My 2 1/2 year old male cat was diagnosed with atropic cardiomyopathy almost 2 years ago. He was given about 6 months to live and it was suggested that he be put on a special prescription diet. After much research, I found Organix to be a better quality food that met his dietary needs. Our vet was very impressed with the food and recommended it over the prescription food. My 16 year old dog has been eating Organix dog food for several years and is still very healthy. Castor and Pollux Organix foods are excellent! My only complaint is that the Organix Indoor food is not available in a larger bag online.
451598451598B004LW8VA4A21C2PUC8JQ6HRIzziiee4651323129600Great Cat Food!As a member of the pet industry I'm happy to say that Organix cat food is my food of choice for my Snickers :) She's been doing great on this food, and I can see a difference in her skin and coat, and her overall health. I love the quality of the food as well as the fact that its organic. Great great food choice for those looking to switch their cats to something healthier!
451599451599B004LW8VA4A2I8NRWCZKS5PNMari "Mari"0051343865600Excellent Cat Food for my cat with colitis, it works better then Vet's Rx FoodI'm feeding my cat for over a year, and his coltls improved !!! When I fed my cat Rx from the VeT's office it did nothing for my cat, so I was looking for the solution, and this is IT !!! Almost no colitis, and much less constupation, my Vet is ok with this food too, and my CAT loves the test of this food. This is an excellent cat food, it works better then Vet's Rx for my cat with colitis, this one is a super saver. I will recommend this food to all CAT and DOG owners. ORGANIX the only way to go Healthy Pets !!! Feed this food to your Pets and they sure will keep you company for many years. Amazon keep it in stock !!! I was looking for the larger 14.5 lbs bags, but did not find it will be great if Amazon will get it in stock.
451600451600B004LW8VA4A3NDOUL3CT5VAXmax1251328486400great foodLove the product but wish you could change the re-occuring ship date!!! I have to cancel and reorder
annoying problem
451601451601B004LW8VA4A2LJEPR5BIW4EKN. Miller0151344556800Great ProductThis is a great cat food with high amounts of meat. My two Bengals love it and chow down. This is a great break from other catfoods.

HOWEVER... and this is a big however... I wish it didn't have rice and flaxseed in it. Carbs, even if organic, are still bad for cats over the long term. While the product itself is 5 starts I would not use this catfood in a long term diet. Once and a while it's probably fine but consider grain-free catfoods for their regular feeding.
451602451602B004LW8VA4A3VUV8GAOUOWLJSandy B0521341964800My cats wouldn't touch it.I have 2 cats that like to throw up their food. I thought I'd try something better for them to see if it helped. I don't know because they wouldn't eat it. But to be fair they are older cats and are probably just used to the junk food (regular store stuff) they have eaten all their lives. The food may be fine if your cats will eat it. I gave it 2 stars for the idea of better food.
451603451603B003GQ0W2QA3NE1HJL1ZSOVSScott4411336003200PRODUCT OF CHINA - DO NOT BUY!!!!Only after I purchased this and opened it did I see 'Product of China'. They do not have to adhere to American food safety standards in China. BUY SOMETHING ELSE.

I would rate this no stars but Amazon won't allow that.
451604451604B003GQ0W2QA59SP6OUW338CJay S Levy4411297641600Bad packagingNot as good as a previous purchase and all 24 cans were dented (some well beyond normal wear and tear). As this cost about 25% more than the other brand available on Amazon, would have thought that the packaging and the quality would have been better.
451605451605B003GQ0W2QA148B6JDGBZE66D. Donofrio3311326499200BEWARE: PRODUCT OF CHINAnot only is this product from China, but the cans were so badly dented, I could not tell if they are punctured. The damage did not occur during shipping. The case inside the shipping box was attempted to be taped up but it was in pieces. Since I will not feed anything to my dogs from China, I requested a refund. If I knew that this was a Product of China, I would not have purchased.
451606451606B003GQ0W2QA2FD508TLYSBNRWeb Shopper2251316390400QUALITY MACKERELWhen I open a can of this mackerel, I drain it, and while it is still in the can, run water over it and drain it a couple of times. Then I store it in the fridge without liquid in a sealed container. It looks good and smells good. But this is for my 13 year old Bouvier (dog). He's gotten a quarter of a cup per day mixed in with his dry kibble since he was 4 months old. He loves it. What I noticed is that he has been almost totally flea-free his whole life. I have shared this info with other dog owners who noticed that same anti-flea effect. Anyway, it is a great source of Omega-3 for him. Amazon's price was great and the free shipping made this a fantastic bargain.
451607451607B003GQ0W2QA1RRIREIPB1YLGMaryann Watkins2251294185600Excellent!This is much better than the Roland brand Mackerel ... more meat, less liquid. I don't eat this; my dogs eat it in order to provide variety and fish oils. I also use it to make microwave mackerel cookies for the dogs ... use as training or just treats. GREAT mackrel!
451608451608B003GQ0W2QA1L43N8JVXZZL2lgrigg4551299715200Smooth transactionThis arrived quickly and in great shape. I feed this to my dogs however I personally did not find the contents unpleasant or visibly lacking in quality. I liked what I saw and smelled much better than the Roland brand. My dogs love it.
451609451609B003GQ0W2QA2AXRINZGFJIEEEleganzShopper "EleganzShopper"1141347494400Mackerel in water with salt tastes good. Product of China.
451610451610B001ABOB8KA2HGY4VPHAEQHOJennifer Jen6651238025600best hot chocolate ever!i am a hot chocolate addict, and this is the best one I have come across. It has a rich flavor with a hint of spices in it. It's really great.
451611451611B001ABOB8KA1L1KN09U55WBCsaad4421320969600InfoThere is way to much surgar in this hot chocolate it's like having sugar flavored chocolate, I am going to have to buy some pure powedered chocolate and mix it in the bag, other then that I would say it would taste good if it was not so sweet.
451612451612B001ABOB8KA3QE70O99JUFW0Denver Girl4451245888000Loving hot chocolate in DenverThe first time I tasted this Mexican Spiced Ground Chocolate was in a restaurant in Southern Colorado. It was a cool rainy day and I was in love with it after the first sip.I have never tasted anything this good. I took down the name of the product, googled it, and quickly ordered it from Amazon. I will now be ready for the first snowy day in Denver. It is the best hot chocolate mix ever!!!
451613451613B001ABOB8KA3J3GW7CGXAL01RCC "Brian"4451238716800Mexican Hot ChocolateI first tried this product after visiting the Chocolate exhibit in Chicago six years ago and it reminded me of a tasty coffee I had in Cancú
451614451614B001ABOB8KA2FVJ6N4JDNK2HT. Reynolds2221328572800Overpowering spicesI am a big fan of chocolate and cinnamon, and was looking for a stronger cinnamon flavor than Stephen's Gourmet Chocolate Cinnamon (which is very good, but very subtle).

This one has way too strong of a generic spice flavor for me. It almost tastes like someone brewed really strong chai, then tossed in a little bit of chocolate for flavor. The spice mix overpowers the chocolate, both in smell and taste, and I can hardly taste the cinnamon part at all, which is mostly why I bought it.

Also, I drank the first 1/3 of a cup, then stopped and cleared the dishes later. When I dumped it out, there was over an inch of THICK goopy sediment. I followed the directions when making it, so I don't *think* I used too much mix, but you might try using less than the instructions call for.

I'm going to try it again at some point, using less mix and keeping it stirred in between sips, to see if that helps. But otherwise I have 3 more canisters to try and give away - if you haven't tried it, buy as small of a pack as you can for a taste test first.
451615451615B001ABOB8KAMI9P4Y5TNH2TJason D. Summers "jrsunshine"2251320278400TerrificThis is a great treat for the Fall and Winter months hunting, camping or just snuggling up to watch a movie. The cinnamon is not too overpowering with the chocolate and has a rich cocoa flavor. My wife drinks it as an alternative to coffee so she can sleep at night.
451616451616B001ABOB8KA2ZRP165IFS95IDebi Ziemba2251268611200Love this MixOk it makes a Great Cup o' Chocolate! But I really use it in my baking of Brownier, Cookies, etc. Such a good addition to any scratch baking project.
451617451617B001ABOB8KA6SM104267C1CC. J. Postelli "The Good Aunt"2251257638400Great Hot Chocolate w/a bit of spiceThis makes an excellent hot chocolate. I also make my own gourmet hot chocolate mix and I use a bit of this to kick up some of the mix.
451618451618B001ABOB8KARDLYY9P54KTYC. Wood "C-Me"2251237766400No other will do!!!Tried this while I was visiting in PA. All natural ingredients, while the flavor is exceptional! Try this one, you'll never drink any other!
451619451619B001ABOB8KA2HTJPKXV4VWP6A Reader1151230940800Yum, yum.This is, hands down, the absolute best hot chocolate ever. First had it years ago in a little cafe in Va. Have been ordering it online ever since. Have also given it to friends & family as a gift and everyone raves about it. A wonderful taste of chocolate mixed with just the right spices. Try it once and you'll be hooked.
451620451620B001ABOB8KAKW867T7C6HF8HWJ34621269388800Mostly a bag of sugarTo me it seems like too much sugar, not enough chocolate, a little heavy on the spice. Sugar is the first ingredient. But if not for the sugar problem I wouldn't complain about the spice. I tried adding 1/2 pound of powdered cocoa to the 3 pound bag and it was still too sweet. It's amazing to me how far this is from "the best hot chocolate ever" like other reviewers rated. Def try a small bag first to see who you agree with.

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