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451711451711B0000CNU3RA2SBAJ435278ZLBrockage3351169337600Nishiki - Classic Japanese RiceIt's impossible to get classic Japanese rice where I live. I use Nishiki and sometimes K Rose not for sushi, but as my basic rice. I use a venerable Panasonic rice cooker, something I find essential, and it comes out perfectly. The rice to me is sweet and flavorful, something I do not find in rice available to me at my local small town supermarket. Delivery was at expected time; it was well packed; I'll buy it here again.
451712451712B0000CNU3RA2ACB1WLW5Z9P7KT "KTNY"0011345766400just found outit is sold for less than $3 in the supermarket, but here, more than $11?! just found out about it a few days ago. people don't make the same mistake in the future
451713451713B000WOXTIOAQZCNHD24E1HHCynthia H. Grossman "SilkySilver"3351255996800Halloween CandyThis is, undoubtedly, the best halloween candy. I love the regular, chocolate, and cinnamon candy corn pieces.
451714451714B000WOXTIOA14A64K1VECJUGwilsonpd642251311206400The Best Candy Ever!Expensive when compared to other 'autumn mix' bagged candy available during the halloween/thanksgiving season, but so, so totally worth it. I cannot tell you how great this stuff is. It makes my mouth water to think about it. It is AMAZING! I am ashamed to admit it, but I buy and eat several pounds of this stuff every year. I anxiously await it's arrival. The flavors, texture, colors and shapes are fantastic. Have I mentioned how much I love this stuff? Well I do. It may be my favorite candy of all time.
451715451715B000WOXTIOA11AA4IWCUYJ32eightspokedb "eightspokedb"0051322179200THE BESTThis Halloween mix is heaven in a bag - the flavors are incredible and distinct. Should be available all year round.
451716451716B000WOXTIOARIZ8PY9ULPHHBonnie Jo Davis "Loves to read and review books."0141347580800Tasty but not better than the supermarket version.I hate this candy. It forced me to eat the entire package yesterday. How rude of it! The cinnamon pieces were my favorite but honestly the taste was a little plasticky but it didn't stop me from eating it all. I prefer the supermarket version but this was a good alternative.
451717451717B004GJS9GIAFUMKMFBTK12EMary L. Schafer6611309651200Not worth the troubleYou've got to be kidding! This item came in a very small box. The amount is 0.5 When I ordered this, I couldn't see the weight. I have now checked and only when I scroll down to the very bottom after "customers who viewed this also viewed" do I see it is boxed in 0.5 oz. Really, I would go through this box in 2 weeks. The price for this small box is $1.99. That's for 1/2 oz-- 1 oz would be almost $4.00. Not worth the price or the trouble. The shipping and handling is over $7.00. Would it be too much to ask to put the size in the product discription?
451718451718B004GJS9GIA3CTI7W0L9ANXTKris103810011332979200arrowrootI agree with the last post. I just received my arrowroot and thought I was buying a bit more than what i received. It's in a tiny box, and yes, I paid 7 dollars in shipping. Not happy.
451719451719B004G2XWEOA2MOQDDTTUAJLTKathleen Leatherbury "Love and God Bless, Kathy"0041347926400My Dog Liked These!!She ate them all, but likes the peanut butter ones better. When I can't get the peanut butter ones, I buy these.
451720451720B004G2XWEOA3H4A7UAOY6C0TTobeyKim "futureknowledge"0051346371200My three babies love these cookies!Ordered 10 boxes. My dogs have gone through 120 boxes. Smells like human cookies! Yummy! Great product! A must buy for a snack treat!
451721451721B004G2XWEOA3VZUDH723GQA2J. Fisher0051323820800dogs love theseWe have a Bearded Collie and an English Bulldog and they LOVE these cookies. They smell like people cookies (we had to put a dog cookie sign on the cookie jar) and are so attractive, they have become their favorite treat.
451722451722B00078N94OA2XQP916UT5DKAdebi1151294444800clovesgreat fast service, few days after placing order i received cloves in great condition,in time for the holidays. thank you amazon for your help.
451723451723B00078N94OA27HNKITAB8ST5Sabrina0021350086400Good for those whitout an indian/asian/halal market nearbywell I dont know about the product itself, but i do know you are better off finding a local indian/asian/halal market in your are and buying from there. If you dont have one then this would be the way to go...a better one would be asking a relative that lives in a larger city to buy you some and ship it...
451724451724B00078N94OA34LXKFO801EJMSita Bhagavan0051323388800Excellent ClovesI like the cloves fresh packaged very crisp and fresh. High quality item. Highly recommend. Thank you Amazon for bringing this awesome item.
451725451725B00078N94OA35H3E8UUXQSASB. Mascarenas0051318809600Very good quality and excellent service.Would order again from this company and got good service. Cloves for keeping mice out of old attic also for holiday!
451726451726B00078N94OA30JGZ507J4D0NRainer Winkelmann1251315094400alles bestensSehr gutes Produkt! Sehr gute Ware und scnelle Lieferung, wie immer über Alles bestens und gerne wieder. Danke dafür
451727451727B0000CNU3JA13X5C1YARBPZVB Serious0051339804800Unavailable locally so I tried AmazonMy wife and I had been enjoying these noodles for years but they had become increasingly difficult to find. One after another the sources dried up so we tried Amazon. Lo and behold there they were. Even the manufacturer couldn't figure out how to allow us to get some through the mail. A little high for shipping but cheaper than a 200 mile round trip to Los Angeles at $4.00 a gallon + for gas. Thanks Amazon. Oh by the way the noodles are very tasty, good with chicken broth, crispy chunks of pork, halved hard boiled eggs and soy sauce to taste. Yum!
451728451728B0000CNU3MA1X6ZH7RC2BNFVSS0041348185600Soup is goodThe soup is very good soup, the noodle consistency is excellent but it is a bit too salty. The flavor packet should have more dried spinach, kale, seaweed and dried veggies to make it more a more hearty meal.
451729451729B0000CNU3MA3FBBWSW8348DBala natural0111309910400Udon noodles.These were ok. I like a stronger tasting sauce. Definitely like when they are not fried - therefore not all the fat.
451730451730B000XEV9TOA1B4M0PQNIWVBZjvg "Movie watcher"1151321142400Best TEA -I (like another review that I read) enjoyed this tea while staying at a 4-star hotel recently. I just loved it and was sorry there was only one in the 'coffee/tea' wooden box available in my room. I saved my tea wrapper/package (well wrapped for freshness) and I immediately looked it up on Amazon to order for home use. I wasn't surprised that it was a little more expensive than the usual tea bags, but it was WELL WORTH IT. The Pepperment is subtle and aromatic. The plus is that it's decafinated and won't keep you up at night. I highly recommend it!!
451731451731B000XEV9TOA2E5BAAAGRXQ4NEC0051350259200Excellent, even for a coffeholic!Like others, I brought a sample home from a hotel stay. Looking around for some late-night beverage at home last night, too late for coffee even for me, I found my little sample of this. I was stunned at how rich and flavorful it was, not weak like so many herb teas. I am ordering a shipment today and will share with others. It will be my late-night beverage of choice.
451732451732B000XEV9TOA2JFWUCPWB9PU8utsrebyc0051323388800This Tea is a Gem!Bravo for Taylor's. This tea is a gem! I'm yet another person who fell in love with this delicate, wonderful tea during one of my hotel stays. I'm a coffee-holic, & I don't even like peppermint. But it was bedtime & I wanted something light, so decided to take advantage of sampling something different for free. I was pleasantly surprised. Soft, delicate, soothing... it's just wonderful! I do have a sweet tooth, but this tea needs no embellishment; I didn't add a thing to it. There seems to be no acidity wanting me to add sugar, & the peppermint is delicate & soft, not overpowering. When I came home, I picked up a quality peppermint tea, & just now had a cup. Actually, I tried a cup... it's still sitting here. It can't compare. So I made myself some coffee to drink while searching for this lovely tea. I'm so glad I found it!
451733451733B000XEV9TOA37HPVQ4B43JE8Jessica Winn0051300579200My favorite tea, hands downI was at a hotel the first time I tried this tea. It was in a little basket in my room, next to the coffee pot and I thought "Organic Peppermint Tea, hmmm... that sounds different..." I was not a big tea drinker at the time, but it sounded so quirky I though "Why not?" When I took my first sip I actual said "Wow!" out loud. I could not believe how good it was. Over the next four days I drank eleven cups of tea. The cleaning lady had to refill the little basket in my room three times. As soon as I returned home I hopped on Amazon and searched for my Taylor's of Harrogate Organic Peppermint Tea. I was so happy when I found it!! As the previous review states, it is a little pricey, but well worth it. It is so good, I drink it plain--no sugar necessary. Before I would douse my teas with sugar, but this one is very fresh and minty; delicious on its own. I also like that it is naturally caffeine free and I can drink it at any time. I cannot say enough about this little tea-- I feel like I am splurging every time I have a cup!
451734451734B000XEV9TOA2NNOAK4BHWMKAJ. Cazalas "jcaz"0051270080000Amazing Mint TeaThis tea is truly amazing. Actually, I shouldn't call it tea, since there are no tea leaves. This is just plain 'ole mint leaves. In Arabia, you find that people will drink na'naa'a maghribi (a certain type of mint leaves) by themselves with some sugar. And it really is nice. But this tea actually tastes better, as it seems quite similar to na'naa'a hasaawee, which is the tea only available in Madeenah. So enjoy it. It is expensive, but with it.
451735451735B0034UCJ98A13W8RT5SOPEWQGail L. Renardson "laurellee"2251273276800Greenies Gooood!I was worried my dog would turn his nose up at the "lite" greenies but he loves them just as much as the regular ones and they make for a great special treat!
451736451736B0034UCJ98AA5D2Q1O4ZMG8D. Morris0051338508800My dogs go crazy for theseI have two small dogs and order the lite teenies as rewards for them. If they think they will get a greenie, they will come when I call them no matter how far away they are, and will even open their own kennel door at night in a hurry to get in their beds so they can have their nightly treat. I know some other people said their dogs didn't care for these, but I, personally, have never seen a dog who didn't love, love, love them. Even my giant shepherd and my schnauser love them, although they get different sizes. I also noticed that my dogs' breath has improved since I've been giving them these. Yes, they are expensive, but if your dog is one who loves them, you will not have any disclipline problems if you train them with these greenies.
451737451737B0034UCJ98A1ZFTRKSL4T909justinb0011334275200rottenThe Greenies seemed to be rotten. They were discolored and smelled funny. We had boughten some from Petco and they were fresh. Did not want to feed my little guy these. I would not buy them online again.
451738451738B0034UCJ98A2C64W88KUQKYOPatricia L. Terho "BookWormette"0051304035200"Teenie" Greenies for dogsGreenies are always a hit with our dogs, but I am especially happy to find someone to has the "teenie" size - just right for small dogs. The smallest ones most places carry are the "petites" and they're actually too big for little dogs. The product arrived quickly and in great condition. We will orer from this vendor again in the future.
451739451739B0034UCJ98A1DIXHNSOCPIO7aka Sooey0051300492800My dogs LOVE Greenies!The Teenie's are too small for my Pug. She swallows it whole, which defeats the purpose of the Greenies. My Poodle mix can't tell the difference in flavor between the Lite and the regular.
451740451740B0034UCJ98A210RFRAG8ZI3PR. C. Quake "Charm"0051299715200Greenies Rule!A coworker gave me a box (or 20) that she received free. I had not heard good things about greenies (intensinal issues), so I was hesitant to feed them to my dogs. But hey, they were free and I did followup with research to find that they corrected those issues.

My dogs are addicted. These are like catnip for dogs. I have a 12 year old Chow Chow that is extremely arthritic, but when the Greenies box comes out she dances around like a puppy. I can't say enough good things about these treats, and the price from this seller is exceptional.

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