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452311452311B000K8ZG10APYB1NI5YSLJ4S. Hassenfratz "Kickass Mom"0051252713600Mmmm. Water.I love this stuff!! It's a bit pricey, but I've never had anything else like it. It's so subtle. This is NOT juice! I hate drinking water, but I know that I need to.. And then I found Hint. Wish it was cheaper, but I'll keep paying for it. It's wet like water but with a "hint" of lime! Great for the gym.
452312452312B000K8ZG10A3NPY616ONREVJRyan0041244505600Hint waters are great, and this is no exceptionI've tried several of the Hint line of waters, and I'm a big fan of all of them. If you don't like lime, you should avoid this. It's basically like having a slice of lime in a glass of water, with a slightly stronger flavor. One of the stronger flavors of the hint varieties I've tried so far.
452313452313B000K8ZG10A1M990FVDESROXollie "ollie"0011208131200inconsistentI always keep hint lime water in my house and this is the first time I have ordered it through Amazon....and the last. I tasted like it hat past its shelf life....and tasted like the plastic fromt he bottles.....also didn't have a lime taste as it usually does. I would not recommend buying it here.
452314452314B0029JZE8IA3EPHBMU07LZ50Penmouse1151325376000So good you could eat it by the spoonful!The Betty Crocker Rich and Creamy Frosting Coconut Pecan frosting is so good you could literally eat it by the spoon full! While this frosting is good on German Chocolate cake you can also frost chocolate brownies to make German Chocolate-style brownies instead.

452315452315B0029JZE8IA3ENN12GLNTUAFJ. Kennel "marriagefanatic"1151325116800Delicious for more than frosting cakes!Just a quick review here to share a couple of ways we now use this Betty Crocker Rich & Creamy Frosting, Coconut Pecan, 14.5-Ounce Containers (Pack of 8). You can frost German Chocolate cakes, but we also now add a container to boxed brownie mix to make a gooey 9x13 treat. We also add a container to a butter pecan boxed cake mix to make a bundt cake that is so elegant and tasty. You can find recipes everywhere for those two desserts and they are SO worth trying!

This 8-pack is a little pricey, but if you live out in the country or can't find this frosting in your store it is worth buying here. (Also, if you don't have Amazon Prime, get it for bulkier items like this that are otherwise too expensive to ship.)
452316452316B0000DIWR3AJO9C7OTBALP7Busy Lady "Lady"2251284681600Wonderful shower favor addition....Do not hesitate to buy product from this vendor. Product exactly as described. Came priority mail within 2 days and there was no breakage or melting (Sept transaction, weather still warm & potential threat to candy during shipping). Great price, shop around & compare & you will see it is so. I am using these as part of a baby shower favor that takes a 'cup of tea' theme. The 5 1/2 inch stirrers add an elegant & fun touch.
452317452317B0000DIWR3ASMXZG8G41U50Allison A. Halsted "Allison"2251256169600So yummy!I got these because I was craving them for awhile during my pregnancy. They are so delicious and it was fun to have a big box of them to give to nieces and nephews when they came over.
452318452318B0000DIWR3A2PQS118MCH096Anne Hunter0051326758400Rock Candy Swizzle Sticks Rock!Purchased these clear rock candy swizzle sticks for my daughter's tea party baby shower. Tied pink and blue ribbons around each stick. Each shower guest will be given one of the sticks to stir their tea if sweetened tea is desired. These sweets will be a nice touch to our tea party.
452319452319B00534IURSAPNJF07PAF02DThe Joneses1151320796800Great Salt, Good priceI bought a pound of this salt and I love it. It is a great finishing salt, very delicate and flavorful. Gets lost in the pan, so save it for the final splash. It comes in a zip top bag for storage. It is medium fine grain and small flakes, moist and white to slightly grey. The package says Premium, Fine, No. II by Le Tresor. I have had better salt direct from Guerande, but it cost more.
452320452320B00546MXBEA3NARXWBHTA6E1Robert G Almond2251317600000Paradise in a Bag.This is our favorite Hawaiian dessert.....easy to make, lucious coconut flavor. Great in pudding cups or served as the Hawaiians do: cut into squares and sprinkled with coconut, pinapple bits/cherries.
452321452321B00546MXBEA3J5J16BPO6Q9Bkel1151336435200Super YummyAll I can say is that the coconut pudding was really good. It is more of a jello consistancy rather than pudding. super yummy
452322452322B001ELL68YA8E1FOUCDHGHJPatrick C. Miller "PCM"323631235692800Where's the Kona?I've been drinking my coffee black for 30 years. I've had 100 percent Kona coffee and know how it tastes. Unfortunately, it's quite expensive and not easy to get where I live. That's why I buy Archer Farms Kona blend when I grind my own beans. It's not too pricey, yet it delivers some of that great Kona flavor.

I looked forward to trying Tully's Kona blend in my new Keurig B60. Don't get me wrong; this coffee's good. But if there's any Kona in it, I sure can't taste it. Although Keurig's website says all Kona blend K-cups contain at least 10 percent Kona, there's nothing on the Tully's box confirming this.

If you want a good cup of coffee, Tully's Kona Blend delivers. If you expect to actually taste any Kona coffee, don't bother.
452323452323B001ELL68YA1JGIQ3ZQKSYV0Roberta L. Schenck "red lady"111141237766400Kona coffeeExcellent full bodied coffee. Never bitter nor does it leave an aftertaste.I have tried lots of K cup, but this is definitely at the top of the list.

Sincerely, R.L. Schenck
452324452324B001ELL68YA1YJCQIYUYVL0HTiziana Ruff151751190419200Wonderful!!!Since we started using the Keurig coffee machine, we have tried all of the coffee on the market including making our own mixture. We are coffee drinkers. We have in our home a professional cappuccino machine, I mean the huge one you would find in a coffee shop or Italian cafe'. We decided that Tully's is the flavor for us, rich, strong and beautiful (every woma's dream huh?) Kidding aside it is a very good coffe. Our favorite is still Kona.
452325452325B001ELL68YA3B8RYFXD9EO0Gspin on books7741274659200Flavorful coffee with a bit of characterI find this coffee has a distinctive flavor with a little bit of extra kick. I like it better than the other "Kona blend" K-cups that I've tried and I feel that it is richer than the other such brands sold by Amazon. I generally drink it with skim milk and no sugar, although I'm sure that it would taste fine black or sweetened if one prefers. Of course, personal preferences vary, but if you're looking for an excellent K-cup coffee that suits your taste this one is at least worth a try.
452326452326B001ELL68YACNYQA548I96YSTM7751231200000Tully's Coffee Kona GreatI have been enjoying the Kona blend from Tully's for the past year. It is in my opinion the best cup for the money.
452327452327B001ELL68YA11SXJ2H7IC8J7lucysnow "lucysnow1851"7751205884800DELICIOUS!!!I've tried a lot of K Cup Coffee and this was my absolute favorite, it had a delicious medium flavor to the beans, I was instantly addicted. Very tasty! I highly recommend this!
452328452328B001ELL68YA2OW3A8YDX4HOYsharall58 "Sharall58"6651275004800GREATI love this coffee, compared to the others and I've tried quite few this is the best. Maybe I'm a medium roast person and didn't know it but this is really good, smells good, taste good and the price is right too.
452329452329B001ELL68YA1OIMIM4FHT4IGJerry Perkins "Nevada Perky"4441274140800Tully's Coffee Kona Blend, K-cupsI try many different blends of coffee. Tully's Coffee Kona Blend, K-cups is one I always include in my mix of medium to stronger blends.
452330452330B001ELL68YA3GFRZMLIJ9Z1YVol Fan4441273276800Good balance and great tasteIt is an extra bold roasted coffee which is typical of the Kona blend. Definitely stronger than the 100% Kona served in Hawaii but a very good blend and a worthwhile upgrade from the standard Columbian Roast for Keurig Machines. Will purchase again.
452331452331B001ELL68YA2ZDXECHYMXY62Dru "Yooper"4451255219200Very nice coffeeI really like the Tully's Kona coffee. It is a very smooth, nice tasting coffee and I would highly recommend it. I call this one my afternoon coffee as I prefer a different intensity coffee in the afternoon than the morning.
452332452332B001ELL68YA1CNTB9PQ4ONDSDavid P. Rice "DPR"3311308873600Rip advertises this as a 2 pack of 24. What we got was a 2 pack of 12. We paid over $2 per K Cup
452333452333B001ELL68YA3P3LQ59KNDJTRMichael Surma2251261008000The only K-Cup coffee we buyTully's Kona Blend is all we buy. We usually get it at macy's or Bed Bath and Beyond but we have gotten it on Amazon and it's usually fresher there. Smooth, tasty and full bodied. What more do you want.
452334452334B001ELL68YAPDFWFH0KQ7DPLori Sulli "worknmom"2251240790400Great medium roast.Tully's is my favorite K-cup brand and this Kona blend is a great medium roast. Is it going to be as good as fresh ground and brewed Kona? Maybe not, but most of these K-cups aren't going to match that experience. This Kona K-cup is going to give a very good cup of coffee and you can't beat the price.
452335452335B001ELL68YA16ADE7E6MI9KMMark Lelache1111320710400misrepresentationproduct reads 24 count (pack of 2) you would think at the price you would be getting 48. NO! 24! This is not right considering you should be paying $1 at most for a k-cup.
452336452336B001ELL68YAE41NUVOGUUM5Cheryl Patrick "hiker granny"1141307491200love the coffee but the price is outrageous!At the current price you're paying $1.24 per cup which is insane! The price increase from $25. to $45 was bad enough the increase to $60 is insulting! I love Tully's Kona and it's my preferred K cup but not at $1.24 per cup! The Keurig site sells Tully's Kona in an 80 pack for roughly $44 - $.55 per cup. Amazon is seriously deluded if they think the current price is going to induce people to buy this stuff!
452337452337B001ELL68YA3BG0BXFBUMZFXHalley1151296864000flavorful coffeeThis is the best k-cup coffee I have tried so far and believe me I have purchased many different kinds. I think the Tully brand seems to have the best tasting coffees. It's worth a try.
452338452338B001ELL68YA2K1BVRREVIX0TE. A. Ha "Forever Reading"1151296259200Absolutely delicious cup of coffeeI got a Keurig machine from my sons for Christmas and have been busy trying different k-cup flavors. Out of the regular coffee type offerings this has to be my favorite so far. This is a medium type roast but with a very rich and satisfying flavor, I am addicted to it. One of the best cups of coffee I've ever had anywhere.

Some other customers have been debating how much Kona coffee is in this blend and I can't really say since I don't know how exactly Kona coffee is supposed to taste, but this particular blend with whatever is in it, is a winner. Honestly, if this came from a store I'd be stopping there regularly to get their coffee and amazingly enough I can just go home and make a cup whenever I want to!

I will be buying this product again and again. I won't even be in the mood for coffee and then I'll remember that I have some of these k-cups left and I'll have to go make one because I won't be able to get it out of my head once I've thought of it. I rarely ever leave a 5 star review but Tully's Extra Bold Kona Blend deserved one.
452339452339B001ELL68YA28G76E36HLOKKrcpigs1131279411200Good Coffee - Bad ExperienceThis coffee has excellent flavor. The only trouble with these cups: the plastic on the cups is thicker than other brands. You must press firmly when placing them in the machine to make sure the bottom of the cup is punctured, before closing. If you do not, you will have a mess. The machine backs up with grounds and spits out grounds and little water. I tried another brand just to make sure my machine wasn't broke. The other brand, I placed in the maker and closed the lid. I did not press to seat it on the bottom needle. It worked perfectly by just closing the machine. I tried the Tully's and it ran everywhere if not pressed down firmly on the cup before brewing. Just a word of caution, but good tasting coffee.
452340452340B001ELL68YA3K24N05E5UV4JBERNIE W "BERNIE W"1131278806400inconsistencyLike the little girl with a curl, when the Kona is good it's good, but when it is not, it's bitter. There's no way of telling from one k-cup to another. I hope the problem is Tully's and not the Keurig's. I'll be trying Timothy's Kona next; my wife likes their decaf Colombian.

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