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451771451771B004CQ9ELYA3NW3SBNAVPU1CDB0051336608000Flowers for Mother's Day from AmazonI thought I would try to get flowers from Amazon, since I have had so many problems with 1-800 Flowers in the past. Well, last week, I say that only 1-3 day shipping was available to select on the site. So, I waited until Mondday to order. The expected delivery date was for the day after Mother's Day... Turns out, they arrived within two days. So, I was early! Now, I am the favorite son :-) I heard that the bouquet was very nice, and it arrived in great condition. Thanks!
451772451772B004CQ9ELYA1GI45XQ6L1NEVVinnawat Kawano1211337040000Not only late but terrible flowers.Ordered these "flowers" for Mother's Day, which were supposed to be delivered by Saturday the 12th. Well my mom ended up getting them on Tuesday and they look terrible. I could have picked my own flowers from my backyard and shipped them myself. I wish I could post a picture with this review to make more of an impact.
451773451773B004CQ9ELYA3DIW48O93747Bconan11351307664000wonderful.Yes, this is a wonderful flower, I bought what I want. Good quality. But I don't know why, I have received the flower, but my record in my account showed that it would ship soon, it is so strange that I exprienced such a situation.
451774451774B004IUYSP6A1ADFPXAGUKI2YHonorary Southerner2251310428800COFFEE LOVERS! LISTEN UP!My husband and I first tried Tully's Coffee when we were visiting family in the State of Washington a few months ago. Tully's was the 'house coffee' of the hotel we were staying at. We were both used to garden-variety coffee from our local grocery stores, so when we tasted Tully's House Blend for the first time, we were floored over how good it was! We always thought all coffees were pretty much the same, but we were wrong! Tully's House Blend is very fragrant and smooth tasting with no bitterness. It's good hot, cold, black or with cream and sugar. We highly recommend Tully's Coffee.
451775451775B004IUYSP6A1R48V8ZUK76RWJimmy "DrBalooba"0121311292800Too weak for my taste....I purchased this coffee for the first time because it was on sale. Tully's House Blend is simply too weak for my taste. I prefer a bold coffee, so perhaps this isn't the blend for me. By comparison, I would say the Starbucks House Blend (medium) is actually stronger than Tully's House Blend. It is a smooth blend, and the taste isn't offensive....however it lacks depth & intensity. I plan on saving this coffee for the parents, who are satisfied with even Maxwell House.
451776451776B0050IKBWOA23KSD22E4NJR2Michael Johnston "mjj792"1141312502400Great Tasting Decaf CoffeeThis is my third order of Colcafe Instant Decaf coffee and I would like to say that the flavor is outstanding, I have tried other Instant Decaf Coffee's and although they all have their own unique flavor, I have to say that this one is outstanding, the only drawback I have found is the price of 25.16 for four small 3.5 ounce jars that come packed in two large boxes is a little expensive.
451777451777B00346J86YA1PDSA4J0XNA8GU. Post2211340323200Not goodThis popcorn is the color of cheese popcorn but certainly does not taste like cheese popcorn. I will not be buying it again.
451778451778B00346J86YA2ALG3WT14H3YMT. Bean "Review it First"2221327017600Smells like Mac & CheeseIt smells like mac and cheese and tastes more oily than cheesy and is very salty. Don't waste your money.
451779451779B00346J86YA1KX5IF6KOXCFEC. Jimenez2221286755200Not very cheesy...For the past 3 years, I've been purchasing the Pour Over cheese popcorn which was FANTASTIC. Well, Orville decides to stop making this heavenly goodness so now I had to find something to replace it. I was hoping this Cheddar popcorn would be just as good, but it wasn't. I'm very disappointed in Orville Redenbacher as this is the second time that I know of that they've discontinued making a wonderful popcorn (Cinnabon Pour Over popcorn is the other). Looks like I'll have to find another brand that can satisfy my taste buds.
451780451780B00346J86YA3QV1BLHIPO5F3R Swenton1111296691200Orville made a big mistakeI consider Redenbacher to be the absolute #1 microwave popcorn. However, they should be ashamed of this stuff. It's terrible. Doesn't taste like cheese at all. Just tastes super salty and has a fake color that looks like they put too much food color on it. I'll never buy this flavor again.
451781451781B00346J86YA2PU80LCKRMC9XDeborah K. Dobbins "~Triple D~"1111290384000HORRIBLE!I'm always looking for quick, healthy, easy to make snacks for work. I love microwave popcorn and various cheeses therefore you can easily imagine my excitement upon discovering Orville Reddenbacher's "New Flavor" Cheddar Cheese popcorn at the grocery store. After trying not one but all three bags over the past week, I have never been so sickeningly disappointed. I thought maybe the first bag was "stale or bad" so I tried the 2nd and 3rd with the same results. It doesn't even taste like popcorn, let alone cheese. I tried a light sprinkle of salt but that made it worse. It tasted nasty.

From now on I'm only buying generic popcorn from Kroger, Marsh, or Aldis and adding my own seasoning.
451782451782B00346J86YA3765VW2DX4J7MDITTY "DITTY"0011346889600awful flavorThe Pour Over cheese popcorn was FANTASTIC. This stuff is awful. They need to take this crud off the market and put back the Pour over Cheddar popcorn back. Come on Orville give your customer what they want.
451783451783B00346J86YA3OW5F00Q1YQBZR. Donahue0021289347200Cant go back!Well I'm disgusted with Orville Redenbacker for canceling the pour over cheddar popcorn as with all the other reviewers maybe the pour on's were to expensive and people wanted more for there money so they bought the regular instead. I have seen in Sam's wholesale were you can buy liquid butter if you want to pour on your popcorn for better taste because after you eat one of the pour overs you just cant go back to the cheaper styles. I wonder why they don't do the same for cheese? If any body knows were I can find it let me know!
451784451784B004FH0BEYA204QN2VRUQA9BFred T. Belcher Jr.1151325289600Excellent raisinsThis is a really good product. Not only is it organic but sun dried, which is very important. They are moist, quite sweet and don't clump up a lot in the bag.
451785451785B004FH0BEYA3FWSAIGXQPJUJAnacondo0051336003200California RaisinsTo all did you ever see the commercial about California raisins? That is the bomb. Those raisins are sweet. Good for bake, cereal etc... I will recommend to all.
451786451786B004FH0BEYAZ6EMDZT60PX7S. Kumar0041332892800Good but pricey hereIt is good and clean - most of all, a natural product. But it is expensive here. Costco is selling it for less than half the price shown here for many years. It is about $18 here, costco has it for $8.
451787451787B004T80J78A2MJJLF947A1VSJDM124600031331683200Quality somewhat lackingThe product arrived on time, but the quality was less than expected. Apparently the product had at some point gotten too warm either during storage or shipment and resulted in the truffles being slightly (noticably) melted with the cocoa powder coating gone. These truffles are usually excellent in quality but we have never ordered from this distributor before.
451788451788B00004CXX9AFV2584U13XP3Rich "xman"0051349654400A Wacky Entertaining Look At The AfterlifeIf this is what the afterlife is going to be like then I guess it won't be so bad when it's my time though gotta stay away from anyone like Beetlejuice. Tim Burton movies are an a acquired taste while entertaining then do sometimes seem a little out there though that's what makes these movies so entertaining in the first place. The cast are great in this movie as they all seem to give a 110% into their characters and while for obvious reasons some of the effects will seem dated they will still make you give a laugh as y see the hijinx of Beetlejuice in action. I do advise new comers to try and watch a trailer or clip though as while many especially fans greatly appreciate the movie it might not be for you.
451789451789B00004CXX9A3TYRRCF18LGNKCesar Romero0051349395200Funny great movie for kids adults anyone with a sense of humor!It's Tim Burton's Beetlejuice! It's a great film. Michael Keaton does a wonderful job as beetlejuice and the whole movie is so funny haha blah blah!
451790451790B00004CXX9A22MDTDACZTQ9UMurphynmax0051349308800BeetlejuiceGreat imaginative movie. Tim Burton is a genius!
Acting is great-funny, creepy, realistic given the unrealistic underpinning of the movie!
451791451791B00004CXX9A4EB8WZNMNFECharles Reno0051348444800A Great ClassicBeetlejuice is one of those great classic movies from the 80s. It has all the ingredients of a good comedy and Tim Burton to boot. I personally couldn't recommend it more to anyone, especially Tim Burton Fans who for some reason haven't seen this.
451792451792B00004CXX9A7ICHINJY1Q01avidreader0021348185600boringI know this was supposed to be some great funny movie, but I just didn't get it. It started off OK, Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis were fine, but it just got boring. I couldn't see the point of the movie, even in retrospect. Why make this movie? Plus, the Michael Keaton character was so annoying, I just wanted to go away. I know he was supposed to be annoying, so fine, he did a good job with that, but I don't want to have to listen to it. We watched as a family and my 8-year-old son hated it too. My husband liked it. Maybe it's a guy thing, a grown-up guy thing.
451793451793B00004CXX9A3IPGCVNG88DSRS. Murphy "Gadget Guru"0051348185600Just gets better with age!This is a review for Beetlejuice Blu-Ray. The video transfer from Warner Bros. is pretty good given the films 25 yr pedigree. On my disc you must manually select the Dolby TrueHD 5.1 lossless auidio track
451794451794B00004CXX9A2U4X4HOBT90T4Tersh Meridian0041348185600BEETLEJUICE..A TIM BURTON CLASSIC![[ASIN:B001AGXEAG Beetlejuice (20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)]

Beetlejuice, the Tim Burton classic from 1988 now comes to you packaged as a 20th Anniversary DVD edition. Michael Keaton, I think in one of his best film performances brings down the house. Also starring Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin, two actors you would have never thought to put together in a movie of this genre, it is classic comedy at its best. The DVD also has special features, although nothing to make your head spin, but it offers several episodes of the cartoon series from the late 1980's. But beyond that, nothing too spectacular; not that it needs that much more. A simple classic comedy that if it doesn't make you laugh, something is wrong with you and you should be exorcised! With that being said, buy it if you don't own it. It's a must have dark comedy.
451795451795B00004CXX9A2H1WNB30JNAWUJack D. Lowry0051345939200One of Tim Burton's best moviesBeetlejuice one of Tim Burton's best movies he has done during the 1990's. I enjoy this movie loads and watch it time and time again. I never get tired of the movie no matter how many times I watch the movie Beetlejuice. The actors did such an amazing job and musical score perfect timing on the exact scenes. But if you love a good comedy movie and talented actors and a very talented director then pick this movie up and enjoy laugh after laugh time and time again.
451796451796B00004CXX9AKFEZQG6TX0KCR. Steinbacher0051343779200Great MovieThis is a classic movie. It had been a few years since I had seen this film and the blu-ray version is perfect. It's the best version of this film that I've seen since watching it in the movie theatre all those years ago. Great cast, great music and funny as all get out.
451797451797B00004CXX9A33M7WZLMRHY0AJeepjumper130051342742400Its Beetlejuice....How can you not love watching BeetleJuice. Michael Keaton is at his very very best, and Alec Baldwin is fun to watch in a younger slimmed down early days role. My favorite is actualy Geena Davis...she is an amazing actress that just controls the screen with her natural abilities and little effort involved. The Movie is GREAT in usual!
451798451798B00004CXX9A37DT7YS57MJLPatricia Smith "Patikat"0031342569600Remember this as a funny movie!I only remember it from watching it in the past, but wanted a copy of it to watch with my grandchildren. Of course, I'll watch it first to review! -
451799451799B00004CXX9A9P5QYL4LVMOXchicks0051341792000Beetlejuice (20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition:Had forgotten parts of this movie but it's an oldie but goodie just like Goonies. Everyone should see this movie. It's a fun movie, full of pranks and funny. Not a serious movie but gives a good lesson in it.
451800451800B00004CXX9A1033RWNZWEMR5Melanie0051340928000I love this movie!This is another classic Tim Burton film, remarkably without Johnny Depp. I love to just watch this movie over and over all the time!

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