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451801451801B00004CXX9AY12DBB0U420BGary Peterson0031339804800A Really Bizarre Spectacle. Classic Tim Burton.For last night's movie, I though I'd try something a little different. I had a copy of "Beetlejuice" which I picked off the bargain rack at a nearby Ross Store. It was a Tim Burton movie. Hmmmm. Tim Burton has turned out some really weird movies and some of them I haven't particularly cared for. Well, "Beetlejuice" was weird, all right, but it was also funny in a bizarre fashion. For example, how could you set up an attractive and enjoyable couple and then make their death by automobile accident funny? Well, they did it and it involved a small dog. Or how could you have a movie dwelling on death and the thereafter and have an underworld waiting room of dead people being processed to their next place. Oh, and with an incompetent staff. It's bizarre! And funny. Especially the dismembered lady who was in two parts sitting side by side or the guy with the shrunken head. What kind of people dream this kind of stuff up? Keep on alert when watching a Tim Burton movie, for a lot of the humor is strictly visual. You'll see some of the strangest things, including visual puns.

In any case, a delightful young newly-married couple were fixing up an old New England manor, but had a fatal automobile accident nearby. Their ghosts (which could be seen by no one) returned to their house, but were confined to the home and could not go outside. Of course, the house was eventually sold and a new couple, together with a goth teenage girl, moved in. The ghosts tried everything to scare the new intruders away but with negative results. Finally, they enlisted the services of Beetlejuice, a renegade ghost himself, and somewhere along the line, the ghost couple made friends with the goth teenager, who was able to see them. Well, this story has so many weird twists and turns I couldn't possibly keep it straight. It's about the most strangely unfolding plot I can ever remember seeing.

I found the movie interesting, somewhat humorous and somewhat enjoyable. Most certainly, it was a very strange spectacle to watch. It was within the subject of horror movies, but there was no horror. It was funny. However, I'm just not into the supernatural and the afterlife and things of that sort, so I probably missed a lot of the subtle humor that would be picked up by people who are so immersed. The movie is complex enough and fast moving so I'd have to watch it several times in order to pick up on all the subtle twists and turns. It's classic Tim Burton, I'll say that.

Gary Peterson
451802451802B00004CXX9A1L1ESI4YYYX0AChris0051326931200Beetlejuice and My GrandkidsI bought this video to share with my grandchildren. After my purchase, I was thrilled to be able to see it on my computer while I waited for delivery. My grandsons and I watched it first on my computer and again when I received the DVD in the mail. I remember watching this movie with my children, and, now, seeing it again with my grandchildren was just as enjoyable. The dinner scene with the Day O song was just as hysterical today as it was 20 years ago!
451803451803B00004CXX9ACB2WB5QM5R74msmd0041326326400three timesGreat movie at a great price! I enjoyed all the actors. A young Alex Baldwin was fun and Keaton a riot. A must see for the family. Highly recommend.
451804451804B00004CXX9A4YWMZ5EWFEKUebjody0051326067200timelessMy niece's daughter loves this movie. I hadn't seen it for a very long time but it was fun to revisist and watch how the kids today react to the craziness of it all.
451805451805B00004CXX9A2A8RWX4APTK1UStephOulton0041324425600a classicI thought my daughters would be ready for a classic, and they were. Except for a few foul words this movie was safe. Some of the animation is now antiquated but the wit and humor is there. Say it 3 times and enjoy!
451806451806B00004CXX9A1XFT3DORZ3K5GJames Burnett "sonjam0000"0051323475200Awesome movie!This is a great movie. I watched it when I was a kid and now watch it with my kids. It's even entertaining to my 2 year-old. I would definitely recommend this movie.
451807451807B00004CXX9A27VE8EB7HH0KLhocamp660051322956800greatreceived the movie in great condition. very happy with my purchase. My nephew will love it!
thanks for the great service!
451808451808B00004CXX9A32AF6CGHRT5I8jules0051322438400BeetlejuiceWas in great shape and we got it very fast! I love shopping @ Amazon because I can get some very good deals and I love to save money!
451830451830B00004CXX9A3FKPWE7YBKPCON. Marple0051217030400Good Movie For HalloweenThis is a good classic movie to put on at Halloween. It was in Geena DAvis, Alex Baldwin and Micheal Keaton earlier days. They all did such a good job ... real cute movie
451809451809B00004CXX9A1LEV4H5ZQ55J2Lawrence Wegeman, Jr.0051321056000Adventuresome and comedic entertainmentAfter the Maitlands (played by Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin) are prematurely killed in an automobile accident, they are returned to their home as ghosts. Meanwhile, the old country house is sold to trendy New Yorkers that entertain unwelcome changes to its charm.

The Maitlands want them out, but have difficulty scaring the New Yorkers. So, their 'afterlife' case worker suggests hiring a bio-exorcist, Beetlejuice (played by Michael Keaton), to do the job.

The New Yorker's daughter (played by Winona Ryder) serves as mediator and plays a strong supporting role.

These words best describe the direction of Tim Burton:
"Know what they say about people that commit suicide? In the after life, they become civil servants."

This flick is entertaining and worth the price.
451810451810B00004CXX9A2QMG8YITGWJE7Amazon Addict0051315612800Beetlejuice x 3Classic Movie, Loved watching it as an adult, Brings back so many memories. You must watch this movie at least once in your life.
451811451811B00004CXX9A370Z6I5GBWU44M "CultOfStrawberry"0051306281600ClassicThere's not much I can say that others haven't said. This is a really fun film, with good writing and a cool story, along with some fun characters and creative ideas about the afterlife. I usually don't give five stars, but this movie certainly deserved it, so two thumbs up!
451812451812B00004CXX9A30HSVVNPLK955sagitbadger0051304035200Love this MovieI have always loved this movie ever since it first came out. I bought this for my fiance, it is his favorite move, and one of my favorites too. I recommend this movie to anyone that has always loved the comedy of Michael Keaton. He is great as Beetlejuice.
451813451813B00004CXX9A2056IUSL6YE5Diana At Daycare0051301529600Love this movie!Love watching this movie over and over again. Just had a group of 13 & 14 years old kids over and they also enjoyed this movie.They have been dancing to the song in this movie that was sang and danced to in the movie,at the dining room table. So all ages will enjoy ,even grandparents.Will always be a classic and favorite of mine.Couldn't find in stores,so happy to purchase through Amazon.
451814451814B00004CXX9A2IJYNN04TGHGEThe420Greens0051298505600I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hello, I have loved this movie since I was 4 Years old, i'm older now and still can't get enough of it! If you dont own this movie I reccomend you get it ASAP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best Regards, JECKA (stay laughing)
451815451815B00004CXX9AC392489765D3crazyshema0051289952000BeetlejuiceI bought this movie for my 2 year olds and they loved it! Now i have to watch it 2-3 times a day but I'm glad they like a movie thats not a cartoon :)
451816451816B00004CXX9A1XMU567KEIZRSJade0051286755200BeetlejuiceThis is one of my favorite movies!!! I'm so excited to have it on DVD. I bought 2 since it was such a great deal!! It arrived quickly! Great job, amazon!!!
451817451817B00004CXX9A36Y3IVPW2U16Normand D. Beasley II0051285804800sweetglad i was able to find a new copy of this video came quick and in great packaging.
451818451818B00004CXX9A2Q9RFTXS1K26ULife Learner0051282348800BeetlejuiceThis is a classic movie. I was hoping my kids,ages 8 and 9 would love it, and they did.
451819451819B00004CXX9A39BNX3RKYTVE8Patriot "Uncle Sam"0051278374400Fun for the Whole FamilyThis is one of those classic fun-filled movies. It "aged" well and kept a room full of 10 and 11 year olds happy.
451821451821B00004CXX9AAXPCLWB7XLD9Mandee Dawn0051265587200I love this movie!!!I loved watching this movie when I was younger and I still Love it today!
451822451822B00004CXX9A35ZK3M8L9JUPXTREND700 "TREND700"0051263254400BeetlejuiceA dead couple attempts to scare a modern family out of there house with the help of a bio-exorcist. This movie makes me laugh every time I see it. This movie has amusing twist on a standard ghost story. This is Tim Burton's hilarious, skeptically humorous comedy about the afterlife of two honeymooners.
451823451823B00004CXX9ASJ54MITON1NODr. Feelgood "Dr. Feelgood"00512548736001988 Tim Burton film, dvd.Tim Burton's unique vision, which is almost cartoonish at times, really comes across, in this film. A dark comedy, that accents the humor, rather than the horror. Also noteworthy is, Michael Keaton's character, which is not only annoying to the living, but the dead as well. Winona Ryder's character is also interesting to watch.
451824451824B00004CXX9A39CX0EE4BZCZCCraig Connell0051232496000Fun Then, Fun Now; Blu-Ray An UpgradeThis movie always was: 1 - very popular; 2 - very different; 3 - very entertaining; 4 - a very fast-moving hour-and-a-half of a film. It now IS available on Bllu-Ray and it looks better; nothing outstanding, but a definite improvement in shapnress.

Several characters in here - mainly Michael Keaton's unique and sometimes- revolting title character "Beetlejuice"- are always fascinating to watch. With him - and the whole movie - you also get a lot of humor and scary special-effects..

It was odd to see Alec Baldwin in such a low-key role. In the '90s, he played very few of these type of guys. Davis looks and acts like...well, Davis, who many times has played nice people that viewers like. It took me four viewings before I finally appreciated Catharine O'Hara's comedic talents in this movie. Now, she's my favorite and someone I find absolutely hilarious as the messed-up wife/mother of a family who moves into a "haunted house" inhabited by Baldwin and Davis.

Keaton made himself a name as an actor with this whacked-out Robin Williams-type role, although he never really followed up with anything that was as popular as this film. Winona Rider is cute as the teenage daughter and we get other fun supporting roles from diverse people as talk show host Dick Cavett, singer Robert Goulet and actor Jeffrey Jones. All of them are good.

Tim Burton directed the film and so I wasn't surprised there were the typical occult themes with ghosts and the like, and no heaven or hell but some other strange existence being touted where dead people go....a ridiculous picture of the afterlife. However, I just chalk it up to someone just trying to make a fun, entertaining picture and on that, it succeeds.

Overall, a unique and entertaining film. It's different, to say the least!
451825451825B00004CXX9A25G3543IZ2SY8D. Stinnett "Blu-Ray Kid"0051231459200BeetleFunBeetlejuice is an "off the wall" masterpiece in dark comedy and Micheal Keaton owns it!
The story is cleverly crafted, the acting is good (Keaton is at his best)camera affect and technique are good and it is simply a funny and enjoyable movie.
Blu-Ray just makes it better!
451826451826B00004CXX9A9FPWQFMN25K5Bruce Shirey0041229212800Beetlejuice Beetlejuice BeetlejuiceBeetlejuice Beetlejuice [Blu-ray] is a timeless classic with Michael Keaton providing an excellent performance. The afterlife concept of the film is excellent as well as entertaining; this film is a must for your video library... It's to be watched over and over again.

The casting for this film is perfect, Michael Keaton is the outrageously funny and whacky witted (Betelguese - the afterlife's leading freelance bio-exorcist) with Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis playing (Adam and Barbara Maitland), a young couple that die prematurely. Adding to the cast are Jeffrey Jones and Catherine O'Hara (as Charles and Delia Deetz, and their Goth daughter Winona Ryder (as Lydia).

One of the most hilarious scenes is the dinner party accompanied by Harry Belafonte's Banana Boat song `Day-O'. This is truly Tim Burton at his finest taking the significance of being dead and dousing it with humor.
451827451827B00004CXX9AAFFKYJ5DC0FVDennis Boodan0041227571200Cool MovieA cool movie with some very funny and amusing moments, a young alec baldwin & gena davis & winona? ryder...micheal keaton is a great ghoulish pervert!! worth seeing for micheal keaton.. BluRay is nothing stunning but good textures and clarity, better than dvd but not the greatest looking bluray disc, outside shots are great, indoors nothing stunning. grew up watching this as a child in the 80's, stills holds up alright if just a little too short.... last joke of the movie with beetlejuice in the waiting room sitting next to the african tribesman is a big laugh!!!! see it if you never before, guaranteed to make you smile..
451828451828B00004CXX9A1FMJJKSVQDDQEric S. Kim0041224460800Tim Burton's imagination goes wild!I'd have to say that this isn't really a top favorite from master filmmaker Tim Burton, but it's not at all horrible. It's a classic display of Burton's wild imagination and clever imagery. It's a great comedy, and it's not only Burton's directing that makes it a laughfest. Michael Keaton is perfect as Beetlejuice; I don't think no one else can equally play the character like he does. But it's too bad he only appears in the film in a total of ten minutes. Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis shine as the deceased married couple, who want an eccentric family out of their perfect house. Catherine O'Hara, Jeffrey Jones, and Winona Ryder give nice performances, and Robert Goulet's cameo appearance is a treat.

Oh, and let's not forget Danny Elfman's music score. This is awe-inspiring pre-Batman stuff right here; the main theme is VERY catchy. Art direction and costume design are a plus. The only flaw I can find here is the dance sequence in the end of the film. It's pretty corny, and I find it very annoying. But overall, this is a fun film for the older crowd.
451829451829B00004CXX9A3UZFFYL4HSVPVJoshua Bagwell "Joshua Bagwell"0051223424000Awsome Movie. Awsome 3-D box coverJust got it in today an the first thing i noticed is the box cover is 3-d.
Has Beetlejuice with a shrinkin head and when you turn it. It has barbra and her husdand on each side of beetejuice with the husband head in beetlejuice's head. It has the soundtrack and the cartoons. So all in all you getting a great movie. Song songs and the cartoon.
Worth every dollar

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