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452247452247B0039UXJ4MA1CK9FCOX9IFPPwestward "Westward"0051325808000Rawhide RollsI have seen 9 dogs chew these rawhides. They all love them, and most of them are clean. However, one of these dogs will rip any toy up. She is the type of dog that might pull them apart and leave pieces on the floor. These dogs never left a piece behind. Every now and then I will see another dog with it in pieces but it isn't very common and they always clean it up. They don't leave any of it behind.

The only time I ever saw one as dangerous for the dog is my english mastiff had it all slobbery and it unrolled. He wasn't smart enough to realize that he couldn't have half of it down his throat and still be chewing on the other half. I just pulled it out and threw it away. I still give them to him and we only had a problem that one time. It has saved us from many dog problems. They are happy to chew on these and know they are for them. We tried to have them laying around for them all the time so when they feel the urge to chew, they go for their own toy. I think they are great for puppies to save your own stuff. Adults love them also.

The product itself is wonderful. I was buying them for almost $11 at SAMs (15 pack) and I can't bring myself to buy them on amazon because of the price as it is double. I buy a lot of things through Amazon, but this isn't a product I intend to buy from Amazon. If you are really interested in these rawhide rolls, put it in a search engine and see what you can find. I have seen a lot of them for $14.99. I only searched for them because I couldn't find them at Sams last time I was there but if I have to go somewhere else to get them, it won't be amazon.

Either way, the product is great. I first bought them for the dogs that like to chew on things, it turned out that the ones who don't usually chew on things like them too.

My dad has border collies for working cattle, one of them had pretty bad plaque build up and the vet thought he needed to be put to sleep to clean it off. Something happened and he didn't get in when he was supposed to. I gave some of these rawhide rolls to him, he didn't need anything more. After awhile of chewing on them, he was cleaned up.

If Amazon gets more reasonable, I would definitely be willing to buy them through Amazon. I will keep using this product for my dogs, and after I gave them to my parents dogs, they decided they were a GOOD TO HAVE product too.
452248452248B0039UXJ4MAEAK7WVC54BLPR.Leigh0031325462400Good price but bones break off a lot of shardsOrdered these for our German Shepherd. The price was really good for the number you get. When she gets chewing them however, lots of sharp bone shards break off. This wouldn't bother me except that she immediately swallows them. We've bought other brands that didn't seem to break as much.
452249452249B0039UXJ4MA22746UQ1ETFBDniki0051323216000Rawhide RollsI like this product because it is priced well and does not leave a mess. It is also from free range cattle so there is a different aroma to the chew sticks. The smell get my dogs excited and it's not obnoxious or overwhelming, it's subtle, pleasant, and fades after a few hours. I think it's a wonderful product for pets who get into trouble while you are gone. It keeps them occupied and your shoes & furniture safe!
452250452250B0039UXJ4MA1D7HM0MMEAKUNConnie0051318896000My dog says Thank YouI always have these rawhide rolls in my house. My dog enjoys them and they last a long time. He keeps chewing on them for a few days, so that helps money-wise.
452221452221B00534O5QSA1S3DCJ9T7GAKJustine A. Lee "Dr. Justine Lee"0051321747200No dog can resist!I was first introduced to Benny Bully's Liver Chops at a veterinary exhibit hall. The company was giving out free samples, and when I told them I had a picky "treat-snob" dog, they handed me a pack of liver chop treats. Well, the company was correct - my dog couldn't resist these liver treats.

What I like about this product: it's made in the USA, has no additives, fillers, coloring, or preservatives, and they are extremely palatable. The ingredients are simple to understand - just one: Pure beef liver.

These treats are perfect for puppy obedience training for that dog who isn't food motivated - even he (or she) will sit for these!
452222452222B008E71DIOA2F5B4XE0MIK9LCarlos Martínez0011350604800Bad experienceOn Octuber 5th I "bought" this product. I order one pack and the amount of transaction was like $22.00 so, as the suppliers used to do, they charged the money. After that, send me an e-mail telling me that my orden had been cancelled by the supplier because the product was out of stock. But the mean reason for me to be angry it's because it has been past like two weeks and they haven't refund my money. I want my money back!!
452223452223B005FUMNPUA2D64QNDZUIRGLJen "Jen"3351337817600Delicious Spicy FlavorThese little snack cakes are quite good. They have a sweet and slightly spicy flavor. Very tasty and addictive. One serving size is 18 chips/130 calories. Not too bad.
452224452224B005FUMNPUAJGXCVKMPLH7TLiz3351336780800Yum.I actually like this flavor. It has a nice flavor and a slight spicy bite. I enjoy the crunchiness of them as well.
452225452225B005FUMNPUA8M84NBNEWD08Violet2241337385600Quakes sweet chili flavorI love Quakes for when I need a snack that is savory and not full of calories. My favorite is the Cheddar Cheese flavor, sort of like cheetos. I try to cut down the serving portion to about 12 pieces. Anyways, this flavor was new to me so I decided to give it a try. It was better than I was expecting it to be. It is sweet, but it has a hot kick to it. If you have ever had Mae Ploy sweet and spicy sauce, you will be reminded of that flavor. The sweetness might catch up to you however, and by about 12 or so, you will not want anymore. I think that they are good for an occasional snack.
452226452226B005FUMNPUA2W9B725TZBXOXMrs.58 "GimmeDaOldDaze"0311336521600Incredibly bad flavorSorry to be harsh, Quaker makes a great chocolate rice snack, but both the Creme Brulee and Sweet Chili should be bypassed. The Creme is sickeningly sweet w an off taste of artificial vanilla and the Chili is colored with a powder that is too sweet and has little bite, also an odd taste. My purchases are being donated to a food drive.
452227452227B002ZUL3Q8A247SX6YHT8G4YDebbie Smith0151277337600Flavor is WonderfulThe package arrived on the last expected day, but it was well wrapped and worth the wait.
452228452228B00275QC9OATKV4EY4UGGT5Valerie Heliton1131261958400Olde Thompson Garlic PepperThis product is not really what I expected it to be. There is not enough garlic flavor and too much sea salt. I bought the product because I am a big lover of garlic and of black pepper so I thought with this product I couldn't go wrong. I was disappointed because the sea salt really overpowers everything else. The name of the product should actually be Sea Salt with a hint of garlic and black pepper. I have only used a small amount of one of my jars and it will probably be a while before I even start on the second. This is not a product I would ever buy again.
452229452229B001E5E0VUA3IPOOUES407L0Catherine Stuckey3451211673600rich smooth coffeeThis coffee was a delight to look forward to every morning. The taste was rich, but smooth.
452230452230B001E5E0VUA1N5P3SZBRTREVHeath A. Cipriani2431266105600not the real dealthe coffee wasn't anything special and on the label it says the processing is done in new jersey. not worth the money at all.
452231452231B0025VSQ4OA2AQVAWR2V21TYS. Albright6751284681600Simply the best for cake!This is my favorite for a tall and level sheet cake. I won't buy another brand. It is always perfect and so yummy!

I don't like it for cupcakes, though. It seems that the batter fluffs out over the top of the cup instead of settling into the cup.
452232452232B0025VSQ4OA15WXBOK71LR5Kfely0011342137600expiring productI ordered about a dozen boxes of Duncan hines yellow and golden butter, I live in the philippines and it cost me extra to have it ship , so I ordered a lot. I thought it would last for at least 6-8 mos, but lo and behold I bought oct, and expiration date was Jan. Cant return coz it will cost me more than buy a new batch here, tho more expensive, but its guaranteed the way, it takes 45 days for me to get my purchases, due to shipping sched of my shipper
452233452233B0039UXJ4MA225UJY9HZZPJVLurcorsr "lurcorsr"131411324598400Made in ChinaUnfortunately, this product is now made in China, so I no longer buy this product for my dogs, since China tends to add garbage to pet treats.
452234452234B0039UXJ4MASQD7WO0DIKSFB. Lundy "Mom"8851332979200No longer at Sams Club but won't buy hereI've been buying these at Sams for years. Was at Sams today to get more and they no longer carry them - just some cheap version that my dog will devour in minutes. My dog loves these, last several days as he only chews in them in the evening when bored and they don't end up all over the floor in pieces like the cheap dollar store kind. I won't buy these here because of the high cost. 5 stars because of the quality but this price is unreal.
452235452235B0039UXJ4MAVBOL8KOU4UJSmnlooney227711327536000Rip offI have to agree with another reviewer on here, I buy this EXACT same product at Sam's Club for $9.99. These people are ripping you off. As he said, if you buy these often you could easily buy a Sam's Club membership for the extra cost these people charge. I'd recommend looking elsewhere for your rawhides.
452236452236B0039UXJ4MAN7BMYZILZRFRegulator1131325721600Good bones ....but priceyI've been using these bones from day one with my 8 yr old Lab and his teeth are amazing to date. I give him a
bone for 10 minutes after his evening meal and I credit these bones in good part for maintaining clean bright
teeth on him. I had been buying these at Sam's Club for just under $13.00 a bag, but Sam's were out of them
for a period of time and so I ordered them thru Amazon at about $20.00 per bag, because I didn't want a lapse
in having them. That's a huge difference in price! Right after I got these from the Amazon vendor our local
Sam's got them in stock........again at under $13.00 bag for exactly the same produce. Moral of the story is
that the bones are great, Amazon is a great shopping medium, but due diligence is required as the vendors
using Amazon vary significantly in pricing. (Note: Sam's club is a Wal-Mart entity.
452237452237B0039UXJ4MA2IQROM97HUL1DAlice3411329004800choking hazardI have an 80 pound Boxer with a big drooly mouth but a soft jaw. He loves raw hides and needs something he can't easily destroy. These flimsy raw hide bones are a choking hazard.

In his 8 years on one of these and I had to pull a soggy piece out that was caught in his throat. This happened twice before I threw this bag (and my good money) away.

Thankfully I only let him chew under direct supervision despite the fact that he's never had an issue with his hundreds of previous rawhide bones. Looking for another brand to purchase from Amazon...
452238452238B0039UXJ4MA2HFCUN78QCP1ZEswil13411321228800Absolutely horrible rawhide- DO NOT BUY!These rawhide rolls are cheap, cheap, cheap. You indeed get what you pay for. Maybe I got a bad batch or something as my experience has been VERY different than the other reviewers. The bones split into tiny pieces all over the dang carpet which obviously creates a HUGE mess and could potentially choke your dog. MUCH better product in Beefeaters Natural Rawhide Rolls. Yes, they cost more but stay tight and do NOT splinter...and last longer. You can buy here or other sites- just do a search. I will be buying the Beefeaters again from now on. What a waste of money this purchase has been and, no, I have NO association with Beefeaters or sellers of their products...the above comments are the straight facts.
452239452239B0039UXJ4MA116FRWUDCDQX3Ms Terri3441302739200Rawhide Bone PackThis is the exact pack of bones that I buy at Sams Club.I love this type of bone as it does not crack and splinter as some rawhides do that can hurt my dog.The price was almost DOUBLED of what is pay at Sams club,so I will most likely stick with buying them local.Shipment was very prompt.Product would have rec'd 5 stars if it wasn't for the price.
452240452240B0039UXJ4MA71F4MYVZQ6JOMary_dana4611325635200DOUBLE THE PRICEThese are double the price they sale the EXACT same product at Sam's Club for. What greedy people. Go to [...] You could almost buy a year membership for the extra price they charge. These people probably buy them at Sam's then charge you double.
452241452241B0039UXJ4MA1M0J4JFWC1ZGERegina Brady "Arnold"0011350345600Low Quality IngredientsThis product used to be made in Brazil and was of a higher quality. My dog would chew these rawhide rolls for several days. The bone is now made in China and lasts her less than an hour. I will not purchase this product again.
452242452242B0039UXJ4MA1EWGWAWPF0JJYM. Egan "Falconeddy"0051345852800rawhideWe usually purchase these at Sams club, but could no longer find them there. This was more than 50% cheeper than Petco
452243452243B0039UXJ4MA1UBDD8KG6Q23JDyetlady "Sunny"0031340409600RIP OFFMy dog loves these and I have always bought them at Sams Club for $11. (Exact same package). I also buy them and donate them to the SPCA where I volunteer. They are a wonderful treat for the poor surrendered dogs there. However, the price increase from Sams Club .is ridiculous. I will not puchase them again. Hope this company will reconsider pricing and I am sure the volume increase in purchases would increase their profits, even at the lower costs.
452244452244B0039UXJ4MA1EC7K3IPS639AAnnie R "infoholic"0051340236800My Dobie loves theseNot every dog product is right for every dog. I have a 12-month-old Doberman "puppy" that is a CHEWER. Bones this size at another store can run $3 a piece, and they don't last very long. I found these at Sam's Club and not only was it much cheaper per bone, but they last her a few days. She actually devours them over the course of 2-3 days. If you have a Doberman or a heavy chewer, you know what I mean. These CAN leave a white residue around your dog's mouth or paws, so you might want to watch it a bit around nice furniture or your clothes. But compared to keeping her from chewing our upholstery or shoes, that's okay by me!
452245452245B0039UXJ4MA3VK0CZ0VFC817sldmsnives0041339977600keeps them happyOur two dogs love them...takes some time and they do not glup them down. When you live 100 miles from anything it is nice to be able to order them.
452246452246B0039UXJ4MA3QQ4EISXR8T2WGolden Owner0021337385600Crumbles easilyMy golden loves to chew and hence this was the first pack of raw hides I got to keep him busy. Although he loves them, they come apart too easy and the centre is very dry and in pieces. Hence after he finished off a part of the outside, it just fell apart and he was more interested in eating the parts that had fallen out than chew on the remaining. It was also rather messy and not only stuck to my carpet but also his legs and nose! Would prefer to not buy these again!

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