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452011452011B000SAPXFOAE3DFQ1NN1DWVFatima2351310256000Great Bedtime DrinkI got this tea specifically because I was looking for a strong cinnamon-flavored tea. This product definitely delivered! It has a strong cinnamon flavor, which I love. If you don't like cinnamon, or if you only wanted a slight cinnamon flavor, then this tea is not for you. I did not think it was spicy, and it did not burn my throat as someone else claimed. I think it had a great, smooth and deep cinnamon flavor.
452012452012B000SAPXFOA335ZX9N3UWHX4C. Rhodes "NewLadyinFl"0051344902400Awesome!!This tea is delicious!...Has a strong cinnamon taste to some me it kinda tastes like root beer...we've been drinking it for a few months and we can feel a difference in energy levels and my husbands blood pressure is normal again.
452013452013B000SAPXFOA1WQYMV125V882earthmother0051343606400I adore this tea at bedtime!After reading other reviews, I ordered this tea warily along with the Davidson's Honeybush tea, in case I needed to tone it down a bit. I was pleased with the price for organic tea. Well, no need for the Honeybush, I love this tea as is! It does have a strong cinnamon scent and flavor with hints of clove & perhaps nutmeg or allspice, which I find wonderfully soothing at bedtime. I think it helps me sleep, which can be a problem for me. The cinnamon adds sweetness, which means I forgo my usual teaspoon of sugar. Of course, my favorite chewing gum is Dentyne Fire and I love red hots, so consider the source. If you love cinnamon as I do, I cannot recommend this highly enough!
452014452014B000SAPXFOAHMBOHQK0MLK6Carter Savage0051339459200Great taste! Love it!Great taste if you like cinnamon! I use it for everyday iced tea and hot tea during the winter. Has a great sweet Flavor without adding any surgery.
452015452015B000SAPXFOA1MZAM6MYI1750Will Walters0041326585600Lots of cinnamonThis product would be much more aptly named as "Cinnamon Rooibos" than Chai, as the amount of cinnamon really overpowers any other "chai" flavours that may be present. However, I like cinnamon so it's okay. But don't buy this expecting traditional chai flavour!
452016452016B000SAPXFOA3ULK84PUVN5GBMrs. J. Greenough0051278288000Organic chai rooibos teaGreat tea, especially if you like spicy, no caffeine, chai-like, good hot or cold, especially with fresh cream! I fill tea bags before brewing as it's quite a fine blend that filters through a tea strainer.
452017452017B000SAPXFOA2LOFG3IXJMFATNinotchka1251312848000Delicious caffeine-free chai, and relatively cheap!This is great tea for people who love chai but are sensitive to caffeine. I would be absolutely nuts about it if it contained cloves, cardamom, or other spices, but as it is, it seems to be just rooibos and cinnamon. It's still good, though!

I drink it unsweetened because the cinnamon has a natural sweetness. I think it might be a little too saccharine if you added honey or sugar, but maybe that's just me.

Davidson's gives a relatively good price for an herbal tea like this. Rooibos is usually expensive.
452018452018B000SAPXFOA25DF7X8DK4MLVcrescentmoon "1crescentmoon"1251300924800Good with or without milk, mild cinnamon flavor.I switched to this tea about 2 years ago from regular caffeinated tea. Since I switched, I found that I don't actually need caffeine, and also that my teeth got whiter, since the tannin in regular tea will stain teeth. There is no teeth staining with this tea.

As for the 'burning the throat' comments. I personally find those cinnamon candies and especially cinnamon gum way too strong. This tea is very mild by comparison. I've never experienced any burning or discomfort.

My 2 year old likes to drink this tea - he prefers no milk added, and since there's no caffeine it's safe for him.
452019452019B000SAPXFOAVYJ8I38H06ZBLindsayGoon1251296777600Amazing, flavorful tea!This is my favorite of all the Davidsons teas that I've tried. Yes, it is strong with a strong cinnamon flavor, but if you're a fan of strong tea, this is the tea for you! I serve it with honey and a dash of milk, and use about 2 tablespoons per teapot, which makes 1 huge serving, or 2 normal sized servings. (I personally like my tea in a cup the size of a small swimming pool: That's how much I love this tea!) If you like robust, creamy tea with no caffeine, you're in for a real treat!
452020452020B000SAPXFOA25C2M3QF9G7OQComdet1251285632000Incredibly good tea!I've had mixed results with Davidson's teas. Their honeybush was great, but their peppermint was pretty bad. Very happy that I tried them again with this spiced Chai tea. It is simply wonderful! Very rich and flavorful - quite enjoyable. It does emphasize cinnamon as others have noted, but not to the point where it's overwhelming. Zero bitterness even when steeped for a long time.

Smells great while brewing, and tastes even better. I will absolutly be buying this again.
452021452021B000SAPXFOA2YBOX6JDFKV3Fnylok0331338940800Caffein Free? nooo!!! No returns?? nooo!!!!Caffein free and no returns be warned! Who wants caffein free chi that's like beer without booz in it. Different product. The listing mentions this but I overlooked it. Who cares what it tastes like I'm in it for the K*E*I*N baby.
452022452022B0045X2UOCA2582KMXLK2P06B. E Jackson0051347062400bringing home a taste of texasThose of you that think you've had the best croutons and never had Texas Toast style, you've been living a lie. A cold hard lie. You haven't tried *anything* until you've tried garlic & butter flavored croutons. A pack of 12, which understandably may seem pretty darn extreme and unnecessary, will go quick the moment this heavenly, buttery flavor melts in your mouth. I recommend buying this extraordinary deal and using 11 packs for the munchies while watching the tube, and using only 1 for salads. You won't be able to resist the taste so it's not like these square-shaped bundles of garlic-y joy stand a chance of making it to your evening salad and spaghetti dinner anyway.
452023452023B0008IT4B0AWL4B2W5Z49X1William A. Klein Jr. "NYislanders16"1131268524800SLOW SERVICEProduct is OK for the price. Shipment was damaged and undeliverable. Charged CC twice'but only replacement delivered. Gusti claims its not its problem. Amazon said the same. Had to dispute with CC COMPANY. Still no resolution. Guess I will only buy products sold by Amazon.
452024452024B0008IT4B0A2UU398B34GHLWSharon A. Hinsley0051349481600Rich Tasting BalsamicLove this brand. In fact, I've found it at TJ Maxx and bought several more bottles. I like thicker balsamic vinegars and this one is just right.
452025452025B004NBDCD4A3HWXK1PEKPT6LuAnn3351321920000Amazingly BIG flavorOur family has always been big on sunflower seeds and since trying BIGS brand we will never go back to that other well known brand. But the Sea Salt & Black Pepper is possibly my ALL time favorite. I am totally hooked on these and it's tough to put them down. BIG bold flavor, larger seeds and overall great quality.
452026452026B004NBDCD4A2NS4KOUBKL7WUSeattledove "seattledove"2251335225600EVERY SEEDER MUST TRY THESEAs a hard core seeder I have tried many brands of seeds including the well-known national brands, the store brands, organically grown seeds, & Bigs. Of all of those choices, the Bigs Sea Salt & Black Pepper rocked my world, blew my mind and knocked my socks off, they are the best. The very first thing I noticed was the jumbo sized seeds which are the best and the hardest to find. The texture of the outside of the seed is like a roasted peanut and it's saturated in flavor. The black pepper jumps up first and makes itself known in a big way. After a few fingerfuls, the salt and other spices get up the courage to start mingling with the pepper and when that happens, you will never forget about these seeds. For days I have been wishing they were available in my local grocery store but I can no longer dream, I must actively search for my new favorite seeds.
452027452027B004NBDCD4AGVPGATH8XA5PMatt2251334534400Great flavor!I tried these while enjoying a spring baseball game. They are awesome! The next game I looked at 6 local stores on the way to the ball park (I almost missed the first pitch) without finding the Sea Salt and Black Pepper! I picked up two other brands versions and was disappointed. These seem to have bolder flavor and bigger seeds too. I was glad to see they were in stock on Amazon to ensure no more aimless stops on the way to the ball park.
452028452028B004NBDCD4AIXPLC6NWXFZDShehzad A.1151344297600Best seeds out thereI used to eat only the major brand sunflower seeds because I had no idea there was anything else out there. As soon as I tried these though I was hooked. The flavor is strong but not overpowering and the seeds themselves are much larger than the other major brand's. I will definitely keep ordering these.
452029452029B004NBDCD4A2KRQN4HSPSHHPMSgolfguru1151339804800The bestThese are the best sunflower seeds hands down. I have been eating sunflower seeds for many years and can no longer tolerate anything but BIGS. Once you have the BIGS it is extremely difficult to eat regular sized seeds again. The black pepper and sea salt is such a unique mix of flavor and bite. I also eat the Bacon and Dill seeds from time to time, but this flavor is the standard. Well done BIGS!
452030452030B004NBDCD4A1MWUPUS9DQVNBKenny Mills ""standing in Truth""1151339113600great seedsTaste great. Don't normally like flavored seeds, but these are good. Big in size and flavor. Resealable bag is nice!
452031452031B004NBDCD4A2VLOJX99B7VLUJ. Jacobson0051351123200More Good StuffSpitting seeds may not seem too etiquite but it sure is fun. All the available flavors are so intense it is hard to quit. It is however recommended to keep them to yourself and dispose of the spent ones properly, preferably in a disposable cup. Note too that there are some locations and occassions that it might not be acceptable to be spitting seeds. But in between those times give your mouth a treat.
452032452032B004NBDCD4A1A8XCHIUN2688C. Keenan0031351123200Misleading labelIt's my fault for assuming that the ingredients would be sunflower seeds, sea salt and black pepper. This is not the case. It contains regular salt as well as sea salt, and a bunch of other ingredients. I do like the size of the seeds. They're nice and big. But there are also a lot of foreign debris like sticks and other matter. At least one in each bag. I will definitely NOT buy this product again.
452033452033B004NBDCD4A243P68DK0TUJRNubadopolis0041332201600Awesome taste, but price here is insane!I just picked up a couple of bags of these at the local convienence store to hold me over until my bacon seeds arrive. After trying them, I'm really surprised! These have a great peppery taste to them. It may be too strong for some, but I really like them!

Now, looking at the price here on Amazon...$41 for a 12 pack?? Seriously?? Why such a high price for these? The bacon & red hot varieties are around $20 for a 12 pack. Why charge over twice the amount for these? Are they really that much in demand?

Overall, these are great seeds. I would say one of the best flavors out there. But I just can't justify spending over $40 for a 12 pack of these. Guess I'll have to stick with getting them at the local store.
452034452034B004GW43Y2A31RDMQSHZQSNQPica1151332720000If milk chocolate carmels are one of your things, you're in for a Treat!I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this 'bag' but was certainly delighted! In fact, I was even leery
up until I opened the individually wrapped candy and found that they were each a perfect size for a two bite
treat that replicated the milk chocolate caramels that were added to the larger Godiva box of chocolates. Only
problem is controlling yourself not to eat them all at once! A Super Treat!
452035452035B004GW43Y2A3DV2IG6TIPY9EM. J. D "Irene Adler"0031347667200Good but Expensive...!Candy is delicious, as is all Godiva. They don't skimp on the flavor, so it's not a "cheap version" of Godiva. But it's overpriced here, as they are sold in most drugstores for $5.99 a bag. If my arithmetic is still good, 6 x 3 =18, so there is no need to buy it online, unless you live somewhere very rural. Thanks!
452036452036B00164V4AEAETWJOHYSOFAOMichael Meadows1151323129600just the right sizethese bags of peanuts are just the right size, not too big not too small, that is why they are just the right size.
452037452037B00164V4AEAC2SMT7WEOBQMBill1151283212800great stuffIf ya like salted peanuts, this is it.
My crew really like having then around the shop for a quick snack.
They stay fresh for a long time easier to carry in you pocket then
ones from a jar.
452038452038B00164V4AEA2BD0KXZXW757Vbrighteyes0051337472000peanutsthese are a great buy, the price is right, i get them every three months if they are in stock. don't have to look all over town for them. i would say who ever likes peanuts like we do this is a great husband want eat nothing but planters
452039452039B00164V4AEA1SXJZK792QZLXH. Ortiz "shoeholic"0021270339200Peanuts for PeanutsI didn't like them. Nuff said.

Too salty, stale tasting, just tasted old and overly processed.. Sure it was a good price, but what the heck am I going to do with an almost full box of peanut bags that I have. Save your money and buy fresher peanuts.
452040452040B00164V4AEA31WLACVWMPN6KSandy Bunker0051265328000The go anywhere snackA great price. I was fearful that this might be the tiny airline type packages but they are the full blown store counter size. What a great value! OK for around the house but wonderful to keep in the car, take to a movie, snack at work, and my favorite: stash in the golf bag. A good treat for the kids.

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