Amazon Fine Food Reviews

452070452070B004BY7HMKA23C3X5UGN7KMNS. Hawkins0051317859200These are amazing.I bought a bag at the grocery store yesterday and I LOVE them! They are crunchy and full of flavor. I like that the flavor is different (cheesy and spicy) which is a nice change from some of the other low fat chips I get that usually are sour cream/onion, bbq, cheddar, etc. It's too easy to keep dipping into the bag for more though so I have to just pour some out onto my plate, lol. You get a lot in one serving though and they're fairly healthy so I like that.
452041452041B003DW731QA1EHK5QWN5M49Bjeff spicer4451305504000amazon lost a k-cup customerI've always bought Emeril's Jazzed up decaf from Amazon (two twentyfour packs for around $24.00). My last order, when I received it, was one twentyfour count box for $27.00. I went back and looked and found that it came from one of Amazons suppliers. I realized that I must of picked the wrong Emerils jazzed up decafs, but wait, there is only one Emeril's jazzed up decaf. I see, Amazon has multiple sellars selling the same thing (but at way different prices). So in my haste to odered my coffee, I picked the wrong vendor. Now this is where I get rubbed the wrong way. Why does Amazon represent all of these different sellers at higher prices than what they themselves sell it for? I returned the coffee and was charged a shipping fee. I told them at that time, if they charged me return freight they would lose a k-cup customer. They did and they have. I placed a $100.00 order for coffee at Kuerig direct and got free shipping. Amazons loss is Kuerigs gain.
452042452042B003DW731QA25O6PZFI0R40EBeverly A. Aube3351279238400Jazzed up DecafI waited until I had company and tried it out on them-----they loved it--it had the strength of real coffee and not the caffine. I will reorder Emeril's Jazzed Up Decaf.

It was a great find.

452043452043B003DW731QA2C90CQ37U95AELinda Smith0041327276800manufacturer?Does anyone know who manufactures this item? I have a complaint about the packaging. The top was not sealed correctly and what a mess that makes. Wondering if this is an isolated incident.
452044452044B003DW731QA1AOH1M34T9V5LBarbara E. Sanderson "minnesotabarbara"0021325894400Where's the jazz?I found this coffee to be very blah and boring. I gave away most of the box and would not order it again. I greatly prefer Newman's Own Organic Decaf.
452045452045B003DW731QAAWRFPMRM3XMSNorCal Shopper0051309824000coffeeThis item arrived early and was exactly as advertised. Really good coffee, I can't taste the difference between this decaf and regular.
452046452046B007KTEZ78A1Q4MNIUESQTBMJohn Schultz1131342224000Kinda sorta like german chocolate cake.My wIfe likes this k-cup a lot. We love the original Donut Shop, i'ts our favorite every day coffee. This coconut mocha reminds me of Timothy's World Coffee, German Chocolate Cake. It has the same kind of flavor but with a lighter bodied coffee. If you like light coffee's you may like this a lot. I prefer a stronger cup-o-joe and i prefer the Timothies over this. It's nice to a variety of coffee for your guests and this would be a great addition for those who love light bodied flavored coffee. If it drops below .60 cents a cup again I will for sure get some more.
452047452047B007KTEZ78ABGF6P03DX9I2Karen West1151337472000DeliciousIf you like the combination of coconut and chocolate, and who doesn't ,you will love this coffee. A truly delightful taste and aroma.
452048452048B007KTEZ78A33UJLCM8UY9T2horsegal27600011349222400From a real flavored k-cup fanatic, this was the WORST coffee I've ever had!I got all excited when I saw this at WalMart and didn't hesitate to drop it in my cart. I've become a huge fan of Green Mountain Coconut Island K-cups and since I had just ran out, I thought I'd try this. I didn't even bother to read the box...just figured it was coconut so thought it'd be similar.

I first suspected something wrong watching it brew. My cup was rapidly filling up with with heavy white foam. The liquid coming out of the brewer from the k-cup was running whitish clear, very weak looking.

My first taste was my last. No way could I bear putting another sip in my mouth. I'm a huge fan of flavored coffee and drink lots of medium brews, not much into the heavy ones. But I'd NEVER ruin my coffee putting milk in it. To a horsegal, well, no self-respecting cowboy or cowgirl adds white stuff to her joe...

This coconut mocha - all I could taste was disgustingly way over-sweet and loaded with cream. YUCK! I just couldn't get those two awful flavors out of my mouth. I barely smelled or tasted any coconut and almost no mocha either...

Taking the opened box back to WalMart along with this review printed out and demanding my money back.
452049452049B007KTEZ78A95JDW02SA6K6AuntKristy170051341964800Awesome FlavorThis coffee has amazing flavor and aroma. You can really taste the coconut in this blend. This is my new favorite flavor.
452050452050B007KTEZ78A22XGVAAD5WCNSTrewthe0051339372800By far one of the best and.....We have tried so many flavors , this one stands out as a winner! Really enjoy most of the flavors we get , but i look forward to this the most, it's simply delicious and it actually tastes like what it is supposed to, not chemically like some we have tried, this is highly recommended for a nice reward for a hard day, or any kind of day really!:)
452051452051B007KTEZ78A1FNU2010FTDZ7nurseprac0051337817600great itemthis k cup is filled with a smooth, non bitter coconut mocha flavored coffee. the shipping was very fast. I do wish the coconut flavor was a little stronger.
452052452052B007KTEZ78A2V0YH86NKTGX1Anna O0041334966400Somewhat weak at the 7 ounce settingI have the Keurig with the 7 and 9 ounce settings. As a coconut fanatic, I was so very disappointed in Green Mountain's Island Coconut coffee k cups not necessarily because of the taste, but because even when you use the smallest setting on the coffee maker, it is very weak and tastes like coconut flavored water.

I just found these Coconut Mocha k cups while shopping at Staples and grabbed two boxes. Just had my first cup and again, even though this coffee says that it is bold on the box, using the mid-size setting on the Keurig resulted in a good but not great cup as far as strength goes. The taste is very smooth. I did not taste the mocha though, just a smooth coconut flavor that was excellent but I wish it was a little stronger. You can tell while the cup is brewing that the water flow turns clear about halfway through the brewing process so a lot of plain water is added after the initial coffee pours through. I think for the next cup I will pull the cup away to avoid all that additional flavorless water to drop in. Taste-wise these cups are great once you get your desired strength figured out.
452053452053B007KTEZ78A2EDXLKA3YLUGHDenise "dc4618"0051334620800Love it!This is one of the best tasting coffees around, it has a rich creamy coconut taste.
I purchased as a 3 pack sample to try it and I will definitely be ordering a full box soon.
452054452054B007KTEZ78A1E08KY7YHUYEYnicole wolske "nd12"0021332633600smells great but has no taste.I got this at target and since I like the mocha coconut frapachino which tastes like that girl scout cookie I got it. it smelled great, but when you sip it there is a taste of it but the after taste is like watery coffee. It may be one of those ones that tastes better when brewed as a smaller size.
452055452055B007M0I8D2A28OA8LBBSKZBWEmily B0051348099200My cats actually lick the plate clean! Woah.Let me start by saying I'm a very cheap person and for the past 4 years have only give my cats Friskees wet food. I actually did splurge and get them Royal Canin Sensitive Stomach as dry food though, in my defense. And that stuff isn't cheap. However, in the past few months, my older cat started licking all the hair off of her stomach and was scratching constantly. Two trips to the vet and two steroid injections later, everything was ruled out but an allergic reaction to either the litter I was using (Arm & Hammer) or the food. To avoid paying more vet bills and to make my little fur baby happy, I decided to man(woman) up and get the good stuff. You know, the stuff with no disgusting animal by-products, rice, grain, and brewer's yeast in it. I never really took the time to read the back of the Friskee's label or the label of the Royal Canin. You think if you pay a lot for something it will be healthy, but it's not! I feel like such a bad parent.

In any event I completely switched everything. Started using pine pellets for the litter, which is all natural, and got this Core brand food because it appeared to be exactly what my cats needed -something completely free of anything bad for them. I was also instructed by my vet not to feed them chicken or beef because a lot of allergies come from that. So I have only purchased the Turkey/Duck/Seafood types of Core food; both wet and dry.

Summary of the wet: Yeah, it's almost $2.00 a can. Makes you a little ill thinking about it. But I've never seen my cats literally lick the entire plate clean and want more than two servings in a day of ANYTHING. When I fed them Friskee's I was easily throwing away half a can a day just by having it be left over and stale on their plate. Not with this Core food. They devour it and come back for more. It's amazing. My wallet doesn't thank me but those cats sure do!

As for the dry food: It's a little different in shape/texture than other dry foods. They eat it, but I think they like the wet better. I leave out dry food during the day in case they get hungry so I know they are eating it, but they much prefer the wet.

My animals eat better than I do and get better medical care than I do. *Sigh*
452056452056B007M0I8D2A3443ZQ8UAZKMZTabby0051348012800smells like actual foodshocking I know, but this cat food actually smells like something that humans eat. the kitties love it. will totally buy again :)
452057452057B004FX8APKA3FCUE6SLU3FITD. L. Ward0041347148800Good, and good for you...What can you say? Its macadamia nut oil. With the garlic it gives you a little flexibility to add a little more flavor to a dish. As a source of omega-6, its good for you. My only problem with the product is that it is pricey for the amount of oil in the bottle. That's why it didn't get 5 stars.
452058452058B0006M4ZNAAJYHA46YONBMIT. Moranda2251165968000This tea is great!I found this at my local organic grocery store and I love it. The flavor is just the right amount of jasmine. The can is very nice with 2 lids to keep it fresh. Would make a nice gift for any tea lover
452060452060B00475OCRQA3F8PWAQ4BUYMOMarkella Evia1111303171200Awful!My toddler never says no to any foods. But as soon as I squeezed this out of the package I wondered why it smelled SO BAD. I started feeding him it...he ate a few bites each time screaming as he swallowed. Then he refused. Don't buy this. It's awful.
452061452061B00475OCRQA1Y5XV6J10YLZTLuganlove0051325376000Tastes great, smells great, daughter loves!Not sure why the last review was so terrible, my daughter LOVES this. It's all natural ingredients and actually tastes good tome too! It smells great, sweet potatoes with a hint of cinnamon. YUMMY!
452062452062B00475OCRQA1GYO10FB0EI8Umom of 20051318118400Best Baby Food EVER!Sprout foods are amazing! From the moment you open the package you know this is not your ordinary baby food. You can smell all the natural ingredients. My son's favorite is the Sweet Potato & White Bean. Secondly, because the packaging is narrow, it is great for travel (don't have to worry about broken glass jars or smooshed plastic.
452063452063B008401AWAA2NE5G3FDZ31J9Lillian Gillies "OtterQueen"0051341532800Best chili sauce ever.Since trying it, this is the only chili sauce I will buy. I use it to make 1,000 island dressing. It's just a bit spicy and has chunks of peppers in it. Delish! But don't pay $10 for it. It should cost less than $4 at your grocer.
452064452064B004TL0JVQAT2ONGBAQ8HFDEma Nnep2241318464000Love the cinnamony goodness!I love cinnamon in baked goods and often sprinkle it on hot cereal to give it a more homey taste... Don't know why cinnamon strikes me as a homey taste other than all the baking my grandma did using it when I was growing up.

This has the best of all components in it. Cinnamon is an antioxident, oatmeal is good for cleaning the blood of cholesterol, and the fiber is just good for general health, so what's not to LOVE about this cereal?

I like to eat cereal dry as a snack in place of popcorn or chips and this has just enough sweet to it that I feel like I'm splurging when I'm being rather restrained on the sugar front.

Plus, this is a great change up for the traditional marshmallow squares recipes for treats. I add slivered almonds for a little protein and will be trying it with dried apricots diced up and mixed in for a harvest touch.

Spice makes it twice as nice!
452065452065B004TL0JVQA12OKUSUX0CVQ1kaste1151320537600Too good!This cereal is sooo good! I eat it for breakfast, as a snack, instead of popcorn while watching a movie... Best cereal I've ever tasted!
452066452066B004TL0JVQAED2Y0IZYU0PFWalter H. Bauer, Jr.0051346889600Cinnamon Burst Cheerios 2 Bags (2lb 4.5oz)This cereal is awesome. If you have a taste for cinnamon then this is your cereal. Costco had it once but had to look elsewhere and found it here at Amazon.
452067452067B004TL0JVQA11YYUOXYTNKS4K. Barry "Kashbarr"0041318118400Good tasting without a bazillion grams of sugarGeneral Mills. So I've been searching for cereal that has taste, but not tons of sugar. And here it is. A flavor for adults, with less calories, less fat and less carbs then most of the other granola types. I throw on a packet of splenda and this taste great to me, and unlike sugared cereal or the small servings of granola, this keeps me satisfied throughout the morning.
452068452068B004TL0JVQA1FWGD8W50GREOTess "Tess"1211316390400Yuck!General Mills scores a big fat -0- for this new flavor of Cheerios. Stick with the original or Honey Nut. We just threw away a whole new box of this awful tasting stuff. Too much cinnamon (subtlety needed here) and leaves a horrible taste in your mouth. Save your money.
452069452069B004BY7HMKA3TSUHR5JNORFXMomboss69670051339977600Great!These chips are wonderful. I am not allergic to them and the taste is great. Will be buying them in the future.

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