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451891451891B00004CXX9AX4KUMJVBALEVOnlyone2spoil0151254614400Always a pleasureNever a disappointment, always a laugh and since its in blu-ray its a joy too!!!
451892451892B00004CXX9A2S4LN4MKQ1XPCjulie0151230940800Crazy Nutty Fun From Begging To EndThe Classic Dark Comedy By Tim Burton Follows A Couple Who Die In A Car Accedient and Become Ghost. Along The Way, A New York Family Moves Into Thier House and Start Making HUGE Changes. The Ghost Couple Get Help From A Off-The-Wall Nutty ''Bio-Exosist'' Named Beetlejuice Who Causes Mistif and Mayham To The New York Couple. Afterwards The Ghost Couple Fall In Love With The New York Daughter, Lydia Who's The Only One Who Can See The Ghost Couple. Afterwards The Ghost Couple Try To Convence Beetlejuice To Stop What He's Doing. But The Mistif-Making ''Bio-Exorsist'' Dosn't Listin and Continues To Make Mayham.

Tim Burton and Micheal Keaton Work Together Brilliantly in This Film as Thay Did A Few Years Later With Batman and Batman Returns. Alec Baldwin and Gena Davis Play The Ghost Couple So Great and Brilliantly That You Can Easily Belive Thay Are An Accturall Couple in Real Life. Winonna Ryder Plays Lydia and She Did It So Brilliantly and Fun She Was Easily The Best of Them All.

The Effects Aren't The Best, But Thay Stilll Bring A Chessy and Fun Look To The Film.

BEETLEJUICE is A Must-See and All Tim Burton Fans Should See It.

Recommendations For BEETLEJUICE Fans:
Gremlins 2: New Batch

Overall Rating - 5/5
451893451893B00004CXX9A2RUXYJ515XHQ3S. Johnson0151229904000never gets old!We ordered this for our annual movie-a-thon we have in our driveway on Halloween... still as funny as it was way back when.
451894451894B00004CXX9AGBA7LQIR4BHXAzriel0131224720000Awesome movie, not very "deluxe" dvdI must agree with the few people who complained that this dvd was lacking in special features and whatnot. However, if you have never seen the movie at all, or enjoyed the movie but do not already have a copy, it's still a good buy. It's a great movie, no matter how it's presented on the dvd, and you do get a few episodes of the cartoon as well. I watched Beetlejuice as a kid, both the movie and the cartoons, so I probably would've bought it even if it was a poorly recorded VHS :) In short, don't expect it to be "deluxe", but I definitely recommend buying it (unless you already have a standard version of it).

As for the movie itself, if you've never seen it, it's basically a ghost story that is purposely presented in a cheesy manner to be funny. If you're familiar with Tim Burton at all, you'll know he tends to stray from the norm. Don't expect to be scared; that's not what this movie is about. It's basically about a nice couple of ghosts who try to scare away the family who lives in their house, but the family isn't scared; in fact, they invite other people over and try to show off the ghosts - so the ghost couple hires a... rather disgusting guy to help them out, and things pretty much go downhill from there. Definitely and old 80s classic.
451895451895B00004CXX9A1HSL0XKDVO0XJA. Cecil "T. blondi"0141179360000Always a laugh!This is a crazy movie! Never seen another like it, or in it's class!! Really enjoyed it :) This one is worth owning! Gotta love the plot of this movie, and the actors!
451896451896B00004CXX9A1RSXP7MB772E3Jeff W. Shimkus "Movie Manji"0151105401600Best Tim Burton film. He should just stick to this format.In beetlejuice I was entirely sucked into this dream like film. The afterlife was a complete quirk, and if it hadn't been accredited to, I would have known already who had directed it. It felt like Batman in it's tone, in its wet darkness, and then the cubistic art world of the urban. I always feel like I'm drawn into the mind of a deeply rooted "pure abstract" painters mind. I love the demensions of his creativity. He takes risks also, something I don't see enough of in his latest works. I always feel like it's halloween after watching this film. In fact it's a sort of tradition to watch this film, along with "a nightmare before christmas", around halloween time. Nothing gets me into the mode better. An ecclectic scare, with a foolishness appropriate enough to remind you of the cartoon.
451897451897B00004CXX9A2QOI90Y1HNTP9chucky and glen "kelly"0151104451200it's showtimethis is micheal keaton's funniest movie ever.he worked with tim burton in the 1st 2 batman movies.tim burton i'll admit is pretty freaky with his movies because they're all the same beetlejuice,batman returns,nightmare before christmas,and now willy wonka which i know will be wierd.but i give this movie 5 stars because its got some pretty good effects for the 80's.i just bought the second volume of the cartoon which is cool but i cant find the other ones
451898451898B00004CXX9A32JKNQ6BABMQ2abe "starman"0141089504000tim burton=a classic moviea couple dies.they live in a house as spirits and then some people move in.the dad is a dork.the mom is a control freak,crazy women who sculpts.she is a similar character in home alone but in that one shes a unbelivably terrible and neglectful psycho mom.the daughter is a dark depressed girl played by wyona ryder.she looks very sexy in thisone.a cool line is:my whole life is a dark big dark room.they get constant visits from other weirdos also.the 2 dead people-some dork and a belive it or not somewhat sexy geena davis play them.they spirits try to scare the living out but are too good natured to they hire michael keaton-beetlejuice-to get rid of them.he is more is a tim burton movie which of course means its awesome.most everyone could like this.wyona ryder looks awesome in a red wedding dress late in the film.that stupid child hater of a mom lady is this movies only flaw.shes such a bitch.this movie is full of well written mastery and great special is great!
451899451899B00004CXX9A21GKWZJL8BVJ7Kristina D. Smith0141086566400On Being DeadThis is one of my most favorite movies. I'm ashamed at my self. Because it took me so long to finally get it on DVD. This is truly one of the most funniest movies about being dead.
Barbara and Adam, are a young couple who die in an accident. Their house is bought by another couple whom they have nothing in common with.
But when Barbara and Adam start to like the father's daughter Lydia. They start to question wither or not scaring the family off, is really what they want.
451900451900B00004CXX9A1BZEGSNBB7DVSdylan0151082160000Tim Burton's BestThis is Tim Burton's best work, well this and Edward Scissorhands are his best work closely followed by Ed Wood and Big Fish. This movie is witty, imaginiative and a little gory at times but not too gory. This movie seems to get funnier the more you watch it. Michael Keaton proves himself in this that he can be one of the funniest comedians if he tries. He portray's Betelguise really good. Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis are great in this too. The dvd is good. The picture and sound is clear and crisp, but my only thing is that the menu in this dvd is HORRIBLE. It doesn't even have a play button for it. Come on Warner, you can do better then this. Special Features are average considering this was one of the first dvd's to come out. Warning: Keep kids under the age of 4 years old or younger away from this movie. It's to bad and violent. It even has the f word in it. But that's why it isn't rated G like other kids movies you can watch with them instead. This is the movie that really started Tim Burton's career. I mean, Pee-Wee's Big Adventure was good but this was way better ny far. I recommend this to any Tim Burton fan, or evwn if your not a big fan of his work, you'll still love this movie.
451901451901B00004CXX9A3C3BAQDZWH5YEKushana no shinryaku (Kushana's invasion)0141014681600...It was on the other night, and, having been a big fan of the cartoon when it was being shown, decided to watch it (I'm also trying to see all the Winona Ryder movies I know.).

It's a well known fact i like seeing her [Winona Ryder] dance at the end of a movie (hey, it's funny!), but apart from that, it was just a hilarious film and i liked it very much. The only thing wrong was that it was too short. Maybe the special efects were a bit "off", but hey, it's an older movie1

451903451903B00004CXX9A2DEE7F9XKP3ZRjerome015959990400ResearchI'm getting crazy.

Is it really impossible today not to find the French VHS version of this film ?

Could U please tell me something about it ? Tks

451904451904B00004CXX9AJKJBUF3BUXH0James Barela1341322438400Blu-ray MovieI think blu-ray movies are great. Although there are some of the older movies that have been done in blu-ray that haven't really come up to the blu-ray quality that the newer movies have. But I guess that's life. This one is pretty good quality.
451905451905B00004CXX9A1G3SYHKCFNYLJA. Rosendahl "movie buff"1351252800000Great video!One of Michael Keaton's early and best performances. The scene at the dinner table with Harry Belafonte's classic soundtrack is great. I'm not a fan of ultra lib' Alec baldwin but this is really Michael Keaton's movie.
451906451906B00004CXX9A1NI0VOVXZBM7YJose Lopez "Jose Lopez"2511330214400BeetlejuiceYou either Like Tim Burton or you don't,I fall in the latter.BeetleJuice is not a big deal for me despite it's huge following and Burton's Following,While there are funny moments I am not the type to like Alice In Wonderland type films that are "trippy".I think the Highlight for Me Is Robert Goulet(Goulet!robert gouleeeeeeeeet!)and Wionna Ryder,I can't stand Baldwin.
451907451907B00004CXX9A3PJJ7MNJNBXXOJoyce Lamberson0241334102400Bettlejuice movieFun movie, enjoy watching Michael Keaton, watched this movie for many years and wanted a copy for my home library.
451908451908B00004CXX9AX5JX1E40EBT8Lucas0251323734400NiceI live in Brazil and I could not find the movie ara sell here, I contacted all distributors and could not find the movie on DVD. I decided to look into the amazon and found on Blu-Ray. I was very happy with the purchase and now I can only enjoy.
451909451909B00004CXX9A1GG1SWT2QTOFDvannagan0251300233600love this moviei got this cause i love the more. the quality is okay but i guess it would look nicer on a 120hz tv
451910451910B00004CXX9A3K8TDFH5GOPNEJuan A. Perez Roman0251271203200A Classic Commedy PieceAn excellent commedy movie. It's alway good to have a piece of good commedy in your movie collection.
451911451911B00004CXX9A3FGGGA3ADZ2Z9KRICKLZ0251244592000Forgot how funny this was.Being a child of the 70"s / 80"s I am now collecting movies from that era. I forgot how funny Beetlejuice is. Great movie!
451912451912B00004CXX9A3J0V5L5APJ61RS. Sawin "Sgrosvenor"0251231286400Day-O, Day-OMy 12 year old had never seen this movie so I bought it for her for Christmas. Needless to say it has been on ever since! Personally, I think this was Michael Keaton's best performance - the Harry Belafonte soundtrack rocks also!
451913451913B00004CXX9A17WKJUZPRWGY9avidreader0241217203200Awesome CheeseThis is one of my favorite movies (and, now that I've purchased it, one of my kids' favorites, too!). This movie is so hilariously cheesy it's irresistable. The soundtrack is great, and the kids always jump up to dance along with the characters at the dinner scene. While some of the lines border on awful, the actors are (usually) believable... and who wouldn't mind watching a young Alec Baldwin (remember? back when he was a hottie?). This movie is a classic and a great addition to any movie library (if for nothing else than historical value).
451914451914B00004CXX9ADB8XCKNSDY5Ztheboombody0231187395200It's Just So Gross!I grew up with this movie. At first I thought it had no plot, and was just a series of gross random events where Beetlejuice does bad stuff. Now I realize that it does have a plot, and a very good one. I don't recall any other movie where ghosts have trouble trying to scare living people out of a house and have to hire another ghost who claims to be an expert. However, after this set-up happens, THAT'S when the movie becomes a series of gross random events where Beetlejuice does bad stuff.

Whenever someone mentions Beetlejuice, I think of nothing else but all the weird stuff that's in it. For instance, when the ghosts try to leave the house, they wind up in some crazy desert place where giant sandworms threaten to eat them. The movie doesn't do a great job of explaining where this place is, but I think it's the planet Saturn. Needless to say, since the ghosts can't leave their house, it definitely motivates them to scare away the living people moving in (a bunch of weirdos by the way, so that provides some extra incentive)

Then there's the lost souls room, the guy stretching out his head to look like some sort of chicken, the shrimp cocktail turning into hands, Beetlejuice living in a model of the city, the chalk-drawn door opening up to a portal, and the moving art statues. This movie is just flat-out bizarre. There's so much that's packed into it.

But its kind of a downer that the afterlife is shown as some kind of overly-administrative going to and fro, where you have to read a handbook, wait in an office, talk to a case worker, and do all other kinds of boring things.

Here's the kicker. I work in a funeral home, and this movie STILL grosses me out. Walking dead folks are all over the place. Some sawn in half, others flattened by a truck, and Beetlejuice himself looks to have some kind of mild skin decomposition. But by far the scene that's hardest to stomach is the seance. The ghosts are summoned in their wedding outfits only to grow older and older until they start to fall apart. I should be thankful that they weren't shown as green and bloated throughout the whole movie, since drowning's the thing that killed them.

This is one of the most original and disgusting films you'll ever see. I think everybody should see it once, just to see how bizarrely creative it is. Obviously a whole heck of a lot of work went into it. Beetlejuice himself made me laugh quite a bit, with lines like, "Attention K-Mart shoppers!" but he sure did gross me out a lot too.

I kind of wish Burton would have stayed away from the Halloween type movies and did more stuff like Pee-Wee's Big Adventure. I've been wanting to see Big Fish for a while, but I heard its not very good.
451915451915B00004CXX9A2WTQL7T70Z1H1Lauren Rubbelke0251136592000fun!I have loved this movie since I was a kid! I loved the characters and the creepy special effects. the ghosts were funny, but the living humans were even funnier! it's just a fun movie that you can sit back and enjoy.
451916451916B00004CXX9A1ZPALFR6ZYKRHSilent Killer0251133136000Hilarious the the end... of time LOL!Bravo Bravo! The atmosphere of this movie is spectacular! It has it's share of gloomy moments and hilarious moments which is what made this movie the success that it was, is, and forever will be.
451917451917B00004CXX9ASCVAUPIB31ODMoshe Reifman0241127520000A Classic One IndeedThis movie is one of Tim burton's classic movies. A very amusing tale about the after life, About a young couple that died as a result of a car accident. From here on, the couple is getting acquainted with the ghost life style, The good and the bad things (Beetlejuice) , And a psychic sweet girl who is the only one able to see them. A trully great acting performence by all the classic Actors.
451918451918B00004CXX9A2RLGG5XB5ID34Zacc0251083715200One of the best movies ever!This movie rocks! seriously! if you are board, sick, ect. this is the movie to get you threw it! buy this movie! i have it on vhs and dvd and just to let everyone know, there is a few different things between them! but both of them are awesome! GET THEM BOTH! YOU WON'T BE DISSAPOINTED! if you like edward sissorhands, the nightmare before christmas, or any of the addams family get this!
451919451919B00004CXX9AWYVLQIHRR8BVJonathan Boyle "bonjoyle"1831257638400Beetlejuice DVDLet me start by saying that the DVD arrived in the condition indicated and at a good price. However, the shipping seemed to take a lot longer than I would've expected. Although it arrived within the "receive by" window, the time span they indicated was a two-week period--hardly precise info. I'm not sure why it took so long.
451920451920B00004CXX9A9BBOAJA47WVXKim0811325548800Beatle juiceThe Beatle juice DVD I purchase did not work. We were not able to watch the movie on Christmas day as planned. I currently still have the movie. Not sure what to do with it??

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