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452131452131B000SAPXF4A33Z64D1CJ101ZD. Lark "night bird"0051335916800Strong Black TeaI like to make very strong tea in my tea maker. This produces a strong brew ice tea. It also has a better taste than the Tetley bags.
452132452132B000SAPXF4A3T5RYDNG919LNHa In Sook0051329696000Great value, you have to use a lot for a strong flavorI give it five stars for value. True, it's not THE best tea I've ever drunk, but it's pretty darn good. Definitely better than Twinnings. I drink loads of tea. This one is slightly smokey. I use a lot to make a strong brew. You can simply grind it up more to make it stronger. It has a fairly clean taste. If you don't use enough tea, it may test a bit wine-like and thin. It's not a real robust, thick flavor like some Indian breakfast teas I've had.

My only complaint is I wish they'd grind it finer like most breakfast teas and I wish it were a bit more robust and fuller-flavored.
452133452133B000SAPXF4A38JGYS84GZQ51halfsister0051328054400Davidson's Irish TeaI love tea and drink about 4 cups a day. This tea is wonderful in the morning by itself or with a biscuit, scone, toast, etc. It is very satisfying. If made strong which is how I like it, there is no bitter taste. Love this tea.
452134452134B000SAPXF4A2Q2PONQ6CFH4TBigH750051280534400Good Tea, Great PriceIs this the best Irish Breakfast Tea that I have ever had? No. Is it the one with the most pronounced bold flavor? No. Is it quite good? Yes. Is it a fantastic bargain? YES!!! I drink about 30-40 ozs of tea every morning, so it is not a cheap habit, but a necessary one to get my day going. This tea has become part of my morning ritual. Keep in mind that a lb of tea leaves is a lot of tea. To get it for only $12 is a fantastic bargain. I won't hesitate to buy more of their products.
452135452135B000SAPXF4AAVXLDJPBOJBWSimon0041274572800Easy drinking but lighter than othersThis is good tasting tea that is hard to overbrew. But it is lighter than what you'd traditionally expect from an Irish Breakfast.
452136452136B000SAPXF4A1RLP0R1N8H8C4Kitten Kisser71151266364800What a Deal!I get this through the Subscribe & Save program through Amazon & it is such a great deal!
I use this tea to brew my own Kombucha Tea. We go through a TON of loose leaf tea because we brew Kombucha dark & long plus we drink a whole lot of it! This tea at this price is just perfect for the job! I can't say how it is brewed the regular way because we don't drink it like that. My husband did make iced tea with it & he loved it. I mean really really loved it! Maybe that's why our Kombucha is so delicious?
At such a cheap price it is worth trying. The subscribe & save is no commitment. You can cancel any time & adjust how often, how much, & even skip or have your item/s sent earlier. Totally no risk.
Highly highly recommend!
Where else can you find ORGANIC TEA at this price?
Oh & it's packaged in a brown roll close type bag that is lined with plastic/wax? on the inside. I immediately remove it from the bag & store it in glass mason jars in a dark cabinet. Stays nice & fresh!
452137452137B000SAPXF4A14ONHL3Y3X9ZRK. Davis1251290556800Best Ever!Having tried teas from hundreds of sources during my tea-drinking life, I have become a total convert to Davidson's bulk teas for myself and as gifts. Fresh, excellent body and flavor, and many organic. Thanks, Davidson's!
452138452138B000SAPXF4A1K4EGN14MSXQ6vrensubsin0151269993600good price for loose leaf teaI used to get mine from english tea store that has a recloseable ziplock bag but I missed the last promo with free shipping so I tried this one instead. I think it taste fine even though the brand is unknown. I like getting good value from generic brands so to me this is the same. Would order again. The only thing is I have to put it in a plastic bag so I won't spill the tea in case I accidentally tilt the bag.
452139452139B000SAPXF4A37EBDW0TPTKKJoieK1341315180800Wonderful, like a fine wine!Love this tea's notes of maple syrup. It's mild enough to drink without sugar. I wish it had more caffeine though!
452140452140B000SAPXF4AJJY9HT7WQ9FIGeorge Wielang "emwi"41111220745600Only tried this one product from them but yuck!I did not like this product at all! It tasted like it has gone bad. I am very picky about my teas and this one I am sorry I bought.
452141452141B002HFPAL0A1UQBFCERIP7VJMargaret Picky0041321401600Stash Chamomile Herbal TeaStash Chamomile Herbal Tea is tea bags with dried, crushed chamomile flowers.

Honestly, as far as I'm concerned, chamomile is chamomile. I suppose that when you use loose flowers you get sediment in the cup and I have seen this happen with some brands of chamomile tea bags, these don't do that.

I have also had organic chamomile (this isn't) but I can't taste the difference.

Each bag is individually packaged and that is either good or bad depending on how and where you use it and if you are concerned about excessive packaging.

If you like chamomile tea, this is a good choice.
452142452142B001L1IRMKA38NODGP1UU4RYSTEPHANIE D. MCGOWN "Steph"2251262563200Love it this flavor!!!I have tried other coffee flavors, but this my favorite flavor. I love the taste of almond in this coffee. I recommend this flavor to everyone.
452143452143B001L1IRMKA151PDYXPKZ21OCarol S. Sturges1151261526400Great product...I have been looking for Gevalia coffee without having to sign up for the coffee club, this is a great find. I love this coffee but don't drink enough for the frequent shipments that the coffee club offers. Thank goodness for Amazon and their great offers.
452144452144B001L1IRMKA3K4J6RF6KLW0UDowitch1141246406400Good alone, doesn't mix.This is very good coffee when prepared by itself, but it doesn't play well with others. I tend to mix flavored coffees into my plain coffee to get a mild flavor and to smoothe out the edges on the (cheaper) plain coffee that I buy. This has a fairly mild flavor on its own, which is lovely by itself, but when mixed with other coffee it brings out an unpleasant note that was rejected by the whole office.
452145452145B001L1IRMKA2KIDHNXYWO6SZSierra0051327449600best coffee flavor! thusThis is almost as good as kona coffee from Hawaii. The cherry almond flavor of this Amaretto coffee goes great with vanilla-caramel creamer. I hope Amazon never stops carrying this product. I notice Gevalia started trickling into my local grocery store but this flavor is not available there and the subscription is too expensive.
452146452146B001L1IRMKA14738H3YYX7ZCJohn Popp0051310169600EXCELLENTA very pleasant surprise. The Amaretto is not overpowering, and the overall effect is that of a pleasnt flavor surprise coupled with a heady flavor. Really good coffee.
452147452147B001L1IRMKA25V2N0S6P3EEQPhone Guy0051299974400Gevalia Amaretto Ground CoffeeMy wife bought this as she likes Amaretto flavor, and great tasting coffee. Her description, "It's smooth, heaven in a cup". She is a fan of Starbucks Coffee, and even tried their new Vanilla flavored coffee. She found the Starbuck's vanilla flavor to be off, with a bitter after taste. She purchased this, and loves it more than any other brand she has ever tried. Please Amazon, keep this in stock!
452148452148B001L1IRMKA1PO99BU3T84Z6MAJESTIC BLACK "MAJESTIC"0051297036800AWESOME!!!I usually purchase this from Gevalia, but is costs more and the I usually have to wait up to ten days!! TOO LONG!!! I love this product TOO much to wait. As long as you keep this in stock I will purchase it from you!!
452149452149B001L1IRMKA1DEAP0BERN8F7Rosey0051292630400Best coffee, ever!I really enjoy this coffee and had the bright idea to grab a few bags for stocking stuffers since the holiday is just around the corner. Signed on to my Amazon to order, and it's temporarily out of stock. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh, I waited too long. If you're looking for a rich, but not-at-all-bitter flavor, this coffee is perfect. The touch of Amaretto flavor makes it perfect for hubby and me. We just love it. I highly recommend the product.
452150452150B001ROJ3FQA1XKL83T4US153Bev DeLong101051298851200Good saltThis salt is very tasty and a noticable difference in flavor. However, if purchasing the coarse grind make sure that you either also purchase the grinder offered by this seller or use a stainless steel type grinder, as the usual grinders will not be able to do the job. The coarseness of this salt is truly a strong crystal that is not easily broken down otherwise. The fine grind is perfect for the normal table shaker however. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to try something other than the usual iodized salt found in the supermarket.
452151452151B001ROJ3FQA261IAO0WF46MDYolonde Delgreco "Amateur Baker"111251292457600Excellent!!!This salt is really good. I have a lot of salt in my cupboard that I bought before buying this salt, that claimed to be grinder salt, but was not.I decided to go to Amazon to see what they had and sure enough, Amazon delivered once again!!!
The Spice Lab Company has a great product, delivered quickly, and at a very reasonable price. The bag of salt is quite large also. It has a pink color to it, I don't know why...but it's kinda neat! I put it in my grinder and tried it and it is absolutely perfect! I will definitley order from them again. Thank you Amazon and Spice Lab for coming through. If you want a great product for a great price and great service, then order your salt and other items from The Spice Lab1 Kg Himalayan Coarse Grinder Salt Company. You won't be dissappointed!!!!! Five stars for you guys!!
Thank you!
452152452152B001ROJ3FQA34ZYX6UEGNK8GD. Cole0051347062400I love this salt!This is a hard review because taste is so subjective but I really love the taste of this salt. Believe it or not, this has MUCH more flavor but is not as salty as normal table salt. I think I would even go and say that its about half as salty as regular table salt. I would highly recommend a grinder of some type because this is a pretty hard salt. I will be getting more of this when I run out!
452153452153B001ROJ3FQA28VCX74L5OTBKDonna Ford0051340236800Great flavor and textureThis salt was an impulse purchase that has become a favorite. It has a great flavor and texture that adds a new dimension to my food.
452154452154B001ROJ3FQAUOJEXT54C9TSfrogladysmiles0051339459200Lots of taste1 Kg Himalayan Coarse Grinder Salt Just recently I was introduced to Sea Salt. I found this one and we just love the flavor it gives to the food. Just don't use to much as it is easy to overdo it. I have shared this product with friends and family... they also are very pleased with it.
452155452155B001ROJ3FQAUHHK86E7T1RMgoodkarmakitty0351318550400Easy transactionItem arrived as described and in a timely manner. Good price for the amount of salt we purchased. Thank you!
452156452156B000FIWIWAA281NPSIMI1C2RRebecca of Amazon "The Rebecca Review"212151171324800Sweet Cooling Burst of FlavorIf you are looking for an all-natural mint without sugar, the xylitol-sweetened mints are pleasantly minty with a sweet burst of flavor. The mints crumble fast, have a cooling sensation and dissolve almost immediately after being crushed. These are not the type of mints you can suck on for any extended period of time and only serve to refresh the mouth immediately.

Unlike sugar, Xylitol will not promote tooth decay. This ingredient also helps to decrease plaque formation and adhesion. Xylitol is a naturally occurring 5-carbon sugar alcohol found in many fruits including plums, strawberries and raspberries. Our bodies actually produce about 11g of Xylitol a day.

Xylitol has been proven to:

Reduce Tooth Decay

Prevent Cavities by inhibiting the growth of bacteria

Inhibit the growth of a related species, Streptococcus pneumoniae, which is a cause of ear infections

Reduce the secretion of Plaque Acids

Facilitate the Remineralization of Tooth Enamel

Xylitol is believed to be safe, but doses higher than 30g per day can cause stomach discomfort. Since one box of mints is 42 grams, you'd almost have to eat an entire box of mints to experience any problems.

The strange ingredient in these mints is "Hibiscus powder." This is sometimes used in diet formulas. It may cause you to feel less hungry.

Please keep out of reach of pets, especially dogs. You may not want to keep this in your house if you have dogs.

~The Rebecca Review
452157452157B000FIWIWAA297YMSYEPDX45~Ariel~141451287014400Pretty cool mintsRicochet Peppermints, 6pk of 100 pieces/1.48oz tins

Ingredients: Xylitol, Natural Peppermint Oil, Natural Hibiscus Powder (no Gum Arabic as incorrectly stated in above description)

This was my first time trying xylitol mints and I was not disappointed. They are very sweet & refreshing. They have a different sweetness than sugar, but it's not phony or sick tasting like some alternative sweeteners. I was surprised that the mints are light purple, but it's a natural coloring from hibiscus flowers. I do wish these mints were a little bigger. They are .42grams/each and the size and shape remind me of Smarties candies. They dissolve quickly, but that's probably because they're almost pure xylitol and have no added chemicals. They also make a lot of dust, but I can put up with that for the great ingredients. I was debating between these and Spry xylitol mints, but the Spry ones have calcium lactate and gum arabic. Plus they're made in China and Ricochet are made in the USA. The tins are convenient and have quotes on the inside lid, but some of the tins have loose latches. Not a common problem, but one of the six didn't close as securely. So if you have one that closes securely, you might want to save it. Overall these are great mints and would be even better if they were bigger and available in more stores.

If you're looking for a tasty xylitol gum try Xyloburst Peppermint Xylitol Chewing Gum 100 Count

***2012 UPDATE: I just bought another 6-pack & the mints have changed a bit, mostly improvements. They are now bigger (increased from .42g to .5g) & they make less dust. They are also more minty. They are still purple, but the hibiscus powder ingredient has been replaced with "natural coloring." Packaging looks different & they have given them the new name Xyla. The price was still the same, which is nice since the mints have increased in size. Still 100 mints/tin, but weight is 1.76oz rather than 1.48oz. Nutrition facts have remained the same (1 calorie/mint with .4g xylitol & .4g carbs). Overall the mints are even better than before. Taste even better & last a little bit longer.
452158452158B000FIWIWAA389M91MPB0OWBJustin Birnbaum9951289779200RicochetThese are probably the strongest mints I've tasted other than Smints. They are about the size and shape of a sweet tart. Like the previous reviews stated, they are kind of crumbly and dissolve quickly in your mouth. Good for a quick blast of mint to coat your mouth. If you're looking for a mint to suck on, you're better off with Spry.
452159452159B000FIWIWAAS3HJHTAGPZG2bjrubble6651288828800Addictive!An earlier review mentions possible intestinal discomfort but points out that you'd need to eat almost a whole tin to get that dose. I wouldn't just dismiss that possibility!

The mints are tiny, chalky, leave white residue on your fingers, and dissolve within seconds. I'm still going to give them 5 stars, because I can't stop eating them. They have a very clean, very strong peppermint flavor, with no odd notes or aftertaste (which I've noticed in another brand). Between the peppermint flavor and the lack of bacteria-friendly sugar, they leave my mouth feeling fresh and clean. I have them at work, and have noticed reduced cravings for midafternoon snacks -- I figured it was because they gave my mouth something to do, but another review mentions hibiscus, which seems plausible as well.

And despite eating an entire tin in a day on more than one occasion, I haven't had any stomach issues.
452160452160B000FIWIWAA2SZWFJX0783BFWillow3341298246400Richochet Mints Messy but Good

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