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452101452101B000NSI75OA206FJW87GLZMVClare Beaumont "soulcare"1221286323200Not to sprout with WaterI did not know until I tried, but these seeds do not sprout with water. I guess they need soil. So I wasted my money on a useless producct.
452102452102B0002AQ5Q6A3W4ZXW47QH6H2Tachel0051337472000My Pomeranians LOVE these!Fabulous product line! No odors! No stains! I have two male 8 pound Pomeranians and they love these as a treat at night when my husband and I are watching a movie. It is great to not worry about them staining the bedding or furniture.
452103452103B001NIQVLUA334FD0C567HTRSuzy Whitt131811314403200Love the product, thought it was going to be twoWe love "choco" as it is loving called in our house. I have order the 85 serving container many times, but overlooked that this is only for ONE! Also the list price is $29.99! Maybe if if is shipped from the other side of the world. Be careful and look for the two pack in the $13-15 range. That is what this should cost. This product page is double the price.
452104452104B001NIQVLUA3DUPHNPRY0GQImonami "vidiot"0051326153600Got Milk?My nephew is a chocolate milk freak!! I bought him this for Christmas and he's a happy, happy guy. The large container will last him a while.
452105452105B000NFDP04A2KUUWP4ZZMOBPJolly Green Giant "You can try Birchbox too! ...3341245628800Good, but original version is better.This is a good Asian sesame dressing. I've been buying it for the past year, but the original version is better than the light version and only has an extra 20 calories.
452106452106B000NFDP04A2Y1PCNQ1BMEMAexcitablesm "sm"3351199318400Light Asian YUMHave already purchased about 3 bottles of the Light version of Kraft's Asian dressing.
Great taste, and to my surprise, my teen kids love it. They are eating salad much more now!
452107452107B000NFDP04A1HDGKXOJCZZU3Tam-Lei2251247443200One of the Best Dressings Around!I was a little reluctant to try this dressing when my best friend suggested it some time ago. However, once I tried it, I was hooked! I originally tried the regular and decided to also try the light. I was surprised that the light still had a great flavor and it did not taste "fake". Now, this is the only dressing I use at home! Thumbs up to Kraft for this one!
452108452108B000NFDP04A22BALM4C7HWO2sweetts1151281916800Asian Toasted Sesame by Kraft is yummy!This dressing rocks. I'm was not a big salad eater until I tasted this dressing at my friend's house! Love it!
452109452109B000NFDP04A3XZDJGLJOIQGG. Kuhn "Budman"1151259971200Delicious!I used to only eat creamy style dressings. I went on a diet but couldn't find a salad dressing I liked until this. I can eat it a couple of times a day easily. It's the best! I even prefer it to the loaded-with-fat, creamy dressings I used to love.

I can't tell that it's "light" and it's only 40 calories a serving. Usually can't find it stores, so thanks, Amazon!
452110452110B0064KO222A34D61RQILOKIJTampaBayGal1111350086400Not Banana RuntsBesides being smaller than runts, they look the same and have the same consistency. Unfortunately, they taste nothing like banana runts...nor do they even taste good. Yucky stuff. Trying to return with vendor.
452111452111B0064KO222AAV3AEI6YSYA2sue0031345766400Banana Heads Not Banana RuntsThe item over all was fine, but the Banana Heads are not just like Banana Runts they are alot smaller. Also when I received the item, the packaging was not great. The Banana Heads had come open during shipping and were all over the packing envelope.
452112452112B0064KO222A104Y49ZQ4CYJ2H. Adams "hollya"0051344816000Worked great!I purchased as a giveaway for a baby shower with Jungle theme! They worked out perfect for 25 small bags of candy. I purchased 5#. If you want more than 25 small bags, I would purchase a larger bag.
452113452113B005W9TJAGA3E0QPQG3BIFYXdoncar0051350172800The Best!It took them a while to arrive but when they got here they were worth waiting for. These were the absolute best nuts around. There were so good that I bought them for a wedding and decided to keep half of them for myself.
452114452114B000H299JYA1ZFNHPU17ZEZ1T. H. Chan3341274572800Rich combination of white chocolate and coconutThis is an excellent but pricey white chocolate prone to melting on warmer days. I recommend buying on sale and not in the summer.
452115452115B000H299JYAMRMK86X3PKXDR. Thomasson1151337644800If you Love Coconut Sweets This is ItThese Lindt Excellence Coconut White Chocolate bars are as good an example of coconut candy as you will ever find. The bars are large and well made. From the outer "box" that each bar comes in to the delicate foil they are wrapped in, everything about this candy points to excellence. The flavor is very rich. The chocolate is creamy and dense. The coconut is moist and sweet. The two together are wonderful.
452116452116B000H299JYA2U6SYRQNWZLIESteven Chernus "M.D., J.D."1151325894400Typical Swiss ExcellenceThis is one of my all time favorite gustatory treats. Although I am quite familiar with Lindt products (Lindt-Sprüngli in Switzerland), I somehow missed this one until I received a bar as a gift. Wow! It was gone in minutes.
452117452117B000H299JYA1HH2KZIFLXRJLR. Guzman1151323129600Favorite out of all Lindt barsUnfortunately, I only bought one of these from the Lindt store. It was gone before the day was over. Absolutely delicious, the chocolate and the coconut are perfectly balanced and are irresistible. I'm not really a fan of white chocolate, but this bar is the only exception. As already stated, if you love coconut, you will love this bar.
452118452118B000H299JYA2DPYMNI2HCIOIAngela Evans0051342656000Such a treatI am a huge fan of coconut. This candy bar is one of my favorite coconut treats. It is not disgustingly sweet, rather it has a delicate coconut flavor. Normally, I dislike white chocolate but with the coconut, this candy bar is amazing. The consistency and intensity of the bar is not like a mounds bar. This is an actual candy bar with no filling. The coconut flavor is melded with the chocolate. The bar is fairly large. I typically take three to four days to eat one bar - the restraint is hard, but at 240 calories a serving restraint is necessary. Flecks of this bar are great on ice cream but also in thicker, warmer beverages.
452119452119B000H299JYA2ZAMLN0790UH8Ellen J. Jefferies "the MuddyBottoms Gang"0051331078400OH MY!This is beyond good, beyond delicious, it's sinful! My husband who doesn't like coconut or white chocolate loved it. Do not buy it, please! Leave them all for me.
452120452120B000H299JYA2YB7DLC3FOR7WPamela V ""MS V""0051316304000Like Coconut Cream Pie!This smooth white chocolate has the perfect hint of coconut. It's absolutely delightful. Warning: once you open a bar, it's history. There's no way I can control myself with something this tasty.
452121452121B000H299JYA29Q1AQMQFF764Sandy J0051311552000If you love white chocolate & coconut, this is to die for!This is a velvety smooth, delicious white chocolate. The addition of coconut makes it fabulous. If you're a coconut lover, you have to try this!
452122452122B000SAPXF4AUME1JQ5UKCCBJ. McGlothlin7731303257600Irish orange pekoe tea?Purchased this for my husband, who only drinks tea. He prefers Irish Breakfast tea, but often drinks English Breakfast tea as well. He tried it and stated it tasted like Tetl*y tea. To me, it tasted like the orange pekoe tea served at fast food establishments. It isn't unpleasant, but it just doesn't taste like Irish Breakfast tea, even when brewed with a large amount of leaves in a single cup.
452123452123B000SAPXF4A8GR4PH5NW96VJennifer L. Rinehart111311304208000Forget Beer Face, I have a case of Tea FaceNothing beats a creamy, sugary cup of steaming hot tea on a cold and rainy day (I live in Washington, so I drink a lot of tea).

I usually buy loose tea at the grocery store, the price isn't great at $24.99lb but the taste is so far above the drab Lipton tea bags I grew up with that now I can't bear to drink tea from teabags. It's like watching television on a tiny black and white after a few weeks of using a a nice flatscreen, horrible and strange.

The price for this Davidson's Irish Breakfast was so much lower than what I get at the grocery store that I thought, 'ha! It must be my lucky day!'

Well, when something seems too good to be true, it usually is.

From the moment I opened the bag, the tea smelled wrong. I still had a few teaspoons of Irish Breakfast from my last visit to the grocery store and when I compared the teas they looked noticeably different. The grocery tea, hereafter known as 'Good Tea' was darker, the tea leaves more solid with occasional bits of bronzyness scattered willy nilly throughout. The 'Good Tea' was not just slightly darker, it was several shades darker. Also, the Davidson's Irish Breakfast had a grayish-green tinge to it. In fact, it looked a lot like the oolong tea I bought last year and have yet to finish (guess I'm not an oolong girl).

I made a cup for my hubby, adding just the right amount of cream and sugar. When he's busy working, sometimes I think he'd drink a cup of soy sauce, as long as it was hot and he didn't have to fetch it himself, he's just so distracted, but he took one sip of the Davidson's and made a sour face. Anyways, he wouldn't drink it and I had to toss my cup down the drain too. There's no amount of sugar, cream or lemon slices that can fix this hellish brew. Sorry, but I'd give this a pass.
452124452124B000SAPXF4AABA87AUK2SC9RCK6721314662400Too much like keemumMy impression of Irish Breakfast has always been mostly Assam, sometimes blended with Ceylon, but never Keemum. English breakfast usually has that smokey leaf, but not Irish. This tea was smokey. If you are like me, and you don't like that smokey flavor, you won't like this one. I really didn't like it and would not recommend it to anyone who's serious about tea. Go for Harney &'s worth the extra cost.
452125452125B000SAPXF4A16WTAW9484GJ7Rev D Irvin Glazman6821284681600Its a question of tasteAdvertisement for tea says it is strong and flavorful. The taste must be quite subtle. The tea, when steeping, presents with a deep reddish brown color. The aroma is quite mild. I brew an 8 cup pot; with one heaping tbsp. At 4 minutes the flavor is to mild. This is brewing as reccommended. To get an adequate taste I brew 6 cups with 2 rounded tbsps. for 5 minutes. This is the upper limit of their strength recommendations. Well; what do I hsve? At any level of brewing I either have a wimpy cup or one so bitter no pleasurable flavor could be discerned. This is the first Davidson's tea that I have not liked. I can not recommend it to anyone. Purchased at Amazon. Arrived quickly in good condition. Surprisingly little dust and sweepings size particles.
452126452126B000SAPXF4A3UBDVOL5UDIIBLaura1151313712000The very best loose tea and it's organic!This is my second favorite Davidson's loose tea, the first being English Breakfast. I have alternated between the Irish Breakfast and the English breakfast for my last four orders and have finally come to the conclusion that the English Breakfast is slightly more flavorful and a bit stronger. They are very similar though, almost too close in my opinion to bother offering both.
452127452127B000SAPXF4AKE2AYHYVRGE2M. Foster3451251936000My tea tasted greatEverything I have purchased from Davidson's has been received very quickly and the quality has been excellent,
452128452128B000SAPXF4A1M71EDZUYF2ZYGeorge Heiser4641271462400Great Tea at a Good PriceThe Davidson's Irish Breakfast tea is a little mild for my taste but is nevertheless quite tasty. Also, Davidson's teas are guaranteed to be organic which is a quality I appreciate and enjoy. I often blend my own teas together and have found that Irish Breakfast goes well with South African Rooibos tea and the two together give me an added dimension of flavor that either one alone does not possess. At any rate this is an excellent tea and if you order on Amazon's Subscribe and Save you receive an extra 15% discount on subsequent orders. So, what's not to like?
452129452129B000SAPXF4A1RDGABGJQ2EK9Lynn J. Carlyle "Freakin Old Guy"0051349568000Great tea!Not sure how many pounds of this I have bought over the past couple of years. IT is very good tea at a very good price.
452130452130B000SAPXF4A2EIMWL5B1YRRXEllie Ravinsky "Tea Drinker"0051346803200FANTASTIC TEA, fast deliveryI love the tea and I cannot believe the price! This is only 1/3 of the price charged by other companies and the taste is heavenly. I LOVE this tea. I cannot believe how fast it arrived. I appreciate the service and quality and will be buying more tea from this seller. GREAT JOB!!

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