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451965451965B00004CXX9AFEN54UGJQOK9wally gator "the only"1151224633600ONE OF THE BEST GHOST STORIES I KNOW.....Here is a movie that is top notch in a lot of ways. It's a great family movie. Some may not agree, but I say it is. Adults will understand it more but kids will love the colorful creatures, even though several aspects of the film will fly right over their heads. Tim Burton really hit the button here on his unique style of filmaking, and really never did it better, even with the number of great films he's waxed his style all over through the years.

The story starts with Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis as "The Recently Deceased." They have to learn how to be ghosts, and it's not easy. That is why there is a department dedicated to helping their cause, however, it is as backed up as an inner city welfare office. This is why sleazy swindlers such as the title character come around, dedicated to taking advantage of their delicate situation.

When our ghosts discover that they have to share their small town dream home, with some living artsy-fart aristocrats, it's more then they can bare. SO, as most ghosts would do in this situation, they decide to scare the new tennants away. However, their obvious inexperience proves as a pitfall. Especially since these a*holes get a kick out of it, and start using them as party favors. Enter Michael Keaton as Beedle Geuss (He needs somebody to pronounce his name right). The couple, desperate, go against the wishes of the department and hire him, to give the new tennants a proper scare. Although they soon realize that they may have gotten in too far over their heads with this ghoul.

Lydia, played by Winonna Ryder, is the disillusioned daughter of the artsys and she somehow naturally communicates with the dead, and becomes a friend to the couple. Naturally she becomes the prime target for Beetlejuice also (If I was a sleazy ghoul, I would be all over her too!) and thats when things get ugly. But don't worry too much, because in the end everyone figures out how to compromise, and dance around the house to the tune of Shake Senora. The comedic icing of the whole demented cake.

This movie works just as well as a comedy, as it does a terrific ghost story. The effects are great, and a symbol to what made Tim Burton so cool early in his career (who can forget those claymation sand serpents?) The score is perfectly creepy, and this thing is just an all around great movie. Good stuff for the Halloween film fest peeps. I pull it out all the time!
451966451966B00004CXX9A2SPSSA2FOD48KDaisica L. Smith1151223251200I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!This movie is a classic scare comedy! Perfect for Halloween!!! If you love Tim Burton, this is a must own (pre Winona Ryder shoplifting breakdown). It's cheesy, fun, and a movie I can watch over and over!!!
451967451967B00004CXX9A9S4LP09MYESMA. W. Godinez "savvy shopper"1141222819200Great, Classic Dark ComedyIt's a great movie which represent what is very typical of the eigthies both in clothing and style throughout all of the 'living world' scenes. Beetejuice's character is wodnerfully played -- it's hard to watch him and imagine him as Batman as well because he really gets into this character. It's kind of a dark, inside-kind-of-joke, movie where you really need to listen to the main character speak because he says so much under his breath, but in-hindsight the second time around, he's much more funny than I remember.
451968451968B00004CXX9AP5V6ESC7K477David Goreham1141221696000Awesome Remastered VersionBeetlejuice (20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)I am very impressed with the new transfer of this film. The features are not that great but the cartoon series was pretty cool. I am interested to find out how good the blu-ray version is. Sweet dvd!!!
451969451969B00004CXX9A2UZLIH3BSGJ3NJonny Rotten "even handed critic"1131188777600"I'm the ghost with the most babe"This is an early film in Tim Burton's career,shortly after Pee Wee's Big Adventure where you get to see his off humor,art and design poured into the film.This is a Tim Burton classic hands down and I love the humor put into the story(spoken or not).Some strong four letter metephores are thrown upon occassion in some of the dialog,so parents beware if you have little ones watching.Other than that,you have an entertaining story of a young couple who die sudenly and are thrown into the world of the dead without a clue of how,why and what to do?Pathetic attempts are made to scare and rid their home of an undesireable yuppie family.In desperation(even after being warned) they decide to employ the gifts and tallents of Beettlejuice,and it turns out they get more than they bargined for.I only wish there was more screen time with Michael keaton/Beettlejuice,it is damn funny.While the living mingle with the dead in an effort to make a circus of their "paranormal hosts" Beetlejuice is put into action again by Lydia to save them.So,"say it once,say it twice...third time is the charm!"Experience Beettlejuice for yourself,and if you are a Tim Burton fan or new to his films,you are in for a real treat.
451970451970B00004CXX9A1XV6E6HR9HSZZK. Gordon1151179187200Love itI feel in love with this movie when it first came out, years later I am the parent and decided to puchase this movie so my children can enjoy it as well.

My son loves this movie, Michael Keton does a wonderful job of portraying the off humor Beetlejuice, Alex Baldwin and Geena Davis does a great job of being the plain Jane/John couple who dies and have not crossed over. Outstanding job to Winona Ryder as Lydia, the misunderstood teen ager who no one appears to understand.

I give this movie two thumbs up, one scene in particular that still cracks me up is when they brought back the couple, Alex's character begins to speak and his jaw falls off... not to forget the beloved scene when Beetlejuice is sitting next to the Witch Doctor and steals his number, the head shrinking scene is just too funny for words.
451971451971B00004CXX9A3EOVXI1VZIHUQZ. Freeman "Zach"1151178496000A Tim Burton Classic!Adam and Barbara (Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis, as a very convincing couple with great chemistry), are dead. Now they can't leave their sprawling New England home. Good thing they've got the "Handbook for the Newly Deceased" to help guide them on their way through the beuracratic world of the dead.

They've got a problem. A new living family (Cahterine O'Hara, Jeffrey Jones, and Winona Ryder) is inhabiting their house. Worse than that, they're remodeling the place. What's a pair of ghosts to do? When they can't scare them out, they call on the help of the famous Bio-Exorcist: Beetlejuice (Michael Keaton in his best role ever).

What results is a mixture of dark comedy and sweet special effects (for the late 80's at least) set in front of stunningly imaginative and interesting scene design.

Beetlejuice is a classic, and if you haven't seen it yet, now's your chance. Since this is an old DVD there really aren't many special features. Just a lot of written "Notes" on the film, but even those are pretty cool.
451972451972B00004CXX9A3VMD1TVFCK9KBRobert P. Bogdanski1151173484800It's SHOWTIME!!!That quote "And it keeps getting funnier every single time I see it" will be put to good use, because that is what you'll say when you watch this movie again and again. What is there to say about Tim Burton? He can't stop with the good movies!

This has to be up there in at least the top 20 of the best comedies of all time. It's twisted, but very very funny. I swear to you, if you watch this film, you will get one laugh. Probably more if you give it a chance.

And of course, Beetlejuice is now one of the most famous charactors in movie history. Way to go, Tim!
451973451973B00004CXX9ANEUPVXP9GKJQ¢¾ Leah ¢¾ "Leah"2331208908800old schoolThis is an old school DVD. The only extras are "Read only" no making of or anything. Still, it is a nice picture that we love about DVDs.
451974451974B00004CXX9A2KJX73VG7RRCNMr. Jerkface "Mr. Jerkface"2351162512000chew on the dog!Classic Tim Burton, Micheal Keaton at his best, and the movie that introduced me to Winona Ryder. I love it. I wish I knew what the impetus was for this twisted take on the afterlife. It was hilarious when I was 10 and 17 years later I still thoroughly enjoy it.
451975451975B00004CXX9A30CE2CDDBVNDEKing Of Hearts2351094256000day-oI used to want to recommend this to anyone a while ago, and I still do! Beetlejuice is the kind of film that I sometimes like to watch more than once in a row. It used to be my favorite movie and I still very much enjoy it!! This IS the kind of movie where you have to watch out who sees it, but I do not think it's scary at all and it is a classic.
451976451976B00004CXX9A3K3YJWV0N54ZOJoey2351001289600Beetlejuice is a greatmovie, but they cheated you on the dvdJust to warn you. when in trying to trick you in the widescreen format, the company made a mistake by also including the full screen version with it. i compared the widescreen and the full screen. and the full screen seems to comtain more picture at the top and bottom. which must mean, that all they did was take the full screen version, cut off the top a bottom slightly and call it widescreen. which is strange because i would expect it to be easier just to make the theatrical version than to carefully edit the full screen and rip many people off.
451977451977B00004CXX9ACJR7EQF9S6FPJeremy Robertson234951523200Bettlejuice...Bettlejuice...BETTLEJUICE!What happens when you say his name three times? Michael Keaten stars in this comedy about two couples that live in an old two story house. While coming back from a supply store, the couple suddenly get caught inside of a "broken-up" bridge and then just before they start to tumble down into the lake, a board catches them. But just when they've got their hopes up, and small dog steps on the board and the car starts to slide off the bridge and into the lake waters. A few minutes later...

They find themselves back into their home, they find that somehow somehad light the fireplace, as if done by magic. From then on, they find a weird-looking dead guy known as Bettlejuice. The only way they can get him for help is to call him by his name three times and he will appear at their survice. But they soon wish that they have never called his name, because Bettlejuice was once a troublemaker but he is the only one who can save them, on the account that they said his name three times. They can't leave their houses or else they will find theirselves in another world with giant sandworms. This is a stellar comedy that you should see! Michael Keaton is awesome as he plays the leading role of Bettlejuice.

451978451978B00004CXX9AZADBDIG2188HPatch0051350864000BeetlejuiceAwesome, fun movie! I never tire watching it over and over. Great cast.

This film is the one to watch to get in the Halloween mood.
451979451979B00004CXX9AD8X8DT1F6WMQJoie L. Boughner0051350518400Great experience!The DVD arrived in brand new packaging and I received it timely and when I was told that I would. Would buy again.
451980451980B00004CXX9A3ILKXATA65Z17gina4god0051349913600beetlejuiceI truly enjoy this movie and it is a classic. Like watching old movies with stars who are big celebrities now. This was a start with their popularity. The movie is funny and very interesting story
451951451951B00004CXX9A39W3263A9HCMNRenfield "Up the Irons"6821130803200Good movie, HORRIBLE DVDI love this movie and I bought it on VHS a long time ago. Recently I bought the regular PG version on DVD at my mom's store. The first thing i noteced was that the disc was double sided! about halfway thru I had to flip the disc over to watch the rest of the movie. and another thing: It was censored. I don't mean just the "violence" i mean language. Then I bought the PG-13 version hoping for a better verson. Instead I found out it was the same thing, just with a different cover. So i reccomend you buy the VHS.

Trust me, it sucks.
451952451952B00004CXX9A1K94LXX833JTTSanpete101441213747200Some early details about the new Blu-ray DVD due out September 16th, 2008Beetlejuice is a very Tim Burtonesque Tim Burton movie, establishing his fascination with the macabre and, especially in this case, the funny, campy side of death and horror. It's the story of a newly dead couple (Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin) who are essentially stuck as ghosts in their house, and don't like its new owners (parents Jeffrey Jones and Catherine O'Hara and daughter Winona Ryder). They enlist the help of a more experienced, half-crazy but very insistent ghost, Beetlejuice (Michael Keaton), in an effort to scare the new owners away by haunting them. Beetlejuice turns out to have his own agenda, and alliances shift as the story winds through learning to be dead, afterlife bureaucracy, wild chases through small spaces, Calypso dancing at dinner to Harry Belafonte's "Banana Boat Song" ("Day-O"), a very goth wedding ceremony, and supernatural comeuppance.

The cast, for the most part, is perfectly suited to the wacky material, the sets and make-up and other effects very imaginative, the story engaging. Great fun.

The extras announced are very limited: three episodes of the Saturday morning Beetlejuice cartoon series ("Skeletons in the Closet," "Spooky Boo-tique," "A-Ha!"), a music-only track, the trailer and, according to the press release but not the Warners Brothers web page for this DVD, an exclusive CD soundtrack sampler. The cartoons are about 11 minutes each. Possibly more features will be announced later, but that would be unusual and I wouldn't count on it. Five-star movie, three-star extras.

The new Blu-ray will be 1080p video, but the complete specs for the sound haven't been announced. There will be sound and subtitles in several languages, including Spanish. The old standard DVD isn't all that great in terms of video quality, so the best thing about this new release is likely to be improved image and sound.
451953451953B00004CXX9A1Y09QLADQYQJGThe"older than dirt"Time Traveller "&...1151348358400BEETLEJUICE!Of course you already have the DVD.
This is a no-brainer upgrade for
Halloween, and do NOT forget the
brand new Blu-Ray of
Hocus Pocus [Blu-ray]

Do I love Halloween? Did you see my -- actual --
Halloween Profile Photo?
451954451954B00004CXX9A2VET003MCRZM2GaSouthpaw1141339718400Before he developed his crush on Johnny Depp...... this little gem was the beginning of a brief "thing" for Michael Keaton. And, man- does it deliver the laughs in a big way.
Nice presentation on BluRay at a great price.
451955451955B00004CXX9A1N1H9FB2LKVI3DarthJustice1141338768000It's Funny To Think The Titular Character Is Only In The Movie Less Than Twenty MinutesBeetlejuice is a movie I consider to be one of Tim Burton's best movies. I also consider it to be one of those kind of movies that could have come out only in the 80s (much like Labyrinth starring David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly).

Beetlejuice deals with a recently deceased married couple, the Maitlands, who finds themselves essentially "trapped" in their former house for the next century or so. Unfortunately, this means living with the house's new owners, the Deetz. The Maitlands don't mind Deetz daughter Lydia played by Winona Ryder so much but her much more obnoxious parents and want to scare them away from the house. Their case worker tells them only one thing: to NEVER even think about recruiting her former assistant Beetlejuice. Unfortunately, they manage to resist for a while before giving in and Beetlejuice causes nothing but problems.

It's definitely a work by Tim Burton. His ever-present "uniqueness" and charm is there. Beetlejuice is a fun 80s movie and a very fun watch period. the acting by everyone involved in the movie is great (especially Michael Keaton as Beetlejuice). The make-up for the necessary characters were well done and the "afterlife" set designs and make-up there were great. I loved the make-up and designs in the afterlife scenes.

The movie itself is great and I would have given it five stars. The blu-ray as a whole leaves a little to be desired. It's one of those DVDs or blurays that pretty much leaps right into the movie. No title screen, scene selection, anything. This was a bit annoying since I had to manually go skip through the whole movie to get back to where I left off the night before. There's a small handful of special features that you may or may not be interested in. The special features are only three episodes of the cartoon series (of which I watched as a kid) and an audio track. The special features it does have really aren't that bad, I would have just liked to have had more. Like some sort of commentary, deleted scenes, or something.

All in all, five stars for movie itself and three for the blu-ray (averaging four stars).
451956451956B00004CXX9A2HVL790PBWYTUH. Bala "Me Too Can Read"1151325376000"Please, they're dead. It's a little late to be neurotic."Oh, snap, that's right, Alec Baldwin once upon a time was svelte, as so documented in BEETLEJUICE, the 1988 film that - along with CLEAN AND SOBER - made a case for Michael Keaton having a streak dark and dangerous enough to qualify him for the then upcoming Batman role.

It can be tough when you're newly shuffled off that mortal coil, tough when the shelf life exceeds the expiration date. Adam and Barbara Maitland (Baldwin and Geena Davis) - a young couple in love - are freshly minted ghosts who find themselves confined to their quaint New England home, and they seem content enough with their new sitch. But when a family of obnoxious artsy-fartsy New Yorkers move into their house and threatens to annihilate their peace of mind, the Maitlands may have no recourse but to contract that shady freelance "bio-exorcist" Betelgeuse. Certainly, the Handbook for the Recently Deceased isn't much help. Adam and Barbara's irascible case worker Juno - who is supposed to ease them into the afterlife - worsens things by remarking that the Maitlands must spend 125 years on Earth in their house before they can move on. Anyway, it's a delectable twist, this meek and retiring ghostly couple being haunted - and bullied - by the living. BEETLEJUICE, as if you didn't know, is a hugely entertaining supernatural comedy. Harry Belafonte's catchy calypso music simply acts as a bonus.

The Maitlands' bridge to the living is Winona Ryder's appealingly strange little goth girl, Lydia Deetz. Lydia is pretty much the only "house guest" that Adam and Barbara can tolerate and they, in turn, become surrogate parents to Lydia whose real parents (a shrill Catherine O'Hara, a distracted Jeffrey Jones), let's face it, tend to neglect her to bits. Lydia demonstrates an unnatural awareness of the ghostly Maitlands, and it's her curiosity which helps propel a major plot point - namely, Betelgeuse's getting his hooks into the Maitlands. Adam and Barbara prove to be too mild-mannered and just too nice to put a proper fright into the Deetzes - their idea of scaring the mortals is to possess them and make them dance to Harry Belafonte. Conversely, Betelgeuse embodies equal traits of perversity and meanness and he right away cows the Deetzes; the Deetzes' family friend, Otto, especially has it coming. But then we learn that Betelgeuse has his own nasty end game in mind, with no one but the Maitlands and the spunky little girl, Lydia, to thwart him. As likable as Baldwin and Davis are, Michael Keaton's awesomely manic, joke-a-second performance fuels the movie. He injects just enough demonic chops to come across as a sinister adversary.

Director Tim Burton put Hollywood on notice with PEE-WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE, and BEETLEJUICE only expanded his street creds. BEETLEJUICE exhibits Burton's bag of tricks - the distinctive style, the touch of artistic creativity, that smidge of the surreal and the fantastic. There's a lot of visual treats, ranging from the storybook look of the Maitland home to the bizarre architecture of the offices of the supernatural underworld. The dazzlingly inventive sight gags add to the film's offbeat humor. That waiting room is almost as diverting as the Star Wars cantina in terms of ambiance and their inhabitants. All in all, BEETLEJUICE is an astonishing, demented spin on the classic ghost story. Exorcism has never been more fun... or backwards.

So this DVD is The 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition and offers these paltry bonus features:

- 3 BEETLEJUICE Cartoon Episodes: "A-Ha!", "Skeletons in the Closet," & "Spooky Boo-tique"
- the option to watch the film in Music-Only Track
- Theatrical Trailers for BEETLEJUICE and PEE-WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE
451957451957B00004CXX9A30XI6J5FBBAZBdr638284851151304640000Very inexpensive and arrived in very timely mannerDVD arrived in a very timely manner, packaging was good, and they were inexpensive. I would definitely buy from this seller again.
451958451958B00004CXX9A1YJEYJFQD1HI1R. Spurrier1151304553600Funny not really spookyThe humor is definitely there, my favorite part at the dinner table and they are all singing. Not too scary depending on age I guess. When I was a little kid I was already watching freddy and jason movies with my dad so this movie was nothing to me when i got around to watching it. I like the plot but felt that beetlejuice should have had a bit more screen time.
451959451959B00004CXX9A382CY938Z79EXjoy happens1141290902400Deja vu is fun!I saw this movie 20 years ago and wanted my husband to get the chance to see it too. It was just as entertaining as I remembered it! Not really scary - just a gentle spoof that is actually uplifting.
451960451960B00004CXX9A1AST89AHN17O7Omnes1151275696000It's show time!Of all the movies that Tim Burton did, there are three names that come out a lot during discussions. Of course his two Batmans, then his masterpiece Edward Scissorhands, but most of all his excellent comedy Beetlejuice. Why's that? Because as a society where we usually consider the after-life as a dark and depressing world, Tim Burton presents death in a different perspective. He represents it as an extremely funny world where people become ghosts stuck in their own houses and are haunted by the living, a world where death is a huge bureaucracy, and a world where there are bio-exorcists, like the one and only Mr. Beetlejuice. Although this is a movie where the main characters are Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis, and they do an excellent job as a recently dead-couple, it's Michael Keaton who deserves the spotlight. For each time he appears on the screen, he just makes you laugh with his funny one-liners (excellent improvisation from Michael Keaton) and his perfect interactions with his co-stars such as Sylvia Sidney, Winona Ryder, Glenn Shaddix, Jeffrey Jones, and Catherine O`Hara, all future collaborators during Tim Burton`s career. Everyone, and I mean everyone, delivers a perfect performance.

Not only that it is a movie that has excellent visual effects, both traditional and with the computer. Also, I loved how they were able to integrate gorgeous stop-motion animations during the movie. They were well integrated in the movie and are a proof that this kind of animation can really bring great possibilities to a movie, though there are certain limits to it of course. But hey, that also counts for CGI too.

Finally, a great cheer to Danny Elfman, whose soundtrack really gave him the popularity and respect he deserved. A great idea from the makers of this DVD to integrate the soundtrack as a separate audio track.

In the end, a great classic that should be listened over and over again and being considered a classic of modern american cinema.
451961451961B00004CXX9A2IZIYYCEGOMEUGeary A., Jones1151260835200THE THREE B'SKeaton was amazing in BEETLEJUICE, one of Tim Burton's funniest movies. Alec Baldwin, and Geena Davis do a credible job in their roles as newly departed homeowners caught up in underworld bureaucracy, and Wynona Ryder is delightful as the morbidly-inclined daughter of the 'bio' invaders of the home Baldwin, and Davis don't want to move on from. There are very few dark farces as comically twisted as this delightful romp through the afterlife, and none with a more hilarious lead anywhere. I haven't grown tired of watching this macabre laugh-riot in twenty years, and unless you're missing a funny bone, you won't either.
451962451962B00004CXX9A2Q5Y2EMS6KDWIRandy E. Halford "Comedy Fan"1151256601600The ghost with the mostAfter 20 years, this oddball dark comedy hasn't lost its irreverent impact. Up-and-coming director Tim Burton's playfully twisted visual style runs rampant through this movie, saturating nearly every frame. It even turns actor Michael Keaton into sort of a vile living cartoon, the one & only Beetlejuice, a manic bio-exorcist with sinister agendas. The film also boosted the resumes of terrific talents like Jeffrey Jones & Catherine O'Hara (here as an annoying trendy couple transplanted from New York to a small Connecticut town). The film helped maked stars of Geena Davis & Alec Baldwin (as the kind, hapless ghostly couple) and Winona Ryder (as the ex-New Yorker's death-obsessed daughter, Lydia). But this is really Keaton's movie all the way, in spite of a good cast.
The art direction, make-up & special effects have Burton's distinctive stamp all over them.
I was slightly disappointed that this 20th Anniversary Edition didn't have at least interviews or a making-of featurette (although it includes a handful of the delightful "Beetlejuice" animated episodes).
However, it's a little offbeat comedy that's achieved cult status over the years (all you have to do is view it to figure out why). Just don't say the title three times!
451963451963B00004CXX9AEE48JKI02W5R. Ness1131241740800kinda let downThis is an ok buy. I was really hoping there would have been some interviews with Michael Keaton, Alec Baldwin, and Geena Davis. Deleted / Extended scenes have to be out there somewhere! ...but the picture and sound are great!
451964451964B00004CXX9A3GJJ634MTAJ06D. Pigott1151228953600Blu-Ray ReviewI give the blu-ray version of Beetlejuice five stars for the picture and sound quality alone. The improvements compared to the previous DVD release are HUGE. If I had to choose between warner spending money and time on a better transfer or more extra content, I would choose the better transfer. After all, how many times are you going to watch behind the scenes material or a commentary? It's been twenty years since this film was released, so it would be difficult for Tim Burton or anyone involved in the film to remember enough material for a commentary or even for short featurettes. I'd rather have no commentary than a bad one. This comes with a CD sampler of the soundtrack which is a nice addition. I could care less about the episodes of the animated series even though I watched it as a kid. My favorite aspect of this release is seeing the detail on the stop-motion puppets, the surreal set design, and Oscar winning makeup. I can't recommend this enough.

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