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451831451831B00004CXX9A1JBBR4MNGQ70GFalkor The White Luck Dragon0051212451200"It Keeps Getting Funnier Everytime I See It!""It keeps getting funnier every time I see it," says Beetlejuice, the mischievous ''bioexercist'' of the title who is superbly played by Michael Keaton. And this quote pretty much sums up how I feel about the movie, especially the famous dinner party scene. The premise of the movie is great, the score is memorable, and the acting from the entire cast is just about perfect. I highly recommend this film, which is often tagged as a ''Halloween movie,'' but can really be enjoyed at ANY time of the year.
451832451832B00004CXX9AT38LN55YNZM4TJ0051198022400cute movieI love this movie. It brings back memories when I first watched it. My kids like it too. They think its funny when he eats beetles lol.
451833451833B00004CXX9A2B73CL3QSYWLBDavid Baldwin0051197763200Macabre Fun For the Whole Family"Pee-Wee's Big Adventure" was director Tim Burton's first film but "Beetlejuice" was the film that made people take notice as to what an original talent he is. Think about it. Who else could have made death so much fun? The script by Warren Skaaren and Michael McDowell may deal with the departed but it's fresh and original with ideas deliciously from left field. I particularly liked the waiting room for the recently departed and the case worker played by Sylvia Sidney. Bo Welch's art direction is highly imaginative as is the Oscar winning make-up effects. Michael Keaton's ribald renegade bio-exorcist plays like a deceased stand-up comedian. I couldn't tell which parts of Keaton's schtick was scripted or improvised. This also the film that heralded Winona Ryder as a talent to be reckoned with and hopefully soon again. An unqualified success.
451834451834B00004CXX9A2ZZO3N7Q44GVETallulah0051183766400A bizzare, hilarious and unique movie!!First time I saw this movie...I loved it. Have watched it several times now to catch things I missed the first time. Alec Baldwin and Gena Davis are superb in their acting. Winona Rider also stars and does a wonderful job in her role. This flick is a family one. The 'F' word is said once, though.
451835451835B00004CXX9A2AGGA5NG8Q6A4Roberta Thies "--------------------------------"0051181260800Beetle juiceI got excellent service ,the movie arrived before the promised date and the quality of the movie picture was like brand new ... I will be continuing to shop
451836451836B00004CXX9A3TNR97O3KP4Q7tofuloaf0051176249600BeetleJuiceThis is one of the best dark comedies ever! If you haven't seen this need to. Watch it with friends and family. You will be hooked!!
451838451838B00004CXX9A1VTP9QUHAOTXRJ. Barris "Movie Nut"0051162512000Great DVDA real classic in the comedy genre. I continue to quote lines from the movie. "I came for your daughter, Chuck". "Kids, you know I love 'em"
451839451839B00004CXX9A2N2C3DZ47WO6CMovie Lover0051151193600BeetlejuiceThis is one of those movies that is a quirky classic, along the lines of Princess Bride or Willow. You never gat tired of watching it.
451840451840B00004CXX9A2NUHWMHA9XNKVLady Raven RAVE!0051139702400FUN & FUNNYawesome

I've been watching Beatlejuice for as long as i can remember. ive seen it so many times its now easy for me to quote lines. this is a great humorous movie that will forever and always be even better the more times i watch it. definately a classic.

Michael Keaton is ghoulishly funny in this wonderful blend of horror and humor. Enjoyable family viewing on a Halloween night. Invite the neighborhood goblins over.
451841451841B00004CXX9A4RUN01NO4827myownme7770051125878400burton's best?Tim Burton's fantastic vision of life after death.Michael Keaton plays one of the best characters in film to the hilt and should have not been forgotten.Winona Ryder plays the goth-type daughter of Catherine O'Hara and Jeffrey Jones all who are great in their roles.The story though is based upon a couple,played by Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis,who drown in a car accident and struggle with the after life and the new owners of their beloved home.The movie is dark,especially when Baldwin and Davis have to go to the head of the dead to find out how to get rid of the new owners.It's interesting how those that have died tragically have to spend the after life working.Harry Belafontes music is put to good use in 2 big scenes.Definitely one of Burton's best works that should not be missed.
451842451842B00004CXX9ABU05VJAR81ZZinvincesummer "j."0051124668800aging classicdudes, you can't argue that there's some iconic sh** in this flick. the characters are all killer, winona rocks in her day, and the b-juice is one of the ultiimate onscreen personas of all time. wicked. funny. the scenes in the death waiting room are a scream. for an old flick, this is good eatin. i'm out. j.
451843451843B00004CXX9A157XTSMJH9XA4One of many0051123718400Another Twisted Masterpiece From BurtonHere's the plot of 1988's "Beetlejuice", significantly simplified:

A young couple who've recently died find that another family is moving into their house. They must haunt their home and drive the family away, but find it nearly impossible to do. So, new to the afterlife and oblivious to the danger involved, they seek assistance from the kooky bio-exorcist Beetlejuice to help them freak the new family out. But the spirit realm's menace of a ghost has some choatic plans of his own.

As for some of the cast and crew:

Tim Burton as a director has almost always succeeded in delivering spectacular films, and this is no exception. His strange visual style is mesmerizing as usual. Danny Elfman's theme (as well as the rest of the score) is brilliant. Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin were obviously great choices as the recently deceased couple. Catherine O'Hara and Jefferey Jones fit quite well as the parents of the invading family, with their goth-daughter played by the heavenly Winona Ryder. And, last but not least, the character of Beetlejuice is portrayed perfectly by Michael Keaton.

And for my personal opinion:

Keaton stole the show, no doubt about it. I think the main reason anyone should see this is for the whacky charismatic character of Beetlejuice. From some of the best one-liners you'll ever hear, to the nutty antics he applies to practically everything he does, he's one of the greatest characters ever to grace the screen. Superbly supported by an extensive cast and crew that knew what they were doing and everything that was needed for a classic comedy of twisted themes, there is no denying the power of such a film. This is a must-see for sure (and for most, a must-own).
451844451844B00004CXX9A1TW9ZGRDQQZ2YMonkdude0051109635200One of Tim Burton's earliest and best filmsEdited this review on 10/28/08.

Ever since I saw Beetlejuice as a kid I have found more and more to like about it with each viewing. Throw in some bizarre concepts and characters, add humor and cool old school special effects, top it all off with an outstanding wacky performance by Michael Keaton and you might begin to understand why it works. This movie is just so much fun to watch mainly because it combines so many genres and to this day it remains one of the most unique takes on a ghost story.

I have the old 1997 (were DVDs around then?) DVD release and the picture and sound isn't that great. This Blu-ray is like a whole new experience in terms of video and audio quality. It's worth the upgrade if you like Beetlejuice as much as I do.
451845451845B00004CXX9A1NVW4NUXPOSJBGuiglou0041075248000A very good fun.I loved it. Tim Burton made a great movie with a simple story, a great imagination and cool actors(Winona Ryder is VERY young in this one:) and I couldn't imagine Alec Baldwin with such sense of humour. Michael Keaton is sensational and the FX, 15 years old are still very correct. Beetlejuice is a very funny character and you can't wait for the moment when finally he becomes free to act. Just say BEETLEJUICE three times and have a great laugh.
451846451846B00004CXX9A2A6NH6DPE0VXRJim "Pimmy"0041066089600Wacky and originalBeetlejuice is Tim Burton's 2nd film after Pee Wee's Big Adventure and it's his most popular next to Batman. A lot of films such as Monkey Bone have tried to copy it's strange originality and have failed. It wasn't the best reviewed movie when it came out but that's because critics most likely didn't know what to think about it.

It has fun effects, a wacky and energetic performance by Michael Keaton and an original plot. After all these years there's still nothing quite like Beetle Juice. I mean what other movie has giant sand worms that eat dead people ?

451847451847B00004CXX9A3R2YB0WTTB0IJDaniel S. "Daniel"0041055808000ONE OF THE FIRST MOVIES OF AN AUTHENTIC ARTISTTim Burton is a guy Hollywood should honor every day. He's one of the few who agree to stay in the system and direct personal movies for the majors.

And his personal world is something very special. Things have a soul or, at least, come to life under Burton's camera.

Beetlejuice is one of the first efforts of Tim Burton and it's already great. There's a style, a signature, a world , details which reveal an authentic creator.

It's possible you will hate this world but you will not have losed two hours, I guarantee you. Come and see what can be created with a camera and a little brain.

A DVD I'm proud to have in my collection.

451848451848B00004CXX9A1SWVKJIQWW33KRob Banzai0051053216000Freaky, silly, wry and creativeAh, Tim Burton before he started taking himself too seriously. You have Michael Keaton unleashed, an unusally restrained Alec Baldwin and a supporting cast of known loonies all dancing to the puppetmaster Burton's tune.
451849451849B00004CXX9A1JZV9MCT6KOX4C. Eallonardo "Kali's Copilot"0051037923200Good Tim Burton FlickI like Tim Burton movies in general. But this is a good one too if you're just into movies. It's funny, and has great visuals (for the time it was made).
451850451850B00004CXX9AAI57M3OXP5NK"gibraud"0051025654400Love This Movie!This movie is a very odd movie but I love it because it doesn't follow that Hollywood way to make a movie. This movie stars Winona Ryder who plays Lydia Deitz, who is very sad and depressed. The movie is about a couple who dies and a new family moves into the house and the couple doesn't want them there because the mother wants to redecorate the house. this movie has an all-star cast Geena Davis, Alec baldwin, Catherine O'Hara, Jeffrey jones, and many others. This movie was released the 30th of March 1988. The DVD I think could have been so much better and they could have included deleted scenes and bloopers because you know there has to be some.
451851451851B00004CXX9A1OP3SQP78M1PPJames Gowen0051015718400A movie to "literally die for!!!"Beetlejuice is not a movie that you can't watch under . . . 5,000 times! It is one of the funiest movies ever made, mixing a strange reality to the story, along with a romance between Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis. The funny thing about this story is the strange world between the living and the dead, and the recently deceased handbook, ha. You have to wait in your house for 125 years, while haunting the people that come in, and trying not to break your cover, and in the story, that is why hauntings take place. Tim Burton did an excellent job, and you have to see this movie.
451852451852B00004CXX9AEPJYN0NAX9N4Jody L. Schoth0051014163200Excellent... HilariousJust hilarious... my favorite part is the dining room scene with all the singing and dancing!!! Classic moment, not to be missed. Winona Rider and Geena Davis are spectacular in this movie... and Michael Keaton is unbelievably funny!! I couldn't stop laughing. Great family movie... will keep you in stitches!!
451853451853B00004CXX9A1CZICCYP2M5PXChristian Pelchat0041013040000An entertaining odd fantasy comedy.When Two Couple (Geena Davis & Alec Baldwin) died in a car accident but they come back alive as Ghosts, they are Stuck for eternity inside thier house. Months later, a New York Family (Winona Ryder, Jeffery Jones & Catherine O` Hara) move to a Little Connecticut Farmhouse, changing the house aesthetically. The Ghostly Couple are forced to call a Out of Control Troublemaker named Beetlejuice (Played in a Over the Top Role by Micheal Keaton) to get the new Family out of thier home.

Directed by Tim Burton (Batman, Batman Returns, Ed Wood) made a entertaining delightful silly fantasy comedy with unique Visual Effects and a terrific music score by Danny Elfman. A Box Office Hit in the Summer of 1988. The film has Plenty of Energy, Style and Humor. Danny Elfman win an Oscar for his Unique Score. A Extremely likeable film for all ages. Grade:A-.

451854451854B00004CXX9A2HIZRVOKXKZ52KAY N. FOWLER0051012780800Beetlejuice - Great Fun for Everyone!When vacationing Adam and Barbara Maitland meet their demise when they are killed by a local dog,(don't worry, you'll laugh your head off at this,) they are transported into a world of mystery. Tim Burton takes you an a hilarious journey into the afterlife. Danny Elfman once again pairs up with Tim so they can work their movie magic, creating a roller coaster of a movie score. Beetlejuice will leave you laughing 'til you cry,(or just crying.)
451855451855B00004CXX9AJH6LUC1UT1ONThe Phantom of the Opera005946857600FANTASTIC!Beetlejuice is an excellent and funny movie. Keaton is hilarious as the wacky beetlejuice. The great special effects help the film. I think this is one of the best movies ever made and I'm sure you'll agree. For a good time, watch beetlejuice!
451856451856B00004CXX9AIUWLEQ1ADEG5Elizabeth Medina005944092800Entertainingl Funny!Beetlejuice is a well written movie ..... everything about it is excellent! From the acting to the special effects you will be delighted you chose to view this movie.
451857451857B00004CXX9API663PFYRQCPDonn Hart666751037750400Say it once, say it twice, third time's the charm!When this movie first came out about fifteen years ago, my father owned a video store and every Wednesday night was "Beetlejuice" night. I'm older now, obviously, but I still cannot get enough of this movie.

Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis play Adam and Barbara Maitland, two Connecticut yuppies who die prematurely in a car wreck. Within a couple weeks, their home is overrun by an ultra-trendy New York City family, Charles and Delia Deetz, and their Goth daughter, Lydia (played respectively by Jeffrey Jones, Catherine O'Hara, and Winona Ryder). Adam and Barbara want their house back, and attempt to scare the Deetz's out of the house by wearing sheets and even by possessing them over dinner, making them sing and dance to Harry Belafonte's "Day O." Those attempts fail and enter Michael Keaton as Betelguese, "the afterlife's leading freelance bio-exorcist." The movie is dark without being scary and funny without being ridiculous.

In my opinion, one of the real gems in this film is the late Sylvia Sidney as Juno, Your Case Worker. Sidney was pushing eighty when this film was made, but turns in a great performance as the embittered equivalent of an afterlife social worker. Love how the smoke from her ever-present cigarette comes out of the slit in her throat.

If you've never seen this movie, see it. If you have seen it but don't own it on DVD, get it. The picture quality is better than ever.

451858451858B00004CXX9A23GFTVIETX7DSDebbie Lee Wesselmann778551114128000Off-color, Irreverent HilarityI love this film. Barbara and Adam Maitland, a young couple madly in love (played by Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin) discover that they are not only dead but trapped in their home as ghosts waiting for the bureaucracy of the afterlife to set them free. When a New York couple (Catherine O'Hara and Jeffrey Jones) and their teenage daughter Lydia (wonderfully macabre Winona Ryder) move into their beloved house, the Maitlands want nothing more than to remove them. The problem is, the Maitlands are too nice to truly scare anyone. They meet a rogue ghost, the ribald, disgusting Beetlejuice (Michael Keaton) who promises to drive the family away, with a few strings attached. Lydia, whose goals aren't that far from the Maitlands and who has a morbid, poignantly sad outlook, discovers the ghosts and tries to help them. But Beetlejuice has his own agenda.

The casting for this movie is perfect, with only Alec Baldwin's performance less than memorable. Michael Keaton is suitably slimy and decadent, while Geena Davis plays the earnest innocence of her character equally well. The most startling performance is a young Winona Ryder, who shows tremendous range in her role as the morbid but good-hearted Lydia.

One of the most hilarious, dark scenes ever filmed is contained in this movie, when the New York couple throws a pretentious dinner party and the Maitlands take over. Director Tim Burton uses sight gags, situational comedy, and one-liners that all bear his trademark quirkiness to make this film inventive and, even years after its release, fresh. What's most amazing in this film essentially about the weirdness of being dead is the emotional drive of it. The Maitlands' yearning to reclaim their home even in death and Lydia's wounded, lonely adolescence lend humanity to an otherwise wild comedy.

I highly recommend this off-beat film for its hilarity and irreverence. Parents of young children should be warned that the film contains off-color humor as well as images and ideas that might disturb young minds. -- Debbie Lee Wesselmann
451859451859B00004CXX9A1EARN5PUVIF1SJerry P. Danzig19222211221782400Cheesy ReissueMy one-star refers to this so-called "20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition" of this hilarious and eye-popping delight from director Tim Burton.

Since the inception of the DVD format, I have been waiting for a proper DVD of Beetlejuice with commentary and special features.

I am sorry to say that this pathetic disc is NOT what I have been waiting for.

Though they supposedly have spruced up the picture, the ONLY special features are three Beetlejuice cartoons and I think some music track or something.

NO commentary, NO behind-the-scenes, NO nothing.

So -- NO sale.

I'm still waiting...
451860451860B00004CXX9AZRJH4JFB59VCLynwood E. Hines21231997228800Great movie, terrible DVDI am continually amazed at the shoddy treatment that some movies get in their DVD release. This DVD is simply a disgrace, especially considering what a great movie this is. I give the movie itself 5 stars; it's a wonderful example of Tim Burton's energy and style.

This DVD has no extras worth mentioning. No deleted scenes, no featurettes, not even a lousy commentary track! To make it even worse, the film has been CUT DOWN from the theatrical release! I have never seen a DVD release before where you get LESS than was originally presented in theaters.

My advice is to save your money until somebody figures out that when a movie is released on DVD, it needs to live up to the capabilities of the medium, and should always provide more material than was originally released, not less.

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